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The Promise of Twilight

The streets of Tokyo’s silence was rip asunder when an ambulance whirled thru the street rushing madly to a hospital. Inside paramedics was rushing around trying to stop a young teen wrist from bleeding as they try to stitch the cut. The teen in question laid in the bed, his brown hair sway back and forth to the motion of the vehicle, his red eyes stare at the ceiling lifelessly, as his two friends stood by his side, the ninja-trained teen raven hair Shun and the cautious teen pale aqua-green hair Ace, he was dress in a plain violet t-shirt and basic black pants so as not to cause confusion and problems with his Vexos’ clothing. They refuse to leave their friend, Dan Kuso side when the paramedics and the police arrive at Marucho’s Mansion, they were allowed to board the ambulance while Baron did his best to explain not only to Mira and others but the police as well as to what happen. Shun look at Dan silently praying that Dan would survive this, as he said before he wouldn’t know what to do without Dan. Ace was feeling the same way, as they waited for the ambulance to arrive both teen told the other their feelings about their feeling towards Dan. Those they can find Dan annoying and reckless, and they acknowledge that he is both very skilled in battle and very courageous, they both somehow manage to fall in love with the Pyrus user.

Shun and Ace didn’t really want to compete for Dan’s affection, especially now that he was raped by that monster Spectra, so they agree to protect Dan from now on and if he return their feelings, once they were brave enough to tell him, and were sure he wouldn’t freak out by their confessions, then that would be great and if he didn’t then that would be fine as well because they wouldn’t stop loving him. As the paramedics put in the last stitching in Dan’s left arm the ambulance pulled into the hospital and Dan was rushed out and into the emergency room. Shun and Ace were guided into a waiting room were they patiently waited for the others to arrive and any news on Dan.

“Do you think he will make it?” Ingram asked finally popping out from Shun’s pants pocket.

“I don’t know but if anything bad happen to Dan, I will make sure Spectra pays with his life.” Shun said forming a fist and trying to restrain his anger. “Man I can’t believe Darkstar trick us like that.”

“He didn’t trick us, just distracted us from what was happening to Dan.” Ace said sending a punch into the wall. “And we fell for it, we should have gotten Dan instead of getting into a battle with that--that---that freak of a being!!”

“Maybe so but what could we have done, if what Drago said was true we would have powerless to stop Spectra,” Percival stated poking his head out of Ace’s shirt pocket.

“I’m afraid Percival is right, if you had been there you guys would have been immobilize and possibly facing the same fate as Dan did.” Drago said appearing from behind Shun’s neck, covered by his long black hair, he didn’t want lo leave Dan’s side nor did he want to let Dan out of his sight. “It sicken me to say this but Darkstar spare you the pain and sorrow that Dan went through.”

“Yeah but I believe it was Darkstar who gave Spectra these power,” Ingram said “Why would it matter if we were victims or not.”

“Ingram!!!” Percival shouted not wanting to hear that.

“No, Percival, it’s true would it really make a difference if we were victims of Spectra’s attack or not,” Ace said now wondering if Darkstar did care what was happening to them or not.

“It’s more likely that Darkstar and Spectra had a deal and it was most likely involving Dan only,” Shun said looking at the floor “After all Spectra is obsess with Dan and Drago in hope of obtaining the Perfect Core and it’s energy.”

“Your mostly likely right.” came a new voice they turn to see Mira and Baron behind them was the others with police talking to Dan’s parents. “I can’t believe my brother would do this.”

“There was no telling how obsessive he would become for power Mira,” Ace said and Shun nodded in agreement. “So how did it go with the police?”

“Well they believe the Bakugan part of the story and Dan’s rape and suicide attempt.” Baron said “At first they didn’t believe the Bakugan story until Nemus pop up in their face and chew them out for not believing us and that what matter now was Dan’s safety.”

“What about Dan’s parents? How are they taking it?” Ace asked only to get the wailing cry of Dan’s mom as the realization of what happen sunk in. “I guess that’s my answer, huh?”

