Lost and Found

BY : KaylaTsukino
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Disclaimer: I don't own Young Justice or Sailor Moon. This story is for fun and no money is being made from this.

Disclaimer standards apply, I don’t own Young Justice or Sailor Moon.


A/n: This idea sort of came to me and has been buzzing in and out of my head for a while. It’s mostly smut-isk. Not exactly if this will be multi-chapter, but I’m willing to put myself out there so-to-speak.

Warning: This story will conain adult material, mostly Male/Female sexual relations, don’t like don’t read.

Chapter 1?

               How had it come down to this? How could have it ended this way? Once again, the world had been saved, but at what cost? That was a question no one thought they would want the answer to. The cost was too great, a cost that one risked in this kind of work. Too many lives losts , both for different reasons, both a means to an end. But, the shock was real.

               Blond hair wipped back and forth carried by the gusty wind, the bitter cold going unnoticed by the figure standing in the snow clad in a skin tight and rather short sailor outfit. Tearstains lined her cheecks as the reality of the situation ate at her insides, her heart unable to take the reality of what had just transpired minutes, possible hours before. She couldn’t tell anymore, she’d stopped trying as the cold grip of death ached at her heart. “Come on, we’ll give you a lift home.” A male voice broke through her thoughts as a gloved hand covered her shoulder.

               Puffy blood shot eyes gazed at the stranger before her, as she turned to face the speaker. A shift of her body, as she spun to face him along with a mute nod were her only signs of acknowledgement. She hadn’t even felt herself being guided out of the unforgiving cold of the north pole, as she sunk right back into her drepressing thoughts. “How are you holding up?” she inquired of the man who had taken an interest in her. He too, along with his team had lost one of their dear friends to this, and she had in a sense had bared witness to his death, one of her own soldiers falling to save them. She had, of course failed, but the memory replayed as if on constant rewind. She wasn’t the best when it came to coping, but she found if she focoused on someone else, it helped to lift her depression. And, she needed a reprieve if only for a moment.

               “Still in shock.” The male voice replied honestly, his tone reflecting his words. He wouldn’t admit it, but the death of his team mate had weighed heavily on his mind. He couldn’t possibly bounce back from this so quickly, but the fact this young woman (a stranger to him no less) had considered to ask about his well-being had touched him, and he felt compeled to answer.

               “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk right now.” She’d replied. Honestly the sailor suited woman could fully understand what all had transpired. She could understand his being in shock. She too felt the same way. But, she was trying to keep her mind active so she could forget for a moment about that night.

               “Thanks for asking.” He’d said, guiding her into a seat. “Where do you live?”

               “Daytona Beach, Florida.” She had answered simply. Brown slightly and blood shot eyes closed of their own accord, as she’d felt the tall tale signs of liftoff.

               “We’re here I’ll walk you the rest of the way home.” That same male voice broke into her troubled thoughts as a white gloved hand wiped away a batch of fresh hot tears she had yet to realize had spilled from her closed lids. Silently nodding she rose from her seat allowing her numb body to be escourted off what she would later learn was a martian bioship, but at the moment she didn’t really seem to care as it was pure willpower driving her actions at this point. She led him through the confinds of her apartment complex until she reached her unit. Getting into a crouch, she unloked the door and pushed it forward prepared for a possible escaped animal. The coast clear, she stepped into the unit fully, and changed her form into a strapless tank top and a pair of short shorts that left nothing to the imagination. And, if it was anything, she couldn’t help but think that her silent escort was staring. However, just as quickly she felt the feeling, it seemed to vanish. Turning on her heal, she couldn’t help  but notice way.

               “You can stay if you want.” The girl found herself offering, her hand snaking out to catch his well-toned arm.

               A hand reached to his ear as he spoken into the radio. “Don’t wait up, I’ll return home on my own.” He was speaking into the radio, his masked gaze locking onto her own.

