The aloha shirt

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The old Plymouth rattled over the bridge that led out of Roanapura.

The nooses that warned off anyone with funny ideas hung empty.

The warm breeze whipped his hair and Rock enjoyed the moment.

There were worse things to be doing. Times were calm at the moment. No too dangerous adventures. No crazy maids wrecking up the car. No one trying to barbecue them alive while burning the dock down. While they got that back in order Dutch had told them all firmly, very firmly, that they were to build up their reputation as a reliable company again and get some good cash flowing. Guns, ammo, fuel… they didn't come cheap.

"With all the recent crap we've put our asses in lately my clients are getting fewer by the day," Dutch had said to them. "Balalaika's business is good and all but I want a decent pension. Now get off your asses and run some goods!"

Dutch was off with Benny and the boat dealing in some shady business as usual so Rock was stuck with Revy making a moonshine run for some quick cash. Low risks, high profits. The things that make a man rich without too many extra holes, as Dutch put it.

He glanced sideways at his companion. Friend, lover…whatever.

Maybe 'stuck' with Revy wasn't the right phrasing. Sure, they weren't really a lovey-dovey couple as he'd seen back home. But at least they got on better since…that night.

"Keep your eyes on the road moron," groused Revy.

Rock's eyes snapped back to the road. "Well sorry for breathing Rebecca."

That got a twitch of her eye. She was in a bad mood today. They'd been out drinking again yesterday and as happened so often these days, they’d staggered home together. Some idiot fresh in the cesspool of humanity actually tried to mug them earning him a couple of extra assholes from Revy with help from Rock steadying her arm to aim.

She'd asked him, while hanging onto him as they swaggered to Rock's apartment, why he still wouldn't carry a gun. He'd smiled and said as long as he was around her he didn't need it.

Their love making had been passionate.

But that didn't drive away the hangovers come morning. An early call from Dutch had roused him and he'd had to rouse Revy. An unpleasant job on the best of days. And this morning hadn't been the best of the days. But a mug of strong coffee, a shot of whiskey and a cigarette had at least saved his hide from a few extra air holes.

So here they were. Him driving while Revy stared dully at the passing countryside. The only words scathing remarks.

But Rock couldn't help the occasional glance. Those long toned legs could truly captivate him. The memory of having them wrapped around him was still fresh enough to…

He swerved around a pothole large enough to swallow half the car just in time.

Revy rounded on him. "You trying to kill us lousy bureaucrat?" she yelled loud enough to make him wince;

"Sorry," muttered Rock. Honestly this time. "I was distracted for a moment there."

She was truly pissed now. "What in hell's name could distract you out here from the road? It's the rain season idiot. The roads are about as solid as quicksand! A car crash is not the way I intend to go! And Dutch would kill us twice over if we wrecked the car after it's just been fixed up. Again."

Rock stared a defiant sideways gaze at her. "I'm not the one so hung over the slightest sound makes me wince."

Revy was having none of it. "I'm not the one looking at anything but the road!"

Rock slammed on the brakes and turned to face her. "Well I'm sorry for staring at those magnificent legs of yours! If you'd wear pants from time to time maybe I wouldn't be staring at them so much."

That shocked her into silence for a moment. Rock couldn't help the satisfaction that gave him. Shutting Revy up during one of her tirades was always an accomplishment. Especially when she was in one of those moods that spelled blood on the wall at any kind of provocation.

Before he knew it she'd pulled him forward in a rough kiss. It lasted not nearly long enough to Rock but before he could respond she'd roughly pulled him away by his hair and she was back to staring out at the landscape with those bored eyes on her side of the car.

"Idiot," she muttered. "Get us moving and keep an eye on the road. I wanna get back without any fuck ups."

Rock sighed, putting the car back into motion. Sometimes he couldn't predict her at all.

"But thanks for the compliment," she said softly. Rock could almost hear the smallest smile curving her lips.

Scratch that. He could almost never predict her. Not when it came to him. Oh, he could say the exact second someone was going to get a third eye by a custom cutlass. But displays of affection always came unexpected. More dangerous than bullets sometimes. Especially with a live grenade like Revy.

The greenery rushed by now and he made sure to keep a closer eye on the road. Yet his eyes flickered sideways nonetheless.

But by the heavens she was beautiful. Any man looked at Revy appreciatively. Mostly until they saw that look in her eyes anyway. Yet that didn't scare him anymore.

He knew her better now. Coldblooded described her perfectly. She'd pump someone full of lead and not bat an eye. Bloodlust would sometimes grip her. There were times he'd stared down the barrel of those guns of hers. Yet he loved her. Beneath all that warped personality there was still a person that hopefully loved him back. Revy could still love. Of that he was sure. She just showed it in weird and awkward ways.

Sinking back in the car's comfortable chair with a great sigh he figured maybe life in Roanapura wasn't all bad. He could see that now. Yet if it got a little better it got infinitely more complicated.

The rest of the job was quite uneventful. They got the goods without any hassle and were on the way back. But as the hangover faded Revy got more and more irritated. Being bored for Revy meant she started stroking her guns occasionally looking for anything to use as target practice. Rock even kept his eyes straight on the road.

"Hey Rock, pull over by the Ripoff Church," said Revy out of the blue.

Rock gave a start: "Why do you want to stop there?"

Revy shot him a glare: "No choice. Dutch gave me orders to stockpile ammo and guns. Says he wanna be prepared for the next Alamo we're sure to plunge ourselves into."

Rock swallowed. Now he understood her particularly foul mood on the way back.

With a great sigh he left the road proper, making their way onto the lane leading up to the infamous church.

Pulling up in front of the chapel Rock cast a couple fearful glances around but he didn't see his quarry.

His dread eased a little. Maybe she was out.

The doors of the car slammed shut as he and Revy got out.

His hopes were dashed as the door to the chapel burst open and out stepped Eda in her nun outfit, gun strapped to her side and blowing gum.

Rock didn't even dare look at Revy at that point.

"Oi oi oi, what did the gutter spit out on our doorstep today? Did nobody tell you Revy? God may have mercy for all but even He has limits with thrash like you," said Eda with that usual taunting manner.

Revy ground her teeth audibly. "We're only here because Dutch…"

Eda ignored her. She sauntered forward: “But with all bad comes some good they say.” Eda grabbed onto Rock’s arm and pulled him towards her. “Hello Rock, what a pleasant surprise. I’ve been eager to see you. Why don’t you ditch miss trigger happy over there and enjoy a real woman? A pretty boy like you deserves better.”

Rock had to admit he’d expected Revy to lose it sooner but it was inevitable nonetheless. After that last remark there was the click of a holster button being flipped. The cutlass came up.

Eda had expected it of course and in the blink of an eye both women had their guns trained on the other’s forehead.

Revy spat: “How about it bitch? We put us back to back, take ten steps and see who’s the fastest shot or you gonna keep that whore mouth of yours shut?”

Eda grinned like she had the upper hand: “How about you roll over and die whimpering like the dog you are?”

The wind gusted as both women waited for the tiniest twitch to signal the start of the next world war.

Grave footsteps came from within the shadowed recesses of the church. Rock recognized them instantly by the shuffle and turned to the open doors with extreme relief.

“Girls, if I find one more bullet hole in my church I’ll forego the ceremonies and ditch you straight in the river for the rats to feed off,” said sister Romalda as she stepped out into the light. Her one eye flicked from one woman to the other. “Is that understood?”

