Rosario + Vampire: Harem and a Vampire

BY : Roadkill47
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Disclaimer: I make no money from the writing of this story. All characters and locations of Rosario+Vampire belong to Ikeda Akihisa.

In terms of continuity this story takes place more in the anime universe than the manga.  Assume this is a season 3 in effect.  By the end of this story multiple supporting characters will be replaced or altered.

The story makes extensive use of material from the Anti-Thesis arc in Rosario + Vampire I Manga along with the Snow-Fairy arc in Rosario + Vampire II Manga.  The kernel of this story is a story written by DrunkenScotsman called 'Died in your arms tonight.'  Elements from that story are used with the permission of DrunkenScotsman.

I would also like to thank DrunkenScotsman for being my beta reader.  He has written a number of Rosario+Vampire and Marvel and you should go read them.


It is another morning at Yokai Academy and Tsukune is heading towards the place between the boys’ and girls’ dorms where the five friends meet before walking to the class buildings.  Tombstones and hideous sculptures litter the grounds along the way.  Little Yukari with her witch’s hat, Mizore in her deep blue sweatshirt and of course Moka wearing the school’s green uniform and her rosary.  No sign of Kurumu and Tsukune wonders if she is in trouble.


The three girls notice Tsukune and call out to him in almost unison.  They get a weak wave in return and at once Mizore gives the man she has declared will father her children a considering look. Taking out her sucker Mizore asks, "Are you ok?  Moka didn't drain you already did she?"


Yukari comments that is Kurumu's line but no one else pays attention.


Moka has a shy look at mention of drinking Tsukune's blood, "No I didn't, but now that you mention it I am sort of thirsty."


Hearing Moka talk about drinking his blood Tsukune rubs the bandage around his neck.  Tsukune shuffles in place not sure what he should say and keeps looking around for Kurumu.  Then he mutters, "I am just sleepy is all, I was up late."


The three girls give a nod as they wait for Kurumu to arrive.  All the while Tsukune is certain that the others know the truth about what he is hiding and that they will be terribly upset.


At last Kurumu walks up slowly to join the group; she gives a shy smile to Tsukune and mumbles to the rest. "I needed a shower."


The jewel in the center of Moka's rosary has a dull glow at the arrival of the succubus.   


The group heads off to class as the school’s bells begin to ding and no one comments on the lateness of Kurumu’s arrival.  



Tsukune lags behind the rest and soon enough Moka joins him.  "You’re still wearing the bandage from yesterday I see."


Sensitive about the wound and on edge about what went last night Tsukune waves Moka's question aside.


Up ahead Kurumu turns, sees Moka with Tsukune and a flash of jealousy occurs but then it fades.  The succubus has absolute confirmation that her Chosen One cares for her.  There isn't a need to intervene unless Tsukune needs help but she stops to watch, just in case.


Mizore has a sinking feeling; something is off but she can't put her finger on what.  A decision is made; she will put extra effort into stalking Tsukune to get to the bottom of this.


"I am worried about you Tsukune; if you aren't healing that’s a problem.  It means you are in danger."  Outer Moka reaches for the bandage, "Let me see!"


While touched by Moka’s concern the teenage boy sighs and his shoulders drop, "It’s fine! There is nothing to worry about!"  At the same time Tsukune is worried about what to do about Kurumu the two of them need to talk.  A slow healing neck bite is small potatoes compared to the new level of craziness his life had achieved.


Moka now very worried attempts to get the bandage off, "Let me see it!"


"Stop! Don't tear it off!"


The two are now tangled together as Moka attempts to remove the bandage and the other three girls now cry out as they run back.  


The four girls soon have their arms flying around in the air as they yell at each other.


"This is important guys!"


"What are you doing with my Tsukune, Moka!"


"Hey guys! You know that he's mine!"


"Only as long as I get to take part!"


"None of that matters because Tsukune and I are going to make babies some day!"


