Morph Harem House

BY : DarkWolf
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Morning sunlight shone through my eyelids. Ugh. I hated morning sunlight, always there when you're asleep, go away!

It didn't naturally.

So, I grudgingly opened my eyes and met the sight of my ceiling, the sound of the forest trees outside rustling with the wind, the faint smell of eggs, toast, bacon, and fruits from downstairs, which meant that Meemay was up already, and the warm feeling resting against something.

I angled my head slightly and saw Rubys resting her head in between  my neck and shoulder, her small hand on my chest, and I could feel her legs entwining themselves with mine. I also felt her two tail tips flick back and forth across my abdomen. She looked really peaceful this way, her pink fur was smooth and slick, her eyes were closed  with that small cute smile she was wearing. The small ruby on her forehead reflected some of the sunlight coming through the windows. Her small, delicate body contracted and expanded steadily.

Slowly, I pulled the sheets back, and wasn't surprised to see that the both of us were naked. Once I pushed the sheets  down, Rubys started to nuzzle herself closer to me, her small breasts were being pressed further into my side, I then realized that my right arm was wrapped under her side and my hand was groping her cute little butt softly.

As much as I loved seeing her like this, we did have things to do, plus my stomach was empty, and the smell of bacon wasn't helping at all. Suddenly, I got an idea on how to wake Rubys up grinning.

I started by kissing her lips softly and rolling on top of her. I had one of my  hands running slowly up and down her sides while my other hand moves to rub her right thigh slowly.

Still asleep, Rubys started to squirm and moan as I kiss and caress her. Taking a leap, my right hand comes up to meet her breast, and I start to massage and knead it between my fingers. I brought my other hand up to rub her slit while I pried her mouth open with my tongue, and deepened my kiss.

Rubys was now starting to gently buck her hips in her sleep. Her hands were aligned with her shoulders. Her slit was getting soaked and I could feel my erection getting stiffer, her eyebrows were furrowing together, making me wonder what she was dreaming about.

I pull myself away from her lips and descend onto her unoccupied breast, where I take her hardened nipple into my mouth and suckle on it gently. With her lips open, I hear her moans clearly. They're soft, breathless, and shallow; adorable. I slip a finger into her wet slit as my thumb moves to find her clit. It's swollen and shivering. I start to rub her clit in small circles as I slip a second finger inside her juicy slit. She gasps in her sleep and I can hear her call out my name in a whisper.

I start to pump my fingers in and out of her cunt in a swift but gently rhythm as I pinch her nipple with my teeth and roll her other nipple between my fingers. Her moans are becoming louder and more and more frequent.

I slip my fingers out of her cunt and she whimpers from the lack of contact, but then cries out when I place my tongue inside her. I move my tongue in and out of her, almost like it was an erection.

She was still asleep, but I knew what would wake her up in a second. I take my fingers that were slick with her juices and reach around to start prodding at her tail hole before I slip my index finger inside her pucker.

Her eyes instantly snapped open and she looked down, which allowed me to see those beautiful violet orbs of hers

"Sean...?" she panted.

"Morning love," I reply between licks.

She didn't say anything more as I continued to lap at her inner walls. Rubys had a thing only one in three females, species regardless, that had a G-spot. And I knew exactly where it was. So. taking the initiative, I reached into her folds with my tongue and began to lick away at her sweet spot. Causing her to throw her head back with a loud cry of ecstasy.

I loved the sounds she made, they were intoxicating and fueled me further to bring her over the edge.

"S-Sean... p-p-please... stick it in... I'm go-ah!-going crazy!" She gasped out.

I lifted my head away from her slit and gripped my engorged member. I'm not one to brag, but my "spear" is about eight inches long and an inch and a half thick, don't know why, don't particularly care, but Rubys wanted it. I positioned myself at her entrance and gently eased myself inside her soaked folds.

Apparently, she couldn't wait any longer as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in the rest of the way swiftly, causing her to cry out loudly. I leaned down and kissed her soft lips and wrapped her tongue with mine, muffling her sounds of pleasure. She wrapped her arms around my neck, drawing me closer.