               “Just be careful.” Came a concerned reply before the line went dead. Without another word spoken, he entered the apartment closing and locking the door behind him. He had no idea what was on this girl’s mind, but despite that, he realized he couldn’t stop looking. The outfit she wore drawing attention to her very ample chest, and curving to draw attention to her very rounded tight and small ass. He felt his throat suddenly go dry, realizing his mind had gone in a dangerous direction. He should’ve just ninjaed out of there, but he was frozen unable to stop his very lustful thoughts.

               “Can I get you anything?” her voice brought him back into reality, and realizing how dry his mouth had suddenly gotten, he quickly replied.


               Nodding, the woman half walked, and now that he got a closer look, half limped across her living room before her form vanished into the kitchen, her upper half still visable through the apartment’s pass-through window. How could he not notice she was injured? Simple, his entire mind had shut down. “Are you alright?”

               She returned moments later a clear glass half-filled with water she’d gotten from the tap. If he’d been paying attention, he would’ve seen her live form streaching as it was as she reached for a glass in the cabnent in front of her. “I’m fine, that limp’s normal.” She said.

               He took the offered glass from her outstretched hand, and downed about half the contents in one go before eyeing her body one more time. Now that he’d allow himself a proper look, the woman who stood in front of him had a deformed right foot that was curved at an almost 90 degree angle and pointed  down.

               He snaked out his free hand to brush a strand of now, brown hair from her face so he could see her eyes clearly. Her tongue raked across her lips, desolving his willpower even further. He should just leave, walk out of her life before he could do something he’d regret, but he couldn’t just do that to her, but at the same time he couldn’t give into his lust-filled desires either. He couldn’t do that, he couldn’t bring himself to make her  a simple meaningless one-night stand.

               Sure he’d had a history of spending the night with a different woman almost every night, feeling that he needed to be with someone constantly. But, they all had been people he’d known for a long time. Some of them being people he’d gone to high school with, but even so he couldn’t seem to bring this stranger onto the list of meaningless sexual encounters. He should just leave, but he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t walk out on her, which left him really confused.

               His hand cupped her cheek, a thumb grazing the surface lightly. She leaned into him, her hands going around his frame as she pulled him closer to her. He only paused long enough to place his glass on the nearby table before pulling her into a hug and holding her in a strong embrace. While he in no way wanted to take advantage of her, he could understand her want to seak physical comfort. After all they were currently feeling the same things after all, it was for different people sure, but it was the same pain. “Does whomever you’re living with know?” he’d inquired.

               She shook her head against his chest as a fresh wave of tears slid freely down her face. “I can’t tell him….” She whispered.

               He had been right, she was living with someone, a man to be exact. And, he could understand her not wishing to tell his person anything. Sharing the duel life was something that very people chose to express about themselves to loved ones for fear they wouldn’t be able to keep that person safe. He understood full well everything. Which meant, she had to do this now while she was alone. His hand rubbed her back, holding her in a protective and comforting embrace. She needed to be held, and he could easily do that for her. “Nightwing.” He whispered to her, introducing himself at long last.

               “Sailor Gwaten.” She replied in kind, her face half-barried in his chest still. He hadn’t told her his real name, so she didn’t feel she should give hers. If names had been exchanged prior to now, neither could honestly remember as his hands slid back up her spine.r, the events of the day still a shock to them both.

               She lifted her head from his chest, licking her lips once more. Nightwing really wished she would stop doing that, but she seemed to get the hint. “I should get some chap stick.” Her voice cracked as she spoke, but not from her most recent tear-fest. If Nightwing had to guess, her mind was going down that very same road, and she was trying to stop herself from doing something she might regret, no, something they both might regret later down the road.

               “You’re not moving.” He observed, his voice low, his own thoughts filtering into his own voice. He was so close, all he would have to do was lean down, and… kiss her, but dare he? It was very tempting to say the very least, and he struggled with the moral aspects of his actions. Before he could stop himself, his lips connected with hers, softly gentally. It was something she didn’t object to, in fact seemed to welcome as she returned the kiss with one of her own, her lips molding perfectly with his own. His tongue darted out just enough to tast her lips, delving deeper into the hot caveron that was her mouth when she’d granted him access. Skilled gloved hands sliding down the curve of her spine coming to a stop on her hips. Her body pressed forward, into his aching to be even closer still.