"Will you all please stop talking like this and just cut it out?!"


With Tsukune joining the shouting match that ended it but the result was four sullen girls glaring at one another.  "We are now late to class."  The four girls nodded and headed off.



On a nearby hill covered in grave markers a pair of male teens watched the display with amusement.  "Tsukune Aono doesn't look like much."


The leader smirked, "Oh don't let appearances fool you. He is more than he seems, tangle with his women and watch those red eyes come out.  He and the pink haired girl are the vampire leaders of that group.  No doubt the other women are kept around as a food source."


"I can think of a couple of other uses for them."


The leader licked his lips, "Perhaps... perhaps but only after we are done.  Moka is the key. She can't release her power on her own and once we have her we will control him."





When the five arrived late to class Ms. Nekonome gave them all extra homework.




As soon as first period class lets out Moka runs off, she needs some privacy to converse with the inner personality trapped by the rosary.


"Will Tsukune be OK?"  The pink haired Moka asks the silver haired version.


Always thinking tactically inner Moka gets to the point, "He has been stressed to ten tenths of his capacity.  Sooner or later our blood could bring him over, kill him or something much worse.  I know how much you care for him... perhaps you should get him to return to his world."


Horrified at the suggestion of losing her dearest friend, "Perhaps we should explain the situation and offer him a choice.  We could offer to try to bring him..."


The rosary flashes red but it’s too late, "I sense a killing monster aura!"


Moka doesn't even get a scream out.




The other four teens are sitting around a table in the cafeteria.  Kurumu is sitting next to Tsukune without Moka there and is worried about the troubled expression on her Chosen One’s face.


Meanwhile Tsukune is looking at the table, "She skipped the rest of classes today."


"Desu!"  Is all Yukari could say at first, "We should find her."


Playing with her sucker Mizore then points it at Yukari, "I could look for her; it would be practice to be an investigator."


Kurumu has a dreamy expression as Moka isn’t around and she can be close to her Mate of Fate.  Without Moka around, Kurumu is able to sit next to Tsukune; though it would be better to stand next to him, in a church, getting married.  A perfect dream and the lunch room fads away…


Before the high priest dressed in his ecclesiastical robes of gold and purple are Tsukune and she.  Tsukune is dressed in a fetching light blue tuxedo with silver trim.  She is dressed in a gorgeous matching wedding dress.  There is enough of a V to the gown to show off her breasts but not so much to be trashy; after all this is her wedding day. 


The high priest nods to the two of them and pair slowly stand up as does the rest of the wedding party: Moka as the maid of honor with Ruby, Mizore and Yukari all as the bride’s maids and Gin on the groom’s side as best man.  All of the girls are fighting off tears as Tsukune has chosen Kurumu as his bride.


“Marriage… Marriage is what brings us together today.  Marriage the blessed arrangement that dream within a dream…”  The high priest continues with the blessing for the union of the two and then at last comes to the main event and turns to Tsukune, “Please repeat after me.  ‘I, Tsukune, take thee…’”


“…Kurumu, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health until death do us part.”  As Tsukune finishes he beams a smile of joy at his believed standing next to him. 


In turn Kurumu’s eyes gleam like stars in the night.  The high priest turns to Kurumu and says, “Now please repeat after me.  ‘I, Kurumu, take thee…”


Kurumu completes her reciting of the wedding vows. The high priest smiles at the clearly happy bride and groom and as he completes the wedding ceremony he now says, “You may kiss the bride.”


Before Tsukune can lean forward to kiss Kurumu she jumps into his arms and the two are locked in a deep and passionate embrace and kiss.  All of the guests in the church erupt in cheers.


The rest of the wedding and following reception flash by like a whirlwind till at last Tsukune bridal carries Kurumu into the wedding suite of finest resort – hotel of Las Vegas.  The suite is simply mammoth with four rooms, a central living room with two large couches and fire place, kitchenette and dining area, a bathroom with whirlpool bath and large walking shower and of course the bed room.  Tsukune toes the door closed smiles as he addresses the new Mrs. Aono, “It’s been a long day; you want to unwind for a bit?”