A tchk from Eda had her holstering her gun.

Revy shoved her cutlass back in its holster: “No problem Sister, I wouldn’t wanna repaint your church with this numbskull’s brains anyway. There’s certainly not enough of them as it is.”

Eda opened her mouth to retort but a glance from Romalda shut her up: “Keep the squabbling for later. Honestly, you two are worse than peacocks.” She fixed her gaze on Rock. “Come on young man, Dutch sent his request in advance and my bones aren’t getting any younger. I have some nice tea that just came in. I’m pretty sure the two of us can talk business a lot better without involving these two.”


The Plymouth traversed the rotting beams of the bridge heading back into Roanapura. Rock could almost feel one of those nooses around his neck. Sister Romalda had been in a decent mood and a good cup of freshly brewed tea had done wonders for Rock himself. The trunk lay full of ammo and moonshine for a good bargain. All in all a good day. Except for…

Next to him sat Revy kicking the dash in a steady rhythm of annoyance. The filter of a cigarette was being chewed to bits slowly as she gnashed her teeth while staring fixedly out the passenger side window. She hadn’t said a word since they’d taken to the road again.

Eda dropped her elbows on the seat rests and leaned forward giving Rock a coy smile. Out of her nun’s clothes and in her streetwear Rock couldn’t help a quick glance followed by a gulp.

“You’re such a gentleman Rock for giving me a ride into town,” said Eda, stroking his chin with a finger. “I might have to reward you for services rendered.”

Rock forced an uneasy smile, glancing at Revy from the corner of his eye.

Revy grumbled: “Nobody offered you shit.” She whirled around. “Why do we have this hag in the car with us Rock? Let’s just ditch her on the side of the road with a little lead poisoning.”

A bead of sweat formed on Rock’s temple. Seeing no other way out it was time to play dumb.

A bubble of very uncomfortable, fake laughter burst from Rock: “You two are so funny. Luckily I know you both better than that. Sure Eda, no problem. But next time you could ask before just jumping in our car while waiting for us. Want another smoke Revy?”

Both looked at him dangerously, most likely contemplating to kill him on the spot. Or at least punish him with a good whack from the butt of a pistol.

Instead they both huffed and fell back into their seats.

Rock let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding feeling like he’d dodged a bullet. Maybe literally.

The rest of the ride passed uneventfully. They dropped Eda off on the corner of a street before continuing on to the Lagoon Company. Revy and Rock, but mostly Rock, emptied the trunk and dropped off the car keys.

Stepping back outside Rock stopped on the curb and Revy beside him a moment later. Looking at one another with a question in their eyes they shrugged and started walking in the same direction. Yellowflag it was.

The sun was setting over the city casting the city in orange. A gentle breeze brought fresh cool air from the ocean diluting the regular stink of the criminal city.

Revy walked casually beside him, hands behind her head looking at nothing in particular while he kept an eye out for danger. He’d never be able to walk around so blatantly casual as Revy. Not that she’d miss the moment a threat appeared. Maybe being a threat herself most of the time had given her something like a sixth sense for these things.

But he enjoyed these walks together with Revy. They’d never be an intimate couple publicly like walking across the street hand in hand. Showing public affection was a good way for the wrong person to notice and abuse that knowledge. Not that Rock believed if they took him hostage it would stop Revy from doing whatever she was going to do. She just might wait for the right opportunity but she’d do it anyway. He on the other hand…

He’d probably step in the path of a bullet if it would save Revy. And she’d kick his ass for it. Maybe add a couple more holes for good measure. But that was simply who they were. Revy cared for him. He could almost say that with certainty. There was always the way she got jealous when Eda was around but that might be simply marking her territory and Revy was a sore loser no matter what it was about. Maybe he was simply a prize or a safe fuck when she needed it.

He frowned, falling a step behind. Revy looked back at him, not stopping. He shook his head with a smile and caught back up.

Such trains of thought would get him nowhere. Whatever he was to her or whatever they had right now, he could live with it. And if one day he did something stupid because his emotions got in the way and Revy killed him for it or he got himself killed that would be that. He wouldn’t be around to regret it afterwards. He would regret it more if it hadn’t happened at all, whatever it was that was happening between the two of them, than he would the consequences.

He sighed and reached into his shirt pocket. Pulling out his packet of cigarettes Revy shot him a look. He sighed and offered the pack, a cigarette already poking out.

Revy plucked hers out and Rock took one for himself. Taking out his lighter Revy closed the distance between them. Cigarettes touching tips Rock lighted them both at the same time.

Both drew back, taking a deep drag. It was a strange kind of intimacy but a kind of intimacy nonetheless.

“You know Revy,” said Rock. “It’s not because I’m screwing you that you don’t have to buy cigarettes anymore.”

Revy Pfuhd: “Stingy pencil pusher. It’s high time you take that tie off and put on your aloha shirt. It might just pull that cactus a bit out your ass.”

Rock smiled cunningly, the cigarette held a little from his lips: “Aren’t you a horrible woman. You’re lucky you’ve got your own place or I’d start calling you a gold digger.”

Revy’s eyes narrowed: “I don’t hear you complaining when we’re emptying the liquor cabinet at my place.”

Rock smirked: “I don’t hear you complaining when you’re on your third helping of my cooking instead of that crap you always insist on eating on the street.”

Revy laughed full out. Now here was the point where things could go either way. Either she was actually laughing or she was mocking you the second before assuring you she’d put a bullet in every limb.

Luckily it was the first. With genuine mirth she said: “You know Rock, if it’ll make you happy I’ll cook this Saturday.”

Rock’s eyebrows rose at that. “You’re going to cook? While I’m curious I’m not sure if I have enough confidence in Roanapura’s hospitals to treat me for food poisoning.”

In a split second he was up against the wall with Revy holding him by the front of his shirt.

Her eyes spelled murder and deadness: “Nah Rock, I’m trying to be genuinely nice here ya know. I’m not some domestic chick that has dinner waiting on the table for when her cowboy comes home. It’s either take it or leave it.”

Rock swallowed hard: “Geez Revy, I was only joking. I’ll take you up on your offer with pleasure even. I’m honestly looking forward to it.”

Revy shook him for good measure: “You’d better. I don’t do this kinda shit for just anybody…” she scratched her head: “…ever I think.”

Rock smiled affectionately. He hadn’t thought about that and apparently it was a sensitive thing to Revy. Even if it was in the way of their usual banter it had struck a nerve. But you got to roll with stuff like that around her.

“Thanks Revy,” he said fondly. “I really do appreciate the gesture.”

She shoved away from him roughly. Was that a blush he’d spotted on her face?

“Yeah, well, don’t get used to it ya hear?” she spat out, resuming her walk.

Rock grinned as he caught up with her: “I wouldn’t dare.”


They arrived at Yellowflag without incident. The criminal bar held a host of its regular customers. Enough of them without being crowded.

Rock sat at the bar with his first glass still untouched on the counter with an uneasy smile listening to Boa rant about something but he wasn’t paying attention. Instead he tried to keep an eye on Revy and how bad that twitch to her eye was getting. Revy had already slammed a couple glasses back and not even commented on him not joining. On his other side Eda laughed at Boa’s latest exclamation with exaggerated delight using the opportunity the shuffle her chair a little closer to Rock.

Eda smiled predatorily as she pushed her chest against Rock: “The idiot totally had it coming to him, don’t you think so Rock?”