               Something in his mind screamed at him to stop, to not push himself further over that dangerous line, but he continued to ignore it a moment longer as he pressed back, their hips grinding into one another. “You know, if this continues, I won’t be able to stop.” He whispered breathlessly.

               “Who said I want you to?” Sailor Gwaten inquired her own tone displaying the lust flowing through her own body. “Please, I need this… and by the looks of things you do too.” Her hand slid up and grazed over his flesh a moment.

               “But, I don’t want to do that to you, be just a meaningless partner. A one night stand. I respect you to much for that.”

               “Who said it would have to be that way?”

               “I’m not very good with relationships, and I don’t want to hurt you.”

               “Nightwing…” she spoke softly lips inches from his own, her breath touching him, tickeling his senses. “Please…”

               He brushed his lips with hers once more, hands gliding to her waist and lifting her pulling her legs around him. On instinct, her hands found his neck, and she continued to cling while their mouths explored one another. “bedroom?” he breathed in her ear, trying to keep some control of the situation.

               “Behind you.” She moaned, her head going back as a hot shiver ran up her spine. Her shirt suddenly felt constricted as her niples had become hard rocks.

               He nipped at her exposed neck, for the moment loosing himself in the woman before him. His lips found hers again as he guided them to her bedroom and lie her carefully on the bed. Her shirt had been the first article of clothing to vanish from her live form, her bra quick to fallow. Suddenly his pants felt very tight, and his resolve to stop himself before he took things too far had long sense faded, leaving only pure desire in its wake. And, Kayla had no intention of stopping him. A moan of pleasure escaped parted lips, her body quaking in anticipation of what was to come.

               He stood there a moment, drinking in the buety of the woman before him. He continued to be at war with himself, as he tried to decide what the right thing to do would be. The growing tent in his pants suggested he take her, make her his, but the more rational side of his mind had re-awakened in this moment of hesitation fighting with him not to do something he might later regret. He had a strong respect for women, even if he had a history of sleeping with a different woman on a regular basis. Her words came back to him, and he really would like to agree with her, that this wouldn’t be a one-time thing. But, could he really have an honest relationship with a woman, and not end up hurting her in the end?

               A shiver of pleasure shot through him, as he quickly realized, that in his daze, she’d managed to make fast work of his belt and was now working on his pants. She’d managed to undo them and slid them halfway down his legs, sitting up a little more to better accomplish her task. Skilled hands ran up and down his toned legs, as if memorizing every inch of him. Was she running off of pure lust too, had she said those words just to get him to do this, to take her in this way? No. That didn’t seem likely, but the pleasure was winning over the seeds of doubt. Yes, after this they would speak, but now he should take it for what it was.

               A groan escaped his lips, as the woman before him found his package and was exploring it just like she had the rest of him. Her fingers dancing up and down its length, coming to stop at the head where her fingers grazed the tip. He could feel himself shaking and decided he needed to take back control of the situation before she rendered him tempoarly paralyzed just from her strokes alone. If exploring digits could make him feel this weak in the knees, he shuttered to think what it would feel like to have that be her tongue.

               In one swift motion, he lie her back down, removing her remaining garments, his hands exploring every curve of her newly exposed body. He longed to take her, to slam in and out of her, but this had to be done right. He didn’t want to be rough with her, and risk hurting her. If he did leave her after this he wanted her to remember it as a pleasurable experience and not one filled with fear and pain. He couldn’t figure her out, and he didn’t want to be wrong.

               She let out a low moan of pleasure deep in the back of her throat, as she felt him slide his hands over her body. He had removed his gloves, making their contact from this point on skin-on-skin, and she could feel her body shiver at the trails of hot pleasure left behind from each touch. He was skilled in this, he knew what he was doing. As his mouth clamped down on one of her hard buds, this was all but confirmed. Her back artched in desire a cry of desire coming from her panting lips.  His tongue flicked over the bud, issuing another cry. As his hand toyed with the other side, she found she couldn’t hold still muels of pleasure coming out in-between short hurried breaths. She almost missed the wondering digits dancing along her hip going for her dripping core.

