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I made my way out back to the garden, ready to gather the herbs and vegetables we had been growing for the past months. The layout of our home was relatively simple. The house was located in the middle of a wide forest clearing. There was a fairly large swimming pool in the back, which was perfect for Emeralda's work-free days, and the garden was located further back behind the pool. It was pretty hot that day, probably around 98 degrees, but there was a nice gust flowing through the forest, making it a perfect day to be outside.


When I reached the garden I saw Milly, Rozalin, Emeralda, and Savyna already out.


Rozalin was wearing a light sky blue blouse where the sleeves stopped at her elbows and hugged against her frame, showing off her bust modestly, if that makes any sense. She was also wearing a pair of jeans that ended just before her ankles and a pair of beach sandals, giving her a Spring season air about her. Rozalin is a very sweet, intelligent person and a children's book writer. Her career didn't bring in a lot of money, but she loved doing it. Her green eyes were shining with content with her dazzling smile making her shine like an orange sun. Damn she was beautiful.


Emeralda was wearing a pale purple shirt that only covered her chest, it wasn't a tight shirt but it did show off her smooth belly. She was wearing a pair of dark purple shorts that were originally sweat pants, but they were too small so she just cut the leggings to make them shorts. She was also barefoot, because she loved the feel of grass as a kid she says. Emeralda is a nice enough girl. I'm not saying she's rude, she's just as blunt as a hammer, but at least she's courteous enough to know when to not speak at certain times. Plus, she's fun-loving and a jokester to boot, she could light up a pitch-black room with her laugh.


Savyna is probably the least modest of all the girls, but she wouldn't brag about her amazing looks, she wasn't stuck up or vain. She was wearing a black top that could've passed for a bra, black camper short-shorts and a pair of black and white sneakers, all going perfectly with her fur tone. Savyna was actually a DJ for a night club in the town nearby. She would stay up until the latest of hours just playing different mixes of songs, saying she loved the pulses the sound systems made, but tonight was her night off so she could relax and unwind. An interesting fact about Savyna was her eyes. She was born with an ocular deficiency that made her iris' blue and her pupils black. There was no damage to her vision or the function all Luxray-morphs had, so her parents didn't bother with them. On the plus side, she did look more exotic, even among her kind.


Milly is the most affectionate, and the youngest, girl in the whole house. She got along well with everyone, but she couldn't handle meeting new people, which was the reason why she worked inside the house as an accountant. She was wearing a modest white t-shirt with a small bird on her left shoulder and a knee-length white skirt which had a black stripe all around the hem, she was also barefoot like Emeralda. Her yellow golden fur just seemed to shine in the sunlight. A small blue butterfly landed on her right shoulder. I chuckled. That tended to happen a lot when she'd come outside, a small bug would confuse her for a yellow flower. She giggled and guided her forefinger to the tiny insect. It crawled over her delicate hand, before she slowly threw her hand into the air causing the tiny insect to flutter away.


"Good morning girls," I greet and wave at them.


They all looked up and return my greeting with smiles on their faces.


Milly runs up to me, careful not to step on or knock over any garden plants, and hugs me around the waist, like a little girl hugging her dad. "Morning Sean! Did you sleep well?" she asks looking up to me, I was at least a full head higher than her.


"I did. Thank you for asking love." I then give her a quick peck on her nose to which she giggled and scurried back to her original spot.


"Hey Sean!" Savyna calls to me, "You missed Lucca and Prinny, they left right after breakfast, said they were gonna be late tonight. Oh! And Ayame left earlier, she got called in; car accident."


"Thanks for the notice Savvy," calling her the little pet name I know she hated. Savyna just rolled her eyes and went back to work, but not before flipping me the bird playfully. "Is that a request?" I call back.


"Oh shut up." I had to chuckle at that.


It actually didn't surprise me that Ayame wasn't here. She works at the town hospital as a doctor, so she is constantly on call. If the wreck wasn't too terrible she would be back before dinner, if both cars had been completely demolished, she'd probably be back after we all went to bed.


Lucca was an attorney so when she said she'd be back home late, I believed her. I didn't think she had any cases or trials to attend to, so it was probably filing and un-filing paperwork.


Prinny is an "overseer", for lack of a better word, at a local daycare center. Since she left early with Lucca she wouldn't normally be staying late which led me to wonder.


"Hey Savyna..." I called, "...did Prinny mention the reason why she wouldn't be home until later?"


"Payday," Emeralda answered. Like I said; as blunt as a hammer. Although that did make sense. Prinny is a sweet girl and very smart, but she has trouble holding on to her money.


"Ah. Thank you Emeralda."


