The aloha shirt

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‘You know Rock,’ slurred Revy, downing a shot of whiskey like a pro. Slamming her glass on the counter she looked at him with drunken eyes: ‘Its time you ditched the office clerk look. When’re you finally gonna wear that aloha shirt I got you!’

Rock, composed as always but still leaning on the counter like a man with one glass too many in his belly, answered with his own glass raised to his lips: ‘I told you more than once, it’s absolutely hideous.’ Slamming back the glass the contents disappeared in one go. The glass pounded on the counter with a solid thunk.

Taking a full glass from the counter she waved it in Rock’s direction: ‘Don’t get mouthy with me Rock or I’ll put a few extra assholes in you.’

‘Keep your threats on the job Revy. I’ve heard them so many times they don’t really impress me lately,’ Rock said, bringing his refilled glass to his lips again. The click of a safety being flicked off, the cold rim of a barrel touching his temple stopped him right before the liquid touched his lips.

‘Maybe I should invent some new ones then. Wadda ya think Rock? I could look for a revolver, play a game of Russian roulette. With you being the only participant.’

This time it was Revy’s turn to be surprised as the barrel of a shotgun came to rest against her temple. The voice of Bao had her eyes swivelling to him angrily.

‘Revy, I’m warning ya. If ya put one more bullet hole in my bar I’ll blow those shit for brains ya got outta your fuckin’ head. Ya still owe me for last time ya wrecked the place.’ Spitting on the counter he added: ‘useless bitch.’

Revy turned her head angrily, the barrel now aimed between her eyes but she looked down its length unfazed at Bao: ‘Listen here you bastard, I told you already, those shitheads rushing in here wasn’t my fault ya hear me. If Dutch hadn’t pissed ‘em off…’

‘I don’t wanna hear your sorry excuses. If ya wanna put some lead in your guy get your skinny butt outside!’

Revy’s eyes narrowed dangerously: ‘Listen up bastard, if you wanna…’

Moving her head out of a potential buckshot load scattering her brain she let Rock off the hook for now, opting to aim her gun at Bao. By whatever bad luck, the sudden move made Bao flinch and pull the trigger. The shotgun blast with its deadly load missed Revy by a hair. Boa’s eyes widened in horror as Revy’s gun made its way to him.

‘No Revy! Wait! It was accidental. I didn’t…’ he yelled as he dived behind the bar, narrowly avoiding a bullet that smashed a bottle on the shelves behind the counter.

Bao’s unlucky shot hit two cards, each in a different hand. The two players didn’t take their game being interrupted so well and got up from their chairs, taking their guns from the table.

The ensuing gunfight was a Yellowflag classic with everyone joining in the fray. It had Bao muttering behind his bulletproof counter about the costs of fixing it all up again.

Since it was supposed to be a calm night none of the brawlers had packed a ton of bullets.

As the guns ran dry, the floor littered with bullet casings and spent magazines, it turned into a brawl that put a sailors’ tavern to shame.

A good half hour later with Rock trying to pull Revy outside he finally got a lucky break. A big brute slammed into Revy, pushing him and Revy through the empty casing of the bars’ window. Landing on the curb flat on his back with Revy on top of him, cursing non-stop, the breath was knocked out of him. Briefly Rock wondered if he didn’t prefer his former life. He chuckled.

‘Something funny Rock?’ asked Revy disgruntled, rolling off him and getting up. She was unsteady on her feet. A bruise on her temple from a lucky punch stood out vividly already. She still looked drunk as hell.

Revy stuck out her hand to help him up and he took it. Pulling, Revy lost her balance and fell forward. Straight on top of him. She cursed. ‘Rock you idiot. Fucking klutz.’

‘Sorry,’ muttered Rock, putting his hands on her shoulders to push her up but something made him halt. Despite her curses she wasn’t struggling to get up. Instead she was laying limply on top of him.

Above them sounds of the fight came from the broken window.

‘Say Rock, let’s go home. I’ve had enough for today.’

‘Ah, sure.’

She pushed herself up, getting on her feet smoothly yet staggering at the end. Rock did the same. He had a silly grin. His head didn’t feel all that clear. His grin disappeared though as he saw Revy’s sudden sombre expression. A look at her eyes told him it was better not to inquire.

Taking a few unsteady steps Rock took hold of Revy’s arm. With unpleasant eyes Revy looked up at Rock, inquiring what he thought he was doing: ‘I can walk on my own damn feet.’

‘You got a blow to the head and we’re both drunk. I could use something steady to hold on to. Let me walk you home?’

‘Feh. Sure, a guy like you would get shot before turning the second corner in a town like this. Guess I can’t let that happen.’

‘Gee, thanks a lot Revy,’ said Rock with sarcasm but he couldn’t help the smile on his lips.

They started walking. Looking around the deserted street Revy began muttering: ‘Damn that Benny for taking the car. And damn Dutch for letting him take it. I’ll kick his ass come morning. Both o’ them! God damn, I swear…’

All the while Revy was rattling Rock listened and nodded along, that smile never leaving him.


Arriving outside Revy’s apartment block Rock stopped, Revy stopped half a step later. She had fallen silent about halfway, clinging to his arm rather tightly. The night was rather chilly for Roanapur. Revy’s regular attire was anything but a good choice for a chilly night.

‘We’re here,’ said Rock unnecessarily.

‘Unh,’ acknowledged Revy with a solemn nod. She let go of his arm, turning to the stairs that would take her up to her apartment door. She swayed, her hand snagging the railing.

Rock watched her go and was about to turn away. Her weird mood had him worried but pressing Revy was mostly a bad idea when she was drunk and violent. The bar fight may be over but she could get back in the mood in a heartbeat.

To his surprise she stopped him: ‘Say Rock, wanna come up and have one more drink? I’ve got some decent stuff upstairs. Not like the piss Bao serves.’

