Darkstar's Deal

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Darkstar’s Deal

Spectra Phantom stood in his room looking out in the vast emptiness of space. His red trench coat was off and he was thinking of him. The only other thing he ever think about besides having the ultimate Bakugan and the Perfect Core’s energy and ruling over everything was Dan Kuso. He thought devilishly on how when they next battle and he would win over the naïve boy, he would humiliate him by making him his slave and make him destroy his friends, or make Dan watch as Spectra crushes his friend, or something else that would make the brown hair teen beg him to stop. Just then Gus enter the room wearing his usually attire minus the orange trench coat. He stood and waited for Spectra to acknowledge his arrival, know how obsessed he was with Dan and winning the Perfect Core’s power. Spectra waited a few second still thinking about Dan before speaking.

“Yes, Gus?” He said not turning his gaze away from the window.

“You know your obsession with Dan Kuso might be considered border lining on love.” A new voice said one that he never heard before which was followed by a thud. Spectra turn around to see Gus on the ground out cold and no one in the room. Spectra was beginning to think that maybe he was dreaming when a pool of darkness emerge by his door forming a door-like shape and coming from it was a boy, or a very young looking man. This person was as tall as Spectra maybe even weighed the same, with a slim build. He was dress in a pitch black t-shirt and shorts, even his knee-high boots were pitch black, and a big sword on his back. The guy must like black a lot as his hair was pitch black, black than that Shun kid. That didn’t bother Spectra that much but what creep him out was the guy eyes they were solid black there were no white on them. ‘Am I dreaming or is here a demon of sort?’ Spectra thought as he stared at this being. “I’m no demon and your not dreaming this is reality.”

“What you can read my mind or something?” Spectra asked.

“Sort of but many who see me think that way.” the guy stated.

“Whatever, who are you and why are you here? What do you want and what did you do to Gus?” Spectra asked getting very angry no one was allowed to enter his room, except Gus, without his approval.

“I’m been called many things: a monster, a devil, a god, a hero, a murderer, a warrior of mass destruction,” the guy said waving his arm up to the air then down as he gave a bow “but you my friend may call me Darkstar the True King of Evil, the Warrior who represent the forces of Destruction and Chaos. I’m here to check on this realm of yours and to see how it is to see if the Balance is intact. I’m also here to make a deal with you, as for your friend here he’ll be alright I just put him into a state of sleep.”

“Darkstar, huh, never heard of you and what do you mean ‘balance intact’?” Spectra asked not bothering with the other part yet.

“What not interested in the deal yet?” Darkstar jokingly asked. “Fine if you must know I’m one of twenty interdimesional immortal beings who protects the powers of the universe by keeping the Balance intact. The Balance refers to the forces of Creation known as Order, Destruction, also known as Chaos, and Neutrality, commonly called the Twilight or the Elements. I and I alone represent the forces of Destruction or Chaos if you prefer. All this done by a being simply known as the Great Beast of Destruction, of course he doesn’t go around destroying stuff he just so powerful that he could without trying. Enough about that minor stuff, basically it’s my job, as well as that of my brothers and sisters jobs, to go around and check to see if any of the infinite realms, like this one, is maintaining a balance between the three forces.”

“And if there not in balance?” Spectra asked curious now.

“Well if the realm is out of balance then I must put it back into balance,” Darkstar said “Normally we not allowed it really interfere in any of the realms although we really don’t pay that much attention to it that much but if the realms are out of balance then I or my brethren fixes it by being the forces that are weakening and boost it back up. For me if Order or the Twilight is stronger then I go about making more chaos usually bringing into existence a really powerful foe or a great disaster. On those rare occasion when my brethren can’t do it then I will be good,” Dark star look sick when he said that “But if I don’t and the balance is left unbalance for too long, it goes out of control and then poof! That realm is gone for good.”

“So in other word if it happen here…” Spectra started to say not wanting to finish the statement.

