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Ciel couldn't believe what he was seeing. On the bed a beautiful dress was laying, along with a corset, stockings and a garterbelt with matching panties. While the dress was made of various layers of lace and frills, in a bright pink color, the lingerie was entirely white.

Alois ran over to the bed and after taking a thorough look, he cheerfully said, "oh, look what I found!", as he pulled out a dark-blue, long-haired wig from underneath the pile of clothes.

Walking over to his lover, Alois held the wig next to Ciel's head. "It's exactly your haircolor, what a coincidence!"

"You actually need to hold it up to notice that...?", shaking his head in annoyance, while placing his palm on his forehead, he kept on, "coincidence?", after a dry laugh, he continued in a bothered manner, "what a joke. I'm leaving."

Just when Ciel was about to walk out of the room, a voice refrained him from doing so.

"I'm not stupid, even if you think that...but fine, leave...", with that, the blonde dropped down on the bed and stared at the floor, patting the wig he still held absentmindedly.

Sighing once again, Ciel mumbled to himself, "I knew this day would be troublesome...", taking a deep breath, he turned around and walked over to the bed, sitting down on its edge, next to Alois.

"I don't think you are stupid...", he spoke quietly, glancing at the floor as well.

"It's fine, just leave", pouting, the blonde turned his head to the side, in the opposite direction of his lover.

"Are you aware that this is my room?", the blue-haired boy averted his eyes from the ground to look at Alois now.

"Yep, but you wanted to leave, so it's mine now", crossing his arms, the blonde still refused to look at Ciel.

Smiling, Ciel went on with the game a little longer, complaining in a childish tone, "hey, you can't just claim rooms!"

By now, it was hard for Alois not to break out laughing, but he couldn't stop the giggle that arose in his throat.

"Was that a giggle just now?", Ciel asked teasingly, "well, let's make you laugh then!" and with that he started to tickle the side of the blonde, making him finally break out in laughter, while laughing along himself. Lying down on the bed next to one another, they went on with attacking each other with tickles until they had tears in their eyes. Impulsively Alois pulled the shorter boy into his arms, who in return nuzzled his neck.

"I think this is the first time I have seen you laugh", with a smile on his lips, he glanced at his lover, who suddenly had a mischievous shine in his eye.

The blonde was pondering what's going on as Ciel sat up and looked around himself, until his eye caught the wig. Grabbing it, he straddled Alois' hips and took off his eyepatch, before elegantly putting the wig on his head, allowing the long, curly strands to beautifully encase his tiny back and delicate shoulders. Tilting his head to one side, he spoke through half-lidded eyes with long lashes, "maybe I should give you a small reward then, for being able to make me laugh?"

Startled, Alois couldn't help but think that Ciel looked entirely different now. Not exactly more beautiful, but rather a different kind of beautiful. One that made Alois want to possess that enchanting being completely and for all eternity, even more than before now. Simply irresistible, he thought.

Immediately shoving the other demon away, Claude wore an angry expression. "What are you trying to achieve with this preposterous act?"

Not really bothered by the cold response of the other, Sebastian's smirk merely widened and he leaned in for another kiss, this time snatching Claude's hands in a swift motion and fixating them on the wall behind him.

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