Matt x Mello Remixed

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Matt x Mello Remixed

This is the first in a 4-shot involving this pair. Each can be read as a stand-alone. These are slightly Alternate Reality, and you will see why soon enough.

Part One

Canon events up until the month before Matt and Mello’s demise have occurred as normal.

Guy Matt x Guy Mello

Mello enters the shared apartment none-too-subtly, slamming the door behind him and causing Matt to jump, startling him from his game. He opens his mouth to speak, but quickly decides against it, knowing that the volatile blond would only direct his full anger on him in only a few short steps. Mello is positively seething, if steam could leak from ears, Mello’s head would be an overheated tea kettle.
“That fucking big headed Near! Every goddamn fucking day, I am reminded again and again that I am and will always be second to him. What are you sitting there looking at me for you idiot? Get me a chocolate bar!” Matt leapt ahead and got right to following the stress filled command, more than happy to be away from the line of fire, but concerned all the same for his friend.

Things with Mello and their Wammy alumni Near had been increasingly heating up for many years. At first it was breaking Nears toys. When that got boring, Mello would interrupt whatever puzzle Near was working on and scattering the pieces with a sneer on his face. When that got boring, Mello began to push the albino into a prone position onto the ground. When that was no longer interesting, then Mello began to physically assault the younger until not even the oversized white clothing could hide the bruises. It was some time before Mello had even begun tossing in insults with the abuse. Matt had dared to intervene once, only to earn the very bruises that Near would have otherwise inherited. Matt never stopped him again from that day.

Matt returns with a foil-free chocolate bar in hand and hands it out to the blond, who takes it harshly and bites into it greedily, growling as he chewed on it. There was a look of permanent stress on his features and this only served to make Matt worry for his friend all the more. Matt knew there was more than one way to relive stress, but he doubted the blond would go for any of them. There was one way however that the red head wanted to try, it may have extreme repercussions on his part, but with the stress and pressure on his friend, he deducted it could very well be the most healthiest and effective method.

Carefully, he closes the gap between himself and his seated friend, who has taken notice of his actions; a suspicious glare now focused on him. He holds back the lump in his throat and continues his slow pace, his hands becoming sweaty under his gloves.
“What the fuck are you doing Matt?” The blond glares harder at him, but Matt is not dissuaded. Matt is now looking down at his friend, a sheen of sweat already playing across his features, his self control slipping.
“I’m not going to ask you aga-mmf!” Mello’s eyes widen in shock for in one swift motion, Matt had managed to straddle his legs and pull him into a lip-locked kiss, his arms wrapped around the back of his neck and not looking like they were going to remove themselves anytime soon. There was no tongue from Matt in knowing the blonde could chew it off out of anger.

Matt finally dislodged his mouth from Mello’s, the blonde’s expression still one of absolute shock, but that was gradually changing into an expression that was currently unreadable, it unnerved Matt, made him begin to regret ever making such a bold move. He feels Mello’s hands settle on his lower back and the sensation of one of those hands ride up slowly, taking some of the striped shirt with it. It sends a slight shiver up the red head’s spine, but he does not move, only focus on the feeling of those hands behind him. The hand that moved to his neck has now tangled into his hair and before Matt knew it, those fingers clenched tightly, the sharp pain causing an intake of breath and a low whimper before his mouth was crushed against Mello’s. A wet muscle played along the edges of the red heads’ lips, asking for entry that Matt was hesitant to give at first. He parted them at last, letting the flavor of chocolate invade his mouth as Mello sought to dominate the kiss, holding Matt’s head in place and pulling his lower black closer before slowly grinding into him while seated.

Matt let out a low groan as their growing erections collided blissfully against the material barriers. Though this initially was started by Matt, it soon became clear who was taking over this role, and Matt was content to let it happen this time. A barely audible, “Thank you for this Matty,” was heard from the blonds’ mouth before Matt was ground against harder, the hand at his lower back moved to cup a butt cheek and giving it a teasing squeeze. Matt did not say anything unless asked to, that was just how it was between he and the blond. They never had a normal conversation in years, and whatever sort of normality did come from their mouths, it was a little awkward to say the least. One could go so far to say that Matt and Mello did not have a normal friendship.

Mello stopped the motions of his hips and broke the kiss, silently telling Matt not to move. The red head complied and felt hands at his thighs, pulling him up. Matt helped along until his knees were firmly, if a little uncomfortable, planted on top of Mello’s thighs. He used the blonds’ shoulders for support and looked down, seeing Mello working on getting his pants undone and freed from their confines.
“Mells…” he said at last, albeit carefully, “Let’s do this on the bed. Please?”
“No.” That was the only word spoken and Matt could tell he was still annoyed. When Matt’s pants were pooled at the knees, Mello motioned him off to remove the pants the rest of the way while he began to work on undoing the laces on his leather pants. Matt paused briefly, but did as what Mello wanted, removing his boots before removing the jeans and kicking them a short distance away. He then removed the boxers he wore and tossed those on top of the jeans. When his entire lower half was exposed to his friend, who had now had the leather pants and briefs pooled at his knees, Mello motioned him forward before shoving him onto his knees.

