Lost and Found

BY : KaylaTsukino
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Chapter 2 …?

              …In , out…

              That’s all she knew. The rymithic pounding of her breathing, her heart echoing in her ribcage. The pain as she was drilled into by man after man. Night after night the same routine occoured. Man after man fought for the right to impregnate her. She’d become so numb to it, she wanted an end to the pain. Something, anything.

              “Princess… you shouldn’t allow this to happen.” A breathy female voice whispered in her. “You deserve better then this. Please, let me love you.”

              “I know my place, do you know yours?” she would reply, her voice just as breathless. “I can’t do this.”

              Soft hands snacked around her frame cressing soft skin, running along the swell of her chest, twisting nipples gliding down her frame until they reached her round ass. Only to return the motions. A hot tongue slid around the curve of her neck, feelmale breasts pressed against her spine.

              “We can’t do this… you know it.” She moaned her firm backside rubbing against the person’s female reagon. Fingers slid into her silk folds cressing rubbing.

“Your body suggests otherwise, please don’t fight it.” Those same hands rubbed along her clit from behind, an arm supporting her as two digits pumped in and out of her wet opening. A thumb circling her clit. Despite her objections, she rode the digits moans of pleasure escaping parted lips. One name whispering .


“That’s right, just like that…” Jupiter’s seductive voice moaned in her ear sending shalkwaves of pleasure through her frame, warming her bones. Hot liquid soaked the digits drilling into her arcs of pleasure hitting every fiber at once. A hand slid behind, her fingers searching for the core of her current lover. A gasp from befind as the princess realized she’d found her target.

“…Selene….” Her name on her lover’s lips drove her onward, gasps and moans vibrating against her skin. Her slick folds clintched around the digits as the dam broke. Hot fluid gushed from her pounding sex, coating the floor and her legs. Sweat joined it as her breathing returned to normal.

The scene changed, this time to a snow-covered patch of ice, snow and ice stinging against her skin as blonde pigtales whipped about in the biting wind. Arcks of what appeared to be lighting sparked in the air, echoed by the echoing sounds of thunder. In the sea of ice, wind and snow, blurs of red, orange and white could be seen as the sparks continued to fly.

              “Suprime Thunder!” a familiar voice echoed in the air.

              “Jupiter! No!”

              “Jupiter!” she shot up in bed, sweat sticking to sweat-covered bangs. Blinking, she tried to make sense of her sroundings. Hot sticky fluid ran down her legs, soaking the sheets her hand diving into the fold to see what it was. Her answer came quickly. That dream. It had felt to real, but yet… why now? She thought she’d received all her memories of the past, so why? A wet dream about Sailor Jupiter in their past lives? But, she was straight? No, she was bi-curious. So did that mean…?

              “Are you okay?” a male voice caused her to jump, bring her back down to reality. Quickly, she scrubbed the palm of her hand against the sheets, her attention on the voice.

              “Nightwing… I… it’s nothing. Just a nightmare about Sailor Jupiter.” She admitted. Well, that was a half truth, or was it completely true? She couldn’t be sure. Why would a memory from her past come back like that? Now of all times? Jupiter was currently dead, not quite ready to return.

              Lips pressed against her own in a tender show of affection, shivers dancing across her sensitive skin as long fingers stroked tender flesh. “Are you sure, you’re soaked in sweat.”

              “I’m sure, it’s nothing. It was just a real intense dream. How about you, how are you feeling this morning?” she asked trying to devert the attention off of herself. It had been almost two weeks since the death of his best friend andher senshi in a war to end all wars. Sailor Jupiter jumping in , in an effort to save Kid Flash only to fail, loosing her life in the process. She had been a frequent guest in his bed ever since. Her lips found his again in a show of passion and pleasure, her small hands firmly pressing him back into the matress. Keeping his lips locked with her own, her hand traveled down to his shaft w where she began to expertly stroke it.

              He gasped in her mouth, his body vibrating with pleasure. “Gwaten…. I’m going to be late…” his breath became shallower with every protest, his body responding to her expert strokes. She knew just how to turn him on.

              “I think you have time for a quickie, don’t you?”

              Her answer came in the form of him trading placeses, lips claiming hers once more. One hand tested her slik moist opening, while the other toyed with her right nipple. “You’ve been thinking of me, haven’t you?” he purred entering her in one swift motion.

              Her words were cut off by the pleasure that nearly caused her to rocket off the bed. Nails dug into his flesh as she endured his pounding into her core, her thrusts matching him stroke for stroke. Soon he released inside her, just as a powerful orgasim tore through her, their fluids spilling on the bed.

              “Told you.” She purred, as her body started to come down from that high.

              “Thanks, I needed that.” He replied a smile playing across his lips. “Come with me? I’m going to need you after this.”

              “What are you planning?” she asked, sitting up.

              “I’ve made a decision, about the team. I’m taking a break.” Nightwing answered running his hand through sweaty bangs. “I’ve realized I just… it’s just not the same without KF, he was a founding member and—“

              Sailor Gwaten’s lips found his again, quickly silicing the explanation. Arms locked around him in a firm embrace. In the past wek and a half, she had been more then a sexual partner. She’d been his rock and confidont. They had shared in their mutual greif, and she seemed to know what he needed, and when he needed it. When they met, he had told her he couldn’t commit, but now. He was starting to think he might just give it another try. She had been everything he needed and more. Even if he had a feeling there may be more to her dream then she let on. He trusted her completely and would allow her to speak when ready. That didn’t mean he couldn’t worry, something he often did with people he cared about. And, he’d be lying to himself and to her, if he didn’t admit, he’d at least grown attached.

