Out of Retirement

BY : JumpingTheMoon
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Chapter Three

(3:13 PM, 13 October, 148 ATS
La Palma, American Union)

The harsh lights of the arena glared down, brighter than the daylight outside the sealed dome, whose crafted metal and insulated glass shone like it was the sun itself. The facility was packed with spectators, teeming masses writhing around on the stands surrounding the central battle area, in which the Boot Camp 'final exam' was taking place. The arena was pumped so full of air conditioning to account for the sweltering heat outdoors that it was actually mildly chilly, although few complained, bathing in the pure opulence of feeling cold in the summer. Pokéboys were engaged in combat on the arena floor, 1 on 1 battles to show whose Tamer had advanced the most during the ten-day training period. Camera crews were recording the event and, barring a full-out Taming session on the arena floor, which would make the show go up to pay-per-view rates, these battles would appear in a matter of hours in public holos and flatscreens all across La Palma.

Choosing which one of her Boys was going to represent her wasn't as easy as it had seemed. Tzu was frighteningly skilled at subduing opponents with minimal force and maximum sex, but as that was not allowed for this contest, his arsenal would be crippled. Gaz would have been the logical choice, therefore, if Marc hadn't been in the picture. The Cowboy's training had progressed amazingly and he could really tumble with anyone, and even Gaz hadn't beat him more than one in three times over the past week. With those thoughts in mind, Fina, clad in a sundress designed to be a bit small on her thick form, sauntered up to the spotlights when her name was called.

She was so entranced in her thoughts that she only noticed who her opponent was, standing twenty meters away across the painted lines of the battlefield, when she heard a youthful giggle. "Please don't wear yourself out, Miss Fina," The Tamer said, the young girl waving to her and bouncing on her heels. "If you need to take a nap before we start I'd be happy to wait~" Oooh. That girl. That girl, Roja Fredricks, had been her bane for a while now, picking on her age at almost every opportunity and hiding a truly spiteful personality behind her nauseatingly sweet, bubbly tone. She was the epitome of the 'mean girl' stereotype that clashed so roughly with the rugged military-style attitude that Fina had been trained with, and the older woman couldn't say she wasn't looking forward to wiping the floor with the bitch.

"Don't worry," Fina replied. "I'm pretty sure even my Boys won't break a sweat." After a moment, she added, "I'll try and remember you're at a disadvantage, though, given that you can't just fuck the referee and win." There was a gasp and Roja flushed, breaking her character for a moment to try and glare at Fina. The veteran was unfazed, and waited until the referee gave the signal.

"One on one, no items, no substitutions, no sex," The referee said, her voice amplified considerably so everyone could clearly hear, although they knew the rules already. "Both sides, get ready. Set. Go!"

The Tamers reached for their minimized Pokeballs and clicked the center button before tossing them out. Fina's toss landed almost perfectly in the middle of the arena, showing her years of practice had never really left her. It was like riding a bike. Roja wasn't slacking off, either, and her Ball landed a few meters on her side of the middle. Both popped with mystical beams of light and produced blobs of energy and slowly resolved themselves into male figures.

Marcello the Cowboy stretched out, muscular body flexing and looking like it was cut from marble under the heavy lighting. He was clearly nervous but tried not to show it by working up his body a bit, unintentionally drawing squeals from the audience, especially given the fact that his only clothing were a pair of tight shorts that did very little for his modesty. The Boy was determined to win for his Mistress, though, and waited for his opponent to appear before fixing his stare on him.

A Krieger was impossible to mistake when he appeared, dressed in a tight muscle-shirt. Unlike many Pokéboy types he didn't look like a dashing romance novel hero, instead resembling a normal person, although his muscular structure was still pretty impressive and it was hard to find a wasted pound on his whole body. Anyone fooled by the resemblance would get a rude shock, though, when they found out this Boy was built for fighting and, although he was only the first in his evolutionary line, could really take it to their enemy. "Name's Rod," The Fighting-type called out to Marc. "Two guesses why Mistress calls me that."

Marcello blinked and tilted his head. "Uh. Because you were hit by lightning?" It wasn't that the Cowboy was stupid, really, although he still proved ignorant about a lot of things; he just tended to be a bit oblivious sometimes, especially when one was using a fancy way to allude to sex. Fina resisted the urge to groan.

"So what's your second guess?" Rod asked, grinning madly. Before Marc could do much more than blush in embarrassment, the referee blew her whistle and cut their exchange short.