She nearly spat the bartenders name. ‘Fucking bastard.’

Wondering about the unexpected invitation Rock hesitated somewhat.

‘Rock! What’s it gonna be? I ain’t offering twice you prick. When a lady asks you something the least you could do is reply.’

Rock snorted: ‘When a lady asks me something, I will.’ He turned to follow Revy and she started up the stairs.

‘Don’t get cocky with me bastard or the booze will be running straight back out through a hole in your belly. Would be a damn waste of good booze.’

‘Yeah yeah, I get it.’

Pushing open the door to her apartment she disappeared inside. Rock followed. The place was the same as always. A complete mess with bullet holes in the walls. Her twin holsters dropped on the low table in front of the couch. She was feeling comfortable then. Rock could count the number of times he saw Revy without a gun on her on one hand.

‘Take a seat,’ said Revy, disappearing into the kitchen.

The couch was littered with clothing. He picked up the pieces in his way and draped them over a chair. Plopping down he felt the fatigue of the day seeping in. The couch was comfy at least. Fishing out his pack of cigarettes and lighter he lit one up, taking a prolonged drag. Blowing out a satisfying cloud of smoke he had to admit he felt at ease. Something that, when he had been new to this way of life, would have sounded crazy.

Revy returned, two glasses in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. She didn’t really wobble but as she made her way around the coffee table. Rock was afraid she was going to fall a few times. She dropped down on the couch next to him, putting the two glasses on the table and popping the cork on the bottle.

She looked at him before filling. Those eyes still had a look that felt dangerous to him. ‘Give me a drag Rock, I’m outta smokes.’

Rock offered her the butt of his smoke. Without hesitation she leaned forward and took it between her lips, taking it from between his fingers. ‘Thanks.’

Pouring a copious amount in both glasses she stoppered the bottle. Offered him a glass he took it without hesitation. Propping her feet up on the low table she stuck out her glass to him.

‘Kanpai,’ she said and clinked her glass against his.


They sipped their drink instead of downing it like before. Their drinking matches were fairly common but it was rare they ended like they did. Usually one of them passed out on the bar and the other dropped them off home. And they usually had the car and Benny or Dutch with them. If one of the others was with them it was easy to drop the passed out one off. But if it was just the two of them more often than not both crashed at whomever’s place they got to first. Rock couldn’t count the days Revy had slept on his couch or he on hers. Although at his place it happened he woke up on the floor while she was in the bed. Damn Revy.

‘What ya smiling for?’ Revy asked.

‘Just thinking of the fact that when I drop you off you always wake up in your bed but when you take me home I can pick myself of the floor sometimes,’ said Rock nonchalantly.

‘Your own damned fault,’ said Revy between two sips. ‘You’re so fucking heavy you’re lucky I don’t ditch you on the curb.’

‘You’re lucky I’m such a damned nice guy. Otherwise I might’ve taken advantage of the situation.’

‘Oh? Taken advantage how Rock?’ asked Revy in a tone that was pure tease. She sidled up to him, glass still in one hand. Her face was close to his, chin nearly resting on his shoulder. ‘Tell me Rock. How would you have taken advantage of me.’

He swallowed hard, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights.

Revy burst out in laughter, falling back in the couch: ‘You should see the look on your face Rock. American dollars couldn’t buy it. It’s true, you’re a nice guy.’ She sobered up. ‘Too nice for this city.’ She downed her glass in one gulp this time. Letting out a satisfied sigh she took the last drag of the cigarette. With a deft flick it flew out the open window.

In a surprise move she put the glass on the table, swung her leg over his. In the blink of an eye she was straddling him. That dangerous, lecherous grin she sported had Rock swallow hard.

Although he never dared voice the thought out loud he did think she was damn hot. Her regular outfit left little to the imagination yet that was the thing that was so appealing to it. You saw a lot but never all.

left arm straight up, right one behind her head and holding the left by the upper arm she looked down at him with a smouldering in her brown eyes. Her lips teased him with a dangerous smile. Rock’s throat felt dry as he gazed up at her.

‘Say Rock,’ said Revy in a tone he had never heard her use before. It was…tantalizing. It spoke to some deeper part of him. She was sitting dangerously close to… Damn, he shouldn’t have thought of that. Pretty soon his arousal would became apparent. Despite her attitude he doubted she’d be pleased.

‘Rock,’ said Revy again, drawing his attention back to her captivating brown eyes. ‘Are you feeling well?’ Her voice was pure tease. ‘You look a little…’ she ground her pelvis against his ‘…nervous.’

Rock gulped. He couldn’t utter a word. Was she actually seducing him? Should he rise to it? Rock hesitated. Revy had some weird mood swings at times but this one was the weirdest so far. She had never made any advances on him. If she was serious she’d be pissed if he didn’t do anything. And soon. If she wasn’t and he did he’d be on the receiving end of some hot lead.

Revy burst into giggles, then  laughter. Rock simply felt annoyed.

‘You’re too easy Rock. You should let go sometimes.’

In another swift move she turned, plopping herself down in his lap. Draping herself over him, head on his shoulder, one hand grabbing his neck he grunted. So the joke was on him. Again. Damn her. And damn himself for being so easy.

The haze of alcohol clogged his mind pleasantly. Her body against his was warm and soft. Revy packed a punch yet she still felt feminine against him. Her slender firm hips. He relaxed. Yep, the joke was on him again but at least there was compensation for it this time.

The way she leaned against him he could see down her shirt. Those voluptuous breasts. They drew his gaze.