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation.” Darkstar said “However it perfectly in balance so there no need to worry. However I just can’t leave this realm without causing a little mayhem, and then I see you thinking non-stop about Dan Kuso, who by the way is making me sick as he is pushing the balance into more of a order control. And I thought I help give you an edge in defeating him.”

“How so?” Spectra asked “Anything I do Dan seem to counter and hurting him physically would only make him strong.”

“Physical wounds/scars are easily overcome,” Darkstar said “but emotional and mental wounds/scars are a different matter they don’t heal as nicely as they our a constant of what happen. If you were to emotionally strike at Dan Kuso now then when battle him again you will be at a tactical advantage as you can remind him of what happen.”

“Then his mind and heart wont be into the battle and it will make an easy win.” Spectra said somewhat smiling.

“Think about how easy would be for you to acquire the perfect core and overthrow King Zenoheld and his fellow Vexos. Then with the ultimate Bakugan that you yourself have created, would rule the universe with an iron fist.” Darkstar said smiling when he saw Spectra began to imagine this bit of news. Darkstar knew exactly how to get someone to go along with his plans all he had to do is tempt them with whatever they desire. So when Spectra said what he said next Darkstar wasn’t shock at all.

“So what do you have in mind?”

“Here’s the plan…” Darkstar said whispering his plans to Spectra who face slowly turn into a sick smile.

Back at Earth it was late at night and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers were getting ready for bed, Dan actually was already in bed but the others were close behind. They were walking together talking about who massive Marucho’s mansion was. During their talk Shun notice something moving outside. When he stop to look out the window standing in Marucho’s yard was a guy dress in black with a sinister look about him.

“Guys someone here!” he shouted, and they all stopped.

“What!?! But how there’s no way to get into here without setting off the alarm.” Marucho said looking out the window. “Shun’s right someone is here.”

“Yeah and he look like he’s trouble.” Mira said taking a look too. “Let’s go see what he wants.”

“What about Dan?” Baron asked ready to get Dan.

“Let him sleep he got enough problems with Spectra and King Zenoheld after him and Drago.” Mira said “Beside I doubt that we are going to battle.”

They all ran outside to face the guy they saw indeed he was dress in black so was his hair and his eyes had no white on them. his very sight sort of made them nervous and for reasons Shun couldn’t remember at hand the guy reminded him of something.

“Greeting Brawlers, I am Darkstar the True King of Evil.” Darkstar said “And I come to battle you.”

“For what are Attribute Powers.” Ace said “Well you’re a fool to take us all on, you and that so-call King that you work for!”

“My, my, my now I’m no fool but yes I do wish to take you all on.” Darkstar said “All at once but I do not work for Vexos.”

“Whatever what do you want!!” Mira shouted getting her gauntlet ready.

“I’m here to offer you a deal.” Darkstar said.

“A deal?” Shun asked trying to remember.

“Yes if you can defeat me in battle then I will grant you whatever you want, the return of you brother, the defeat of Vexos for good, whatever you want.” Darkstar said.

“And if you win?” Runo asked.

“Then nothing, no reward, no penalty,” Darkstar said and gave a bow “I give you my word.

“Yeah right I don’t trust you.” Ace said.

“Wait are you Darkstar the immortal warrior who protect the powers of Chaos?” Shun asked finally remember that was a name his late grandmother once said.

“Well yes, I see you know of me!” Darkstar said “How honor few know of my existence.”

“You gave us your word so if you decide to betray us your brethren will discipline you and fulfill your deal in your place am I correct?” Shun said.

“That is correct.” Darkstar said.

“Very well your on!” Shun said “Let’s do this!!” Darkstar and the Brawlers raise their gauntlet and shouted: “Gauntlet Power Strike!!” Darkstar threw a gate card to set up the battlefield.

“Haos Blade Tigerra Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Aquos Preyas Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Aquos Minx Elfin Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Subterra Hammer Gorem Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Darkus Alpha Hydranoid Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Halo Ancient Nemus Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Sunterra Magnum Wilda Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Darkus Midnight Percival Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Ventus Master Ingram Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

“Darkus Dragonoid Dark Dragon Bakugan Battle Stance!!!”

