Out of Retirement

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Out of Retirement
A Pokéboys story written by HunterBlackLuna

Chapter One

(6:50 PM, 21 September, 148 ATS
La Palma, American Union)

The American Union's southern border wasn't easy to miss, being marked with European-style fortifications that looked straight out of a World War 2 movie. It ensured that no Ferals would enter into the Union's interior and created a pocket of safety. Beyond the walls there were many settlements and bases, but all were subject to the elements of risk that living in the wilderness carried post-Sacrifice. That risk had compelled a Tamer, retiring after years of adventure in South America, to move as far north as she could bear; into the southernmost urban sprawl, known by its historical designation of La Palma. Despite it being fairly close to the first lines of border walls and defenses, the city still featured a normalcy and implicit safety that Fina Garcia had found strange and alien at first.

Sprawl was the right word for the city, which seemed to grow outwards in all directions like a metal jungle. Buildings jutted irregularly into the skyline and formed a horizon to all sides, seeming to enclose her in the very heart of human civilization. Sometimes she found it very, very claustrophobic, but others found the feeling comforting, given how little security there was in the wilderness outside. She was adapting to living here, at least, and had managed to get some work for a small law-firm. Although secretary work was generally a Boy or AI's job, she brought a certain eye candy factor that her bosses appreciated; plus, she got to help Tame the intern Boys, which was always fun.

Five years to the day after her retirement at twenty-seven, Garcia found herself staring into the eyes of a friend she figured she'd never see again. The avatar was one of a dozen in a row; this week's casualties on the southern front, displayed on the projectors mounted around the open-air cafe. Most of the Tamers were younger than her, their skins showing wildly varying shades from ultra-pale North de Americano to midnight Latina Negro. They were all smiling at her, pictures recorded on the day of their graduations, blithely ignorant that the people they represented would never see Trikko's Earth again.

These sections of the news reports were so routine that even she, like most urban citizens of America, had come to nearly ignore, but her face had caught Fina's eye and she found she couldn't look away. The roar of the valiant air conditioners battling the baking heat and the duality of hot and cold faded away in her mind, unimportant now compared to this news.

"Your drink, Mistress," A servant announced, setting down a tall glass with a swirling forest-green liquid. She didn't acknowledge him for a moment, and his eyes flickered to the casualty report. The voices of the nitrogen-calm AIs anchoring the show were reading the personal details of each Tamer, a sound-bite-sized sample of each individual no longer than thirty seconds, just another background noise like the fans to most people. "You knew her?" The Maid asked, correctly deducing the reason she looked so focused on the hologram.

The Pokéboy couldn't help but note that, although she was more mature than most Mistresses who came by, that had barely diminished her physical charms. The fact that she was wearing casual and practical clothing for an American summer, that is, not exactly a conservative ensemble, certainly didn't hurt. Her shortish chocolate-brown hair was tied back in a short bun like the end of a broom, with bangs hanging free to either side and framing her roman face. He could tell she had been a Tamer from the eyes; a woman used to commanding living weapons always had a certain look on her like a guided laser, and she seemed fit to burn a hole through the holo-stands now. She had curves, and a layer of fat that generally rounded her out and made sure to proclaim to the world she was healthy without becoming unpleasant to look at. 'MILF' was the first thing that sprung to his admittedly narrow mind.

"Yeah, old buddies in the service," She replied absently, reaching and nearly knocking over her glass. "Thanks. Will ten percent do?"

"Mistress, that sort of tip is far too generous for a humble Maid such as myself. Five percent at the most, and that's only because my owner will be angry if I don't get anything." On a human, this sort of deference would have been suspect at best, and obviously a front at worst, but on the Pokéboy it was both genuine and familiar. Nobody could go around saying that the staff of the Northwest Corner didn't know their place.

Fina reached into her wallet and produced a crisp twenty-credit note, setting it in the serving Boy's open palm. The paper's specially printed authentication codes and dual Spanish/English text glittered as a ray of sunlight struck it just right, before he folded it up and smoothly put it in his pocket. "Your meal will be out in a minute or two, Mistress," He assured her and seemed to glide away, towards other tables and other customers.