Revy smirked, looking at him sideways, seeing where his eyes were looking. She swung her legs up for momentum, lifting herself off Rock. Her glass was too far away so she plucked Rock’s neatly out of his hand. Leaning forward sharply she reached for the bottle of liquor. Rock dared to look down at Revy’s ass sticking out towards him. An impulse nearly made him trace his finger up her lower spine but he halted himself. He was in dangerous territory right now. He could feel it. One wrong move and he’d be a corpse in the gutter come morning. He was sure of it.

Revy wriggled her butt as she pulled the stopper of the bottle and filled the glass to the brim. Refill done she fell back against him as before.

‘You know Rock,’ said Revy whilst taking a sip with a faraway look to her. ‘Sometimes life ain’t so bad in this stinkhole.’

‘hmm,’ commented Rock as she lifted the glass to his lips. He took small sips till she took the glass away. With her free hand she rummaged his shirt pocket for a cig. Fishing one out she put it between his lips. Finding his lighter she gave him a light. He happily took a drag until it was properly lit. putting the lighter away she plucked the cigarette from his lips, taking a prolonged drag of her own. She was certainly feeling at home.

‘You want my wallet as well?’ asked Rock. Speaking up at last at her casual way of taking his cigarettes and using him as her couch.

‘Feh, I got cash aplenty Rock. It’s cigs and a nice drink that makes the day worth my while.’

He plucked the cigarette back from her lips. ‘Maybe you should buy your own then.’

To his surprise there was no immediate retort or reaction. Even as he took his time smoking she made no move. She even seemed happy right where she was. Like a cat curled up on its favourite pillow. Taking another sip from the alcohol she took back the smoke, trading it for the glass. He took it without hesitation. Calmly sipping his drank he relaxed somewhat. This wasn’t so bad. She took her time finishing off the smoke while he emptied the glass. She looked comfortable enough as they were. But her eyes were as they always were, never truly happy unless she was shooting left and right. Yet now they held a softer tone as she stared off to the side. The finished cigarette followed the first out the window. Rock’s glass was empty in his hand but neither moved. A comfortable silence fell over them. Minutes ticked by and became ten minutes, ten twenty. Rock was simply staring at the ceiling thinking of nothing in particular. Revy had been silent for quite some time now. When he looked down at her, her eyes were closed. Her breathing was slow and steady.

‘You’ve gotta be kidding me,’ muttered Rock. ‘She fell asleep on me.’

Without warning she turned on her side. Most of her body rested against his right side, her legs on the couch to his left. Her head remained on his chest. The crown of her head nestled firmly under his chin. The window was still open and the night’s chill crept in. He didn’t feel the cold between the couch and a warm body but on top of him Revy shivered slightly at the cold draft. He should just wake her up or put her in bed but feeling her rhythmic breathing against his chest he hesitated. Lifting his chin from the top of her head he looked at her face. He rarely saw her so peaceful. It would be a shame to interrupt her sleep. Moving as little as possible and being very careful he searched the couch for something and miraculously found a blanket stuffed in the corner. She’d probably been using it as a pillow. For lack of a real one. With care he draped the cloth over the both of them, covering Revy the best he could. She mumbled in her sleep. He froze. She had been the instigator of this entire incident but who knew in what mood she’d be in when she woke up. She might still blame it all on him and try to put a few extra holes in him. But her eyes didn’t open. Even then he remained frozen for several minutes before daring to relax. Rock looked down at her sleeping face with a fond look. ‘At least you’re cute when you sleep. You’d hardly expect that.’

He too felt sleep overcoming him. Resting his head on the back of the couch he closed his eyes.

His eyes opened in shock. A dream. He’d been having a dream. He looked around disoriented. The room’s only light was still lit. Outside the sky was still dark. He felt groggy from drinking. Finally realizing where he was he relaxed somewhat. Revy’s apartment. So they’d gone out drinking again and he had crashed at her place. At least he wasn’t on the floor this time. What a dream...

Revy had been in his lap sleeping. He had been watching her until her hand took his. Still asleep she pulled his arm up and draped it over her stomach where she held it softly until he had started drawing soft circles with his fingers. She had let out a small moan, subcounsciously pushing his fingers lower to her waistband with the slightest of pressure but he complied. Lower and lower he traced those circles until the tip of his fingers disappeared out of sight.

Then he’d waken up. He’d had the occasional alcohol fuelled dream about Revy before but never like this. This had almost felt...

He looked down and nearly yelled in fright. Revy was in his lap. She had a blanket draped over her. He remembered now he’d put it over her. But wait...his heart skipped a beat. His right hand was under the blanket, a smaller hand atop it. He was tracing lazy circles on her belly, the tips of his fingers sliding under her waistband.

‘Rock...’ she whispered.

He was dead. He was without a doubt dead. Or he would be soon enough. One look at the situation and all hell would break loose.

Yet it didn’t.

‘Rock...’ she said breathily.

He dared to look down. Her eyes were still closed. Her cheeks had a rosy glow to them. Her hand still pushed his down ever so slowly. Did he dare halt? If he didn’t and she woke up...if he did...was she something like sleepwalking now? People that sleepwalked weren’t supposed to be waked. Everyone said it was dangerous.

His internal struggle had cost him time. Half his hand had dipped into her pants. Smooth skin with only a stripe of pubic hair and just below it...

A soft whimper from Revy did make him halt. He had never heard her make a sound like that.

Swallowing hard he fought the pieces of his instincts. His instinct to flee and his instinct as a man. It was a difficult fight for Rock but he persevered. Risking it all he ventured further. His fingers parted soft wet lips. She wasn’t aroused all the way just yet but as he slid his fingers further down to the end of those silky lips and lightly teased her love tunnel her arousal was unmistakably there. Wetting the tip of his finger with her love juices he stroked gently up and down her slit. Her breathing sped up. One hand clutched his shirt now, the other lay atop his arm, letting his hand wander at its own leisure. And wander he did. After a while she began squirming and panting softly. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. The mighty Revy. Two-Hand. On his lap and horny as hell.