Everyone watch as their Bakugan appeared all ready for battle, but they were floored when they seen Darkstar’s Bakugan. It was taller than Marucho’s mansions, and look like an ancient Japanese Dragon but it was solid black even the horns, the only color was it eyes which were a dark red. It floated in the air and everyone could see the wind moving around it. Darkstar smiled and motion for them to go. Shun raised his ability card and made the first strike.

Elsewhere Dan Kuso laid in his bed wearing his grey shirt and in his red boxers. His white pants were hung over a chair his coat next to it, on a table was his goggles and the pajamas that were offered to him by Marucho’s butler, which he really didn’t want to wear, no offense but Dan just couldn’t bring himself to wear pajamas that Marucho’s face all over it, that and Preyas and Elfin’s faces were added to it as well which made Dan even more uncomfortable. Dan shook his head turning his head to the nightstand next to him to say good-night to Drago when he saw a shadow at his door. Dan thought at first it was someone he knew but when darkness emerge from the crack of his door and began to consume his door Dan realize that this wasn’t someone he knew. Dan went to grab Drago but Drago was now trap in a cage of darkness that prevented Dan or anyone from reaching Drago.

“What the!!!” Dan shouted “What’s going on here?”

“Dan that mass of darkness something is emerging from it.” Drago said and Dan look towards it and his red eyes widen in both shock and maybe fear when he saw Spectra walk through the darkness.

“Well, it’s so nice to see you again Dan Kuso,” Spectra said staring intently at Dan in his current state of dress. “I see you must have been preparing for something interesting.”

“Shut up Spectra! What do you want and what did you do to Drago?” Dan shouted looking for something that he could defend himself with.

“Oh! I was bored and I thought I could entertain myself with you!” Spectra said his face sort of smiling.

“What in a battle kind of made that impossible?” Drago said and Dan nodded in agreement.

“Oh I had something else in mind, in fact Dan seem to be half way there.” Spectra stated. It took Dan a minute for him to realize what Spectra was meaning, his face whiten and before he could say or do anything, he was thrown into the wall by his bed. He was lifted up into the air and moved to where his feet was inches above the bed. Spectra walked over and got into the bed still smiling.

“You sick bastard let me go!” Dan shouted as Spectra reach up and place his hand on Dan’s crotch. “Don’t you touch that!”

“Oh but I want to see it Dan, why don’t you pull down your boxers for me?” Spectra asked but the tone was more commanding.

“Like hell I will.” Dan said but even those he had no intention of getting naked before Spectra, his enemy, his hands, against his will, moved down and pull down the boxers just below his hips revealing his cock and balls. “WHAT THE!!!”

“It’s just like he said, I have total control over you now!” Spectra said giving off a loud laugh “I can do whatever I want and there is nothing you can do about it.” Dan’s eyes widen in fear when he heard this, and tried to struggle but whatever was holding him to the wall had a powerful hold on him and would let him go. “Now let see how well this power that he gave me really work. Now Dan be a good boy and remove those clothing for good.” Dan was release from the wall, and while his mind screamed for him to stop his body complied to Spectra’s wish his hands pulled his shirt off as his hips wiggled enough for the boxers to plop straight down, he sat down to remove his socks and gloves. Dan look away his face red in embarrassment. “Aw, Dan you haven’t seen nothing yet.” Silently commanding Dan to stand in front of him Dan did without a word. “Now then let see how you look.”

Dan turn around to show his soft cock, in it current state was only 8” long, and hairless balls. Spectra reach out with a glove hand and stroke the cock, making Dan’s breath hitch trying hard not to give Spectra the satisfaction of getting hard and aroused. His effort went to waste, thinking of everything that was a turn-off, Dan’s cock slowly stirred to life getting harder and harder until it reach it full hardness of 16” long. Spectra smile at how well endowed Dan was. Now he was going to try another power that Darkstar said he would be able to do with these temporary powers. Focusing the item he desired the power of darkness created a choker with a gold bell on it. He smiled as he show it to Dan.