The anchor on the news had just gotten to her by this point. "Anna Sheldon, born July 1st, 113 in Costa de Esmeralda. Died yesterday, September the 20th, 148, defending Ruiz Point from a Yandere rampage. Her commanding officer commended her bravery, as she and her Brotherhood took the menace head-on. Both she and all six of her Pokéboys sustained numerous injuries, fighting until they couldn't stand, buying time for reinforcements and support but also allowing blood loss to extinguish their lives. She is survived by three sisters and a brother, a Monachus. Services will be one week from today at Trikko's Fate graveyard near the family home at Costa de Esmeralda. May she rest in peace."

She produced a pad of paper and a pencil, jotting down a note. It was time to call in all of her sick days, and make a few phone calls. Something motivated her, something she couldn't fully understand, and didn't know if she ever would, but she had to be there at the service. Had to see for herself. Anna and she had been blood sisters during her years in Taming, the energetic Latina Negra seeing an inexhaustible font of energy and courage. It was just like her to charge at a Yandere, but she had paid the price. 'Isn't that why I got out of the business? Quit while I'm still alive to tell my own tales of bravery.'

The meal tasted delicious-- nothing less was to be expected from this cafe that she had chosen above the dozens of others in the area-- but she wasn't really focused on that. As soon as she was done, she paid at the counter and took her leave. The day was only an hour or two from ending, but that just meant the city had packed in as much solar heat and humidity as it was going to, making the walk home a trial of fire. It wasn't a wonder more people were in air-conditioned cars and very few were walking at this time, but she believed in walking to stay in some form of shape.

Her apartment wasn't some cramped little box, it was a very decent sort of pad, almost the size of a full house and with all the facilities and amenities one would offer. It was sandwiched on the seventh floor of a residential complex, a tower that would make European architects proud. The edifice of metal might have looked like dozens of its fellows surrounding the block, but she knew her home instantly from experience.

It was almost a ritual to let out a sigh of relief as she felt the fully conditioned air wash over her, freeing her from the blanket of heat and humidity, but every time she felt more conviction as she did it. No doubt, the American climate was not designed for those who couldn't take a bit of sun. After taking a minute to soak and bask in the cold air, she collected her mail on the bottom floor. Although digital communications were coming back in force in a way not seen since the Pre-Sacrifice internet revolution, a lot of people still preferred to write by dead-tree, especially since it had become fashionably patriotic to 'save phone lines for government work' during earlier survival years. Hence, her regular slew of monthly bills, for holo, net, water, power, etc, were all on garishly colored papers, as well as a red letter wrapped in official seals.

This one was from the Office of Personnel in the American Union Army, which was responsible for notifying next of kin and most beloved of deaths among Tamers, as well as other functions. Her stomach was doing knots as she climbed seven flights of stairs and made it to the door to her apartment. She hadn't been related to Anna, but the firebrand had told her she was on the top of her 'unrelated relation' list seven years ago. 'Surely she would have changed it by now, right? Not that there was much need for notification when we were serving together, I think I would have noticed Anna getting killed...'

The movement which swiped her card over the door's lock was a reflex by now. The door pulled itself open for her and closed after she had entered with machine precision. There was a squeak in it, and even laden with grief and strange feelings, she made a casual note to have that checked.

"Welcome back, Mistress." Her Deredere's greeting was also a form of habit they'd been building for years, but Fina knew the boundlessly affectionate Fire-type meant it every time. "How was it?" The Pokéboy had been sprawled across the couch wearing only a flattering pair of tight jeans, but at her approach he sprang up and went over to embrace her tenderly.

Fina allowed herself a giggle, enjoying the comforting warmth that was so unlike the harsh heat and humidity outside. She reached up to stroke his unnaturally fine and longish blaze-red hair as though he were a pet or child, although the attractive Boy was several centimeters taller and looked almost as mature. "Good as always, Tzu." Tzu had been her starter boy as a Tsundere, and Fina had thought herself so clever when she'd given him his name. He hadn't found it very funny, reacting predictably to teasing about it, but it had obviously grown on him over time. His maturing into a Deredere probably helped, too. "There's some things that came up, too, and we need to talk. Where's Gaz?"

"Shower," Tzu replied. He seemed more interested by this than the prospects of an Important Talk, and raised his eyebrows at his beloved owner.