Rock had no clue: “He sure did.” A small uncomfortable laugh had Bao and Eda looking at him strangely.

Someone called for drinks and Bao excused himself.

Eda rubbed herself up even closer to him: “What’s the matter Rock? You look so tense. You should unwind from time to time. How ‘bout you let an actual woman take care of you for once?”

Revy turned in her seat leaning forward dangerously towards Eda: “Maybe he’s so tense because there’s a disease riddled cow rubbing up against him.”

Eda gnashed her teeth but closed the distance to Revy so they were nearly nose to nose over Rock’s lap. Rock merely sat there, offering a silent prayer to whatever deity that he didn’t get caught any further in the verbal crossfire. If those two continued that might become an actual crossfire. Rock could already see Bao eyeing the two of them warily.

“At least this cow isn’t a psychotic bitch with daddy issues,” answered Eda challengingly.

Rock winced. He honestly didn’t know what had these two so up against each other lately but he knew Eda had crossed a line somewhere.

“All right, that’s it,” yelled Revy. Pushing Rock backward she put some space between her and Eda. Her hand went to her holster.

Eda too took a step back, hand sliding towards her gun.

But Bao was faster than the both of them. There was the click of two safeties being switched of.

Rock hit the ground as his barstool had tipped over. He saw stars, vision blurry but he could still make out the two figures frozen above him. Each had a sawed of shotgun aimed at their head.

Bao’s angry voice rose over the din of the bar. It grew still except for his announcement: “Alright listen up you crazy bitches and sons o’ bitches: the first one to put a single bullet hole in my bar this evening they’ll find your body on the bottom of a river with your weight equal in lead inside you.”

For emphasis Bao nodded to two guys at either end of the bar and they took out guns of their own.

Eda and Revy stared at him weighing the pros and cons. Rock was pretty sure if these two chose to they could dispatch both gunmen and disarm Bao faster than they’d get shot at. In times like these the two women could work in harmony like the gears in a Rolex. And not a cheap knock-off like you could by on every corner of the street in the city.

Apparently the Buddha out in the port had heard Rock’s prayer for both women dropped their hands to their sides and sat back down.

“Geez Bao, chill,” said Revy with a too wide grin. “We’re only playing around. We’ll keep our guns in our holsters and settle this another way.”

“You’d better,” grumbled Bao as he cautiously flicked the safety back on on his guns and stowed them beneath the bar.

Eda challenged Revy: “So what are you proposing? This better be good.”

Revy slapped a wad of cash on the counter: “Last woman standing.”

Eda smiled with the assurance she was going to win and slapped her own wad of cash on the counter: “You’re on.”

Both look at him still lying semi-stunned on the ground with raised eyebrow.

“Come on Rock,” drawled Revy. “Get that tie wearing ass of yours off the ground and join in the fun.”

Rock got up hesitantly, not sure what the hell was going on but glad he was still in one piece. Although he had a bad feeling about where this was headed.


And sure enough Rock’s precognitive abilities proved true. They’d been tossed out of the Yellowflag after Revy and Eda had nearly come to blows three times and tried to pull their guns twice as they got progressively drunk of their asses.

So here he was with Eda’s and Revy’s guns stuck in the belt of his pants and both women hanging on his shoulders and him holding their waists to simply stay upright.

Rock staggered under the combined weight. Stumbling over a piece of uneven sidewalk he barely managed to stay upright.

“See,” said Revy drunkenly loud, “you’re so drunk you’re nearly causing us all to fall.”

“Still not nearly as drunk as you,” slurred Eda with an accusing finger at Revy.

“Just admit defeat,” said Revy, her free hand limply going to her holster but finding nothing there. She looked at it in confusion for a moment before shrugging and glaring back at Eda.

Revy being so drunk she wasn’t even aware of her guns troubled Rock somewhat. He kept a blurry vision on the surroundings to see if nobody tried to mug three drunks stumbling down the street but with not much success. He had to use all his remaining cognitive abilities just to walk while steering the two drunks in the right direction. At least he hoped it was the right direction. But sure enough as they rounded a corner he spotted his apartment building.

“I’m not calling it a draw,” slurred Revy.

“Me neither,” responded Eda.

Rock said: “You can agree to disagree then for the moment. Let’s focus on the problem at hand. How are we going to get up to the second floor like this? The elevator’s more broken than not.”

“Who asked you anything,” both Eda and Revy said at the same time.

Rock sighed. At least they weren’t trying to kill each other for now. “Honestly, I have no idea what’s gotten into you two but can you give it a rest. I’m too drunk to put up with your crap.”

They stumbled through the door into the hall. Muttering a prayer Rock hit the elevator button and for all his low expectations it actually responded. Both looked at him shocked at the curt response.

Eda recovered first: “You know Rock, you’ve got an inebriated woman right here who’s practically defenseless. Luckily you’re not a guy to take advantage of such a situation are you?” Her tone was more than suggestive. In his current state he couldn’t deny the arousal at the proposition. The elevator dinged and the doors opened to Rock’s relief. They stumbled inside and with some wriggling he managed to push the button for the second floor.

Revy laughed belatedly. Her voice purred as she stroked a finger up the side of his ribcage: “Oh poor Eda. You might be surprised how Rock takes advantage sometimes.”

Some form of coherency entered Eda’s eyes as she eyed him like a vulture eyeing prey: “Oh really now?”

“Really,” laughed Revy, “he’s fucked me sore a couple of times.”

Rock just stood there horrified. Just how drunk was Revy to be spewing out such talk?

“Is that so?” asked Eda with a blush to her cheeks. Her hand slowly came up and came to rest on Rock’s belt buckle. Rock swallowed hard but Revy came to his rescue slapping her hand away.

“Hands off stupid nun, that merch is mine,” slurred Revy and her own hand grabbed his buckle.

The elevator dinged again. The doors slid open to Rock’s relief. He pushed the three of them forwards towards the door to his apartment. Luckily this resulted in Revy’s hand losing its grip.

“Geeze Rock, a little calmer would you? I’m gonna be seasick like this,” groused Revy.

“If you’re gonna hurl I’ll lock you in the bathroom,” warned Rock as he tried to extract his arm from around Revy to take his keys.

“I’ll help with that,” volunteered Eda as she plunged her hand in my pants’ pocket.

She wriggled around more than she should have as she licked her lips in a sultry manner before extricating the keys. Revy glared bloody murder at her with lidded eyes.

After a lot of fumbling Eda managed to unlock the door and the three stumbled inside.

Rock kicked the door closed, maneuvered the two drunken ladies. He deposited them in his couch, each on a side. Rock offered a silent word of thanks they made it. The sudden movement left the two gunwomen a little woozy. Rock used the lapse of attention to quickly sneak off to the bedroom. He deposited Revy’s cutlasses on the nightstand where they’d be safe and out of immediate reach. Eda’s he dumped in the drawer where it was hidden from view.

Coming back into the living room Eda gave a suffering whine: “Oi handsome, I’m thirsty here. Pour me a drink would ya?” Eda gave him a suggestive wink.

Rock sighed and gave Revy a look. She had one arm on the back of the couch leaning against it and looked a little spaced out. At the mention of a drink her eyes flickered in his direction telling him all he needed to know. He focused on the door knob of the liquor cabinet in an attempt to walk as straight as he could. As he grabbed it he stumbled forward miscalculating the distance but held himself upright. Opening it he picked the three sturdiest glasses he could find in case someone dropped one and tried to focus on reading the labels. Normally he wouldn’t even need to look as color, shape or type of lettering told him all he needed to know about his collection but his mind was more than a bit addled.