His other hand finally joined the action. Sliding up her thigh, over her delicious curves, lightly trailing over her breasts his hand came to rest under her chin. Lifting her head up with only minimal effort she was now looking up at him if with her eyes closed. Her lips looked inviting, demanding a kiss.

‘Rock...’ whispered Revy softly, frail as a flower.


Her eyes snapped open.


For only a split second were Revy’s eyes wide with shock and confusion before that killer look reclaimed them. With bared teeth she headbutted him on the nose. He cried out in pain. She leaped off his lap, nearly breaking his finger as they were ripped out of her tight pants. A second later and he felt the cold rim of a barrel nestling between his eyes. When his vision cleared from the pain a furious Revy stood over him.

‘Say Rock,’ she said in a voice he knew all too well. She was pissed. Very pissed. It was the voice she used just before shooting someone’s brains out after pointing out what a loser they were. ‘Do you get a kick out of molesting sleeping women?’

‘Revy, please...’ began Rock pleadingly, waving his hands in front of him. ‘It’s not what you think. I didn’t want...You...I...’

The gun pressed harder against his flesh.

Rock took a deep breath and gathered whatever courage he had. If he had learned one thing when dealing with Revy in such a mood was that it was better to stand up for yourself than beg for forgiveness. ‘You started it.’

‘Say what?’ she asked loudly. She leant in close, eyeing him dangerously. ‘What da fuck do you mean, I was asleep.’

‘So was I,’ said Rock. A drop of sweat made its way down his brow as the comment registered. That sounded like he was trying to crawl out of this and failing. Revy’s disbelieving look and her finger tightening on the trigger did not lessen his nervousness.

‘It’s true, I swear. I was having a dream about y...some girl. She took my hand and put it on her belly where I started tracing circles. Next thing I knew I was awake and there you where in the exact same position. It was you that pushed my hand down into your pants you know.’

‘As if,’ spat Revy. ‘You think I’d believe such a piece of crap you’re feedin’ me here.’ But the events from last night came back to her. Teasing Rock, sitting in his lap. I wasn’t really like her hadn’t been so bad. She didn’t share such a level of intimacy with anyone else. Blurry images of a dream of her own returned to her. Herself lying on top of Rock as she had been. Taking his hand...  She shook her head to clear it. Back to the matter at hand.

‘Feh, whatever,’ said Revy annoyed, clicking the safety of her gun on. ‘Consider yourself lucky Rock, I don’t feel like spattering your shitty brain all over my couch.’

The gun left the bridge of his nose. He exhaled loudly, relieved his final hour hadn’t arrived just yet.

Revy turned away from him, holstering her rifle. Putting her dual holsters back on she looked as she always did. Someone you’d rather avoid. Much like almost everyone in Roanapura. She was looking around for something.

She cursed, remembering she had no cigarettes left. With a sheepish look she looked at Rock.

He could read her thoughts. ‘No.’

‘Ah come on Rock,’ pleaded Revy. ‘Just one.’

He stood up from the couch. Straightening his shirt he looked at her displeased. ‘You had a gun between my eyes not a moment ago and an itchy finger to pull the trigger. Now you expect me to do you a favour? You’ve gotta be kidding me.’

Without further ado he walked towards the door, passed a silent Revy. He didn’t look at her. He may be at fault here but so was she. Asleep or not. She had started this before they feel asleep. He hadn’t really resisted, true, but...

His hand was on the doorknob to leave when he sighed. Revy was Revy. And he was he.

He plucked a cigarette out of his shirt pocket and tossed it over his shoulder. She caught it between her fingers deftly.

Without turning around he said: ‘Goodnight Revy.’ He opened the door to step outside.

‘Rock...’ she said hesitantly. Her voice sounded kind of forced. He halted but still didn’t turn around. ‘Listen, I was kinda harsh there. I don’t believe you’d do such a thing. You’re Rock after all. Rock the office guy. Rock the nice guy.’

He looked back at her annoyed. If she only stopped him from leaving to mock him...

But she didn’t have that regular attitude about her.

‘Sorry,’ she said, not looking at him. ‘About before and just now.’

Rock felt his annoyance disappear. Revy didn’t apologize often. But when she did, she meant it. Rock nodded. He couldn’t turn down an honest apology from her. He stepped forward but just before the door closed she called out to him once more.

‘ more to close off the night?’

He truly had no idea why. He could simply go home. He’d had more than enough for one night. He really should go home before got any more awkward.

Instead he simply stood there on the threshold. Behind him he heard Revy pouring two glasses. The bottle thunked on the coffee table. The couch creaked. Without a word he turned around, shutting the door behind him. The top of Revy’s head showed over the back of the couch. She was sitting all the way to one side. Coming around the other side of the couch his glass stood ready on that side of the table. Chin propped on one hand, leaning on her elbow, Revy was looking away from him out the window. The cigarette sat between her lips, unlit. He sat down, grabbing the glass. Resting his elbows on his knees he stared at the floor. The amber liquid in his glass sloshed lazily as he toyed with it. Neither drank nor said a word.

It was Revy that broke the silence. Her tone was sombre. The fire that burned inside her now a flickering flame. ‘Say Rock, do you think it’s possible to be happy in this shithole of a city? Not the kind of happy after a good night at the bar or completing a job. Happiness in life.’

She hadn’t heard nor felt him move on the couch but all of a sudden a lighter ignited just below her cigarette. She didn’t even flinch, merely looked curiously at the dancing flame. The closeness of his voice was more surprising. It was deeper than usual, near affectionate.

‘Depends on who you spend your time with. What’s up Revy? It’s unlike you.’