It wasn't exactly difficult to tell what the Deredere was thinking. While they were affectionate and sincere, that also tended to make them very daring when it came to Taming matters, especially if they had an idea that struck them as naughty. Fina happened to agree with his idea, feeling the fatigue of the day and the serious matters on her mind fade away as she just envisioned her muscular, manly Unelmoija dripping wet and naked. "What a great thing to come home to. How evil are you feeling today, Tzu?"

"Positively monstrous, Milady," Tzu replied smoothly, giving her a peck on the cheek, a squeeze to appreciate her rear end, and suddenly pulling away, twirling towards the bathroom. "And you?"

"Ready to punish such an evil boy who would even think of exploiting an Unelmoija in the way we are totally going to go do now." Most of her Boys had been hard to part with, to say the least, but these two had been impossible, and besides, were good for civilian life anyway. She couldn't imagine a day without them.

"Isn't that a double standard, Mistress?" Tzu halfheartedly whined, removing his pants and revealing that nothing had been under them, utterly without shame about laying himself bare. Besides, Fina had seen it all before; even so, she couldn't help but let out a low whistle and return the Deredere's squeeze. The Boy shivered, pressing himself against her, annoyed she was still wrapped in her teasingly scant garments. His thick cock was pulsating with need, pressing against her impudently and demanding satisfaction. "You're going along with it, after all."

"I'm a human, we're never wrong," She blandly asserted, trapping his mouth in an intense kiss, all over her beloved Boy. Like almost all Pokéboys, Tzu was an utterly irresistible specimen, and it took a conscious effort not to drop to her knees right there. They had a bit of taunting to do first, after all.

She only had to peek into the bathroom, hearing the rush of water and feeling the humid steam embrace her, to confirm Gaz was there. The Unelmoija's masculine figure was flawlessly revealed by the transparent shower curtain, and as their eyes met, the dreamer Boy looked accusing. The former Tamer also couldn't help noticing that he also looked very horny, impressive cock just as hard.

"I could tell what you guys were going to do," He said. "Trikko damn it, you have the worst timing... I just put soap on..." He nodded to his soapy wash-rag and the streaks and bubbles all over his body, at least as shameless as Tzu as his Brother and Mistress took the time to check him out. "I can't Tame with that shit all over me," He sighed. "That gets icky."

"Don't worry," She said in a singsong voice, seizing the Deredere and sitting him down on the toilet. "We'll have enough for all three of us." In a very literal way, that was true; Unelmoija had an indelible empathic link to their beloved ones, like their previous form, Visator. Whereas Visator were more dream-oriented, Unelmoija had grown more masculine, worldly, and sensual, and loved nothing more than pleasing others. Due to their empathy, though, they were highly susceptible to transmitted pleasure. Having his Mistress or Brother climax would likely cause him to, as well, even if he hadn't been touched. Gaz naturally considered this a very low form of teasing, and he stuttered as he felt the first washes of pleasure, seeing his Mistress kneel and grab the Deredere's cock without ceremony.

Sucking cock had been an occupational specialty as a Tamer, and she'd never lost enthusiasm for it, taking her Pokéboy into her warm mouth like a professional. Her lips met his shaft, enveloping all of Tzu's cock in a moist and warm cover. Gaz grunted as he felt the exact same thing, barely able to believe there wasn't an invisible girl doing this to him even now.

Fina took her time, savoring the taste of the Deredere's cock, how it pulsed and responded to every lick, every careful scrape of teeth, every warm breath. Of course, this also produced singing of the best kind from both of her Boys, moaning praises in Spanish and English as they lost control of their voices. Her only regret was that her own tension and need couldn't be satisfied at the moment.

Eventually the waiting was getting to her, swallowing past salty pre-cum and intensifying her suckling, letting out enough of Tzu's shaft to work it with both deft hands. A good Mistress always had the best control of her Boys, able to control their bodies with absolute ease, and she brought her beloved Deredere to climax within a minute. He had always been loud, crying out, holding his Mistress' shoulders, and shivering as he exploded into her mouth.

Every breed tasted different, and even a Deredere's sperm gave her a certain feeling of absolute affection. She swallowed it, savoring the flavor, and carefully licking her face and his cock until they were clean.