Kurumu has been waiting for this all day.  They are truly alone. The other girls aren’t here. No monsters need to be defeated. It’s just the two of them.  With the thoughts on where things are going, Kurumu’s cheeks redden. “Please Tsukune… I… I have been waiting all day…  I…”  Despite being a succubus and having won Tsukune’s heart, she finds it impossible to voice her desires, that she wants Tsukune to take her straight to bed.


Looking down at his bride in his arms Tsukune can see her desire written all over her.  From Kurumu’s rosy checks, to the yearning in her eyes to the deep breaths causing her bosom to rise and fall.  “Or maybe we could go straight to…”


“Yes please… I… I need you…”


Needing more encouragement Tsukune carries his bride to their bed and the two exchange another kiss before he sets her down on the bed.  As he does Kurumu grabs at Tsukune and tries to undress him right there, “Please… take me now… I need you in me….”


Before Kurumu can say anymore Tsukune smothers her with kisses and then lies next to her.  “This is your night; whatever you want is yours.  However you want…”  Then Tsukune’s tongue fails him for a moment before he continues, “However you want to do this and that we will.  It’s just that we have all night together and the next night and the one after that until we are both old and grey.  We don’t have to rush…”


“Oh Tsukune…”






“Kurumu I love YOU…”  With that pronouncement Tsukune leans forward and kisses Kurumu again.  Their tongues twist and twirl about one another and then their hands begin to roam.  Tsukune starts cupping the beautiful woman’s breasts while Kurumu runs her hands all over Tsukune’s back. 


Slowly the two peel off each other’s clothes and as each article of clothing comes off they pause to kiss each other.  At last both are down to their undergarments.   Tsukune is wearing simple briefs but Kurumu is wearing intricate lingerie that is a delicious combination of concealment and revelation.  The bra stops just above the nipples on Kurumu’s breasts and the translucent satin fabric shows the outline of the areolas.  Light blue satin stockings run up half way up Kurumu’s thighs where they are met by garter belts; the bridal garter is long gone having been caught by Moka, who had cheered at catching it and then broken down in tears.  The panties are the simplest item of all, just light blue with a small heart for decoration, but short tufts of pubic hair stick out on the sides. 


As Tsukune starts to remove each item, he pauses to kiss the bit of exposed skin, snapping the clasp on the garters and then rolling down the stockings before tossing them over his shoulder.  Then the bra goes and as the now swollen nipples are exposed Tsukune takes them in his mouth and rolls his tongue over on them, at which point Kurumu lets out a moan heavy with desire and lust.  Last to go are the panties with Tsukune gently pushing Kurumu onto her back where and slowly spreads her pussy lips and then brushes them with his own before licking her clit. 


A heavy musky scent fills Tsukune’s nostrils at this point Kurumu is so horny that her cunt is slick and ready.  “Please.. now… take me…”


At last Tsukune gets on top of his bride lines up his hard dick with Kurumu’s sopping pussy and slowly sinks into her.  


“Yes… Oh yeeees…”


The dream fades away for Kurumu as another group of students is talking loudly about "The Outcast Ayashi" and their attacks on other students.  Worried as the other girls are staring at her face and she is panting Kurumu decides she needs a distraction so she jumps to her feet and asks for more information about this group of violent students and one of the talking students turns out to be Gin.  Hearing a girl’s voice Gin turns and smiles, seeing who it is talking to him his tongue all but hangs out of his mouth.  He stands, looks at Kurumu's breasts mesmerized and then starts grope her tits in front of the entire lunch room.  "Why do you care about that group? They’re..."