“Don’t you dare pour us the cheap stuff,” grumbled Revy.

“Not that you’d taste the difference between piss and genuine good scotch right now,” muttered Rock as he selected a bottle of the good stuff.

“I heard that,” shouted Revy.

“You were supposed to,” said Rock as he shut the cabinet carrying three glasses by the rim. At least he managed to make his way over without spilling or dropping one. He gave Eda and Revy each a glass and plopped himself down in the middle.

He felt completely drained. He closed his eyes for a moment and sank down deeper in the couch. He took a sip from his glass relishing the taste. A lot better than the stuff Bao served at too high prices. He fumbled around in his breast pocket for a cigarette.  Finding one and lighting it up he automatically held it out to his right.

“Thanks,” mumbled Revy.

Rock cracked an eye open and saw her surprised expression: “You could call it a sixth sense by now.”

Revy took the cigarette and took a slow drag from it. If Rock didn’t know any better he’d have thought Revy looked…pensive.

A gentle kick against his leg reminded him they weren’t alone. “There’s a lady here that could also use a smoke ya know.”

“Where?” asked Rock as he held out his pack to Eda.

Revy burst out laughing: “In your face Eda!”

“He didn’t look at you either!” Eda snapped back.

Revy glared at Rock: “Well excuse me for not being enough of a lady for you!”

Rock sighed again. He was too tired and too drunk for this. But he couldn’t let it get out of hand. He tried to think of a way and closed his eyes for a moment. He knew he shouldn’t do it since he was going to fall asleep in a matter of moments but he couldn’t resist the pull of drifting off.

That was, until he felt someone fumbling with his buckle.

He must’ve drifted off for a little while. His glass was on the table, his cigarette was stumped out in the ashtray, Eda was missing from the couch and Revy was sitting between his legs busily opening his pants.

“Revy…” mumbled Rock. “What’re you doing? Where’s Eda?”

“Over here,” yelled an irate Eda.

Rock glanced sideways. His mind derailed a moment as he couldn’t process what he was seeing. Eda was lying on his dinner table. Naked. And completely tied up.

Rock hissed as Revy pulled his member free from its confines already semi erect. She gave it a couple teasing strokes. Damn but she was good at that. Rock admonished himself to focus back on the problem.

“Euh Revy?” he asked a bit unsure.

“Uhu?” she mumbled as she engulfed his cock with her mouth.

Rock let out a grunt of pleasure. With a lot of effort he didn’t simply give in to lust and simply enjoyed what Revy was doing to him. “Why is Eda naked on the table?”

Revy shrugged as her head bobbed up and down. She massaged his balls and applied suction. Rock squeezed his eyes closed. She was being aggressive today and she knew he liked it.

Eda was struggling against her bonds: “Rock, would you mind getting Revy of your cock and getting me out of this?”

Rock threw another look at Eda. Whatever had happened Revy had done a good job. Eda’s legs were secured to a table leg each with a serious amount of tape. Her arms were also taped together and then fixed to the table so she was leaning on her elbows. Pretty much the only thing the blonde could do was talk and move back and forth her body or wiggle a bit from side to side.

Rock looked down at Revy whose gaze bored into his eyes. She shook her head. Revy was doing an amazing job and he could feel his climax approaching steadily.

Rock spoke without breaking eye contact with Revy: “Sorry Eda but I got someone telling me no and she’s got my sensitive bits in her mouth so I’m not about to argue.”

“Bastard,” muttered Eda before launching into a stream of further expletives.

Normal Rock would’ve tried to put a stop to the situation but Drunk and Horny Rock didn’t have the same set of morals.

Under Revy’s skillful administrations it didn’t take Rock long before he was at the limit.

“Revy, I’m gonna…” he warned.

She took no heed, instead taking him deep applying mighty suction.

He didn’t hold back. His hips bucked with the powerful sensation of orgasm. The world blanked out around him as he groaned deeply while Revy held him in place hands on his legs and gulped it all down. When vision returned he was panting like he’d just sprinted a mile.

His cock popped out of Revy’s mouth and she gave him a victorious smirk: “How d’ya like that one Rock?”

Rock couldn’t really find words at the moment. He still felt a little woozy. Instead he grabbed Revy by the back of the neck and pulled her to him, kissing her with fervor.

“Amazing,” he said simply.

Revy grinned coyly.

Rock glanced sideways at the table and a now silent Eda as she stared at them with an unreadable expression: “So mind explaining me what’s going on here?”

Revy grinned maliciously: “All right but you’ll have to stand up if you want me to tell you.”

Rock didn’t know if his legs would carry him already after Revy’s amazing blowjob but she helped, pulling him upright.

As soon as he was on his feet his pants fell down to his ankles. Rock wanted to bend down to pull them back up but a hand from Revy against his chest stopped him. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

There was a fire burning in her eyes for the moment outshining the deadness that so regularly haunted them. Her other hand waved an admonishing finger at him.

“Just play along for now,” she whispered huskily as the hand against his chest crawled up and started undoing the buttons of his shirt. “You fell asleep and me and miss nun over there had a little discussion. Too bad she passed out before the conclusion. So I’ve decided to teach her a lesson.”

Rock swallowed, not really understanding. Might’ve been the alcohol or the situation or a mix of both. Revy got annoyed with his buttons and ripped another one of his shirts apart. She was making a habit of it. Most likely to destroy every single one of his white shirts so he’d only have those aloha ones left.

Rock protested weakly: “Revy, I’m not sure…”

But she silenced him with a forceful kiss. She let go, bringing her lips to his ear while a fingernail traced lines on his chest. “Shhh Rock baby. Just follow my lead. This’ll be fun.”

Rock could only nod with a gulp. Revy took a step back with a coy smile. With a meaningful look she puffed out her chest and placed her feet slightly apart. Rock knew what that meant. Undress me. He didn’t need to be told. He stepped forward without hesitation. Carefully without breaking eye contact he slipped her holsters from her shoulders. That ultimate sign of trust from her. It made his heart throb and renewed his arousal. Rock dropped the holsters on the coffee table. On the way back up his thumbs hooked the bottom of Revy’s top. Rock lifted slowly, almost reverently. His gaze was locked on the fleshy orbs as Revy’s perfect nipples were exposed. So focused he didn’t even see Revy’s pleased expression at his obvious admiration.

Rock pulled the top off. Flinging it off somewhere carelessly he attacked Revy’s breasts. Licking their curves, kneading them before attacking her nipples. Sucking on them with just a bit too much force, taking a nipple gently between his teeth. Revy purred and moaned pleasurably with her hands in his hair making a complete mess of it.

Rock’s hand slid down her stomach, hand sneaking into her cutoff jeans. His fingers teased the outside of her labia finding her very aroused.

His mouth let go off her breast. His lips came close to her ear: “Looks like someone’s enjoying all this.”

She’d been biting her lip shooting him an amused look: “You should’ve seen your own face a couple of minutes ago.”

Rock grinned but still felt his face heat up. There were days Revy acted a bit shyly but most days he didn’t stand much of a chance against her.

He plunged a finger in her. Revy’s eyes widened momentarily. A moment later Rock was gritting his teeth as Revy’s hand latched onto his cock and stroked him with skill.

Their little enclosed world of animalistic desire and teasing burst apart like a bubble at Eda’s voice. Rock had nearly forgotten the blonde was still taped to his dinner table.

