Off Duty

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OFF DUTY: A Series of Uke!L Kink Tales

Summary: AU. Professor Yagami continues, but has a price to pay when he doesn’t keep his promise.
Warnings: Minor, Threesome, and humiliation.PWP. No beta here just a half assed writer.

Professor Yagami Part 2


“AH! Professor you must have been sleepin-.“ Mikami walked in shocked by the site before him.
Light groaned in frustration from the intrusion, he had so many ideas of ways he could fuck Ryuuzaki. But now he had to deal with ‘this’ problem.

Mikamis eyes fell on Ryuuzaki getting dressed and looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world that he got caught. This infuriated Mikami even further.
“Why you ugly WHORE you really think you can seduce the Professor with that face and body!!” Mikami was hilarious and Light was no longer frustrated. He was deeply worried whether Mikami could possibly choke the younger boy on the spot.

“I’ll show you, you whore!! I will report to the administration how they could let a puny little runt like you try to take advantage of a teacher!!” As Mikami fumed on Ryuuzaki paid no attention to his insults as he buttoned up his shirt. Light stood their with his hard on starting to limp further. *I’ll be damned if I don’t get what I want.* As he saw Ryuuzaki getting ready to leave he grabbed the boy by the wrist to stay.

“Mikami shut the hell up.” Light said to throw Mikami’s rant off guard.

“You’ve been doing very bad lately in class, I’m very disappointed.” Light knew he turned a switch on in that head.

“But Professor…I-I-I.” Mikami was left feeling flabbergasted.

“Silence,” Light, “If you want to get a high ranking in this university you will also have to do an excellent job in my class. You would like to know in what way you can get a good grade?”

“Yes, sir.” Mikami eyes widened as if he was before a god.

“Learn to appreciate Ryuuzaki.”


“So I guess this means you disagree about getting a good grade?” Light quirked an eyebrow.

“No…I just don’t understand.”

“Neither do I.” Ryuuzaki looked at his professor suspiciously.

Light smirked, “I want to see if my students can arouse me, if so then both of you will be considered as valedictorians’ and able to receive top jobs from prestigious law firms.”

“What are we supposed to do Professor?” Mikami excitedly quipped.

“I want you Mikami to sit down.” Light commanded.

Mikami grabbed a chair to sit down never turning his back and staring intensely at his Professors face. “And I want you, Ryuuzaki to give him a blow job he’ll never forget.”

“Uh…Professor I don’t think that would be appropriate for Ryuuzaki to-ugh” Mikami was shocked to see Ryuuzaki quickly oblige already down on his knees looking at him with the face he so despised. Mikami shuddered as he felt the young boys hands already on his pants massaging his groin with his twig like fingers.

“You like that don’t you Mikami?” Light teased. Mikami had a faint blush rise to his cheeks as Ryuuzaki unzipped his pants and went further as he pulled his underwear down. He expertly took the tip of Mikamis’s long cock and licked it in a up and down fashion focusing on the slit. His lips softly wrapped around half of the cock then created a suctioning effect that made Mikami moan.

Light was so pleased by the sight of his toy sucking off another one of his students. With Ryuuzaki on the floor he could appreciate the beautiful pale ass that stuck up in the air directed for his viewing pleasure.

“Good boy, now spread more.” Light whispered as he got on all fours to observe Ryuuzkia’s fine derriere. Raising one hand he smacked the butt cheek of the boy, Ryuuzaki obliged with his legs spread apart further. Grabbing his aroused manhood Light directed his tip towards the boys’ hole he couldn’t hold it back any more. He had wanted the boy for so long even when the young man got under his skin pissing him off. With no preparation but his sweat and slicked cum all over his dick he rammed himself into the boy before him who deep throated Mikami and began to choke.

“Ahh….ughhmm…..” Mikami was exasperated by the feel of the small mouth taking him further in.
“So deliciously tight my sweet.” Light whispered in Ryuuzakis ear before he pulled back and once again pounded in the boys nubile body. “Oh fuck! So hot!” Light without a care in the world repeatedly thrust quickly in his body with such a pounding effect on the young mans body that his head bobbed up and down on Mikami’s dick because of Lights forceful thrusts.

“I…I’m going to cum…..” Mikami pulled Ryuuzaki’s mouth away as he squirted his cum on the youths cheek.

“Clean him up!!” Light grunted as his thrusts were making the once emotionless Ryuuzaki wince in pain. Ignoring Light’s command he began to tighten his grip around the cock. A bit confused by this act Light kept thrusting enjoying the enhancement.

Mikami stared at the sight before him turned on, but disturbed all at once. Their was his ever gorgeous composed Professor pounding wildy inside a still and calm Ryuuzaki who was concentrating during the whole situation. Annoyed he grabbed Ryuuzaki by the hair making sure he could look directly into those large black plain eyes.

“You heard the Professor clean me up you ugly whore!” Mikami commanded as he pushed his face against his cock. Ryuzaki gave an uncaring look, but seemed up for the challenge as his pink tongue began to swipe at the sticky cum left over the tip of Mikami’s.

Light continues to slam inside of Ryuuzaki, his balls slapping at the boys already raw butt cheeks. The need to come is something he wants to hold back, but has turned inevitable.

“Oh God!”

~*~3 Hours later~*~

“Professor Yagami.”

“Yes?”Light asked.

“I think you know what I want.” Ryuuzaki stared at Light determinedly.

“Oh…..well, I don’t have those files.” Light was now feeling annoyed that his student didn’t get the hint to shove off.

“I want the promise repayment for my duties.” Ryuuzaki eyes stared down his Professor.

“Haha, you act like some prostitute trying to get your money from the pimp.” Light mockingly answered.

“Well if Professor Yagami does not want to hand me over the promised files that I am entitled to claim, especially for my extra duties with another student….I will have to lower myself with dirty tactics.” Ryuuzaki appeared to have something up his sleeves.

“What?! Dirty tactics…."

“Yes, Yagami Light seems to be under the impression that I am some coy rosebud for his plucking. This is not so, I have had numerous oral extracurricular activities with Chief Yagami Soichiro and have proof of our fornication that Watari can send to the police departments across Tokyo.”



A/N: Lol , that was just pure crack and I hope you enjoyed the ride readers! Watari must be L’s pimp who uses his body to get top secret files (no hacking needed just a BJ from L). My next story which I am writing now and have had in my head for a while is way better then this and it will be posted in a few days. It will have a darker tone, has a disobedient neko L and toys!

Thank you so much to those who have taken the time to click the review link,…LK, Nusku,Annesvanella, Mol. P, fan_of_yours, Setekh, Ryuu-chan, lolistar71. I’ve been in the hospital and you guys really reminded me that I can’t give up this story of uke L. When I came too see the reviews I was surprisingly shocked! Since trying to get reviews in AFF is like trying to ask for rain in a desert. (And also thanks to those who have rated the story)

Please review dear readers, I always appreciate your thoughts and inspiration.

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