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Original Publication Date: 10-1-10

I got asked to write a sequel to Touch of Sin and Reset the Sadness, but I currently can't come up with any sequels for them, since I didn't have any planned from the start...But since a while I felt like writing something fluffy, especially after Reset the Sadness...I don't know if this fanfiction will be as fluffy as I want it to be, but I like this idea...Enjoy!

Note: The chapters will be short, because I just can't write long stories...But I wanted to try a multi-chapter fiction for once...

"Young Master, your guest is here", at his butler's words, Ciel glanced up from the papers on his desk, before sighing and forcing himself to get up from his comfortable chair.

As he stepped down the stairs, he could already see the blonde who was gracefully stepping out of the carriage. A moment later, said blonde was running toward him joyfully, "Ciel!"

"Ciel!", Alois slung his arms around the shorter boy, embracing him tightly. Usually Ciel would have struggled and pushed the other person immediately away, but instead he sighed once again and gently wrapped his arms around the blonde.

"I missed you so much~", Alois said with a wide smile. Ciel blushed as he found himself staring at those pink lips, wanting to kiss them. He quickly tried to hide his uneasiness, "we have seen each other two days a-", but he couldn't finish his sentence, as his throat emitted a gasp. In a moment of his unawareness, the blonde's hands must have traveled down his back and were now firmly cupping his butt cheeks.

Leaning down, Alois whispered hotly in the other's ear, "the ride here was sooo boring...so I thought of you all the time...of all the things we can do...And now I'm horny...", smirking, he licked the earlobe of Ciel and pressed his lower region against him, allowing him to feel the semi-hard erection.

Ciel knew that his face had just turned a deep shade of red, making him wish for a hole that would open up, in which he could fall into. Luckily he could bury his face in the chest of the taller boy. Ciel was just indulging in the lavender fragrance of his lover, when the words of his butler drew him out of his fanciful thoughts.

"I have prepared some tea-", Sebastian said in his usual calm manner, smiling innocently.

"Screw the tea! Let's go, Ciel!", grabbing the boy's wrist, Alois started to run upstairs, dragging Ciel along with him.

"Hey! You don't even know where the bedroom is!", Ciel blurted out after they passed the first corner, immediately regretting what he had just said, making Alois halt. Turning around to face Ciel, Alois took advantage of Ciel's naivety, "oh? Bedroom, huh? You surely are straightforward, Earl", snickering, he pressed his lips to Ciel's, making him stumble backward in the process, until his back hit a wall.

He licked the rosy lips to gain access and in an instant slipped his tongue in. Cupping the other's face with his hands, Alois ravenously devoured Ciel's mouth, until they had to break apart for air.

Breathing heavily, Ciel pushed himself off the wall and took the blonde's hand in his own. "Come, it's this way", he said, leading the way through the long hallways. Alois followed him happily.


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