“Here’s a gift for you Dan, a little choker that’s perfect for a kitten like yourself,” Spectra said laughing as Dan’s body flinch at the statement “Now come a little closer so I can put it on.” Dan took a step forward, his mind telling him to run away, he wonder if Spectra was going to stand up and put it on him or make him do it. When Spectra took the choker and tied it around the shaft of his cock near the head, Dan was shock let out a silent gasp as Spectra flick both the bell and his cock. “It suit you well, Dan.” Spectra summon another item and threw it unto the floor. “Another gift for you, go to where it lays and straddle it and put it in your ass.” Dan turn around and walked over to where it laid, the item in question was an 14” long purple dildo with what suppose to be balls. It was a floor mounted type from what Dan could tell, as he squatted down spreading his legs apart, Dan grab the item. “Wet it by licking it.” Dan brought it to his lips and began licking it all over until the Dildo was slick. Dan then put it down placing the tip of it at his unprepared entrance. Slowly Dan sat down letting out of a scream as his anal muscles stretch around the object. He got about half of it in and he could get any more but Spectra wasn’t satisfied so he got up and walk over to Dan. “There still some left, Dan.” He stated shoving Dan down the rest off the way, making Dan scream and Spectra smiled in delight. Spectra return to his seat on the bed. “Now move your hips I want to hear the bell ring.”

Dan complied, his hips going up and down on the dildo. Dan moved at a steady rate the bell began to ring. Dan kept going as Spectra smiled loving the show, the obvious bulge in his pants told Dan so, Dan breathing thicken and he let out pants and low groans. Throughout the whole ordeal Drago was shouting, telling, ordering Dan to run, fight back to do something, and Dan tried, even now as his speed sort of pick up, his mind scream for his body to stop doing what Spectra says. But it was all in vain as his body kept going, finally tensing up and his back arched as he slammed down onto the dildo his head flew back as his orgasm hit. His cum shot out and covered the floor in his hot white semen. Dan’s body shook and tremble as wave of pleasure rushed through his body, something Dan never experience before, he collapse trying to get his breath back his brown hair soaking up semen.

“Very well done Dan Kuso.” Spectra stated getting up and walking over to Dan laid out form. “But it’s not over yet!”

“Stop this Spectra, you had your fun now end this let Drago go,” Dan pleaded looking up at him with tears in his eyes.

“But Dan the fun only began why don’t you be a good boy and get up and remove my clothes for me.” Spectra said laughing as Dan struggled to fight back, as well as getting up. Once finally up Dan’s hands went up to Spectra’s shirt and began to unbutton it, once fully open Dan slid the shirt off with Spectra’s glove revealing the pale and muscled chest underneath. Dan felt disgusted as his hands defied his will as they slid along that chest feeling the muscles react to his touch. They made there way to Spectra’s pants and they undid them and pulled them done, along with his black boxers, revealing Spectra’s hard 14” member. Dan pulled the pants done to Spectra’s ankles, who slid them off with his boots. “Very good Dan now you can have the real thing and not a toy. Get it wet by sucking on it.”

“Dan don’t do it! Fight back!” Drago shouted trying to break free of the cage of darkness by ramming into it. But it was in vain nothing that Dan do could over power Spectra will and that strange new power of his as he got on his knees and took Spectra’ cock into his mouth. Dan slowly took the thick cock deeper into his mouth until the tip was hitting the back of his throat. Spectra groan and rolled his head back loving how much power he had over Dan’s body. He grab Dan’s head and began fucking Dan’s mouth. Tears form in the corner of Dan’s eyes as Spectra’s thrust got harder. “Mmm, so good hum for me Dan make me feel good.” Dan did humming different tunes that he knew of that caused different vibration. Spectra let out a groan as Dan did so well the vibration sent shockwaves of pleasures. “Yes very good Dan,” he could sense that he was going to cum soon and he wanted to hear Dan beg some more so he pulled out for a second. “Beg for me to cum into your mouth, Dan beg that you want it.”