Gin doesn't finish his sentence as Kurumu punches him right in the nose and sends him sprawling.  Tsukune springs up to stand next to Kurumu with his fists clenched at his sides and glaring daggers at Gin.


Mizore frowns as she notes the Tsukune's response but no one else did.  He was always willing to help the girls when we had trouble but Kurumu had handled Gin herself; this was different it was much more possessive.  


For his part from the floor Gin explains that the Outcasts are dangerous enough that school security is looking into them.


Tsukune frowns, "We need to find her."


While not exactly thrilled by a search for Moka it doesn't appear to be a threat either that Tsukune wants to find her, that’s just who he is.  Besides Moka is her friend too.  "We will all look for her."


The group splits up and looks for their missing friend; Mizore secretly follows Tsukune.



Before Tsukune can find Moka he instead is found by her abductors. 


Quickly Tsukune is surrounded by a ring of students and Kusabi the sadistic leader of the Outcast Ayashi steps forward and then tosses Moka’s school satchel at Tsukune’s feet.  “If you are looking for her Moka Akashiya isn’t in the dorms.  She is our guest.  I trust that you understand the situation.”


Tsukune’s stomach falls to the floor as he looks on in horror at the announcement.


“If you want to ever see her again you will come with us now Tsukune Aono.”  Kusabi smiles in glee at Tsukune’s discomfort and revels in the power he holds, “If not I am sure me and my fellows can amuse ourselves with Miss Akashiya…. Isn’t that right boys?” 


The other members of the Outcast Ayashi yell out what they will do to Moka, what they will make her do.


Tsukune gathers himself and briefly considers attacking Kusabi.  His very being blazes anger and rage; no one notices the black spider lines extend out past the bandage on Tsukune’s neck.  Then Tsukune takes a deep breath as he controls his anger, “I will come with you.”


With no choice Tsukune follows the group to their headquarters, a ruined building on the academy grounds.  Mizore who had observed it all nearby now makes her way off to find the others.



Once in the wrecked building Tsukune finds Moka, chained to the wall, who calls out, "Don't come here Tsukune!!"


At once Tsukune attempts to break and run for Moka, but Kusabi smashes Tsukune and the blow sends the teenage human flying, "We went through a lot of trouble taking the girl, so I can't return her that easily."  Leering at the crumbled form of Tsukune who smashed through a sheet rock wall, "If you want her back you will have to do it by force... VAMPIRE Tsukune Aono!"


As Tsukune attempts to pick himself up from the blow that could have killed him and he can't believe his ears.  This guy thinks that HE, Tsukune the lowly human is a VAMPIRE!


"I really hate you guys... with your dignity and being well off as pure breed brats... and you guys look down at us hybrids..."  Then Kusabi begins to transform into his true monster form with his right hand becoming a giant bone covered claw.  As soon as the transformation is complete Kusabi takes a wild swipe at Tsukune that blows a hole in the wall, "That’s why we must prove ourselves!  That we are the ones who have a higher worth of existence!"


Tsukune looks on in horror as there is no way he can battle such a creature and live.


As the villain moves in for a killing blow Moka screams out through tears, "Stop!  Your opponent is me!  The Vampire is me!"  Now with rivers of tears running down her cheeks Moka continues, "I am the one in the wrong!  So if you want to punch someone you should take it out on me..."  Moka is prepared to die to save Tsukune.


Kusabi turns towards the chained up Moka, "Ha... so it’s you?"


Not willing to let his friend just die Tsukune cries out, "You’re wrong Moka!  I am alive because of you!"


Moka shakes her head violently, "Please don't say things like that!"


Giving a cry of animal fury Tsukune charges screaming, "Moka has done nothing wrong!"


Kusabi sneers at the human charging right at him but then everyone in the room senses monster energy coming from within Tsukune and he moves with inhuman speed to go past Kusabi and get to Moka.  As Tsukune moves the black lines spread out from the teen’s neck.  This last use of Moka's blood pushes Tsukune human body past its limits and he starts to collapse as the vamperic blood that had so many times saved him now begins to consume his body.  With a gasp Tsukune shouts, "Please believe me Moka… whatever happens to me I am always grateful to you!" 