              She slid out of bed, tilting ever so slightly as the world righted itself around her. Her legs shook with every step, her skin glisining with sexual fluid and sweat. “Uniforms or no?”

              “Uniforms.” Nightwing confirmed as he crossed the room to the shower. Even if this was his last time with the team for a while, he didn’t want to arrive smelling of sex, even if his friends already knew his history with women. He just failed to mention, he’d spent his time only in the company of one woman as of late, one who would continue to be by his side. At least he hoped so.

              She moved to join him, needing to clean herself as well. Her body swaying with every move. His hands quickly catching her, guiding her the rest of the way. “I’ll help you first, then I’ll take a turn.

              “Are you sure that’s wise? You won’t be able to keep your hands off of me.”

              “Consider it payback then” he purred. “Besides can’t have you distracted now can I?”

              “I do know how to exercise self control you know.”

              “Care to put hat to the test?”

              “I thought you were worried about being late.”

              “Oh, I think it can wait. You deserve payback for that and I know just how to get it.”

              Without warning, she felt the spray against her skin, palms flat against the stall in front of her. Strong arms held her firmly in place, while also molding her ass to perfection under their touch. As his hand cupped her right nipple from behind, her mind flashed back to that dream, no to a past memory.

              She had been in this position before, Sailor Jupiter stood behind digits entering her damp folds from behind. Her body rocked against the intru sion, gasps of pleasure coming out in short gasps. “Jupiter…” she panted. “Just like that, I need you, I want you.”

              Fingers gripped tight against the slick tile, her body moving against the invasion of pleasure from both her nipple and folds. Her breaths came out in quick gasps the images fading from her mind as her body quaked with the most powerful orgasim she’d had to date. As her body shivered against the sensations dancing across her skin and her lungs burned for some much-needed oxygen, all she could think was, ::It happened again, but why. And, why did that image make my pleasure more intense?::

              “Are you alright?” Nightwing’s concerned voice cut through her thoughts as she gave him a tired smile.

              “Damn love, you’re good. That was the best yet.”

              Lips found hers, full of relief edivident. “Good I’m glad.” He said, helping her to shower before taking a cold shower himself. He would need it, if he was going to get through this and not be distracted.

              “Reconized Nightwing B 00-1 Sailor Gwaten A 1-6.” The zeta tube announced as the pair appeared on the watch tower hand-in-hand. Various league and team members stood, stairing at the couple as they exited the tube, Nightwing’s hand finding a place on her waist as he guided her down the few steps to the lower level. The team had seen Gwaten before, when she’d been pulled from the pole the day Kid flash lost his life. They also remembered the similarly dressed girl who had given her life in an effort to save one of their own. Some knew that Nightwing had been seeing her, the tender way he handeled her proof of this.

              “Nightwing, how have you been holding up?” Zatanna, a long time friend of his, and one of the woman who used to frequent his bed, inquired her eyes narrowed on the scantly clad girl at his side. “You haven’t called me in two weeks, and I’ve been keeping my bed warm for you.”

              “A lot better then I was, Z.” Nightwing ignored the second half of the comment his hand still secured around Gwaten’s waist.

              “You know there’s work to be done.” Zatana reminded. “She doesn’t belong here.”

              “I’m actually here to talk to Aqualad, have you seen him around?” Nightwing inquired, once again trying to ignore the things said about Gwaten.

              “I’m here my friend, what is it you wish to discuss?” Aqualad appeared prepared to break up a fight should one start. He didn’t have to be psychic to sense the tension mounting between his oldest friend and the newest member to the justice league. If he had to guess, it appeared that Zatana was actually jelous of Gwaten, who had done nothing but help bring their friend around. As far as he was concerned, what they did behind closed doors was their business and no one elses.

              “I need to talk to you about my place on the team. To put it simply, I need a break.”

“This is no time to resign.” Aqulad said quickly.

“No, I’m not resigning, just taking a leave of abance. You me Kid Flash, we started this team and without him…”

              “I understand old friend.” Aqualad’s attention shifted to Gwaten who’d stood by silently rubbing his back “You will take good care of him won’t you?”

              “You have my word.” Sailor Gwaten promised.

              “Thank you.”

              “Why don’t we get out of here, before we suffocate?” Sailor Gwaten suggested. Her hand moved lower hovering just above his butt.

              “You’ve read my mind. Why don’t I show you the bedrooms?” lips connected her own in a tender display of affection. “I need you now more than ever.”

              “Lead the way.”

              Nightwing led her to the dorms, one hand sliding under her skirt. Her hand remained in place, massaging him as she went. Once in the confinds of a bedroom, Nightwing kissed her with a burning desire. One filled with the emotion he’d been holding back. Her hand palming through his clothes as she frantically worked to free his shaft from it’s cloth prision. She knew this desire, this hunger. This would leave her sore for a while, but the physical release would allow him to think clearly and allow them to talk things out. Her transformation dropped her hands already working him. He lifted her by the waist, her legs encircling him her back firmly against the wall as he entered her. His thrusts started slow at first, but quickly picked up speed until they reached a rhythm she’d become accusemed to.

              Feeling she needed to talk to Nightwing, Zatana had followed him and his lover to their room, holding back in hopes that Nightwing would come to his senses. However, she could only wait a few minutes. When she slid open the door, her face turned red seeing a naked woman thrusting against him, matching him stroke for stroke, eyes closed a pleasure-filled expression grazing her features. “Oh yes, that’s the spot…. You’re doing great…. I’m here that’s it… right there.” Her words were encouraging, the sound of their skin slapping as he thrust in her.


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