“No Dan! Don’t give in!!!” Drago shouted. ‘I don’t to say it either Drago but every part of my body is betraying me.’ Dan shouted silently in his head as his lips open and his vocal cord moved.

“Please Master Spectra, let me eat your hot man juice,” Dan said his stomach twisting as he felt like he was going to throw up. “I want to feel your hot fluid go down my throat.” ‘Gah! I sound like a cheap whore!’ Spectra smile as he rub his cock along Dan’s bottom lip until he shot his fluid down Dan’s open mouth, some of it shooting on to Dan’s face, getting into his eyes and hair, the rest pour down Dan’s throat. ‘ugh! It taste terrible!’

“Very good, Dan tell me how it taste was it good,” Spectra asked silently ordering Dan to tell him that it was good and he want more.

“It tasted good and I want more of it,” Dan said, his eyes widening when those words flew out of his mouth. “Please take that big piece of manhood yours and fill my hole up.”

“Your request shall be granted,” Spectra said pointing over to the bed “Go over there and Bend over.” Dan silently walk over to his bed, once there he bent over placing his hands on the bed itself. Spectra smiled as he walked behind placing his re-harden cock at Dan’s somewhat virgin asshole. Spectra paused for a second then he displayed a sick smile, “Do you really want my big cock in you?” Dan nodded yes as Spectra sent out another silent command, “Would you like it even bigger?” Again Dan nodded since that was what Spectra wanted him to do. “Very well your wish is my command.” Calling forth the power again, he made his cock grow in size. Spectra added another 16” to his cock making it an unbelievable 30” long, and 5 inches thick, but he was done yet. He kept focusing his power and so bubbles, or something like that emerge and kept appearing forming ridges along the entire cock. “There now, I think that will do you fine don’t you think Dan. It’s really big and it ribbed for your pleasure.” Dan looked back and let out groan, by Spectra command, and licked his lips and wiggled his ass telling Spectra to do it but Dan was thinking ‘Oh God! That’s thing going to split me in half.’ “Well Dan what do you say?”

“Please fuck my boy-pussy Master Spectra,” Dan pleaded, his eyes showing the fear that he wanted to scream out. “Fuck my boy-hole until I pass out and then some.”

Spectra smiled as he harshly pushed into Dan’s ass going all the way in, soaking up the scream that Dan made and ignoring the blood that appeared along his cock, origin obviously Dan’s ass. Dan wasn’t even aware he could scream like that as he felt Spectra’s newly improve cock rip open his ring of anal muscles and split him open from within. He could feel his blood pour out and cover the cock making it slick and move somewhat easier in him. Dan slammed his face into the bed to silence the scream, he didn’t want his friends to come here and suffer the same fate as he was going through.

“What’s wrong Dan why won’t you let me hear your lovely voice?” Spectra asked as he saw Dan’s action, “Are you afraid that if your friend’s heard you they would come here only to suffer that same fate as you?” Dan nodded his head. “Well don’t be afraid no more, my friend who gave me these temporary powers are occupying your friend in a battle they can’t win so go ahead and scream. Scream for me Dan tell me how much you loves this.” Dan struggle but he raise his head back up and started screaming again, this time in force pleasure.

“AHHH!!! Harder please Master Spectra, fuck me harder.” Dan scream out while thinking ‘NO!’

Spectra smiled as he increase the speed of his thrusts plow straight into Dan’s ass changing angle every once in awhile. He was caught off guard when his massive cock hit something that cause Dan to scream and shake genuinely, his power had nothing to do it. Spectra pulled back and hit that spot again, causing the same reaction again, Dan look back at Spectra, his eyes once filled with fear now were filled with desire and without even being told Spectra started thrusting again hitting that spot over and over, he had Dan right where he wanted him at.

