Matt x Mello Remixed

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Matt x Mello Remixed

This is the third in a 4-shot involving this pair. Each can be read as a stand-alone. These are slightly Alternate Reality.

Part Three

Canon events into the 4th week after Mello and Matt have reunited have occurred as normal.

Guy Matt x Girl Mello

Matt could not help himself; every time he gazed at his leather clad friend sitting on that couch in that lounging position with her chocolate bar in hand, his pants got uncomfortable. Mello was hot and she knew it, even with the scar on her face, she knew that she still had an effect on guys. She practically had the Mafia under her fingertips, but that was for her skill and not her body, though the stray thought told her that her body did help her out. She knew she was turning on her red headed friend, but casually behaved indifferently to his eyeball rape.

It had been 4 years since they’d last seen each other, the tomboyish girl that Matt had become great friends with was long gone. Her boyish figure had filled out nicely, full breasts and nice wide hips and an ass that was firm and soft at the same time, at least that is what he’d imagined. Mello never let him touch her beyond rough housing on the field at Wammy’s but that was at a time when Matt’s hormones did not kick in right away; he was a late bloomer and he cursed inwardly for his slow genes. However, he knew that she held the power in their relationship, it never changed from Wammy’s and he was actually content to keep their relationship this way. That did not stop his hormones from acting up though and he shifted a little in his seated position. Mello was a sadistic bitch and he loved her all the more for it. What did that say about him?

Mello turned her gaze to her red headed friend and allowed a knowing smile play across her features.
“How’s it hanging over there Matty?” Her smile grew wider at the frown that grew on Matt’s face.
“You know very well that it’s not hanging at all Mells…Why must you be so fucking hot of all times? You grew up in all the wrong ways and it’s torture seeing you like this.” Mello’s eyes narrowed dangerously, but it was a playful sort of danger that Matt was familiar with.
“Would you have rather reunited with me if I was an overweight whore with 4 kids that don’t have the same father?”
“If it means contributing to your gene pool, by all means.” Matt knew he was playing a dangerous game here, accented by the twitch in Mello’s eyebrow and narrowing of blue eyes.

That gaze softened though, and widened a bit before a grin appeared.
“You were just trying to get me worked up into a sexual frenzy were you not? Hoping that in a fit of anger, I’d force you into some kinky angry sex…that does not sound too bad, but I am not going to allow you such an act. You want sex, I will grant you this, but I’m in control of everything, not you.” Matt grinned, knowing very well where this was going.
“Strip yourself of your clothing, but don’t do anything more beyond that.” Matt nodded and proceeded to rid himself of this clothing, tossing them off to the side. When he was at last fully exposed to his friend, he did not move, letting her eyeball him, scanning his thin form and letting them settle at the patch of reddish brown hair at the base of his now erect member.

She walked to him and placed a leather covered hand settle on his head, mussing up the hair before petting it straight again. She then trailed that hand down his body, tracing out muscles and giving a light squeeze to his sensitive parts. When she’d reached his lower right leg, she let go and stood up, pausing to once again admire the hardened flesh that twitched now and then.
“You’d like it if my lips were wrapped around you, right Matty?” He hovered her hand over his shaft, but made no move to touch him in any way. Matt’s face twisted in light discomfort, but did not move or say anything, knowing this game of Mello’s was one that was punished harshly. He learned that after their 2nd sexual encounter when she’d used this treatment.
“You’d love it if your dick was inside me while I rode you to completion, right Matty?” A finger trailed across hardened flesh, causing an intake of breath, Matt’s face twisted again in discomfort, but did not move or say anything.

Mello backed up a short distance and placed a hand against her hip.
“Touch yourself Matty.”
Matt complied, letting his left hand go to the middle of his erection before giving a small squeeze and moving it across the heated flesh. Pre-cum leaked out, but Matt did not gather any to help him along. A whimper escaped him.
“Stop touching yourself. I am going to disappear for a moment. I don’t want to hear you or catch your disobeying me. See you in a little while.” Mello went to grab her bike keys, stopping to lean down slightly to shove her tongue into Matt’s mouth for a quick French kiss. She dislodged her mouth.
“Stand here like a good boy. When you go soft, just think about what you’d like, but no manual stimulation. See you in a few.” With that, she walked out, her heels clicking in timed succession before the door was closed and locked.

Well this was new to Matt. Mello had never left him prone like this before, scratch that, she’d never abandoned him in this state ever. He did not know how long she’d intended to be gone, but he did not want to disappoint her. As the minutes passed and became half an hour, Matt felt his will begin to fade. The mental images he’d been conjuring up for the last 30 minutes had only gone so far and he’d stopped himself from touching his neglected and weeping member more times than he could keep count.
“Come on Mello…get back here soon…This is fucking torture.” It was a petulant whine, but Matt was unbearably horny and uncomfortable from standing so long. Another 10 minutes passed before the sound of heels could be heard coming down the hallway.

Mello unlocked the door and let herself inside, seeing Matt unmoved from his position and still erect. That man had an imagination to keep himself turned on this long, it brought a smile to her face.
“Did you miss me Matty? I hope I wasn’t gone that long…”
“What’s in the bag, Mells?” Mello only smirked.
“For my eyes only. I did get you something special in here though, two things actually. Don’t worry, you’ll like them, I promise. One is a reward for being such a good boy. The other…well you’ll see. Now, you can go and sit on the bed, I’m sure you are getting tired from standing so long. Matt breathed a sigh of relief and walked to the bed, wincing a little at the stiffness in his joints.
“Lay on your back though, I don’t want you to be any more uncomfortable that you have been these last 40 minutes.