“Are they mad at us?” Shun asked, “I mean we did say we would protect each other, and we allow this to happen!”

“If they’re mad at anyone it would be me.” Drago stated looking down at the floor. “Dan was my partner and friend and most of all my responsibility. I fail to protect Dan from harm.”

“Don’t blame yourself Drago,” Mrs. Kuso said as she and Mr. Kuso enter the room. “There was nothing you could do in the form you are in, if you could retain your true form in this world I’m sure not even Spectra would dare harm you or Dan.”

“She’s right,” Alice said nodding her head in agreement with Mrs. Kuso. “No one in this room is at fault, the one to blame is Spectra and Darkstar.”

“What I want to know is how did Spectra rape Dan while we battle time seem to freeze when we battle with our Bakugan.” Marucho asked trying to figure that out.

“It’s because of Darkstar power of Destruction and Chaos. It allows him to do thing other mortals only dream of including a manipulation of time.” A young female voice said filling the whole room. Everyone jump and began to search for the person who said that even when the doctor enter the room.

“Oh! Doctor, is my son alright will he make it.” Mrs. Kuso asked when she saw the doctor.

“I’m afraid it not good. We were able to give him first aid but his body is rejecting the treatment, that and he lost quite a bit of blood.” The doctor said. “His vital signs are unstable and there nothing more we can do to help him right now. It’s now a waiting game, but from what I can tell it as if he lost the will to live.”

“Oh god no,” Mrs. Kuso said grabbing her husband and putting her head into his chest.

“Doctor what the chances of Dan making it?” Mr. Kuso asked.

“I’m afraid if he doesn’t start fighting back and make an attempt to live, I’m afraid he won’t make it.” the doctor said. “All I can do right now is ask that you all pray and hope for the best.”

“Can we see him?” Mrs. Kuso asked.

“Yes he’s in room 207,” the doctor said leaving to go check on other patients.

They headed for the room given to them by the doctor. Inside they found Dan laying on a bed dress in the white grown that are given to patients here, Dan was covered up. In his arm was an IV tube, the clear liquid slowly dripping into him from its source. Dan was asleep, or so it seem if it weren’t for the breathing tubes connected to his mouth and nose. Everyone stood around Dan, his parents took and brush their hands through his hair. Drago left from his perch on Shun’s neck and landed on Dan’s chest, and refuse to move for anyone now.

“Oh Dan please make it, please don’t leave us,” Mrs. Kuso said to her son watching the heart monitor in hope that it won’t go erratic.

“I can’t believe Keith did this, why brother? Why are you so obsessed with power now?” Mira asked aloud trying to understand her brother now.

“Don’t blame your brother Mira, he’s just a victim to those who hunger for power.” came the female voice again. Everyone began to search for the source of that voice again. “Your brother spirit has been overtaken by the personality of Spectra Phantom whom he created to observe Vexos.” Soon a being appear from no where almost as if she walk through the wall. She was young and old looking, her hair and eyes looked like sapphires, even her clothes were like sapphires, she dress like an ancient monk from the times of the ancient Greeks. “Greeting my name is Dolya, I’m the Sapphire Warrior of Fate.”

“Your the same being as Darkstar!” Shun said getting into a defensive stance “If you’re here to harm Dan then you better be ready for fight!”

“It is true that Darkstar and I are brethren who keep the balance of the Infinite Universe in check,” Dolya said “But he and I are different, I am a member of the Twilight the forces of Neutrality, while Darkstar alone represent the Forces of Chaos, the power of Destruction.”

“So what? As if we’re going to trust you!” Ace said.

“Very well that is your right not to trust me but please let me explain Darkstar’s actions.” Dolya said.

“We already know his actions to get Dan to kill himself by having Spectra rape him!” Baron said “Now for some payback!” He threw a punch at Dolya only for him to go right through her as if she was a ghost.