“AH!! Yes faster Spectra, mmm, so deep and hard.” Dan groan out loud no longer hearing his voice about how wrong this was all that he was being rape by his enemy. “AH so good.”

Spectra smiled as he kept hitting that spot in Dan, Drago didn’t realize that Dan was saying this stuff on his own will now, who kept trying to get out of his cage. Dan need more friction he began bucking his hips matching the thrusts of Spectra’s thrust, his cock grinding against the edge of the bed. At last Dan arched his back his body shook and quiver as his second orgasm was wrenched out of him, his cum sprayed out and covered the sheets on the bed. Dan’s muscles clamp around Spectra’s cock making it even more tighter than it already was, after a few more thrusts Spectra shot his second load into the young boy, filling him up with his seed, some of it stung as it pour into the wounds that blood was pouring out, but all Dan could do was moan as the hot liquid soak into that spot. Dan’s arm gave out at last and he fell into onto the bed his abdomen soaking into the pool of cum, Spectra’s large cock pulled out with a loud pop, and Dan let out a moan of disappointment, now whether it was by his own will or by Spectra’s command it was hard tell now. Dan was tire he wanted to go to sleep, but Spectra had other ideas. Carefully lifting the tire Dan, Spectra got into the bed and laid Dan on top of him. There for the first time he kissed Dan and the lips. Dan was shocked because the kiss was kind and gentle, something the opposite of what Spectra should be, but Dan didn’t fight back not this time, he gave into the heat of the moment and kiss back. Drago was stun as well he never expected to see such a kind side of Spectra, he would never believe it if he didn’t see it happen before his eyes. in fact for a brief second Drago could have sworn when Dan open his mouth to let Spectra’s tongue in he could have swear that it was someone else there, some one who didn’t wear a mask. As the kiss went on Spectra reached down and took hold of Dan’s cock and stroke it getting it hard once more. Dan broke the kiss letting out a gasp as his cock got hard again.

“I know your tire Dan, but you only need to last one more round.” Spectra said. “Now tell me what do you want?”

“I-I-I-I-” Dan didn’t really want to say it but again he gave in to the moment “I want you in me again.”

“What are you willing to do to have me in you again?” Spectra asked.

“Anything, even joining your group and giving you Drago’s Perfect Core energy.” Dan said, did he really mean at the time yes but would he go through it no, Spectra knew it as well but smile as he like the answer, Drago was convince that Spectra somehow made Dan say that.

“Well now it’s a shame that this wasn’t apart of the deal,” Spectra said “But this will do I guess.” Spectra smile calling for the power of Darkness to create two exact images of Dan. He reduce the size of his cock to 20” and 2” thick. Then he made on of the Dan clones cock grow to the exact same size as his cock was currently was. “This should be fun.”