She turned her head around. The cigarette was still unlit. Their faces were close now. Very close. Rock felt a bit uncomfortable. He had sounded really cool there he thought but that brave face couldn’t stand up to looking into Revy’s eyes from so close. He let his lighter go out. Revy took the cigarette from her mouth with her free hand, chucking it aside casually. Without warning she twisted around and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. With a yank their lips mashed against one another. Rock was too stunned to react. All he could see was Revy with her eyes closed. The initial impact had been a bit rough but now her lips were softly pressing against his. Her head lowered, lips leaving each other. Her hold on him stayed in place so he couldn’t move away. Her head rested on his shoulder, nose against the side of his neck.

‘Revy...’ began Rock but that hand holding his neck moved in an instant fingers trailing his skin. A finger pressed against his lips, silencing him.

‘Rock,’ said Revy in a tone that was new for him. She sounded almost...vulnerable. ‘Don’t speak.’

He did as she asked. Hearing no argument from him she took hold of him by the shoulder. Using him as a support she swung her leg over his. She still held her glass in one hand Her eyes were locked onto his. He couldn’t look away from them. They captivated him with their gaze. There was a smouldering in them. A desire in its early stages that demanded his attention.

It was her that broke eye contact by knocking back her drink. The glass tumbled to the floor discarded. Leaning forward she captured his lips once more. The kiss was more forceful this time. With both her arms around the back of his neck she held him in place so he couldn’t get away. He could taste the alcohol on her lips as his instincts took over, tongue sneaking out to ask permission to enter. To his surprise she hesitated not a moment. His left hand moved on its own, sliding up her side. He was annoyed at the glass still in his right hand. Placing his hand hand on her back he leant forward to place it on the table. One arm unwrapped from his neck. She grabbed hold of his right arm. Breaking the kiss she was breathing heavily. So was she, he noted. She looked flustered. Eyes half-lidded it was difficult to read her right now. Her hand slid up his right arm. Stealing the glass from his hand she brought it to her lips. With a look in her eyes he couldn’t place she threw her head back. Another empty glass fell to the floor without shattering. Her eyes were fully open now, staring into his. Rock didn’t know what was going through Revy’s mind. There was lust in those eyes but that wasn’t all. There was a hint of hesitation, of doubt. Could she be...?

Rock’s train of thought got firmly derailed as she went in again. Tongues battling it out both her hands slid down his chest. Taking a firm hold on his shirt she pulled it loose from his pants.

With both his hands free now he let them roam across her back, across her stomach and up to the base of her breasts. He hesitated there. Only a little more and he would be holding those fabulous breasts of hers. But this was a line to be crossed in his mind. In his opinion there was still the chance Revy would have a sudden change of heart and simply put a few extra holes in him. But to hell with that. This was Roanapura. People got killed every single day in this cesspool. If his number was going to come up he’d rather it be after fondling Revy’s breasts instead of getting stabbed in a back-alley for a couple of bucks.

Sliding his hands under her top he caressed those fleshy globes. His thumbs circled her nipples before touching the little nub in the centre. Revy moaned softly. Now there was a sound he liked to hear. Doubling his efforts to hear more of it he broke the kiss this time. She was unbuttoning his shirt, fumbling with the first button. He kissed her on the neck, just below her ear. Her head tilted the other side, giving him more room. The fumbling with his shirt lessened, concentration on it slackening. He made his way down to her collarbone. His admiration of her breasts with his hands still continued but her top was becoming a hindrance to him. But to remove it he had to take of something else first. Her double holster. Attacking her neck with his tongue and lips his hands regretfully left their captured fleshy mountains. Taking hold of the holster’s shoulder straps he began to slide them off her shoulders. But the moment he did Revy stiffened. The difference was noticeable, her muscles tensing all over. Rock stopped his ministrations instantly. He could sense the danger in the air. Had he pushed his luck too far?

He leant back slowly, carefully. Revy was staring ahead at something far away. Her eyes were hard and dangerous.

‘Revy?’ he asked softly.

Her eyes focused on him. Her expression softened. Letting go off his shirt her arms fell to her side.

‘Take them off Rock,’ she said in a near whisper.

He nodded, unsure of it but carefully he slid the straps of her shoulders and down her arms. He was gently with the guns. They were a prized possession to her he knew. She didn’t part with them easily. He had to lean in close  her to slide the holster all the way down her arms. His chin was nearly resting on her shoulder as he dropped the cutlasses off on the table.

Her voice right next to his ear startled him. The soft and vulnerable tone was something he would cherish for a long time. A part of Revy he had never witnessed before was with him now. ‘Rock, I haven’t let anyone take my guns away from me voluntarily. I...’

She didn’t continue.

He knew some of her childhood. He knew how she had become like this. She had escaped that life with a gun. She lived her everyday life with a gun close by. With their lifestyle death could be lurking around every corner. Rock himself never carried a gun. He wasn’t really a target anyway except for muggers. To let someone take away the one thing that keeps you alive most of the time took a lot of courage. Did she truly trust him that much? Moving to look her in the eyes he saw hesitance in her, doubt, insecurity. She was afraid right now. Why was she going through with this then? She didn’t have to let him do this. He had nearly voiced his thoughts but that look on her face made him rethink that. She truly did want this! To give into someone. To finally let her guard down like this...

‘I understand,’ he said just as softly, putting his hands on her upper arms.

He kissed her this time. Tender and softly. They were friends. He knew that. And he cared for her as a friend. He had always told himself that. He had never dared admit differently, not even to himself. But here, with this girl in his lap he couldn’t deny he cared for her a lot more than just friends. She deserved to be cared about.

Her hands crawled under his shirt, nails lightly scratching his belly.