“Would you two cut that shit out and untie me?” Eda yelled.

Rock had stopped dead in his tracks but Revy’s stroking didn’t. Revy smiled at Eda vindictively. “What’s the matter sister? Frustrated you’re not gettin’ any?”

Eda spat: “More like disgusted at having to watch this and angry at being taped to a fuckin’ table.”

Revy smiled dangerously: “Just hang around for a little while longer. You’ll get what’s coming to ya soon enough.”

Rock had stayed still, bearing Revy’s ministrations silently. Revy’s eyes locked onto his again with a desire in them.

Afterwards Rock didn’t really know what went through his mind at that point but he blamed alcohol and tiredness for ignoring Eda’s predicament and simply sinking to his knees. He took Revy’s pants down with him. Underwear was pretty much always optional to Revy so Rock got an eyeful of that thin strip of hair and the glistening pussy underneath he’d worshipped countless times but still couldn’t get enough of. He lifted up on of Revy’s legs, held her pants so she could step out and then swung the leg over his shoulder. With such exquisite access Rock didn’t waste time. His tongue flicked her clit making her gasp, circled her hole once and dived in for the meal.

Revy moaned loudly above him as she grabbed a handful of his hair holding him in place by force as she muttered his name in a very pleased guttural moan.

“Ah come one,” yelled Eda. “I almost could expect this kind off messed up stuff from Revy but you too Rock?”

Rock couldn’t see anything but Revy’s toned skin but he could feel her swivel her head.

Revy’s tone was devoid of its earlier teasing. Her tone was that one she used when warning somebody there were about to eat lead: “Listen up bitch, if you stay quiet until Rock here finishes up doing a wonderful job then maybe you won’t regret it. If you don’t you’ll wish I’d bundled you in a sack and shipped you off to star in one of Rowan’s S&M shows by being whipped senseless.”

“Crazy bitch,” muttered Eda in return.

Revy ignored her as she grabbed hold of Rock’s hair with both hands and ground her crotch into his face.

Rock held her firmly by the ass giving it plenty of attention as he enjoyed feeling Revy squirm with pleasure.

Rock alternated between delving his tongue as deep into Revy as it would go and teasing her lips and clit. And she loved it as her gasps and clenching of muscles indicated.

He sucked on her clit, one hand letting go of her ass. Flicking the little nub with his tongue he teased her entrance with a finger.

Revy moaned loudly. “Do it Rock, baby,” she said. Not quite asking and not quite commanding but a bit of both.

Rock slid a finger in her, sliding in and out slowly at first but speeding up before a second one joined it. Revy’s moans became quick pants.

Not long after her muscles tensed and she let out a low long moan.

Rock slowed down his ministrations but still completed a couple of circuits with his tongue which left Revy shuddering.

He let her come down from her orgasm slowly, his tongue languidly cleaning up her pussy. When she was back to Earth her hands fell from his head to his shoulders. With gentle pressure she beckoned him to stand.

Coming back up, his gaze trailing over Revy’s abdomen and breasts he could feel his own lust reawakening. More so when he came up to her face and locked eyes with her. Her eyes were alight with afterglow of orgasm, affection and hunger for more. It made his throat go dry. She grabbed him behind his neck and pulled their lips together. It was a deep and passionate kiss. Rock, very faintly, heard mock retching sounds from Eda.

Revy’s hands slid down his arms and took hold of his hands. She stepped back and looked at him amusedly.

“It’s time for the main event,” she said with a dark smile and moved for the table Eda was bound to.

Rock resisted for a moment but at an insistent tug from Revy he let himself be guided along.

They stopped in front of the table. Rock just stood there stock-still looking dawn at Eda whom looked up at him with apparent anger but also some trepidation. Revy wrapped herself around him, the amount of body contact as much as possible. Her leg wrapped around his, her breasts pressed against him. Her head was on his shoulder.

She tilted her head back so her mouth was next to his ear: “Rock.” That one word had him shivering with the way it was near whispered. “I’m going to have some fun with blondie here. You feel free to join.” Her hand wrapped around his cock and stroked gently but firmly. “I’d love you to show her what kind of a man you are.” Rock swallowed but his dick jumped at the thought alone and Revy smirked. “I know you want to. And I want you to. Don’t hold back baby.”

With that she separated from him, letting him go. He stared into Eda’s eyes and she looked back defiantly.

Revy’s hand trailed over the tabletop as she slowly made her way towards the other side: “So Eda, are you prepared for what’s to come? I once told you I took lovers in prison and they were never the same after. Tonight I’ll prove it to you.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” spat Eda. “This is rape!”

Revy laughed as she smacked Eda’s ass. Hard. Eda yelped but refrained from further comment.

Revy continued as she stopped behind Eda: “This is Roanapura. Rape is everyday stuff. But this isn’t rape. This is a lesson. Or maybe a little punishment. You’ve been throwing yourself at my man for a while now and I’m sick of it. Let’s see if you’re as good as you claim.”

“Besides,” said Revy as she leaned over Eda from behind, Revy’s breasts pressing into Eda’s back. Her hand caressed Eda’s butt before it slid down and out of sight. Revy licked along the base of Eda’s neck before her mouth came to rest next to Eda’s ear: “They thought me in prison it’s not rape if we both enjoy it.”


Eda looked back with eyes open with fright but she couldn’t see Revy. Her eyes snapped back to Rock a plea in them to stop this. But when she saw Rock’s eyes her words died in her mouth. Rock was staring down at the scene with a stoicism that worried her. Her eyes widened in surprise a moment later as she felt a finger caressing her nether lips. Softly and gently. Prodding and exploring. This scared her more than anything. She’d expected Revy to nearly violate her.

Revy’s mouth was still next to her ear: “Relax little bunny. I’ll go easy on you. Just enjoy and play along. Who knows, we might actually have fun. And what happens after, happens.”

With that Revy slithered back, mouth leaving kisses along Eda’s spine.

Eda shuddered but not in pleasure. Yet.

“Oooh,” Eda heard Revy say from behind her “completely smooth. Not what I prefer but still good.”

Eda could feel Revy’s hot breath on her pussy. A finger traced her outer lips still. Gently and teasing. She leaned away from the fondling but Revy slapped her ass again before using the hand to keep Eda in place. Eda hissed sharply.

“No struggling against me,” said Revy with obvious amusement in her voice.

Eda was about to retort but a lick from Revy along her folds silenced her. Revy’s tongue trailed up and down her slit slowly, languidly. Teasing and exploring. Eda grunted in frustration.

Revy’s tongue stopped its track as she laughed: “Getting eager already?”

Eda Tchk’d and looked away stubbornly off to the side.

That earned another chuckle form Revy: “No need to hide it little bunny. Your arousal is pretty apparent back here.”

Eda’s head snapped around to retort viciously but once again Revy cut her off but latching her mouth on Eda’s pussy with a lot more aggression than before. Eda bit her lip. She looked at Rock to implore him once more to stop this but what greeted her shocked her into further silence. Rock was standing closer to the table now. He was slowly stroking his erection right in front of her face. She stared fixedly at Rock’s member as she gulped. Fearfully she looked up at his face. She’d never really seen such a dispassionate expression on Rock’s face before. He took a step closer. It wasn’t dispassionate his expression, more conflicted. She looked back down. Rock’s rock hard member had gotten very close to her face now. She smacked her lips unconsciously. Rock took that as approval and took the last step forward. His dick pressed against her lips but she turned away in denial. His hand came to rest in her long blond hair and made her look up.