Weak moaning from the shower made her look, seeing a white blotch over the shower door and shaking her head. "You're cleaning that up later," She called over the careless rushing water, which splashed down the prone body of the shivering Unelmoija. Gaz had obviously fallen over during his own second-hand climax, and even though he wasn't a combat boy he was tougher than a human by a good margin, so Fina wasn't even slightly worried about him.

"Now," She said, looking up at the panting Deredere and grabbing his cock, which was already recovering with gentle strokes to steel hardness, "For the main event. I've waited far too long for this." The office worker decided to let her Deredere have a restful Taming, as far as those went, and stood up, turning around to bend over. "Fuck your Mistress, Tzu."

After she milked him dry, of course, Fina would move on to Gaz, if the poor Boy was still conscious, and give him some desperately needed attention. Finally, all lingering thoughts of death and her friend were stowed away, for now, giving way to the blissful euphoria of making love with Boys she had raised to evolution and experience.


(11:25 AM, 28 September, 148 ATS
Costa de Esmeralda, American Union)

The funeral home was a sturdy building of stone and wood that had stood for nearly a hundred years, on the waterfront of Costa de Esmeralda and ten meters at high tide from the swirling salty sea-water of the Gulf of Mexico. The staff was mostly human, one of the many touches that the company had added to make the grieving feel a bit more comfortable, and all the Pokéboys were comforters, mostly Psychics. The home, like all good funeral establishments, felt just like a church.

Fina got there fairly early. She wore a simple black dress, the timeless symbol of mourning, and her Boys were dressed in dark robes. "Nice to meet you," She said, shaking the hand of the funeral home's director, a short, old human male in formal suit as they stood near the doorway. "I'd been corresponding irregularly with her but Anna and myself used to serve together down south."

He nodded, to her surprise. "Yes, Mrs. Sheldon told me about you. I'm so glad you could make it, madam. Feel free to mingle and grab whatever's in the fridge, we have nearly an hour before the service begins." As he said, some people were already there, hanging around on the sofas and chairs in the lobby and side-rooms. She greeted everyone at least cordially, and ended up exchanging condolences with many of Anna's relatives.

"I guess I don't need to ask why you got out of Taming now, do I?" One aunt asked. Black humor was a common coping mechanism, and Anna allowed herself a dour smile in response before moving on. She encountered several children who were interested by Tzu and Gaz, and felt the grateful looks from parents as they saw their kids forget the grief and gloom for a few minutes as they played with the Boys.

She had only seen one person she'd recognized at all amongst the people. Anna's mother had been the leader of the family, and there'd been a time that Fina had actually called her 'mama' as well. She had aged well, maintaining a vital energy, even though her body showed the wear and tear of an earlier age. She had greeted her daughter's friend with her customary warmth, showing no reservation or resentment, but Fina still felt somehow tense and separate after so much time apart. "How have you been since you hung up the Dex?" Ms. Sheldon asked, obviously making her best effort to be cheerful although her eyes were puffy.

"Adapting to vida en la ciudad," She replied. "You know how it is. Think I've finally got the hang of it. Mrs. Sheldon, I honestly can't tell you how sorry I am."

Anna's mother nodded. "I know how you and Anna were, even after you went north. So glad you could make it." A pang of guilt stabbed through Fina's heart as she realized that if she hadn't been out and about on the 21st, she might have missed the news entirely, ignorant of Anna's status. That sort of thought sickened her almost as much as the dim atmosphere of the funeral home.

"Como estas, ma'am?"

Mrs. Sheldon smiled, but it looked like a conscious effort, and she let out a profound sigh. "Old people like me are used to losing people, close people. But to have to bury your child... I mean, it's just not right." All Fina could do was nod and give her an affectionate, sympathetic look, taking her hard, calloused hand. "I promised myself I wouldn't cry today." Back in her day, stoicism had been the most popular thing in society, along with spartan efficiency and pragmatism, and even now she was obviously uncomfortable expressing herself in public. 'How can she still feel that way? If a child of mine had been murdered...'

"How many more do you expect?" Fina asked, both to change the subject and because she was genuinely curious. The beginning of the services were imminent, now, but only a trickle of people from the community had shown up so far. At the last funeral for a Tamer she'd been to, five years ago, things had been similar and she felt a sinking feeling suggesting why.