               Her body jerked off the bed, as a digit had been insirted into her moist opening, quickly joined by a second, then a third. He was streaching her out, trying to prepare her while her breats recived pleasure from his other hand and tongue. Oh how she longed to feel him fill her, to drown her in pure toutoruous pleasure. She could barely stand it, and he’d simply touched her he had yet to enter her. But, then he stopped as if he realized something. She in all respects was still very much a virgin. Not to say she’d never participated in sexual acts before, but her previous lovers never went past fingering.

               “Are you sure?” his voice broke her from her lust-filled trance, as her mind searched for a reply. “I could seriously hurt you, and I don’t want to do that to you.” As he continued to speak, she realized he had discovered this detail, and wanted to stop himself before he did damage.

               “It’s alright, I want and need this.” She promised, once she regained the ability to speak once more. The haze had cleared enough for her to reach out and ease any doubts he may have had. “I trust you not to, I’m fully prepared to take the risk, if you are.”

               He searched her eyes for honesty, a hint of fear. She had no fear, no doubt, no regret. She was well aware of what she was getting into, and had no desire to stop. She had even gone as far as to reach out and lovingly rub his arm, a sign of reassurance.

               He leaned down, taking her lips in his own, pleasure coursing through both him through this simple act. Confident and assured, he positioned himself, and slowly entered her. Just like he expected, her walls were tight, as if to push out the unwelcome invasion, but soon relaxed to welcome the organ fully, allowing him to fill her with much more ease.

               “This may hurt.” He warned, as he pulled from her, and thrust back in with a little more speed and force. He had held back, not going full speed just yet, but he had popped her chery in that thrust, sliding deep within her core. He wanted her to adjust, before he begun moving in and out of her in a steady rythem. He wanted her to get past the pain, knowing the pleasure she would soon feel would be well worth it. He couldn’t turn back, and he wouldn’t. He had crossed that line a long time ago, and there was no going back. And, quite frankly, as he brought the woman before him into a deep kiss, he realized he really didn’t want to.

               A moan escaped her lips as she begun to move with him, as he resumed his thrusting, which slowly increased in speed and intencity with each passing second. It only drove her to match him with equal force as he moved in and out of her core. She enjoyed each second, feeling the pleasure growing in her belly. She knew that it wouldn’t take long to send her into a sea of passion, her head going back in a cry as she moved with him, but her mind was on the pleasure she got from this, and not the climax.

               All too soon, maybe minutes, perhaps hours later, she couldn’t be sure. Pleasure exploted from her as an orgasim more powerful then she’d ever experienced tore through her frame causing her entire body to quake from the force. The violent shuttering of her walls contrasted with his movments, causing him to go over the edge with her. Filling her body with his hot seed. She was vaguely aware of this, or what it  could entail, but she didn’t care anymore. All she knew, was she felt pleasure and it was something she longed for again, maybe not at this exact moment, her body spent from this round, but something she would strongly consider for the future. Something she wished to happen again.

               “Are you alright?” she could hear his voice, as he picked himself up from her moving out of her and moving to lie beside her. She could only smile and nod as she came down from that high.

               “You’re an incredible lover, thanks.” She managed to say kissing his lips. Her heart was pounding in her chest, as her senses slowly started to return to her. She was smiling, not regretting what they had just done. It was heated, it was passionate, and very much emotional. While Nightwing had been concerned for her well-being every step of the way, the moon princess knew it had been something they both needed. Not only did it satisify physical need, but the pair had connected on an unspoken em emotional level as well. Something that could not be broken. Her head rested on his chest, as his strong well-toned arms embraced her. While both knew they would have to return to their lives, to reality, they wished to remain like this for as long as possible.

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