"Marc, go! Charge him all the way into the wall," Fina roared, voice drowning out her opponent's own command for a tackle. Reacting with lightning speed, for such a big Boy, Marc closed the gap between him and his opponent, running full-force into the much lighter Krieger and literally running him over. He wrapped the enemy in a rough hug and lifted him up as he ran, almost not feeling the weight at all. Rod fearfully started landing blows on the Cowboy's neck and back, his fists hitting against solid muscle and rawhide that seemed impervious. He carried the Krieger meter after meter until he finally sandwiched the poor boy, the impact crushing him between rock-hard Marcello and the solid masonry of the wall. There were quicker ways to subdue an enemy but Fina felt like making a point. "Alright! Smash him."

A brutal, but solid strategy, of course. The Cowboy backed up, giving Rod about a second or two to breathe before splashing back, once again knocking all the air from his thin form. The spectators winced instinctively as Marc kept pounding, using no direct punches or kicks but just his body to dish out pain. Roja flipped through her move lists mentally and tried to work up a strategy to get the beefcake off of his Boy. "Rod! Just move!"

The shock of the attack and pain couldn't work forever, not on a Krieger, designed for the fires of a real war. The Fighting-type took his chance when Marcello drew back for yet another splash, rolling to the side. He lost his balance and fell on his ass, but it did cause the Cowboy to hurtle into the wall face-first, stunning him. Thinking quickly, Rod swept his legs like a lumberjack and watched the bigger Boy topple backwards.

"Come on," Roja yelled over the roar of the spectators. "Take us seriously, Miss Fina." Fina gritted her teeth and said nothing in reply, watching Marc get straddled by Rod. The Krieger started punching, hard and fast, smashing Marc's head over and over again with ringing hits that never let the Cowboy recover enough to toss him off. The bucking of his body from pain was almost enough to do it on its own, though, and occasionally the Fighting-type had to stop and hold on for dear life.

When he was doing so, Fina took her opportunity. "Roll yourself, Marc!" A mass that big took a lot of force to get moving, but once it was in motion, nothing the Krieger could go might have stopped it. The Cowboy ended up on top, plopping said mass right onto the other's chest and once again winding his opponent. "Return the favor!" Marcello, thoroughly angered, obliged with a series of humiliating and stinging slaps, occasionally delivering a hard one to the Krieger's chest and making him cough, and bouncing up and down to leverage his weight.

Whereas Rod's position on Marc had been precarious, Marc had no problems staying on top once he'd gotten there, and Roja started to look truly worried. Fina was a bit out of form, both from her usual battle skills and planning and her taunts to opponents, but she still recognized this as a perfect chance to ask, "Serious enough for you yet, girl?"

Rod started to flinch at the slaps, endurance wearing down and trying to cover his face to protect himself. Marc just bashed on, smashing his enemy's own hands into his face painfully hard and further adding to the humiliation. This went on for a solid minute, and Fina was about to say something else, when Rojas got a look on her face that the older woman didn't care for at all.

"Focus punch!" Rojas yelled and her Boy's demeanor changed, from stunned victim to determined fighter. He balled up his fists and, having been storing energy during the beating while sustaining only moderate damage, launched a powerful attack right into Marc's face. The Cowboy's confidence and posture left no ability to dodge and he took a superhuman fist-shaped force right on his nose, knocking him backwards as if he'd been shot.

"What an arduous fight," Roja said in a voice of sweet, sarcastic pity. "Both of our Boys are being tested. I wonder who will last longer, a cow or a Boy bred to slug it out?"

"You'd be surprised," Fina shot back simply, not taking her eyes off of the fight. Marc had fallen off of his enemy, who'd sprung up and was now raining kicks with vicious impunity upon the Cowboy. Marc writhed with pain as booted feet stomped over and over into his body, still holding both hands to his face as a warm trickle of blood came from his nose. Things were turning more ugly by the second. "Marc!" She hollered, cupping her hands to her mouth to add some volume, "Get up! GET UP!" The urgency and command in her words echoed in the Boy and, despite the stomping attacks, sat up and stumbled to his feet.

Rod knew letting the Cowboy up was a big mistake, so as soon as Marc wobbled up, he ran forward, sticking out his arm and clotheslining his opponent. The impact wrenched them both down, because smacking against any part of Marc was still like clipping a brick wall, but at least his opponent kept going down. If this high-intensity stuff kept going, he knew he could outlast the cow.

He didn't count on Marc being driven by rage and his Mistress' order, bellowing and grabbing wildly through tear-filled eyes for his enemy. Despite Rod's efforts to get away, he felt a hand clamp around his ankle like steel and yank him backwards painfully hard. His other foot kicked at the Cowboy a few times but Marc shook it off, tossing himself upon his opponent yet again.