“Eda, if you would,” he said. It had the slight undertone of a command.

Revy detached her face from her crotch and came up to look. Instead of a moment’s respite Revy’s fingers quickly replaced her mouth starting a quick fingering. Revy’s other hand grabbed her clit between thumb and index finger, applying gentle pressure.

“Yeah, come on little bunny,” said Revy teasingly. “Suck Rock’s big cock and put that big mouth of yours to good use for once.”

Eda shook her head. Revy increased the pressure on her clitoris.

“You know,” said Revy with a half purr, “pain and pleasure get very close sometimes. Shall I find out which one you prefer?”

Eda’s eyes widened. Her eyes darted from Rock’s face to his member to try and looking back but Rock held her in place. More pressure was applied while Revy’s fingers picked up the pace and danced around in her love tunnel. Hesitantly her lips parted. She turned back to face Rock’s dick, her tongue slipping out tentatively. At the first lick Rock shoved his dick in her mouth and started a slow rhythm which he had no option but to allow. She briefly entertained biting down but with Revy at her own private parts retribution would most likely unpleasant. Not to mention painful. So she did her best on the member sliding in and out of her mouth. Applying suction and using her tongue. She looked up into Rock’s eyes which bored into hers with an unreadable expression. She’d never give it to the man he could be so forceful. It was unlike his normal gentle character. Revy was apparently pleased with her cooperation as the woman released her clit from its near painful hold instead playing with it in a very pleasurable way. Eda didn’t like to admit it but Revy knew how to pleasure a woman. She liked admitting she was enjoying it even less. But here she was. Bound to a table with a woman attacking her pussy while sucking a man’s dick she wouldn’t have minded bedding anyway. If only to get under Revy’s skin but perhaps she had underestimated the relationship of the two.

Revy’s mouth clamped back over her pussy. Licking, lapping and penetrating. Her legs wobbled under the assault.

No, she’d figured the two had been mere fuckbuddies. Maybe not on Rock’s side but certainly on Revy’s. Being territorial simply came with Revy’s nature. But now she could see there was maybe some genuine affection. And she’d pushed her way brazenly into the minefield of Revy’s emotions of love and affection. Looking back onto it now maybe she should’ve thought this a bit more through.

She looked up at Rock. If she couldn’t get out of it she might at least give it her best. The thought of Rock commenting to Revy that Eda gave better blowjobs would’ve brought a smile to her lips if her mouth wasn’t full of cock.

She knew most men loved it when you looked up into their eyes when sucking them but she was disappointed to find Rock’s eyes closed in pleasure. That at least gave her some satisfaction. The she noticed she’d been wiggling her hips in sync with Revy’s ministrations and stopped immediately.

Revy’s mouth let go again: “Oh come on, you were just getting into it.”

Eda refused to acknowledge Revy’s taunts. Not that she could do much in her position but that didn’t matter. Revy shrugged before going back to her work.

Within a minute Eda was back to squirming at Revy’s attentions. The woman was definitely good and Eda could feel her arousal mounting higher and higher closing in on an involuntary orgasm she desperately wanted to repress. But between the pleasure of finally getting to suck Rock’s cock and him definitely enjoying it as his thrusting hips showed and Revy’s coordinated attack on her nether regions she wouldn’t be able to hold it off for long.

It came as a surprise when Rock thrust deep and held her in place as he grunted while he came in her mouth. Without even a warning! But that forcefulness and knowing he’d come from her set off her own orgasm. With a muffled cry she felt it coursing through her.  Her knees buckled, her belly hitting the tabletop.

Spots danced in her mind, her body spasmed involuntarily as Revy kept going for some time, finishing her off good.

Rock came to his senses and withdrew his now limp member from her mouth. Immediately she gasped and panted.

Revy finally let her off, coming around the table as one of her hands traced over Eda’s body, leaving tingles in the wake.

Revy leaned over her and fondled her breasts: “Looks like someone enjoyed herself.”

Eda refused to respond but she couldn’t deny it to herself.

Revy let her be and went over to Rock, drawing him in again for a passionate kiss.

“You did good Rock,” she said sensually and pleased. Rock just nodded a bit dumbly as if he couldn’t believe it himself. Revy sank down on her haunches, stroking Rock’s limp cock with a smirk. “You think you could get going for another round?”

Rock swallowed and looked down at her with obvious lust in his eyes: “I’m not sure. I might need a little encouragement.”

Revy smiled proudly as she took his dick in her mouth. Rock hissed from still being sensitive but gently put his hand on top of her head to encourage her anyway.

Eda looked at them with some trepidation: “Are you not done yet? You’ve made your point.”

Revy looked at her from the corner of her eye and shook her head. Rock’s dick popped out of her mouth. “Not yet little bunny. There’s still some fun to be had.”

With that she went back to her blowjob until Rock was hard again.

“That's a good boy Rock baby. I knew you had it in you,” said Revy with a proud look as she stood up. Keeping a hand on his dick she guided Rock behind the table.

Eda’s eyes widened: “You’re not serious?”

Revy grinned evilly at her but didn’t comment.


Rock followed dumbly after Revy. Even he couldn’t make heads nor tails from the situation anymore but a part of him simply complied. In the time Revy and he had been lovers he’d been taught, hardhandedly sometimes but not unenjoyable, to be more assertive in the sheets. And apparently it had had some effect. And he was still a man after all. When given the order to fuck a hot woman whom was he to argue. Especially by his even hotter, in his opinion, lover. But now there was a new line to cross and he didn’t knew if he could or would. At this point if he refused Revy wouldn’t hold it against him he figured. And at least Eda might not kill him on sight next time they crossed paths. On the other hand…

Revy stopped and turned him around. He gulped. Before him lay Eda, her butt towards him. Revy still held onto his dick and stroked it slowly. Eda was still panting but looking back at them with wide eyes.

“That’s enough rest for you fake nun,” said Revy and slapped Eda on her ass. “Back up on your legs or you want Rock to fuck you like this?”

Eda shook her head, whether she didn’t want to be fucked by Rock at all or not like this was left open to question. But not to Revy.

Revy sighed and looked Rock in the eyes, adding a little bit of a beg to it: “Rock, could you be a dear and haul her back up on her feet?”

Rock hesitated for a moment but Revy stopped her stroking and squeezed down on his member. She raised an eyebrow at him and he complied at which she continued her slow stroking.

Rock grabbed Eda’s thighs and put her back on her legs to minor protest from Eda. Revy shushed her. With a gentle push Revy pushed Rock forward until the tip of his penis touched her folds. Revy stopped him there. Eda was still looking back at them quietly. Her expression betrayed trepidation but also want. She couldn’t hide the desire.

Revy’s smirk was simply devilish as she slid Rock’s tip up and down Eda’s folds, coating it with Eda’s juices.

Revy kept it up for quite some time until Eda started squirming under the teasing, even thrusting back a couple of times. But Revy was faster, pulling Rock’s dick away in time. Rock had to admit this didn’t only frustrate Eda. He too groaned in disappointment until he remembered the entrance he was teasing wasn’t the one he really wanted to fuck. And Revy was keeping a close eye on him. She might not take it well if he seemed too eager.

“Say Rock,” said Revy suddenly, “What do you think? Has our little bunny deserved a little reward for being obedient?”

Rock looked into Revy’s eyes looking for the right answer but before he realized it he’d given a near imperceptible nod.