“That may be how you see it,” Dolya said “But Darkstar was making sure the balance didn’t begin to favor order, so he did what he was created to do bring chaos. Darkstar know how to get people to do what he wanted, if it means to give them something they want or secretly wanted. He saw Dan as a being bringing too much order in this realm so he use Spectra’s obsession to hurt Dan, to weaken him mentally and emotionally so that the next time they fight, Spectra may most likely win then maybe not.”

“He can’t Dan may not even make it, thanks to your balance.” Shun said bitterly to her.

“I know your hurt Shun, for more reasons than one,” Dolya said, “I know quite a bit about your fate, and Dan’s and I’m here as a last measure.”

“What do you mean?” Alice asked.

“Right now my sister Jeta, the Light Green Warrior of Life, and Esper, the Light Grey Warrior of Spirits are currently talking to Dan, deep with in his heart where his spirits lies.”

“What are they hoping for?” Ace asked.

“To get Dan to fight back, to get his will to live burning again.” Dolya said.

“And if they fail?” Marucho asked knowing it’s a possibility.

“As the Warrior of Fate, I have power over time and thus I can reset time to the point of where Dan attempt to commit suicide and alter that moment so he wouldn’t thus altering everyone fate.” Dolya said. “As to why to that moment if I try to go any further Darkstar would challenge me, and I do not have the full power of the Twilight to match Darkstar’s strength.”

“So how will we know?” Shun asked.

“I’m afraid you won’t for when time is reset everything that has happen will be lost to a different timeline.” Dolya said.

“So we just wait then?” Ace asked and Dolya nodded.

Floating in a middle of darkness, lost and uncaring was Dan’s spirit waiting for death to take him. He could hear a bunch of voices calling to him begging for him to return to them. However Dan wouldn’t go back, he was by far a traitor to them, at least that how he sees himself now. He said what was on his mind and heart, had it been Spectra making him say that then he would go back, in fact he would never slice open his wrists.

“Well if that how you truly felt then why are you running from him?” a voice asked.

“Yeah if you ask me your running away from the truth.” another voice said.

“Who are you?” Dan asked then two girls appear slightly taller than Dan, both young looking, one girl had light green hair and eyes and clothes while the other one had light gray hair, eyes, and clothes. They looked like ancient monks from China.

“I’m Jeta the Warrior of Life,” the light green hair girl said “and this is my sister Esper the Warrior of Spirits.” She waved her hand to the girl with light gray hair.

“What do you want?” Dan asked.

“We come to talk,” Esper said, “we were hoping that you might change your mind on dying.”

“Well you came for nothing,” Dan said “I’m not changing my mind on this.”

“It’s a shame really cause Keith was hoping that you would come and save him from Spectra’s grip on his body.” Esper said.

“What?” Dan said totally confused. “He’s the one who rape me!”

“Actually that was Spectra, not Keith, that was his tear you saw when Spectra left your room.” Esper said. “Keith wanting to fool King Zenoheld created the persona of Spectra Phantom to show that he was loyal to his cause, but when Keith saw the awesome power of the Bakugan, he became drunk on that power and Spectra became an entity on his own that reside in Keith’s body, much like Masquerade resided in Alice.”

“Yes and Spectra over power Keith, each day Keith gets weaker soon to be gone forever and only Spectra will remain.” Jeta said. “He’s just as much a victim as you are.”

“Then why did he let Spectra rape me, he could have fought back.” Dan said. “I don’t think I could ever face him again, I can’t get those images out of my head.”

“That’s was Darkstar doing, you can learn a bit about him from Shun,” Esper said. “But basically he wanted to weaken you so that the ‘bad guys’ like Zenoheld could have a fighting chance, without changing the balance for this realm.”

“Well he succeeded, I can’t fight Spectra let alone look at him.” Dan said, looking at the ground for a second then when he look up he saw Spectra. “Ahh!! What are you doing here?” Dan began to panic trying to run but he was surrounded by Spectras.