I started to thrust myself into her in a steady rhythm. With each thrust she would moan in my mouth, with each moan I would thrust into her harder or faster.

It came to the point where she was eventually screaming in my mouth out of pleasure.

I could feel her walls constricting around my member, a tell-tale sign she was on the edge. I was on my last leg myself. So, I started ramming into her as fast as I could.

With a muffled scream, her body went tense as she rode her climax, which had brought me to my own, as I came inside her.

At the end of it all, our bodies went slack as we released each other and fell on the bed. Her breathing was ragged, but steady, I was just panting, trying to slow my racing heart. Quickly enough, we regained our energy. and climbed out of bed.

"Hell of a wake up call Sean," Rubys said to me with a smile.

I chuckled a reply. "Yeah. I thought you'd like that." I then lifted my nose into the air and took a deep sniff. The smell of bacon was even stronger now. "Smells like breakfast is ready. Let's get dressed and go eat."

"Great," she replies happily, and moves over to the small stack of clothes sitting on a reclining chair in the corner, picked the stack up, and went to the bathroom that conjoined with my bedroom.

I had already taken a shower the night before, plus I was going to be helping in the garden, so taking a shower now would only be wasting water. So, I just threw on a shirt, some underwear, socks, pants and shoes, before heading out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen. The house I lived in was a three story mansion with seventeen rooms, five bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and a backyard pool, the best part was that it was an abandoned summerhouse, so it was a steal. I lived in this house with the girls. Rubys the Espeon-morph, Meemay the Lopunny-morph, Helena the Mightyena-morph, Cellsica the Gardevoir-morph, Savyna the Luxray-morph, Milly the Pikachu-morph, Emeralda the Vaporeon-morph, Rozalin the Arcanine-morph, Prinny the Glameow-morph, Lucca the Liepard-morph, and Ayame the Glaceon-morph.

Once I had made it to the kitchen I saw Meemay standing over the sink. I could hear water running and her humming a little tune. She was wearing a one piece yellow dress that stopped just barely past the curve of her nice, cute butt, it didn't cover the lacy pink thong she was wearing underneath however. The bright yellow of her dress contrasted nicely with her cocoa colored fur with cream colored patches around her wrists, calves, and long, billowing, fluffy ears . Her tiny fluffy tail poked out of a small hole at the hem of her dress. She was wearing dancing heels that wrapped around halfway from her ankles to her knees, which did make her slender legs and cute butt look really, REALLY hot.

I snuck up behind her, careful not to make any noise, and in one fluid motion, wrapped one arm around her waist, one hand on the small of her back, and tipped her backward, causing her to yelp in surprise, before I placed my lips around hers and inserting my tongue into her warm mouth.

Once she had recovered from the shock, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself deeper into our kiss, releasing a small moan, as well as bending her right leg around my left. After a few seconds, I pulled her up straight and released her lips.

"Morning gorgeous," I greet her.

She giggles her reply, "Good morning! Breakfast is on the table over there. The others already ate and are starting their chores. Well, except for Rubys I'm sure." She smirked and chuckled the last bit.

I sat down at the table at a plate that was covered by bacon, scrambled eggs, two biscuits, and cantaloupe squares. I quickly ate all that was on the plate, before picking up the plate and silverware and taking them to the sink Meemay was at.

The second I let go of the plate, Meemay threw her lips against mine and wrapped her arms around my neck in a tight embrace. I in turn, wrapped my arms around her small waist and pulled her closer. After a few quick seconds, she pulled away slightly, her little pink nose brushing against mine softly.

"Lingerie or stockings tonight?" she whispered ever so softly.

I smirked and pecked her lips quickly, and then moved my lips to her ear and whispered, as huskily as I could, "Both," and then I gave her sexy bottom a quick playful swat. 

It had the desired effect, for her breathing hitched slightly and a visible shudder ran through her.

I then turned and headed out the door, ready to get to work on the garden with Savyna, Emeralda, Milly, and Rozalin.

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