Thrashing didn't stop the Cowboy from rolling the Krieger onto his face, pressing all of his weight on one knee on Rod's lower back. The force was absolutely crushing, compacting his waist. Unable to really reach his tormentor, Rod kept flailing, unable to do much more than gasp. Marc didn't let up for one second, just letting his weight do all the damage, until Rojas piped up. "Stop it!" She yelled. "Y-you can't do that to my Rod!" Now the Krieger was the one in tears.

Fina laughed. "Of course he can. He can do this all day until you give up. Yeah, eventually you might toss him off, after all, a knee is hard to balance on, but how long is that going to take? Your Boy can't stand up to the pressure." She honestly didn't expect the taunt to force her opponent to surrender, but every psychological victory was something to grasp at.

".... Fine! Just stop!" Roja, in a display of compassion, grabbed Rod's Pokeball and clicked the button, returning her Fighting-type before further injury could be done. "... We give. This time!" She looked pure beams of hate at Fina, who did her best to appear bored and unsurprised by the outcome. Really, she'd been worried for Marc, but in the end he'd come through.

The referee blew the whistle, the crowds cheered, and Fina returned her own Pokéboy. She turned to look at her other Boys in the front row, grin on her face, but found that they weren't there anymore. That was strange, she wouldn't have expected both of them to wander off right as she went into battle...

Motion in the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she spotted Gaz and Tzu emerging from a hallway leading into the hollow interior of the arena. Both Pokéboys were laden with as much snack food and drink as they could carry; in Tzu's case a bucket of popcorn and some chips, and in Gaz's case several six-packs of pop and a huge wad of cotton candy. They handled their awkward burdens well, though, and soon found their way back to their seats, depositing their cargo before looking to see what was going on.

".... You know what?" Gaz spoke up, munching a bit as he pondered, staring at his Mistress. "I think we might have missed something."

"I agree," Tzu said simply, snatching some of the cotton candy and consuming it heartily.

Fina glared at both of them as she approached their seats. "You know," She said when she was sure to be heard over the crowd around them, "This was Marc's first big win. You guys were supposed to be here, supporting him and cheering him on. And me, for that matter."

"There was a line," Tzu explained, still serene as he guzzled a soda, feeling the fake energy of caffeine surge into his body."So, how bad was it?"

"He ran the poor Boy over," Fina replied. "He got in a few good knocks, but, damn. For a non-specialized Boy Marc can take a beating, and give it back. Not that you don't know that already," She added, trying to provoke some reaction of our her Deredere.

"Then he did just fine without relying on us," Tzu countered, still relaxed. "Everybody wins."

Gaz saw Fina going for her other Pokeballs and coughed a bit as he tried to speak over a full mouth. "Wai! Yoo shod led us ead-" The red beams seized them both and converted them to energy state, cutting off his badly-enunciated objection.

The veteran Tamer let out a long sigh at her Boys, hooked the Balls to her belt, and turned, leaving the arena without another word at her crushed opponent.


As their own special way of apologizing for missing Marc's victory, Gaz and Tzu had decided, as the Cowboy was being run through Pokécenter healing cycles, that they would leave their Mistress and him alone for a special Taming session. Well, Tzu had certainly decided that, and it fell to him to convince his lustful Brother. "But I haven't had Mistress in like, three daaaays," The empath near-whined, which was funny given his mature, deep voice.

"Aw, why don't we bring Mistress up on charges of neglect," Tzu replied, grinning like a fox. "Look, I've gone without almost as long as you. She's just been focusing more on Marc to train him up, and it's all paid off. After she gets her night with him then things should even out and we can return to greedily pinning her against the wall."

"She's the one who seems to pin you more than the other way around," Gaz said, crossing his arms. He refrained from any further taunts, though, mindful of how Tzu could be when he wanted revenge, especially on a Boy desperate for some action. "... Well then we need to find someone else."

Monogamy wasn't exactly the law of the land in modern times, and Tzu regularly found other sources of fun. A Pokécenter was sure to have plenty of big boys and Tamers, as well, and he nodded in thought. "True. What do you suggest?" He looked out upon the lobby, which was actually pretty busy given all of the battling going on today. It was made of white, polished marble, with a ton of seats and couches designed for people who needed to sit hours to wait to be served. At the front of the room, a single girlish Nurse Bridget stood, talking to Tamers and putting their Balls onto healing trays, while his Brother sat at a desk to the side, typing on holographic screens and processing information as needed. Most anyone, especially the humans, who came up to talk to the Bridget ended up staring dumbly at his beauty, although seasoned Tamers had coping mechanisms that let them, if nothing else, ask for a healing cycle before retreating in awe.