Dan look at him funny before he felt a rather large cock slid into his stretched hole, and he realize be the way it slid in it wasn’t Spectra’s cock. He looked back to be greeted by his own eyes and face. Dan was shock too find that the cock that was now thrusting into him was from himself, or a copy of himself. As the copy kept thrusting into him, Spectra slid in as well now making it two cock in Dan. Dan let out a satisfying groan as the two cock, without much searching this time around, hit his sweet spot again. Soon discover the other copy as it walked in front of Dan and sat down on his cock. Dan let out a moaning hiss as his cock pierce into the hot tight tunnel of his double. Once the copy was fully seated on Dan’s cock he waited for Dan to do something. He was confused for a second but when he realize the two cock in him had stop moving as well, they all wanted him to do the work. Dan catch his breath, his hands shakily reach for his double’s hips. Slowly he raised himself up until the cocks in him were about to fall out. Then he let go of his double’s hips hoping that they will stay there as he slid back down. Once back down the real Dan moved back up, plunging himself in and out of the copy’s ass, while he plunge himself up and down on the two cocks. Slowly but surely Dan worked himself into a nice rhythm as he made his way to a third orgasm. Dan’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as pleasure washed over him, like the sea hitting him at the beach. Spectra let out a groan as he watch as Dan impale himself onto his cock and the clone‘s cock, and as Dan’s cock speared the other clone. Spectra idly wonder if Dan was truly enjoying this, or how Vexos and Dan’s friends, especially them, would react if they knew how badly Dan wanted this, to see Dan riding his 20” inch cock and the 1st clone’s 20” cock while Dan fuck the hell out of the 2nd clone’s ass. Dan’s back arched again as he filled his clone’s ass up with his third orgasm, slamming both his hips onto the two cocks below him and his clone’s hips onto his hips. Dan let out a scream, well as close to one that he could manage since he was tired, as he felt his semen leak out of his copy’s ass as the copy shook and creamed over himself and Dan’s chest. As Dan felt the hot fluid hit his chest he felt the other copy shudder and he felt the hot fluid of the other copy shoot into his ass, followed by Spectra’s cum. The liquid was so much that it pour out of Dan’s ass and pooled on Spectra’s waist. The two Dan clones disappeared and Dan fell backward Spectra’s cock still in him. Dan fell asleep and Spectra did not bothering Dan for a moment somewhere deep done inside him in a place that has long sealed by Spectra’s heart a part of him wish that this was real that he didn’t rape the young boy. However as quickly as that feeling came it was gone and Spectra started laughing at how pathetic Dan now look. This laughter only enrage Drago who silently vowed that he would destroy Spectra and his Bakugan Helios the next time they meet.

Back outside the battle was a stand still or so it seem as Darkstar didn’t really do any attacking. The others were perplex nothing they did would lower Dark Dragon unimaginable 10,000 points of power, in fact they could even get close to it’s power even when they threw out their Trap Bakugan. Darkstar waited sensing when it was the right time to end this battle. At last he felt Spectra power slowly fading back into him and he smile.

“Well I had fun but it seem you aren’t worthy of my power or help.” Darkstar said. “Gate card activate! Rune of Darkus!!” The gate card open and strange writing slowly appeared on Dark Dragon’s body. These runes doubled Dark Dragon power to 20,000! “Now double Fusion Ability: Darkness Wave plus Claws of Destruction!” Dark Dragon’s claws glowed as his attack power went up to 25,000 and lunge forward and with one swipe of his claws he took out all of the Bakugan Brawlers’ Bakugans. The force of the attack depleted everyone life gauge to zero. “It’s over good-bye maybe another time Brawlers.” Darkstar reclaim his Bakugan and left via portal of darkness.

“Man that was incredible,” Baron said his eyes lighting up in joy. “If we had a Bakugan like that there no way we loose.”

“I don’t know something about this didn’t feel right.” Mira said. “It’s seem he was trying to kill some time as if he was waiting on someone else.”

“Yeah but who?” Marucho asked. “The house sensors didn’t go off so no one else was here.”

“Who care’s what he’s was up to the fact remain we loss and he left without betraying his word.” Ace not liking the fact he loss. “Let’s just go to bed.”

“I’m in agreement with Ace,” Shun said heading back to the mansion. “Let talk more about this in the morning.

In Dan room Spectra enter the portal of Darkness after getting dress and leaving a daze Dan behind. He said nothing but Dan saw a tear being shed, most likely from dust, as it rolled out of Spectra’s mask. As Spectra vanish the cage of Darkness held Drago was gone and Drago was over to Dan apologizing like crazy to Dan. Also the dildo vanish as well but the bell, which was forgotten throughout the whole ordeal, remain were it was tied onto, now cover in cum. Dan didn’t hear his word or care as the realization of what just happen, not only was he raped but he gave into it. He felt sick and disgusted with himself, he wanted to wash the filth off his body, but he doubted there was enough soap in the world to wash it away. He didn’t know what to say or do but when Drago suggested that they should tell the others what happen his eyes widen. If they ever found out what he said, or that he gave in they would never trust him again. No one would really trust him and they would question his action, even more would Drago trust him again, would anyone believe his word.

“Dan come on get up we need to tell the others.” Drago said again.