Their tender kiss turned into a passionate one. Rock’s hands left her arms, fingers trailing across her skin. Taking hold of her top he freed her breast. He wanted her top out of the way completely. With some prodding she reluctantly withdrew her hands from his shirt. They had to separate their lips to let the garment pass. He was breathing hard and so was she as they stared into each other’s eyes. There was no doubt there now. Only lust and passion. Her top went flying. They lunged for the other’s lips once more. Revy’s hands worked his buttons again but they wouldn’t undo. With a frustrated moan the tore them all off, the buttons scattering. She pushed him away to take of his shirt and he let her. The cloth slid of his arms.  Chest bared but his tie still in place. He didn’t really pay attention to that as his eyes locked onto Revy’s assets. Seeing Rock’s gaze Revy smirked. Putting her hands on his knees she thrust out her chest to him in invitation. Rock needed no more incentive. His mouth clamped down on a nipple. Revy gasped. Fondling her other tit with a hand the other made its way down her belly. Crossing that line on his own this time his fingers found her nether lips. She squirmed against his hand parting the silky folds, one finger caressing her love tunnel.

She moaned softly, almost inaudible. She leant forward, pushing Rock back so she could grope him too. Hands on his belt buckle he couldn’t help but get a little nervous. His belt buckle unlocked, his zipper following. She grabbed his already hard manhood. Freeing it from his underwear she stroked it firmly. He grunted. He couldn’t really focus on what he was doing. Looking up at her face Revy had a devilish grin that told him she was perfectly aware of what she was doing to him. She gently took his wrist of the hand that was in her pants and pulled it out. With sensual movement she stood up. He had to say that from his position looking up at Revy in her current state made his mouth go dry. She leant forward, hands on his legs for support. A tiger going for its prey. She kissed him hard with wanton.  Her hands took hold of his pants, tugging them off. He lifted his hips to let her. Once below his knees she stood up straight, looking at him with a demand in her eyes. Rock took hold of her cut-off jeans. With a slight tug it slid down her legs. She turned around, stepping out of her jeans. With her but towards him now he gulped. God damn she was hot!

She moved backwards to plant her ass firmly in his lap but he had other ideas. Grabbing her butt firmly with both hands he looked at her questioning eyes.

‘Bend over,’ he said with lust.

She shivered, doing as he told. Leaning on the coffee table her glistening pussy invited him. He dived in, tongue attacking her smooth lips. She moaned out loud this time. Up and down he licked, flicking her clit occasionally until at last he delved into her love tunnel. She gasped, her arms no longer holding her up. Breasts pressed flat on the table top she panted his name barely audible. His arousal rose to new levels. Hearing Revy utter his name in such a way... It drove him mad. With renewed enthusiasm he brought her close to orgasm. She squirmed, huffed and puffed. Her juices were oozing. Lapping them up with gusto her panting grew louder. She uttered his name one more time but in a pleading tone. He didn’t stop.

‘Rock, please...’

He stopped this time, a victorious grin on his face. Looking at her now her expression was one of need. Cheeks flushed, eyes filled with desire. She pushed against his grip, lowering her butt as she pushed herself off the table. He kept his hold on her ass with one hand while aiming his cock with the other. The tip of his member touched her moist lips. She halted for only a second, a look of pure sexual desire aimed at him before plunging herself down. She enveloped him completely in one go. He grunted at the amazing feeling of finally being inside her. Her gasp at the intrusion only made it better. Taking a moment to relish the feeling Revy moved, having had enough of teasing and arousing. Both were so consumed by desire now they lost all sense of the world. The only thing that mattered now was a good fuck. Moving her butt up and down slowly at first Rock put both hands on her rear, helping her. The sensation was incredible. The sight amazing. It was beyond his dreams. Revy bouncing up and down on his member. It didn’t take long before they sped up. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh along with panting, moaning and grunting filled the room. The sounds got higher in pitch. Revy came first. A high pitched tone that carried his name.

It was the push over the edge for him.

Grunting her name he thrust into her all the way, pumping his load into her. His vision blacked out in those moments as Revy continued a litany of his name drifting in an ocean of ecstasy. While he was lost in the throes of climax she continued to fuck him until he was finally done and his member softened inside her. She slumped against him, still connected. Sweat glistened their skin. Panting happily Revy twisted herself so she could look at him. That hungry look still hadn’t left their eyes. Pulling him in with one hand on his neck they kissed long and hard. It turned into a make-out session with the necessary fondling. When Revy put her head on his shoulder for a much needed break of sucking face she wore a happy grin that had Rock feeling butterflies. You hardly ever saw Revy simply happy. Much less naked and in your lap.

Gazing into her eyes he could not stop the words from slipping out: ‘You’re beautiful.’

A faint blush stained her cheeks but she held a finger to his lips: ‘Rock, no mushy stuff. We talk later.’

She twisted around so she was straddling him. His semi-hard member felt the heat of her snatch moving back and forth. I didn’t take long before he was ready to go again. With her breasts right in front of him speech left him, simply nodding along with her movements.

‘All I want now,’ she said in a low husky voice that drew his attention immediately ‘is a good fuck.’

He nodded in compliance. No man could have shaken his head and denied her.

With a sultry grin her hand slipped between her legs. Holding his cock she rubbed her nether lips against his member eliciting a soft moan. That sound alone drove Rock crazy. Not the sound in itself but Revy...some of his wildest dreams were coming alive before his eyes. Being a cause for that sound was a powerful feeling. Her other hand came up to play with her breasts. Her cock slid up and down against those silky folds but she made no move for him to enter her. It felt good, tantalizingly close to what it was like being inside her but not close enough. He wanted to experience that again. To feel her heat wrapped around him. Hands on her hips he applied some gentle pressure to impale her but she wouldn’t let him. With a wicked grin she pressed his cock against his belly as she sat down. Sliding back and forth she shook her head at his questioning gaze. He wanted to speak but before he could utter a sound Revy closed his mouth with her own. She grinded against him forcefully, making him groan. She continued her arousing motions when she broke the kiss, her mouth brushing his ear.