Giving oral was something that rarely happened between the two of them, they were usually content just to rut like wild animals, well to be specific, Mello was the rutting wild animal while Matt tried to slow things down, much to his friend’s annoyance. Matt looked at the half hard flesh in front of him before gripping the base with his left hand before adjusting his position to have better access to the heated flesh. In one motion, he took the blonds’ length into his mouth, hearing a combination of a hiss and a groan before feeling one of those hands grip his hair and holding him in place. Matt began to bob his head while sucking the hardening flesh lightly, using his left hand to stroke the base and softly squeezing with each downward stroke. This combination earned Matt soft whimpers and mewls from Mello, sounds that only he knew how to generate from his friends’ mouth. He moved his right hand to lightly scratch the inner thighs, getting another, slightly louder mewl before removing that hand entirely.

Matt kept up this teasing until he began to get groans and moans instead of whimpers and mewls. When another groan was heard, Matt found his head removed forcefully from Mello’s shaft with an audible ‘pop’. Matt goes to lick his lips of the pre-cum that had been gathering, but instead was grabbed by the chin and let 2 probing fingers dig into his mouth and shovel out the semi-clear bitter fluid. Matt liked Mello’s taste and would have considered swallowing the rare treat, but this was on Mello’s terms and inwardly, he frowned, but remained hopeful that a little of the fluid would be left behind. The fingers were at last removed and thoroughly saturated with a combination of saliva and pre-cum. Mello pulled Matt back into a straddling position above him and without warning, shoved both fingers into his ass. Matt winced at the sudden intrusion, but Mello gripped his neglected shaft and began to stroke him teasingly slow, effectively distracting him from the uncomfortable sensation in his rear.

Matt again used Mello’s shoulders for support and began to move his hips into the hand stroking him, unconsciously bucking down onto the fingers inside him, fingers that were stretching him and seeking his prostate. When it was found at last, Matt arched and gasped loudly.
“M-Mello…! Do that again please!” The blonde grinned and complied, using a scissoring motion and once again stroking the sensitized nerves. Matt moaned and began to buck more onto the fingers inside him. To the red head’s dismay, Mello removes his fingers, but continues to stroke him, keeping him distracted for a moment longer before that hand was also removed. The hand that was on Matts’ shaft moved to hold his hip and the hand that was in his ass held another heated shaft. Matt felt himself lowered onto Mello’s erection, the thicker girth was always uncomfortable each time.

When Matt was fully seated, he gave himself a moment to accommodate the shaft inside of him, breathing deep and hard, each breath ending with a small whimper of pain. Mello pulled Matt into a surprisingly tender kiss and stroked his lower back, trying to calm him down. After a few moments, Matt slowly nodded, beads of sweat already trickling down his forehead. He lifted himself slowly, wincing slightly before he was lowered, a rolling motion of Mello’s hips meant that he was seeking that patch of nerves in him. It took a few more thrusts before it was finally found, the low moan that escaped Matt’s mouth making Mello grin. He held his hips in that position and began to move Matt down increasingly faster and harder.

It was not long before they fell into a hard rhythm, Matt’s loud, shameless moaning each time he was slammed down only helped that coil in Mello’s stomach to wind tighter and tighter.
“Mello…I…I’m not going to…uhn!” Matt managed breathless before his orgasm ripped through him hard, arching deep and letting his cum coat their stomachs before he grabbed Mello into a tight hug, sweaty, tired and spent. The extra tightness from Matt’s orgasm sent Mello over the edge not that long after. After he’d released inside the red head, he leaned back heavily and let Matt go down with him. They were semi-sprawled on the chair, sweaty and breathless for some time before Mello shook Matt from his post-coital state. Matt mumbled something unintelligible before groaning and going into a kneeling position, letting Mello’s now limp member flop gracelessly out of him.
“Get into the shower and clean yourself up and then get to bed.” Matt only mumbled his agreement, far to tired and sore to complain, not that he really wanted to complain; they both needed to clean up and sleep after this encounter.

After several lazy minutes of cleaning himself, Matt shuffled out of the bathroom to let the far less irritated blonde have his turn to clean up. Without going under the covers, Matt simply collapsed onto the bed and was asleep before his head hit the pillow. He did not register the feeling of Mello putting a thin blanket over him and holding him close, softly kissing his cheek and mumbling a, “Thank you Matty for always being there…” before the blond succumbed to slumber.


A/N: Well this is something I’ve wanted to try. Do you have an idea where this 4-shot is going? If not, you will get a clearer picture in the next part ;)

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