“No, I can’t Drago, I can’t tell anyone what happen.” Dan said his eyes with out life now.

“But Dan you had no control over your body, even your voice was beyond your control.” Drago said.

“At first yes, but told the end I was in control,” Dan said “But in the end of it, I was in control of it all, everything I did and said was my own action. I gave in to his own desires. No one will ever going to trust me again.” Dan got up not even bothering to get dress and headed to the door.

“Dan what are you doing?” Drago asked as Dan reach for the door.

“To put on end to this.” Dan said opening the door. He walked out side and headed to the bathroom not caring that he was seen. Drago flew out trying to stop Dan from doing stupid.

“Drago?” Drago looked down to the floor to see Baron rubbing his head the door knocking him down. Standing by him was Shun and Ace they had just watch Dan walk out of his room, naked and cover in something and headed into the bathroom. “What is Dan thinking walking out here dress like that he’s lucky that the girls sleep on another floor. And what in the world was he cover in?”

“Sorry I like to talk but I got to stop Dan from doing something stupid!” Drago said.

“Like that something new,” Ace said.

“You don’t get what ever happen with you guys, was a distraction for Spectra.” Drago said. “He somehow got in here and raped Dan.”

“What!?! Did he fight back?” Shun asked.

“No, he had some kind of borrowed power that allowed Spectra to control an anyway he wanted.” Drago said. “Dan even said thing he didn’t want to, but he said towards then he gave in and granted Spectra what he wanted, now he’s going to do something to end it.”

“I don’t like the sound of that,” Ace said taking off to find Dan.

In Spectra’s room he smiled as sat on his bed. Gus was waking up and Darkstar just had a grin.

“It went perfect now the next time Dan and I battle I will have the advantage because he won’t forget this night.” Spectra said “And it’s thanks to you, and thank you for not freezing time when your battle started.”

“Hmm it would be point less for you to do this if time suddenly stop. But at last I must go but before I do here’s a gift for you. It’s a DVD that had what you just did with Dan on it, you can watch it over and over or you can use it to ruin Dan’s image how is up to you. Also I fear that my brethren might get involve somehow should you battle Dan and find that your having difficulties use my dragon in it Bakugan form.” Darkstar said tossing a DVD and the Bakugan ball that contain the Dark Dragon. “My dragon will due as you say and can even use Helios ability cards. But in a desperate situation uses this special ability card but be careful for it has a price to pay if you lose.” He toss the card to Spectra and vanish.

“As if I am going to lose,” Spectra said and when he saw Gus confuse face he knew he was going to need to explain some stuff. “I’ll tell you in the morning, Gus for now I need to sleep.” Gus nodded and left and Spectra laid down and fell asleep, unaware of the new tears that fell.

Back at Marucho’s place.

“OH GOD!! DAN NO!!!” Shun said when he and the others enter the bathroom and saw that Dan had slit open both his wrist and was lying down on the floor in a pool of blood.

“NO!!” Drago said not knowing what to do, feeling as if he betrayed Dan’s parents’ trust.

“What do we do?” Baron said.

“Shun you and I let’s try to stop the bleeding somehow,” Ace said grabbing towels and with Shun aid wrapped them around the cut wrists, applying pressure. “Baron you and Drago go get the others and have them call for an ambulance. Hurry go there no telling how much time we have left!” Baron nodded grabbing Drago, Shun placed his hand on Dan’s head and made him look at Shun.

“Don’t leave me, Dan, please don’t leave me,” Shun said Ace looking at him feeling the same way. “I don’t know what I would do without you, and I don’t think the others would either.”

“Shun….” Dan said before blacking out.

The End of this Chapter, will add another chapter soon as possible. Also before you start asking me this in any of your reviews, the tears belong to Keith Clay, not Spectra, this is beacuse I feel that Spectra is like Alice in that he is nothing more than another personality created by Keith himself and is too weak to overpower the new personality. please review and know that negative reviews will be feed to my dragon. PS this isn't the last time Brawlers will see Darkstar.

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