Her whisper was desire and challenge: ‘sometimes if you really want something Rock, you just have to take it.’

She took hold of him, arms around his neck. Her breast pressed against his chest her snatch slid against his shaft.

So she was provoking him to be a bit more assertive was she? Rock could live with that. His fear of chewing hot lead had left him. Come morning it might all be different but this he wasn’t going to let slip. He slipped his arms around her back. Twisting to the side he lifted her off his lap and put her down on the couch. He crawled on the couch, hovering above her. She still held onto his neck, looking up at him with desire and definitely pleased. He positioned himself to enter her, the crown of his cock pressing against her pink folds. He entered her agonisingly slowly only to stop after the crown of his cock was in. Revy had moaned the moment he had pressed forward. The moan died in her throat, her turn to look at him questioningly. He didn’t smirk. He didn’t give away his intention. So she thought she was the only one that could play games?

Pulling back out he rubbed his cock up and down her lips now, rubbing against her clit especially. She moaned frustrated. When he was linged up with her love tunnel she bucked for him but he was too fast to pull back.

‘Rock,’ she whined. ‘What’s the big idea?’

Rock was pure innocence: ‘You seemed to like it a minute ago.’

He had half expected a pout but instead she only looked at him longingly. That expression on her face was a seduction beyond what he was capable of resisting. It was complete surrender to lust.

Without looking away from her gaze he lined himself up properly. She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him in so he couldn’t get away again. The pleasure was indescribable. Neither wasted a moment on niceties this time. Pumping into her, rutting like teens, they got lost in pleasure.

He was getting close. Judging by her high pitched moans and pants between quiet reiterations of his name so was she. She had her eyes closed in pleasure but he couldn’t look away from her. He was captivated.

She let go of his neck, arms dropping to the couch. Her eyes opened a fraction. Locking eyes with him she took a moment to focus so she could form words again.

‘Rock,’ she said clearly now but with some effort. ‘Stop for a moment please.’

His eyes saw her lips moving but the words didn’t get through. So instead of asking she unhooked her legs. Putting her palm against his chest she applied gentle pressure. His eyes cleared from the haze of pleasure.

‘Revy?’ he asked perplexed.

She had a sultry grin, looking at him lovingly. ‘I thought we might finish this in the bedroom.’

Rock nodded. With a slight shove she pushed him back, separating them.

She walked away, naked as the day she was born. Her hips swayed in a way that had his eyes lock onto them. Half twisting her upper body to look back at him with a knowing grin he made his gaze travel up her body to her face, passing her tattoo which stood out vividly on her completely naked body. The sight made him swallow hard. She turned away, entering the bedroom. He stood up and followed her swaying hips.

Standing on the side of the bed Revy bent forward leaning on her hands wiggling her behind invitingly. Rock complied without hesitation taking hold of her hips and inserting his member in one swift thrust. A moan escaped Revy’s lips as Rock plowed into her for the final stretch.

He trailed his nails over her spine. He could feel her shudder. Strength left her arms as she collapsed on the bed, knees on the side with her ass still sticking in the air. She was quieter now but her moans were telling him she was close. And so was he.

With a near shouted ‘Revy’ he rammed himself in to the hilt as release overcame him. His hot seed shooting into her womb pushed her to climax with a cry of pure pleasure. When the throes of pleasure subsided with the only sound being their ragged breaths Revy fell over sideways on the bed in exhaustion. Rock followed her example, laying down on his back. Revy cuddled up to him, putting her head on his shoulder. Looking down at her with drooping eyes he couldn’t help the fluttering in his stomach. Those beautiful eyes gazing up at him and the happy little smile she was sporting made it all complete. Holding her close he could honestly say he was a very happy man right now.

The night’s chill was seeping into the bedroom from the still open window in the living room making Revy shiver slightly.

‘Come on stud,’ she said pushing herself up on an elbow. ‘It’s getting early and I want some sleep.’

Rock’s face fell. It sounded like telling a friend it was time to go home after watching a soccer game. He should have known this was all too good to be true. So they both had a good fuck and now she was throwing him out.

‘Alright then,’ he said, pushing himself up from the bed.

She grabbed him by the arm, stopping him.

‘Where are you going?’ she asked with a coy smile. She stood up, pulling on  his arm just hard enough to turn him around so he was facing her. She stepped right up to him, pressing her naked body against his, soft breasts against his chest, her hands sliding over his back to come to rest on his shoulders.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘It just sounded like...’

‘Idiot,’ she muttered. ‘I merely wanted to say we should lay down properly instead of with our legs dangling over the side of the bed.’

Her warm body pressed comfortably against his was something wonderful and knowing she wasn’t about to kick him out he slid his arms around her, holding her gently against him.

With a slight push she left his embrace. Pushing aside the sheets she crawled into bed, dragging him with her by the arm. With his free hand he took off his tie, tossing it to the ground.

She crawled over to the far side of the bed, inviting him the lie down next to her. As soon as he was on his back she swung an arm and a leg over him, head on his shoulder making happy sounds as she wriggled to get comfortable.

With an arm around her he stared at the ceiling, a goofy grin on his face. Maybe life wasn’t so as around here after all.

‘Goodnight Revy,’ he said softly, tenderly.

He got no reply, glancing down he saw her eyes were closed. Her breathing was deep and slow. She was already fast asleep.

Thanking god as his mind slipped away into the land of dreams for this fantasy come true hr thought he heard her mumble: ‘sweet dreams Rock.’ But it might have been his imagination.


Late morning he was woken up by Revy crawling back into bed. His mind was still a bit groggy so when he first felt warm naked flesh against his own he was alarmed but the memory of their love making came to the front.