Afterward, I joined the four girls in pulling the weeds, picking fresh herbs and vegetables, fertilizing, and mulching, all that only took an hour and a half. Afterward, the girls went inside to help Cellsica clean the house. I went to the garage and pulled out the gasoline powered push-mower and started mowing the front and backyard, then I put the mower back into the garage and pulled out the weedkiller and ran it along the edges of the house and the sidewalks, the entire process taking a good two and a half hours.


Smell of blood coats the air. Bodies. A small figure jumps. White flash. Everything darkens. Bright purple eyes pierce the blackness.


Sweat was pouring off me when I came to.


Another "Flash."


A while back, I think at least six years ago, I had lost my memory. The first thing I can remember was waking up in a hospital, no idea who or where I was, and the doctors asking me questions. The only things that I was informed of, were that I was in the middle of a skirmish, I guess I served in the military, I was told my name, all my possible relatives were deceased, and that was it. Ever since then I had these "flashes" of memories, and as quick as they'd come they'd vanish, but not without leaving me with a massive migraine.


I had to find Cellsica quickly. Migraines were never a good thing to have, and if left alone could do one of two things; go away or make you pass out from the stress. It had happened a few times already. I staggered into the house, my head throbbing unending. I made it into the living room and found Rozalin, reading a book.


"Hello... Sean are you alright?!" she exclaimed.


"Rozalin... get Cellsica... Flash..." Without a question she rushed off through the house to find Cellsica. I slumped onto the nearest piece of furniture I could find and closed my eyes. The throbbing only got worse. Migraines were light sensitive, and the middle of the day is one of the worse times to get them.


It seemed like hours, but then suddenly, I felt thin gentle fingers start caressing my fore head, a cool breeze-like feeling flows over my mind. Slowly but surely, I can feel the pain diminish into nothing.

I slowly open my eyes and stare into beautiful crimson orbs, surrounded by pale, angelic skin, framed by vibrant viridian hair. Cellsica, the proclaimed mother-figure of the house.


"Feeling better?" Her voice is so soft, almost fragile, and I can't help but smile at her.


"Much better, thank you."


"Go to sleep now," she says, "we'll wake you when dinner's ready. No arguing." I just nod at her. There wasn't a point in even trying to argue with her, she'd just use Hypnosis on me and put me to sleep herself. So, I laid my head back down and went to sleep.




"Sean~. Time to wake up~." I could hear the whispering in my ear and I could feel the owner's breath tickling my cheek. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Helena. She was resting her head on her arms on the edge of the sofa I was laying on. I couldn't see her whole body, but I did see the sea-green sports bra she was wearing. She then reached forward tapped my nose playfully with her forefinger. "Good you're awake! Time for dinner, c'mon!" she urged me with her childlike voice. When she stood, I saw she was wearing tight jogging shorts that hugged her rear nicely, bare-foot, her dark, fluffy, tail swaying with each step.


Helena is a fitness trainer in town. Helena is a nice young lady, but she only had a high school degree. The reason why was because she used to be part of the military, but she was discharged for a wound she received in the back. She was hospitalized for six months because the wound had left her paralyzed below the waste. It took another few months of physical therapy before she could walk normally again. Helena was actually the second girl I met, after my memory loss, besides Ayame. A lot of people, Poke's and Humans alike, get intimidated by her, but she always tried to get along with everyone she met. Although, she did have one hell of a temper. There was this one instant where she and a couple of the other girls went to the club Savyna worked at, “The Stadium”, and a male Haxorus-morph tried to hit on Milly. I don't really know the full story, in all honesty I don't want to know, but that Haxorus wound up on the ground, bloodied, broken, and out cold when it was over.


I climbed off of the sofa. I noticed that one of the girls had placed a blanket over me while I was out. The blanket was a deep orange and seemed to shine in the sunlight, if I had to guess I'd say it was Rozalin that covered me up.


Slowly I made my way into the dining room and saw everyone other than Ayame and Lucca. Prinny was at the table, wearing a new blouse and mini-skirt to match. The blouse was loose, to say the least, and showed off a bit of cleavage, it was pure white blouse with black horizontal stripe that ran across her chest. The skirt was short, but long enough to still be modest, pure white, like the top, and had a black stripe along the hem. She was barefoot, as she always was when indoors. She also still had that gray collar and gold bell she liked to wear around her neck. Her dark purple fur was smooth as always.

She was talking to Milly and Cellsica. Rozalin was talking casually to Emerelda, with Rubys adding into the conversation. Savyna, Meemay, and Helena were laughing with each other about something that happened at the club.


I greeted the girls as I walked in and they each returned my greeting relatively at the same time, before returning to their conversations. That's what I loved about these girls. They don't treat me like a god or something. They don't call me “master” or anything like that, and I was thankful for it. I didn't own these wonderful girls, they chose this life with me. In fact it was actually common among pokemorphs to have multiple mates male or female, though it wasn't that common for a human to have multiple mates. Not because it was frowned upon, but because it was a one in two hundred chances in getting the female pregnant on a good time. But it never really bothered any of us.