"Not many," Mrs. Sheldon said dismissively. "This is about as full as it's going to get."

Fina blinked. "Huh? But there's barely anyone outside of the family here. Esmeralda's a pretty tight town, at least it was when I visited you guys... so where's the rest of the community?"

The weathered matriarch looked away. "I'm actually not too angry about it, it's understandable. Death's familiar to every American family, even today. It's not that people are shallow, or heartless, although some are- It's a coping mechanism. A dozen deaths in a week will dull your spirit. They have to. Otherwise, you'd feel every wound with empathy, and it would be impossible to live, to keep going. Not to mention that you would never have a happy day, or even an hour free from muerte y tristeza."

That made a lot of sense, and she would know about things like that, but it still left Fina bothered, even as the attendees filed into the main room. Gaz and Tzu silently slid up to either side behind her, following her, totally somber.

The middle of the room was full of sturdy, old, and uncomfortable church pews, capable of seating three times as many occupants as this funeral would have. The walls had beautiful wooden carvings, images of Trikko, the savior of the world. The legendary wood nymph was frolicking amongst the wilderness, holding his human lover tight, sobbing at his body, or ascending to heaven like an angel as the dead planet bloomed new life again. The front of the room had a raised platform emblazoned with Trikko's sideways portrait, the symbol of the Church of the Spirit of Mercy.

Alongside this familiar religious imagery was imagery of Anna. Hundreds of holos on the walls surrounded the people, showcasing every stage of her tragically short life, from her birth, to her first steps, first day of school, graduation, first Gym Badge, all the way to the most recent photograph of her; included in the corner of big portrait shot from some person's scrapbook a week before she died. Her part was magnified, allowing everyone to see the fire in her beautiful eyes. Each of her six Boys in her Brotherhood also had a shrine to them, in the four corners, left and right walls, with their own sets of images and data. The ghostly apparitions appeared so lifelike that many were shocked, but without a doubt the most ghastly thing was the solid-black coffin sitting as the centerpiece of the entire display. Upon seeing Anna in her most important moments of life, all around, and the resting place of her remains, that cold black box, more people were moved to tears, a stuttering cacophony of wails and sobs filling the air.

"Beloved family and friends, colleagues and neighbors," A voice cut through this, coming from the podium where the green-robed minister stood, "We are gathered here today to pay our respects to a fallen hero, Anna Lopez Sheldon." The minister was young and severe, hair short cropped and already graying; preaching was hard in the Union on the body and the spirit. His stormy grey eyes revealed his own distress, which was otherwise masked by his colorless expression and steady voice. "Despite whatever is said in the news, her life was not taken from her. Like Trikko Himself, and generations of warriors, she gave it to save others. She took on, with only her Brotherhood, a Yandere intent on blood. They all fought past their limits, checking the menace before anyone else could suffer. No single Tamer and her team could hope to defeat such a monster, but Colonel Silvez told me personally that the Yandere was so injured that all it took was a single attack from the reinforcements to put him down permanently." The sobbing only got louder as he thundered through his speech.

"She epitomized every positive virtue, of a woman, of a citizen, of a Tamer. Her deeds speak for themselves. Anna is survived by her vibrant and loving family, here today united in sorrow with her closest friends from the community and the service." He went on to speak of each family member, from Mrs. Sheldon down to the most distantly related of cousins and aunts, nieces and nephews, allowing everyone to see just how many roots and branches the Sheldon family had, and how they were all in attendance.

"I'm not going to drag on." His eyes flicked over to an attendant dressed in military uniform, who had been standing in a corner until called.

The man quickly made his way out of the nearest door, and abruptly, two trumpets started up. They blared the tune known globally as 'taps', an almost ancient tradition familiar to all of the United Planet now. The trumpets were in perfect unison, the Pokéboys behind them trained for years in executing each note properly. The rear doors opened up, revealing a formation of six Tamers in spotless white dress uniforms free of insignia or award. Fina couldn't help but feel a pang as she saw Anna's six closest mates in her unit step forward, faces unable to hide their emotion as well as the minister. The first one to arrive at the front held a perfectly folded piece of cloth; the Sharpened Shield.