Then with the last of his strength Tsukune removes Moka's rosary.  Kusabi charges in enraged that Tsukune has made no move to attack him, is IGNORING HIM and so doesn't pay attention to Moka's transformation.


At once inner Moka the vampire sends Kusabi flying with a massive kick. The S-Class Monster strides forward and removes the last of the chains.  Giving her foe a look of distain as he is dirt beneath her heels, "Trash... you dare lay your hands on me.  KNOW YOUR PLACE!"


Kusabi's minions look on in horror as their leader has gone down.  With the fight apparently over Moka turns to Tsukune.  As always there is a look of distance on the Vampiress’ face as if everything and everyone is unworthy of her time.  “My blood is killing you Tsukune.   It is time for you to leave the world of monsters forever if you are to live.  This may hurt the other me and so for her I ask this of you.  LEAVE and LIVE.  Your fate is meaningless to me.”  Even as she proclaims her disinterest in what becomes of Tsukune a corner of Inner Moka’s mind proclaims it to be a lie.  


Using Moka’s distraction Kusabi rises from the rubble sending broken bits of the building flying in all directions.  Leaping at Moka, Kusabi does a wind up of his monstrous arm, "Here is repayment for that kick earlier!"


After dodging the first wild swing Moka is considering the best way to defeat her foe when she notices Tsukune charge forward again.  She can only cry out, "Idiot!"  As Tsukune uses the power of Moka's blood to try to shove her aside but instead Moka has to get both of them to safety and Tsukune is sent flying.


Tsukune stands up but has a giant shard through his arm, looking at the battered form of the human.  A part of Outer Moka is horrified at Tsukune’s condition and another can only marvel at his bravery.  Even with her blood powering him the young human is on edge of death.  One misstep and he will die.  “Fool!  This is not your battle!  I need no one’s help!  Now stand aside and I will take you home once I am done here.”


Kusabi sneers at the display, "What’s wrong vampire? I thought you would put up more of a fight.  What is he?  Your familiar?  Your toy?  Let me guess: if he didn't get in the way you would have dodged my attack?  Well why don't you send your pet home? HAHA!"


Inner Moka glares and says in a flat voice, "Shut up."  Then moving so fast that no one can see her, Moka thrashes Kusabi, again and again with blow after blow.  "Don't insult Tsukune, and KNOW YOUR PLACE!"


The minions look on in awe at the handiwork of Moka but they also get their trap ready.  Then one more time Kusabi rises from the wreckage and begins a monolog that he knows about the weakness of Vampires just before the overhead sprinklers cut loose and drench the room in water.  The water is like acid to the Vampire, burning like liquid fire; and what’s worse it saps her power.  So when Kusabi attacks again Moka is helpless to resist.  Despite sensing Tsukune's willingness to help, inner Moka refuses as her pride is everything to her, "Even if I am on the verge of death I will not take help from anyone.  You are NOT necessary to me Tsukune..."


The Vampire turns to face her foe who charges in to finish her but again Tsukune gets in the way and this time he takes the full force of the blow intended for Moka.  For the briefest of moments Tsukune and Kusbai stand face to face but then the human goes flying and lands in a broken, bloody and mangled heap.


Moka cries out in anguish seeing the broken form of her friend.  Why did he do it?  I told him I didn’t need him.  Seeing his broken form is almost too much for the prideful vampiress, "Why?  I told you how many times that you were not needed!" 


With his very life's blood draining away he gasps out, "I was frustrated... I couldn't accept that this is none of my business because both Mokas are important to me."


Kusabi with his victory at hand stands to watch and savor the suffering of Moka like it’s the sweetest nectar.