Revy looked at Eda, her teasing of Eda’s folds with Rock’s cock continuing: “What do you say bunny, you want some of this?” Revy dipped Rock forward, parting the slick folds but only barely before pushing Rock back. Both he and Eda let out a small gasp followed by a whimper. Eda nodded reluctantly.

Revy wasn’t satisfied: “Tell me what you want.”

Eda glared at her but her lips parted nonetheless: “I want it.”

Revy dipped Rock in her entrance once more: “What do you want?”

“I want his dick in me!” snapped Eda.

Revy smiled like the cat that got the canary: “Beg him for it.”

Eda stared wide-eyed at Revy: “What?”

Another dip. “You heard me. Beg Rock to fuck you.”

Eda looked like she might refuse but in the end her gaze shifted to Rock: “Please Rock, stick it in.” Rock nearly lost it there and plunged in but Revy held him back.

Revy was clearly enjoying it: “You’ll have to do better. Really beg him for it. Show us how badly you want it.”

Eda swallowed. She stuttered near the beginning but afterwards she nearly yelled: “Please Rock, ram your dick in me. Fuck me! Fuck me with all you’ve got!”

“Good,” said Revy and unceremoniously lined up Rock with Eda’s sphincter. To Rock she said: “Go slow.”

At this point Rock didn’t care what hole he was pushing it into and applied gentle force. His dick was more than slippery enough from Eda’s flowing juices.

“Wait,” yelled Eda, “that’s not…”

Revy slapped her ass again and held Rock in place for a moment: “Be glad he’s giving you something. You’d think I was going to let my man fuck you like that?” she laughed evilly. “Not a chance bitch. You’ll have to do better before I let that happen.”

Revy urged Rock forward. Her hand dropped from his dick and began playing with Eda’s pussy.

“But I’ll still make it enjoyable for you, don’t worry. You did good so far,” said Revy.

Rock pressed forward, his cockhead spreading open Eda’s ass and slipping in. He let out a grunt of satisfaction against Eda’s hiss. Revy smiled coyly at the sight as she continued to pleasure Eda.

Rock did go slow, slowly going in and pulling back a little before advancing again. When he was completely inside he had trouble breathing. This wasn’t his first anal experience but the situation took it to a whole different level. The hot blonde tied to the table in front of him, Revy’s face close to his member looking avidly at the proceedings with a worrying smirk while she played with Eda. A man’s wet dream in many ways.

Rock slowly started pumping in and out of Eda. After a while Revy gave a satisfied nod and stood up, lacing her arms around Rock’s neck.

“You’re doing amazing baby, keep it up,” she said with love and lust in her eyes and drew him in for a deep kiss with a lot of tongue battling.

When she was finished her hand trailed his jaw before she walked to the other end of the table, standing in front of Eda in her full naked glory and Rock couldn’t avert his eyes from the sight as he grabbed Eda’s ass with both hands and thrust a little harder. Eda groaned and moaned.

“Time for your main course little bunny,” said Revy with a truly malicious smirk at Eda. Eda’s head whipped up but Rock couldn’t see her expression from behind.

Revy took two chairs and placed them in front of Eda with their back towards the table. Leaving them there Revy stepped up one chair to mount the table. Planting both feed firmly on either side of Eda she looked down at the blonde as Eda craned her neck to look up in fear of what might happen next. Revy smile down evilly at the fake nun.

Revy looked at him then. At his transfixed gaze on her body as he pumped into Eda’s ass with some abandon. They locked eyes and neither looked away. Rock couldn’t help but gaze into those normally dead-to-the-world eyes now filled a flickering fire that wasn’t nearly enough in them but when it was it was amazing and beautiful. He’d never say it out loud. You couldn’t in a place like this. Too dangerous. And he didn’t know Revy’s reaction to the words. It might be extreme or it might be a complete shut-down of all outward emotion. He wouldn’t risk it. But he did love this woman. Despite all her flaws and her instabilities.

The fact that she was fucking hot and a demon in the sack helped of course. He’d like Revy before all the sex. But afterwards… He counted himself a lucky man.

The moment lasted and Eda, despite Rock still thrusting into her but slowing down, was forgotten for a moment.

Revy stepped forward until her belly was mere centimeters away from Rock’s nose. Her eyes still bored into his. She grabbed his hair and without a word he dived in to lick her pussy with fervor.  She gasped his name and he bucked wildly in response. A hiss came from behind Revy but Rock didn’t notice. Revy was his universe in that moment and he was hers. He let go off Eda’s ass and held Revy close to him by her thighs instead. Eda set her own pace oblivious to Rock.

Revy ground her crotch in his face, making pleased sounds. With a sudden unexpected move she gasped loudly but then she gripped his hair firmly and pulled him away.

“Rock,” she said, “you’re doing an amazing job but you’re sidetracking me.”

Rock looked up at her with desire and she looked taken aback for a moment but steeled herself. She bent down and placed a kiss on his lips.

“Take it slow and easy for a while, we’re not done yet,” she whispered in his air and backed away.

She stood over Eda’s head again. Revy knelt down to her knees, sitting on the balls of her feet. Leaning back she placed her hands on the back of the chairs and presented her slit to Eda. Revy stared hard at Eda: “you know what to do.”

Rock had expected a protest of some kind but after a couple seconds of hesitation Eda moved her head down and get to work.

“What’s Rock’s indirect kiss taste like?” asked Revy sadistically. Eda merely grunted in response.

Rock’s mind was severely addled by the side. Not to mention the fatigue from all the sex, alcohol and the late hour with very little sleep. But he did what Revy asked and took it slow as he took control of the pace again by restricting Eda’s hips with his hands. The sight before him made his mouth go dry. Eda eating Revy out fired new energy through his body while it became harder to not think he was simply dreaming. That thought brought back memories of another dream he’d once had which had turned out to be real…

But a moan from Revy brought him back from reverie.

“Quite good little bunny,” said Revy teasingly, “but you’ll have to do better.”

Revy looked at him: “You can stop for a moment Rock. I’ll have our guest prove herself a bit more before rewarding her.”

Eda’s head snapped up for a retort but Revy’s hand snatched her hair and pushed her back down.

“Put that mouth to better use than talking,” said Revy dangerously at Eda’s muffled protests.

Eda struggled for a moment or two before she sagged a little. Her head moved up and down and side to side as she resumed.

Rock thrust a couple more times but a hard look from Revy stopped him. Reluctantly he pulled out of Eda. Her hips shivered as his dick left her. He simply stood there gazing at Eda’s ass momentarily before sinking down to his knees and licking Eda’s pussy.

“Oi Rock,” shouted Revy, “what’s the big idea? You’re not supposed to be giving her any favors yet.”

But Rock ignored her and continued his cunnilingus.

Revy Thck'd but let it go: “Oh well. You’d better see this as an advance bonus so get your act together Eda and work my pussy even harder.”

Eda mumbled something muffled but her body took up the pace.

“That’s more like it,” said Revy.

The talk ceased as pants, moans and groans were the only sounds in the room for a while.

Eda appeared to be doing a good job as Rock heard Revy say: “That’s better, you’re actually getting me close there. Maybe it’s time for the main event. Rock?”

Rock popped his head over Eda’s buttocks and looked at Revy imploringly.

“Stand up Rock,” said Revy, “our little bunny here’s been a good girl.” Rock stood up and looked dead serious at Revy. “So we’ll give her a reward if you feel like it.” Revy looked down at Eda. “How about it? Shall I have Rock give you what you want?”