There were Boys of all shapes and sizes available, as well as a good variety of girls, from women nearly as built, stout and curvaceous as their Mistress to thin, cute teens who shifted nervously and turned red when they spoke to the Nurse, but he was having a bit of trouble deciding. He spotted a few Boys on the feminine side that he could top, as well as big slabs of meat that he could ride for everything he was worth. All were attractive, but none really stuck out enough.

"Hm." Gaz's mind geared up to full power for this critical decision, and he swept around, until it hit him as his gaze rested upon the Nurse Bridget at the counter- specifically, from this side angle, he could see around and stare right at the tantalizingly high fringe of the Boy's skirt. "Damn, I can almost..." The lovely medic stood on his tippy-toes, which gave just the push necessary to reveal tantalizing, pure white panties, stretched tight around a narrow ass and a bulge in front. "... That one. Yes."

Tzu suppressed a grin, nodding gravely. "Yes indeed. Follow me." There was no doubt that, between them, the Deredere was much better at diplomacy, especially when it came to luring new sandwich filling to bed. They practically sauntered over to the desk and waited for the nurse to finish with the next human before noticing them and turning. Bridgets had a special skill for checking a person out without giving anything away, but Tzu was perceptive enough to see the subtle shift of his eyes.

"Hello," The Bridget said, voice bright and girly, just like everything about him, and he shifted on his feet slightly. "Welcome to the hospital Pokecenter~ Do you need something?"

"Yes, we do," Tzu replied, holding the trap's gaze for a moment as he leaned on the counter. "When do you get off of your shift?" Gaz watched, amazed at how his Brother could seduce with only a distinct look and a few words. This seemed to be the case here, and the Bridget's perpetual blush deepened as the gears in his head worked and he processed the prospect of getting a Taming.

"Five minutes," The nurse replied. "Why?" He asked sweetly, voice trying for innocence but not quite authentic enough for either of the Boys to believe him.

"Because you need something, too," The Deredere replied, smile just as sweet but eyes honest and knowing. Even though they couldn't see the Bridget's skirt anymore, the Fire-type was willing to bet money, if he'd had any, that the thin, girlish Boy was rock-hard by now. A Nurse generally got such an eyeful of candy, but they never got jaded or resistant to it, instead existing in a semi-perpetual state of horniness that their nature as nymphs didn't help at all. As much as it sounded like the plot for a bad porno, if one caught a Bridget in the right time in their Taming cycle, they really could walk up, ask for sex, and go into a back-room to get it, without any strings attached. Especially, as was the case with Gaz and Tzu, if you were both dead-sexy.

The Boy giggled more cutely than many girls could do it, twirling a bit of glowing, soft, long blonde hair and averting his eyes. "Well how nice of you to propose a mutual trade. Hm. I think one of our store rooms wouldn't have much traffic for our... discussion. Here's the key," He typed a bit on his glove-mounted computer, and holographic symbols lit up. Both of the Boys took out their own PDAs and received the electronic key, which, unlike the classic cards to real rooms, only existed as bits of data. "I promise I won't keep you waiting."

Tzu nodded. "I certainly hope not. Come on, Gaz." He shook the other Boy, who had been staring with smoldering eyes right at the trap and not saying a word this entire time, adding to his tall, dark and handsome appearance, and led him behind the desk and into one of the employees-only doors with the key. When the Nurse saw that they were gone, he allowed himself a single shiver of pure anticipation before turning, and saying to the next customer, friendly and bright, "Welcome to the Pokecenter, Milady~"

Unlike the lobby of a Center, the back areas were designed more for function than ascetics, and were colder, for chemical and biological storage, and with darkly-lit, smooth, dark-blue metal walls. They made their way past rows of databases and servers, each one hooked up to the healing machines lining the walls and processing the living data of Pokéboys. This technology was impossible according to old-view physics, and if Tzu hadn't been so focused on getting some fine little trap ass he might have pondered a bit on the miracle they represented. As it was, they went past the machines, into one of the storage rooms in the back. The room had piles of crates and was even darker, and Tzu cast his eyes around for a good spot to do it. The crates wouldn't be as soft as a bed but they would allow for sitting and laying down, and so he arranged some of them.

Gaz allowed him to do most of the work, despite the fact that he was physically stronger by a bit, still just gawking, this time at his own Brother. They'd spent so much time together that honestly, they often felt like an old married couple to each other. Plus, any Boy who'd been in a Brotherhood more than a few years felt old, and they'd seen more action, both literally and in regards to Taming, then ninety percent of Boys out there. Still, they were beings designed for being attractive, and age had only increased Tzu's sexiness, in his biased opinion.