They spread out around the coffin, unfolding the flag one crease at a time until its aspect was revealed, held straight above Anna. The flag featured a background of black, with a simple pointed shield of pure white in the foreground and three stars of midnight blue, each symbolizing North, South, or Central Americans, the peoples who had come together in the middle to survive and prosper. Like a full military funeral, Anna's would see her draped in, and buried with, the Sharpened Shield.

When the flag was resting on the coffin, hanging off either side of its curved surface, they bent down, grabbing the specially crafted handles. One duty of a Tamer was too sacred to rely on Pokéboys, and would always be done by a woman's hand.

They didn't even stumble as they hefted Anna between them, carrying her slowly out, every eye on them. "Let's go." The minister's voice snapped the mourners into movement, piling out and into the heat of the afternoon American sun. They followed the pallbearers until they reached the car at the end of the parking lot, whose back doors were open and awaiting their solemn cargo.

As soon as she was at rest inside the vehicle, everyone went to their own cars and climbed in. Two police cruisers would head up the funeral procession, working its way across town towards Trikko's Fate, followed by Anna, followed by family and then non-family cars.

The cruise was silent, as Fina tried to keep as tight with the other cars as possible, passing by hundreds of buildings, most of cheap metals and plastics; shops, homes, even city hall. Gaz and Tzu were just as familiar with Tamer funerals as Fina herself was, both Boys trying to radiate as much love and support for their Mistress was they could while letting her concentrate on the drive.

The funeral wasn't outside the town; when Costa de Esmeralda had first set it up, that would have been an unacceptable security risk. It was situated on one of the corners, though, sandwiched between buildings and near the deep forests of the wilds. This gave it an appearance of being small, but when Fina got out to walk in it with everyone else she realized it was quite large. Even so, headstones with tiny holo-emitters and piles of gifts, burning candles, incense, flowers, were everywhere.

A perfect hole had been dug, the headstone already standing, proclaiming Anna's name, date of birth and death, and profession. Everything had been prepared, even a roofed tarp set up over the hole as well as metal chairs, for the mourners, who quickly filled up this seating. Anna's coffin was brought out of the car, with the trumpets now blaring a different mourning theme, and taken right up to the edge of the deep hole.

"We commit Anna Sheldon to eternity, in paradise with Trikko and all of the virtuous," The minister declared, and with those words she was lowered, slowly, deliberately, until the coffin came to rest in the dark, loamy soil. Two Ground-type Pokéboys, Kamien, approached and very quickly filled the hole with new dirt, packing it in with speed and skill. Soon there was no indication of Anna besides the headstone.

Many of the grieving had brought gifts, though, laying them upon the grave. Over a dozen candles were lit, little flickering flames almost invisible in the burning, merciless sunlight. Fina just sat and watched, feeling twisting tension in her gut, as well as a revelation. 'The best virtues.. I've been missing something here.'

Questions on the nature of virtue and honor had plagued her for a long time, and eventually Fina had come to believe these were just the things politicians used to get younger girls to go out and die for them. That had been one of the factors leading to her eventual retirement, but now she had to question that. Anna had done something for her virtue and honor, something that nobody would ever expect a human being to do; march right into death and spit in its face, ultimately accepting it in the place of others. She waged war on the Yandere, but not for herself.

"Anna saved my life," One of the Tamers in the honor guard said, suddenly and loudly. "I owe a debt I will never repay." Another echoed her, and another; soon all six of them had proclaimed their lives in debt. The ceremony was supposed to be over, but every single person was rapt anyway.

Fina didn't exactly find God in that moment, but she was fairly certain something struck her. Probably something more genuine; a rediscovery of why she became a Tamer in the first place.

Author's Note

viva en la ciudad: life in the city
muerte y tristeza: death and sadness

Well! This is my first real personal-story story; I'd written mindless smut and historical information, but never a real adventure tale, so this should be fun. And let's face it, MILFs are always fun. This chapter's probably the shortest I'll allow it to get, just cause this is such a good place to stop. And yes, I will be sprinkling in a tiny bit of Spanish cuz 'Merica's like that now, especially since technically it's all in Central 'Merica anyway.

If you're at all interested in Pokeboys, feel free to look up our Yahoo Group. That's also where the Primer and Dex are, in case you feel like you're missing something.

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