Matt got to the bed and lay himself down, using his hands to massage his knees and get the knots that appeared there. Mello disappeared into the bathroom for a short period of time, whatever she was doing only made Matt a little more excited. She appeared wearing a very sexy black lace nightgown that accentuated her assets tantalizingly well. Matt’s breath hitched at the sight and his member twitched in response, leaking out more pre-cum.
“Little Matty is certainly happy isn’t he? He’s practically drooling.” Matt chuckled at this, but did not speak any more. Mello pounced onto Matt’s lap and straddled his legs, but not sitting anywhere near his erection. She used her hands to slide along the inside of his thighs, giving them a small massage, making him let out a breathy moan. She reached down and gathered the semi clear fluid and looked at it for a moment before bringing it to her lips and pausing a moment to smell it. Her face wrinkled in disgust, but her tongue flicked out and lapped at he fluid. At first she reacted in the same manner, then her face went thoughtful, as if trying to determine if it was tolerable to her.

Without warning, she got off of him.
“On your knees, and close your eyes, I don’t want you looking behind you.” Another odd request, but Matt complied nonetheless. He felt her fingers tickling his lower back before hissing at the sensation of her fingers in his ass.
“W-What are you doing Mells?”
“Trying something new…” Matt did not know what that entailed, but in his aroused state, he was willing to bet it was more for her curiosity than his.
“They sting though…it feels really weird.”
“Hmm…” Mello removes her fingers and reaches under Matt and squeezes the base of his erection and pulls downwards, using her other hand to gather the fluids that leaked out.
“Heh…Matt, how’s it feel to be milked that way?” Matt only shuddered and arched his back a little.

Those fingers probed him again, the previous sting had all but disappeared, but the sensation was still very odd. She stroked him softly while scissoring her fingers, making him wince and groan. Not long after, he felt something a little larger at his ass and he clenched instinctively.
“Hey! Relax Matty, it will only feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s going to feel real good. I guarantee it.” The larger item at his rear was pushed forwards, Matty did his best to breath and accommodate it, but Mello was the only person he’d been with and not once did she try this with him…it was just too obscene, even she should know that. His breathing quickened the wider the object got and he’d hoped it wasn’t a dildo, but he did not look back as instructed, though it was damn tempting to.

After the widest part of the object passed his ring of muscle, I seemed to go in a whole lot easier, much to Matt’s surprise. He felt his inner walls clenching around the object in him until it had stopped moving, having only just brushed against his now sensitized prostate.
“On your back.” He did as told and his eyes widened at what he saw in Mello’s hand. It was a remote, one when activated would…oh she really was a sadistic bitch and he could not stop himself from grinning at what she would do to him.
“This is the other thing I got for you, a vibrator. I know it must have been uncomfortable, but it’s going to feel real good soon enough. Now grab the head board and do not let go for whatever reason.” He nodded and grabbed the headboard, clenching the synthetic wood for added control. Mello straddled Matt again and leaned down to give him a deepened kiss before clicking on the vibrator. The reaction was instantaneous, Matt let out a loud moan and arched his back, taking Mello with him. She only grinned and turned up the power, intensifying the reaction a moment longer before turning it off. Matt collapsed and was breathing deep and fast.
“Fuck…” he panted out.
“Not yet Matty, I want to see you squirm.”

The vibrator play lasted for several minutes, and Mello got the reaction she’d been hoping for; Matt was no more than a sweaty squirming mass of horny 18 year old.
“I think it’s time I gave you half your reward.” She got off of him, leaving the breathless red head panting and painfully hard. Mello was thankful that Matt could hold out for as long as he can, proving his sexual stamina was not to be underestimated. She walked to the bag and pulled free a box with chocolate coated pocky sticks. She returns and opens the box and pulls out 2, popping one in her mouth with a breathy moan of satisfaction. The other she licked clean before popping it into Matt’s mouth, who took it in slowly, chewing it piece by piece. She waited until he was done before repeating the process with 3 more pocky sticks. At last she went and claimed Matt’s lips in one final kiss before leaning back and grabbing Matt’ erection, slipping on a condom from out of nowhere and lowering herself onto it. She had been rather wet for some time, it always turned her on to see Matt aroused.

When she was seated, she braced her hands on Matt’s stomach and began to raise herself upwards, rolling her hips a little before slamming down. Matt moaned his appreciation and moved his hips instinctively upwards at a casual pace.
“You may remove your hands from their position..” she panted out, opting to just thrust her hips in time to his own. Matt released his painful grip and placed one hand on her hips and helped with her motions, the other moved between her legs and gathered some leaked fluids and stimulated her clit, earning him a moan from his blonde friend.

Matt considered himself extremely lucky to have a friend like Mello. She was a spitfire that also had a sensitive side, one that he’d been given the privilege of seeing. Sex was a little faster than Matt had wanted, the stimulation from her on top and the vibrator that she’d turned on to send him over the edge were more than welcomed. He’d only hoped that one day she’d let him top and let him show her that he could be a kind of lover that she’d learn to appreciate. For now, post coital and resting against one another and still connected, he was happy with the way things were and he would not change a thing otherwise.


A/N: Part 3 is done! It seems I really like Uke Matt in this set. Better just to finish the series with an Uke Matt. Not typically a fan of Uke Matt, but he’s just so adorable, even when the Seme is female Mello ;D Last part coming up. I be you know what the last part entails now, don’t ya?

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