The Fire-type wore a tight shirt and jeans, all of which hugged him and pointed out the definition of his body. Even as a non-front-line combat Boy, he was practically rippling, and every time he bent and strained with a large crate, he looked like a statue. Gaz had spent many days pondering what part of Tzu was his favorite, and in truth, it was very hard to narrow down; those vaguely girlish lips had made him come so many times over so many years, but the narrow ass on display thanks to his jeans had given him just as much pleasure. Also, although he'd never admit this out loud because he was far too manly, but even Tzu's hair was gorgeous...

Almost like a reflex, he slid up behind the laboring Deredere, and after he plopped a particular crate on the end of a row, wrapped his muscled arms around him, pulling him back. Tzu didn't act surprised in the least, grinning to himself as their hard bodies met and rubbed together, and especially when he felt his Brother's erection. The empath reacted to this, having the utterly indescribable feeling of his own cock rubbing against Tzu's ass and at the same time getting a sensation in his own rear to match.

Sex, for him, was an almost transcendent experience because of his mental affinity, and for everything he did to please another, he got the returns himself, as well. Tzu twisted deftly, leaning back and kissing his Brother, making sure he could taste himself. After all, watching his Brother's reactions to everything was almost as fun for the sympathetic Boy as the actual physical pleasures.

With a deft, single motion, he slid the clasp off of his shirt and then popped out every button in the front, opening up the shirt and revealing bare, deeply tanned and smooth skin, toned and sculpted like a work of art. Gaz growled at this sight, hands running through a body almost as familiar to him as his own, rubbing appreciatively and feeling his own nipples harden in his muscle-shirt.

The only thing that prevented the Bridget from interrupting them in the middle of full-out fucking was Tzu's deliberate manipulation, making sure Gaz stayed mostly clothed and delighting in teasing him with incredible sensations such as rubbing himself through his pants. He opened the door to the room, peeked in, and stared, face getting red at the sight of the Deredere rubbing his bulge and the Unelmoija bucking his hips lustily, both sitting atop the smooth crates for support. As a professional with encyclopedic knowledge of Boys, the Bridget was able to figure out Gaz's breed immediately, and his breath hitched at the pure prospects for being naughty that the Psychic-type's gifts allowed.

Tzu looked up, hair covering one of his eyes and his own breathing labored as the tension mounted in his cock. "So," He huffed between breaths, "As you can see, my friend is like a very lusty, sinful mirror. If you'd like, you could run a few experiments to see his reaction." The Bridget's eyes lit up, and not only with animal lust; after all, Unelmoijas were rare enough that getting to see full-on Taming was a treat for him. With medical curiosity he skipped over to the Deredere and practically glomped him, hugging and kissing him and pouring on affection, while Gaz, a thrall to his Brother's feelings, continued to whine and shiver.

Both Boys were so experienced in easy intimacy that it was like they'd been fucking all their lives. Tzu in particular had experience with a Bridget's uniform, and so in a matter of moments had undone the shirt, allowing the tight white material to fall away and revealing nothing but pale, creamy skin underneath. The Bridget wasn't at all carved from stone or anything, just thin, with a woman's softness to his body, but that was perfectly fine with his partner, who leaned down and started licking. The Bridget moaned, shameless and loud, appreciating the attention and at the same time fiddling with the clasp for his own little skirt. Tzu eventually took pity on him and helped, sending the teasing little strip of cloth to the floor and leaving him clad only in his panties. They were, as predicted, horribly stretched by the Nurse's immodest cock, and uncomfortable, but the Deredere had a cure for that, too.

A naked Nurse Bridget was one of Trikko's highest miracles, in his humble opinion, and he took a moment to just stare after he'd pulled the Boy's panties down, amazed. It was like a girl with a penis- actually, even more beautiful, artificially carved into a role as sinfully attractive traps. If nothing else, Sukebe had been a master at his craft, surely. The moment passed, though, and Tzu motioned to his own pants. The horndog medic was only too happy to snap to it, soft, small hands shivering as they tried to go to work.

While the two of them were undressing, Gaz was getting progressively more frustrated. He'd constantly been teased and strung along because of his empathic gifts, and while most of the time he could get over it because of how mind-blowing the sex was, occasionally his masculinity demanded that he assert himself and actually fuck somebody. Perhaps this time he was especially goaded, as a Bridget had full control over his sensations, and that made him a bitch to the universal bitch. In any case, after losing his own pants and underwear, tossed carelessly on the cold metal floor, he went over to the Bridget, grabbed him, and pulled him against his own chest.

The trap let out an 'eep', hands falling away from the lacy pair of under-shorts that constituted everything Tzu wore now. The cuddly Boy adapted quickly, though, snuggling against the even more manly figure of Gaz and giggling. Drunk off a new feeling of dominance, Gaz gave a rough squeeze to his ass that had his girly voice crying out again, and then leaned in to bite his ear. "I hope you can handle the cold."