Revy pulled Eda’s face out of her crotch. Revy looked questioningly at Eda and Rock could see her nod. Revy smiled satisfied and pushed Eda’s face back down. With a low guttural moan she said: “Go ahead baby, fuck her brains out.”

Rock didn’t need to be told twice at this point. He stepped forward, lined up his dick and simply plunged inside in one swift stroke. Eda tightened in response to the sudden intrusion but a moment later she was wriggling her hips against him. Rock took a firm hold on her ass and started thrusting without holding back. He looked at his actual lover and saw her smirk at him. But Revy was looking a bit flustered now as her climax approached. Revy held Eda firmly in place, her muscles taut.

Rock simply gave in to the pleasure, ramming his dick into Eda at a steady pace.

Her tight slick folds soon had him close. He leaned low over Eda so one hand could fondle her breasts. They hadn’t gotten an attention so far. Eda moaned into Revy’s cunt which elicited another gasp from Revy. Rock looked up at the magnificent view of Revy in the throes of pleasure.

Revy tensed up first, a low guttural moan escaping her. As if in a chain reaction this set Eda off into her own orgasm. She shuddered beneath Rock, her vaginal walls clamping down on his dick which in turn set him off. With a final thrust he unloaded it all deep inside the blonde.

The world fell out beneath his feet for some time and when he came to all he heard was the panting of three people. He felt completely spent. He fell forward on a heavily breathing Eda.

A hand stroked his hair. He looked sideways up at a glowing Revy with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Come on baby,” said Revy affectionately, “let’s go to bed.”

Rock nodded numbly. Pushing himself off Eda, his cock popping out, he threw an arm around Revy’s shoulders and staggered together with her towards the bedroom.

But just before reaching it he stopped and looked back: “Uhm Revy? Are we just going to leave her there?”

Revy looked back too and shrugged: “She’ll survive.”

Eda’s head snapped up at that remark but her eyes were still a bit hazy: “Say what now you slut? You’re just going to leave me here tied up after what you’ve done to me.”

“You enjoyed it,” retorted Revy and tried to pull Rock along into the bedroom but Rock stood his ground and simply stared at Revy in a meaningful way.

“Fine!” Revy cried indignantly, throwing off Rock’s arm from her shoulders.

She stormed to the liquor cabinet, yanked the drawer open and pulled out a small knife.

Marching over to Eda she looked down for a moment at the blonde and even Rock wondered if Revy was going to use the knife on the fake nun. But with a quick couple of slashes Eda’s bonds holding her arms were cut. The knife dropped on the table.

“You can handle the rest yourself,” said Revy coldly before heading back in Rock’s direction, grabbing his arm and dragging him into the bedroom while slamming the door behind her.

She whirled him around and pushed him on the bed: “Honestly Rock, there’s no helping you sometimes.”

She’d looked angry but the next moment she ploffed down next to him, an arm over his chest and head on his shoulder: “But it’s this nice guy that I need I guess.”

Rock was about to reply but a snore stopped him. He looked down at her fondly. She must’ve been exhausted.

Their legs were still hanging over the bed so he gently maneuvered the both of them fully onto the bed without waking Revy. Not that he had to try hard. She was asleep like the dead. Drawing a blanket over the both of them he kissed her forehead: “I love you too Revy.” And promptly fell asleep.


It was a reluctant and groggy awakening for Rock as he cracked his eyes open. Judging from the amount of light stinging his eyes it had to well into the afternoon. The room was sticky hot. The fact that he was hemmed in between bodies didn’t help. He closed his eyes again with a groan. His eyes snapped open again as a strange fact registered. He could feel Revy’s familiar form pressed against him on his right side. But on his left side…

He turned his head and saw an unfamiliar tangle of blond hair.

“Aaah!” he yelled startled, scooting away from that side of the bed, jostling Revy awake.

“Rock,” Revy mumbled sleepily but already with a hint of danger to it, “be quiet. It’s too early for this shit.”

Rock looked alarmed down at her. If she woke up now and saw another woman in the bed he’d be taking a lead shower. He dared look at the other form again. The blankets had fallen away. A naked Eda lay there now groping at the empty spot while mumbling something which sounded like a complaint.

The events of the night before came crashing back into his mind and he gulped. It had been something like a wet dream come true and any man lucky enough to wake up between two such beautiful women should be very proud of himself. But these weren’t any two ordinary beautiful women. He was back in the minefield and the slightest movement could trigger his demise.

So he stayed very still. Eda’s hand was still searching for the missing body but he’d managed to get both him and Revy just out of reach.

At the moment Revy decided she was too hot to stay cuddled up to him and rolled over. Rock was just too late to realize she’d been right on the edge of the bed.

Revy disappeared from sight and with a thud landed on the floor narrowly missing the nightstand with her head. Rock cringed.

Revy staggered up to her feet looking down at him with dangerous eyes: “Oi Rock, mind tellin’ me what the big i…”

She wasn’t fully awake yet, Rock could tell. Her eyes registered the form on the other side of the bed. Eda stirred too from the sudden noise.

Eda’s eyes flickered open and when she saw Rock his panicked expression didn’t seem to register with her as she smiled languidly: “Morning to you pretty boy.”

Rock’s eyes flickered to Revy and he could see there was murderous intent there.

Revy’s voice was a void: “Oi, harlot, mind telling me what the fuck you’re doing here?”

How Eda had failed to notice a start naked Revy standing on his other side Rock couldn’t understand but when she did Eda’s eyes widened. She cast a quick glance at her naked self and looked a little panicked herself now: “I…I…”

Revy raised an eyebrow at her.

Rock was truly astonished. Neither seemed to remember what had transpired during the night and he was afraid to even make a sound otherwise their ire might quickly be redirected on him.

But some form of coherence reached Eda apparently: “You tied me up and practically raped me!”

Revy’s brow furrowed in confusion before realization struck her: “That’s right little bunny! And you enjoyed it.” Revy seemed very smug about this.

Eda groaned at the nickname: “would you stop calling me that!”

“Not a chance in hell,” grinned Revy maliciously. “And if you don’t get the fuck out of here fast I’ll call you a lot worse.”

“Well, I would’ve liked to,” yelled an irate Eda, “but somebody ripped up my clothes!”

This seemed a fond memory to Revy: “Ow yeah. Well, that’ll teach you not to challenge me.”

 Eda snorted: “You got lucky.”

Revy put a foot on the bed, waving a fist at Eda: “Oh yeah? Wanna go again bitch?”

Eda smiled challengingly: “Bring it on airhead.”

With a cry Revy leaped over Rock and onto Eda. Revy landed on top of Eda and they both rolled off the bed onto the floor with shouts and insults. A lot of insults.

Rock decided he was in the clear and let the two to their struggle. Unobtrusively picking up Revy’s cutlasses and putting them out of sight in the drawer of the nightstand he got out and headed for the shower.

Revy spotted him sneaking off: “Oi Rock, you could always help throwing this harlot out ya know!”

“Yeah Rock,” shouted Eda encouragingly, “why don’t you come over and join the fun?”

Rock smiled awkwardly: “You two seem to be having plenty of fun on your own.” He quickly slipped into the bathroom to a double shout of: “Coward!”

Rock shook his head as he closed the door. He didn’t know how this was going to end up but he guessed there were worse ways to go.


The end. For now.



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