So it hadn’t been a dream after all. Relaxing he looked down into Revy’s eyes. There was a shine in them that he’d never seen before.

‘Sorry, I woke you,’ she said softly.

‘’s okay,’ he mumbled half asleep still. ‘What time is it anyway.’

‘Close to noon,’ she said with a yawn. She stretched, her body pressing against his in all the right places.

His eyes locked on her hand. Coming out of her stretching she noticed his gaze. Opening her hand she showed him the cigarette and lighter.

‘Was looking for a morning smoke. Lucky me your shirt was simply lying around with all I needed.’

‘Lucky you indeed,’ he muttered with a yawn of his own.

Soon as his mouth wasn’t wide open anymore she offered the cigarette to him. Taking it with his lips she offered him a light. With a heavy pull the tip glowed bright orange. With a flick off her hand the lighter clattered on the bedside table and over the side. Revy shrugged, seeing the lighter disappear out of sight. ‘Not mine anyway.’

Rock made a half-hearted disapproving sound but didn’t comment, exhaling smoke languidly.

Revy’s hand stroked his chest, moving up to his neck, nails trailing his jawbone. Gently taking hold of the cigarette he let it go. Bringing it to her own lips she took her time enjoying it before returning it to Rock.

Taking hold of it to get rid of the ash in the bedside ashtray he couldn’t help but ask: ‘So where do we go from here Revy?’

Revy’s hair hid her downcast eyes. ‘Do we need to go anywhere with this?’ she asked softly.

Rock wanted to say yes badly. He wanted to at least.

She continued: ‘I’m not saying this can’t happen again. I’d like it to happen again. A good fuck now and then does wonders for your mood.’

‘So that’s what I am then,’ said Rock, taking another drag. ‘A good fuck.’

She cringed but refused to look up at him. ‘You’re more than that Rock. You’re a friend too.  I’d rather have a nice fuck with you that some guy off the street with god knows what disease.’

‘So that makes us fuckbuddies then?’ he asked. The disappointment left him. He couldn’t be angry at her. Not when lying naked in bed next to her. Not when she sounded like she did right now. Frail and vulnerable.

She remained silent.

‘I can live with that,’ he said after another pull. ‘There’s gotta be worse things than screwing you.’

She looked up sharply now, that fire back in her eyes instead of the shine. It was a lot better than the dullness which usually housed in her eyes between missions and life or death situations.

His grin told her he was kidding. Instead of getting angry her angry expression turned into one of mischief.

She trailed a nail across his sternum, just hard enough to hurt and make him hiss.

‘You know Rock,’ began Revy. ‘I was kinda wild last night and ruined your shirt. I feel kinda guilty.’ Rock’s snort didn’t even credit a response. ‘So I got you a replacement.’

The grin left Rock. That glint in her eyes...

He shook his head. ‘No way,’ he warned her.

‘It’s either that or go out bare-chested.’ She looked at his bare chest. ‘I’m sure everyone will run at the sight of your awesome muscles. Or roll over laughing.’

Rock’s face turned red at the prospect.

‘Oh, and by the way Rock, your tie seems to have gotten lost as well.’

His cursing was quickly overtaken by Revy’s amused laughter.


Later that day when they were strolling through town out of utter boredom on Revy’s part he couldn’t believe he was still wearing that damned shirt. A aloha shirt of all things! People were looking at him like it was the first time they’d ever seen him. His own that Revy had given him was still in his apartment but she’d never told she’d gotten more than one. He was starting to think last night had been a set up just for this. He’d tried going home to change into his regular attire but she didn’t allow it. She’d even threatened him. At gunpoint! He’d even thought of making a run for it but knowing Revy he wouldn’t get very far and the punishment would be harsh.

Nonetheless the day hadn’t been the end of the world. Hanging out with Revy wasn’t all that bad. He was grateful though so far they had encountered no one they really knew.

‘Revy!’ shouted someone from across the street and Rock felt his luck leave him. Turning around slowly he sighed as he saw Eda making their way over to them.

‘I heard you managed to annoy Boa. Again,’ said the blonde in obvious amusement. Rock still didn’t understand how the woman could stand the heat in her nun’s attire.

‘Oh hi Eda,’ said Revy none too enthusiastically.

Eda looked sideways at Rock and her eyes widened behind her shades. ‘Yo Rock, didn’t recognise you there with the shirt and all. I thought it strange to see Revy walking around with a handsome guy beside her.’

‘Eda,’ growled Revy threateningly.

Eda turned to Revy: ‘How’d you get him to finally wear the shirt?’ Her curiosity was mixed with obvious amusement. ‘A lost bet Rock or did she finally lose control of her urges and tore the clothes of your body?’

‘Eda!’ yelled Revy outraged with some more threat in it but Rock could see the red spots on her cheeks.

As the two continued to banter back and forth Rock merely smiled. Maybe things didn’t need to change all that much but if the shirt could get Revy into some embarrassing situations he could live with wearing it more often. Looking up at the blue sky and the harsh son he truly believed life in Roanapura wasn’t always that bad.

The discussion had winded down and both were staring the other way now. They had once again succeeded in annoying the heck out of each other.

In a moment of impulse Rock took Revy’s hand, lacing his fingers through hers. ‘Well Eda,’ he said. ‘Was nice to see you but we got things to do see you later.’

Revy looked at their joined hands for a moment with a dumbfounded look before grinning maliciously: ‘Rock’s right, we gotta go. Laters.’

Lifting up their held hands in greeting Rock and Revy walked off leaving an open mouthed Eda behind.

‘Wait!’ she yelled after the two laughing figures. ‘So you two actually did it?’

They both looked back over their shoulders and winked at the same time, running away laughing.


End. For now.

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