The Bridget nodded. Certainly, he'd had more experience on the cold floors and walls of the Center's back-rooms, with his Brothers, than anywhere else, and didn't mind kneeling at all before the Unelmoija. What fraction of his mind was still on observation noted that Gaz didn't seem affected by his own sensations, probably because they had no bond or link. That was fascinating, if only- cock in mouth, cock in mouth! What an impatient Psychic-type, was all the Bridget could think as his mouth got a fucking, strong hand keeping his smooth, delicate face in place.

Tzu smirked, freeing his own throbbing manhood from its binding cloth but content to stroke himself slowly as he watched. Gaz was never given enough credit, for when he decided he wanted to be very forceful, he could, and nobody in the world knew that better than his old Brother. His Brother's eyes were shut as the sensation of an authentic blowjob nearly blew him away, every tiny movement of the Bridget's mouth shooting electricity through him. No doubt, of all the breeds designed for sucking, Bridgets were some of the best equipped to reward Gaz's taking charge, and the thin, girly boy felt enormous pride as he watch his partner's face.

"G-get ready," Gaz said, shivering as he felt the pressure build to an unbearable level. He was just about to blow his load into the Bridget's mouth, but instead, felt said mouth sliding off of his shaft and, with a pop, all of the sensation stopped. He frowned for a moment, but the Bridget's soft, delicate hand on his penis squeezed and rubbed, making sure to aim it towards himself. "You... want me to blow it all over you?" It was an open secret that most Boys absolutely loved a good cum-shot onto their partners, but at least as many felt semen was actually too sticky and salty to want all over them. Letting a Boy spray over one was an act of submission and a great gift, and Gaz did not even try to pass on this opportunity, peaking and letting out a strangled cry.

The Bridget personified both sluttiness and innocence as he made a face, feeling spunk all over his hair, face, and front. Some got close enough to his lips to allow him to lick, tasting it and letting out a sigh. Tzu was as surprised as Gaz by this impulsive decision, and as aroused, watching as Gaz's cock went limp, but the Unelmoija didn't move and, after some moments of gazing on the cum-splattered trap, began to harden again. The nurse tilted his head and put a finger to his lips. "Once wasn't enough?" He asked sweetly.

"After seeing that? No," Gaz replied breathily, just recovered enough to pull the Bridget's head forward. Luckily, the other Boy wasn't putting up any fight, and opened wide again, childish face belying his inner rejoicing. What a wonderful day to be fucked like this.


Marcello felt like a nervous little teenage girl, shifting around on their room's huge Brotherhood-class bed. From the ajar bathroom door, the steady roar of the shower was the only real noise in the room aside from the occasional 'moo'; Mistress had told him to sit on the bed and wait for her to get out, after all. The beefcake's tanned but smooth leathery skin was pristine, as healthy as he could have been thanks to the miraculous Pokécenter's tech, and he even felt better, a combination of euphoric chemicals in the healing machine and a deep, abiding sense of accomplishment. His victory was his to keep and cherish, and he'd proven himself worthy, he hoped, of being by his Mistress's side for ever.

He was, as he ultimately preferred, stark naked, both because the cool sheets felt wonderful on his bare skin, and to allow his poor swollen cock some freedom. The Cowboy had gotten used to never feeling so full, since over the last couple of weeks Mistress had milked him at least daily, but now she'd let him build up his milk just in anticipation of his victory Taming. It seemed to point right at the tantalizing bathroom door, beyond which he knew stood a glorious, beautiful, and sexy woman. His mind, when he wasn't basking in his victory, was focused on that door, feeling a powerful urge to sneak over there and have a peek, despite his orders. Marc felt shame at this uppity impulse, even though he knew it mostly came from his building animal lust. He was even slightly tempted to take care of himself, but he knew Mistress would never tolerate that on his big day. So, all he did was fidget, and wait, and slowly, slowly build up the will to get up and have a look.

Of course, that was all part of Fina's plan. Like all good Tamer plans, it relied upon the innate nature of all Pokéboys, and, despite how obedient the Cowboy was, all she had to do was draw out her shower long enough, and the temptation was going to overwhelm him. Encouraging a little positive action on his behalf, a little initiative, would just be one of the many benefits of this night.

Just as she'd finished lathering up her body with soap, her peripheral vision spotted movement and she grinned, just a little. Giving no indication that she'd seen the wide-eyed, young face visible through the cracked door, she proceeded to get her wash-rag wet and slowly, slowly rub herself squeaky clean. She tossed her head back and sighed as she paid special attention to her own breasts, playing with them for a while before moving on, making sure every inch of her body was cleansed except for between her thighs.