Dinner was wonderful, as usual with Meemay's cooking. She would spend extra hours making sure everyone was satisfied. For example; Meemay, Emerelda, and Cellsica were vegetarians, while Rozalin, Savyna, Lucca, and Helena ate only meat and grains, and the rest of us were sort of omnivores. After we finished eating, we all rinsed our plates and utensils and placed them in the dishwasher, said our good-nights and headed for our separate rooms for the night.


I headed up the stairs and into my room. Once inside, I removed my clothing and headed into the bathroom. I turned the hot water on and stepped into the shower. I let the water just run down my back for a few minutes before cleaning myself with shampoo and soap. Then, I grabbed a towel from the rack and dried myself off before wrapping said towel around my waist and stepping back into my room. The room was completely dark, so I felt along the wall for the light switch. Once I found it I flicked it upwards, which led to the lamp next to my bed light up the room.


Meemay was laying on her left side facing me, her left arm supporting her upper body. Her other arm rested lazily on her hip while her right leg lay on top of her left. She was wearing a see-through gown that stopped just above her hips and covered her arms. Underneath, she was wearing a white lace bra and panties, with her small puffy tail poking out a small hole, along with pure white stockings that covered her legs all the way up her thighs.


“Never ceases to amaze,” she said while giving me a look over. I knew she was teasing me, that's how she is, she likes playing around with everyone.


I smirked at her and walked slowly towards the foot of the bed. She followed me with her eyes, still smiling, rolling onto her back and elbows as I moved.


Suddenly, I pounced on top of her, making her squeal, whether in delight or surprise I'm still not sure. I had gripped her wrists and held them above her head against the mattress. I had my left leg in between her smooth legs. I looked down at her beautiful face, she was still smiling, before leaning down and planting my lips against hers in a deep kiss. I heard her moan softly as my tongue danced with hers. I moved both of her wrists into my left hand and locked them there, above her head. I then moved my free hand slowly down her arm, over her sides and rest it on her hip. I felt her shiver as I did so, which did bring a smirk to my face. She was trying to control herself. Although, considering the lungs that she had, and the fact that she was very vocal in bed, I think I could understand why, but what she didn't know was that the walls and doors were sound proof, for obvious reasons.


But, that still didn't stop me from playing “Guess Her Breakpoint” on her.


I ever so slowly brushed the very tips of my fingers over from her hip, down her thigh to her knee, and slowly back up her inner thigh. Before I reached her panties however, I skipped my fingers over to her smooth belly, and slowly made small, feather-light circles. She whimpered at that, and started to rub her thighs together, in a very unsastisfying way of giving her more pleasure. Her beautiful dark brown eyes were half-lidded, her face was flushed, she was panting and whimpering lightly, and she was squirming underneath me. It was heavenly.

I then started to leave a trail of kisses, starting from her lips, over her jawline, and along her neck. I stopped just above her collar bone. At that, I unhooked her lace bra with my free hand and revealed her perky B-cup breasts. Her small pink nipples and aureoles were poking out of her cocoa colored fur. I then lean down and took her nipple in my mouth and begin to gently nibble and suckle on it, making her gasp and squirm suddenly. I slowly started to move my free hand down her abdomen and snake into her panties and began to play with her nether region, making her bite her bottom lip in a suppressed moan.

At that, I pulled my hand out of her panties and slowly started to pull the fabric down her slender legs.

Next thing I know, I'm lying on my back, my towel is gone, and Meemay is stradling my waist and giving me one of the feircest kisses she's ever given me. She starts to rub her slit against my member, which I admit was already erect from the foreplay, and moans deeply into our kiss. My hands run back up to her sides, before one of my hands moves to her breast and massage it roughly, making her shudder in delight.

She continues to rub her sex against mine for a few more moments before leaning up, breaking our kiss. She hovers her sex above mine for a few seconds before slowly descending down my length. She's biting her lip again in a suppressed moan as she lowers herself. I smirk deviously as a thought pops up.

I take my hands to her hips, and get a good grip, before pulling her hips down as hard as I could. She lets out a loud moan as I groan in ecstacy. She was really tight and I could feel every shudder she made.

Slowly, she started to bounce herself up and down, releasing a moan with each bounce. Every time she would go up, I would pull back. Every time she would come down, I would thrust back up. This was the pattern that both her and I went through for about roughly half an hour before she shuddered violently and let out a soft gasp, which surprised me considering the pipes she had, that told me she just came.

I leaned up and reached behind her head and pulled her into a kiss. We both stayed like that, kissing, for a few more moments before pulling away and starting round two of many.



A/N: Sorry for the long wait for an update, I just got back from duty and actually forgot about this story for a couple weeks. So here's chapter 2. Enjoy.

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