“No one is asking you to face Spectra like you use to,” Jeta said her voice coming from everywhere since Dan could no longer see her or her sister “but you must fight him or the thing you love will be gone, your family, friends, and Drago.”

“But I’m scared that I can’t do it.” Dan said trying to hide his head.

“It’s okay to be scare, Drago and them are scare to death that you wont be back,” Esper said “But in fear there you shall find courage and hope. These two alone can overpower anything fear alone may have.”

“But what if not strong enough,” Dan said feeling pressure as the Spectras got closer and closer.

“Then believe in your friends and let them lend you their courage.” Esper said “And when they aren’t enough you can call on us to lend you some courage.”

“I feel so scare, so alone right now,” Dan said as the Spectras vanish leaving Dan alone with Jeta and Esper. “What if I fail?”

“Then you fail but you tried and as long as you are alive then you can try again.” Jeta said lifting Dan’s head. “But don’t give up before you try?”

“What of the others, will they treat me as the same now?” Dan asked. “Especially if they found out about what I said.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Esper said “but you have to believe that they will always stand by your side, because they will in the end cause though you meant what you said they know, and this is including Spectra, that you would never betray them to destroy, or control the Bakugan.”

“This sound all good and all but I don’t know.” Dan said.

“Well what about those that care for you?” Jeta asked. “Are you going to leave them, and I just don’t mean your parents.”

“I really don’t want to leave them but I just don’t know what is the truth anymore.” Dan said.

“The truth is none of this would happen if Spectra hadn’t made a deal with Darkstar to weaken you,” Esper said. “But Darkstar’s actions aren’t always what he has intended or plan on in the future. In the end Spectra could very well be a pawn in Darkstar’s greater design.”

“Your friends are waiting for you, but they aren’t the only one either.” Jeta said.

“Who else is waiting for me? My parents? Drago?” Dan asked trying to figure it out.

“He is.” Esper said pointing behind him, Dan look behind to see Spectra, naked and floating behind him without his mask on. “It’s not Spectra but Keith, he is waiting for you too.”

“Why?” Dan asked.

“Through he wasn’t powerless to stop Spectra from raping you, he feels responsible to what happen to you,” Jeta said standing next to Keith. “He’s hoping that you will overcome this terrible ordeal and defeat, no destroy, Spectra.”

“By doing so he will feel that he has made it up to you, and maybe someday forgive him for failing to stop Spectra.”

“Why would he think that?” Dan asked not understanding.

“In the end, you must find that answer out on your own, but here’s a hint it the same reason that Shun and Ace don’t want you to die, if you can remember their faces, or their words.”

“I remember,” Dan said his face blushing as he remember Shun’s and Ace’s secret conversation, when they were waiting for the ambulance to come, he was conscious again but only long enough to hear their words. “But why me? Why not Mira, his sister? Why ask the one he fell in love with?”

“There are a millions reasons but ultimately you and Drago are the ones with the strength and power to defeat Spectra and Helios.” Esper said. “But the question is what will you do?” Dan thought about it for a second and made his way to Keith.

“I don’t know how I really feel about you or Shun and Ace” Dan said placing his hand on Keith’s chest. “But I do know that you want me to save you from Spectra and one way or another I will!” Without even asking what Dan meant, Jeta threw her hand up into the air and a green glow filled the air. When the glow was gone and Dan could see again he was staring at his friends and family again. He went to say something but found a breathing tube was in his mouth, so he pulled it out. “Hey everyone! Sorry that I worried you guys. I guess you want an explanation to my actions?” Everyone all nodded and no one notice that Dolya had left, but she did leave a box that had a note that said: “Open when you face your darkest nightmare.”

“Why did you try to kill yourself?” Mrs. Kuso asked.

Dan weakly rub his head and spoke: “Well where do I begin….”

The promise of the Twilight is that they will help Dan should he ask for help, also it's what in the box too.

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