Fina could have sworn the Cowboy hadn't blinked once since he started watching, and she felt quite flattered that such a youngster could find her, a relatively old girl for a Tamer, still so attractive. She slowly slid her rag lower and lower, and let out the cutest gasp she could muster as she began just a bit of masturbation. Tossing her head around a bit, she felt her heavy, soaked hair whip about, hitting the nearly transparent glass sheet that separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom and did nothing at all to cloak her naked form from Marc's prying eyes.

The Tamer didn't finish herself off, though, although the temptation rose as pressure built, but she showed enough self control to wash off the rag and put it down, turning off the shower and bending over to retrieve the soap. After sparing as long as he possibly felt safe staring at her ass, Marc backed away, fearful of getting caught, and scampered back onto the bed. Crap, now it was even bigger, even though he didn't think that was possible, and it was even leaking a bit. He blushed and felt more like a kid than ever.

Unlike the shower, she dried off as quick as possible, her own efforts making her even more eager than before to jump the adorably young Boy's bones. When she knew she wasn't going to drip, she wrapped an agonizingly small towel around herself, proud, large breasts pressing it out and making it ride up so the tiny patch of hair between her thighs was clearly visible. Slinking like the most skillful seductress, she pulled open the door and emerged, looking over to see her Boy. "Marc~ I'm done~" She called out, moving closer, hips swaying alluringly and holding the Cowboy's eyes.

"Um." His brain was focused on precisely one thing, and understandably wasn't capable of much snappy banter right now. "Yay," He finally said, and then felt shamefully lame, face going fully red. He never was able to peel his eyes from his Mistress as she came closer.

"First of all," She said, crossing her arms under her breasts and feeling them jut out even more than usual, "This night's about you, Marc. So try to relax, I promise I won't make fun of you or do anything to make you uncomfortable... that you don't want. You're all I'd never hoped for in a Boy, you know?" She coughed, the mushy stuff still making her slightly uncomfortable compared to just out-and-out fucking. "So. Just... here's your reward." She shrugged off her towel, which collapsed into a wet pile around her feet and revealed her body in every glorious detail. Even though Marc had gotten an eyeful just a little while ago, he practically started to drool.

She bent forward, and closed her eyes, kissing Marc with loving passion. He let out a deep sigh and relaxed into the kiss, pulling her closer and as a result causing her to topple forward, onto him. Fina let out a squeak as she fell, although she wasn't hurt at all since the Cowboy reacted in time to catch her, and merely pressed intimately against her Boy. Marc was totally red now from his mistake, but Fina assured him it was ok with another kiss and rubbed their chests together, savoring the bare feel of his rawhide. He, of course, didn't mind how pointy her nipples were; she could have stabbed him with a knife and he'd barely get a nick, which might also help if she started to claw his back during... He closed his eyes in embarrassment and thus didn't notice when Fina started to slide downwards, although he did feel her tongue on his chest.

"M-Mistress," The Boy called out as Fina kept licking, getting onto her knees to allow her to go lower and lower until she reached his huge erection. She looked up, eyes big and wide as if shocked at its size, but her skillful hand knew exactly what to do as she took hold. A few licks had the Cowboy literally shivering, and when she slowly engulfed him into her mouth, he nearly lost his mind, powerful hips wrapping around her head and forcing her to take more. Luckily, she had enough skill to avoid gagging even though the sheer size was uncomfortable, willing to humor him tonight and beginning to suckle hard. "Th-that feels... feels..." All he could do was moo, poor brain so overworked and unable to even think much.

While she worked on milking her beloved youngest Boy, Fina's hand moved up and felt the raw muscles of the legs that had 'trapped' her, admiring how her various squeezing and prodding was met with universal resistance and no part of his legs or thighs had an ounce of give. She'd really forgotten how raw and powerful a combat Boy could be, and the feeling was glorious.

Marc couldn't have lasted long, and soon knew he couldn't hold it any longer, mooing intensely and trying to stammer out a warning to his Mistress. Before he could get coherent again,though, he felt his powerful first release, a flood of milk flowing directly from his cock and gagging his Mistress totally. She coughed and sputtered, jerking out the deflating milky cock and trying to swallow enough milk to clear her throat again. Excess flow dribbled down her bare body and traced infinitely interesting little rivers down her beautiful curves. Her chest heaved, but he was too far gone to worry, and by the time he returned to Trikko's Earth, Fina had recovered enough to breathe. "Damn," She gasped. "Intense."