Seeing no other choice Moka bites Tsukune and injects her blood into his battered form.  Then she admits to herself and Tsukune the truth, "I didn't want you to die, that’s why I kept pushing you away..."  Left unsaid is that Inner Moka has feelings for Tsukune.


Tsukune stands up, now with black veins and patches crossing his body from the bite marks on his neck and his eyes have turned white, aren't focused but the wounds start to close.  At once Moka knows something is wrong.  "Tsukune… are you OK?"


Kusabi sneers, "I will show you the power of the hybrids!"  Tsukune lurches towards his enemy, almost mindlessly, driven alone by some instinct.  At this point understanding clicks with Moka.  "Kusabi don't fight him right now!"  Turning towards the minions she shouts, "Run for you lives!"


The warning is both too late and no one takes it seriously as Tsukune just wades into Kusabi and any of his minions nearby, crushing them without mercy one by one.  This display starts just in time for Kurumu and the rest to arrive.


In shock Kurumu calls out, "Tsukune what are you doing?"  Just as her beloved slams Kusabi into the ground, splattering blood.  Water and blood runs down Tsukune’s face and he pauses to lick his lips.


The rest of Kusabi's minions not defeated look on in horror and then they attempt to swarm Tsukune under but all that does is bring them into his reach and he starts to smash them one by one.


"No!  This... this isn't Tsukune!"  Kurumu starts to cry.  Mizore can only close her eyes at the display and the little witch mouths "no" helplessly.  The girls cannot believe what their eyes are showing them.  Tsukune has become some kind of monster.


Inner Moka gazes sadly at the carnage that Tsukune is wreaking, "It’s as I feared his body was too weak.  My blood has transformed him into a ghoul.  A mindless killing machine and once he is finished with them he will turn on us.  The Tsukune that we knew is gone.  All that is left is for me to put him down and put him out of this living hell he is trapped in.”  Of all the things that Inner Moka has done this will be the most difficult, there was something special about Tsukune.  This mere human that became involved in the world of monsters.


Yukari manages to turn off the water and Moka's strength flows back.  Striding forward with her strength restored, she sends Tsukune to the floor with a powerful kick.  Standing over the bleeding body of their friend, "Forgive me, I no longer have a way to save you and so have no choice but to do this.  Don't think badly of me, Tsukune.  I have to kill you."


Kurumu screams, "NO!  I will not lose my Destined One!  Not the very day after we made LOVE!"


The other girls are all startled by Kurumu admission.


The snow-woman is so startled that he enchanted lollipop falls from her lips and shatters on the ground.  And little Yukari who was crying tears at Moka’s declaration of intending to kill Tsukune can only look dumbly at Kurumu.  


Inner Moka is frozen in place. Tsukune slept with Kurumu?!


With everyone distracted this provides Kurumu the opening she needs and she races for her true love.  Reaching Tsukune, Kurumu lets out a yelp as he tries to slash her and she doesn't fully dodge the swipe from his claw like hands.  Ignoring the pain that is shooting through her abdomen Kurumu presses on.  She kisses Tsukune on the lips and wraps her tail around his head.


Seeing the blood fly from Kurumu, Moka screams, "Get back, or he will..."


Time freezes for everyone but Kurumu and Tsukune.  The succubus probes Tsukune's mind but has to wage war with the beast that has taken him over.  Deeper and deeper she dives through the layers of Tsukune's mind till at last she finds him, finds Tsukune and not the beast that is in control.  Then using all of her power and love she brings back Tsukune.  This triggers another burst of monster energy as Moka's blood transforms Tsukune again.  His hair turns pure silver, the black marks on his skin fade away and his fangs shrink to a smaller size.


"...kill you!"


The Head Master of the Academy now arrives and takes in the scene, "That was unexpected!"


Everyone looks at Tsukune and Kurumu standing together a faint smile is exchanged between the two.  Then Kurumu and Tsukune collapse together amid the ruins and wreckage from the battle.

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