"Mistress, I..." The poor Cowboy was feeling guilty, something Fina wouldn't have- not today, and not after rocking her own world a bit. She tried to sit up, but got nowhere against Marc's irresistible thighs that were still flexing around her. He let up as soon as he noticed he was still hugging her to him, allowing her to wiggle upwards until she could kiss him on the lips again; but this time, with a hint of his milk still remaining in her ravished mouth, a hint which he tasted and was unreasonably aroused by. "Mmmmmh..."

By the time she broke their kiss, a fair bit of time, she already felt the press of his penis, which had hardened again and seemed ready for another round. "Stamina, stamina... good," Fina practically purred, grinning evilly. "I wonder how much you can pump this time, Marc." Before he could reply she was on her knees again.


Nothing wore a person out like a lusty, powerful stallion of a Boy, and Fina was both tired and slightly sore from her treatment as she slowly woke up. Cuddling with a soundly-sleeping Marcello over the soft, accommodating Pokécenter sheets and under a cocoon of blankets, she was about as comfortable and warm as she'd ever been in her life, excepting when Tzu had really turned on the Warm Embrace. She let out a long, contented sigh, despite how worn out she felt even after sleep, and pondering going back to it for a few more hours when she heard movement in the room.

She stirred slowly, turning to allow her bleary eyes to try and see whoever was there. To no great surprise, she saw the blurry forms of her two Boys, but they were both carrying something... with a minute more to wake up and blink her eyes into a more focused condition, she recognized them as breakfast trays loaded with delicious-looking food. Both of them did a little bow and Tzu said, quietly, so as not to disturb the Cowboy, "We were up most of the night so instead of just slinking back here to crash for like three hours, we decided to make up whatever's left of our 'debt' from our misconduct." They knew from so much experience that their Mistress absolutely loved this sort of treatment, going above and beyond the usual subservience of a slave, and also that she was not shy about food, especially since she stopped having to care about her shape. Not that her shape wasn't lovely enough, of course, in Tzu's humble, reasoned, measured opinion. He glanced at Gaz. "Set Marc's down on the table over there for when he wakes." Gaz stuck his tongue out, looking less enthusiastic as usual, but did as commanded, as the Deredere leaned over and allowed Fina to take the tray.

"Thank you," Fina groaned, grinning and nearly salivating at the lovely array of breakfast treats on her plate. "I consider you both forgiven, then." With that, she dug in. The jostling and noise woke Marc up pretty quickly, and he found himself staring, both at his stark-naked Mistress temptingly hidden in blankets that seemed to hug her curves, as well as the amazing-looking food.

"There's one for you too, silly cow," Gaz said, bringing it over to his younger Brother. "At least for today." The tray, tastefully enough, contained no beef products, although Cowboys didn't really have a phobia against that. It was still just something most people tried to avoid, like feeding seafood to some Water-types.

"Th-thanks," Marc said, yawning and giving his Brother a look of pure affection that nearly melted the Unelmoija before attacking his own food with even more zeal than his Mistress. When he had finished devouring everything on his plate, he let out a big, impolite belch, but immediately blushed and wished he hadn't, for Gaz had started giggling. "Sorry," He said. It was hard to get adjusted, even now, to living in such a civilized place after growing up on a crude farm. All in all, though, he had to admit this life was better. Exciting adventures and a lot of great sex. What more could a good Pokéboy ever want?

Fina finished a lot slower, still groggy, and leaned on the backrest with a sigh of contentment. "So," Tzu said, sitting at the foot of the bed, and messing with his own flowing, beautiful hair a bit, "Where are we going now, Mistress?" La Palma itself, despite its size and proximity to the front, actually didn't have a battle Gym, which would have been the logical first step for their restarted Taming journey.

"Let's go... to Anna's base," Fina said, quietly and in deep thought. "Lot of memories at Ruiz, that's for sure." Her two veteran Boys nodded; they both remembered the times before her first retirement, sometimes with fondness and other times glad they were in the distant past.

"No trains past the southern forts," Gaz said. "I guess we're going to have to go at this the old-fashioned way, right?" Tzu and Fina nodded, Marc watching the whole conversation in fascination. 'Ugh. I hate the old-fashioned way."

"Hm." Fina pondered. "We'll need to square away the old pad, get it sold, account for all of our money and gear and whatnot. Tzu, we'll get started on that on the holo-terminal when I'm done digesting. Maybe we can even find a better way to get to Ruiz than trudging through jungles and mud..." After all, with the money they would be stockpiling from months of saved pay and selling off their very decent apartment, they could even afford to travel in luxury, like aboard an airship.

An airship... "Did you check to see if La Palma's got an airfield?" Fina asked, grinning. She had only been on one of those things twice in her entire life, and the prospect was almost as exciting as being out in the wilderness again.


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