Rosario + Vampire: Harem and a Vampire

BY : Roadkill47
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Chapter 2

The evening before


Tsukune has had one of his stressful couple of days at Yokai Academy.  Yet another monster had run amuck and had to be dealt with but in the end they had been shown their place via a kick from inner Moka and the crisis was resolved.  Not before he was injured and had to be given some of Moka's blood to heal it the problem was not all of the wounds were healing and as a result there are bandages around his neck.  At last with a little peace Tsukune is back in his dorm room and is trying to get some sleep.
After debating not answering the door the teenager gets up and goes to the door, throwing on a robe as he does.  Peeking out in the dimly lit hallway there is a shape out there and for a moment Tsukune is afraid that one of the other students is in their monster form and has come to eat him.  With a bit of panic in his voice, “Hel… lo…”
“Tsukune…”  There is a flat and listless quality to the voice and Tsukune doesn’t recognize it.
With no sudden rush to grapple, then eat him and the voice not threatening Tsukune squints into the hallway, “Yes I am and you are?”
There is what sounds like a sob from the figure, “Don’t you recognize me?  I should just go.” 

Then she moves into the light, it is Kurumu.  She is wearing a short, a very short kimono and the succubus’ long legs are on full display, along with the front partly open giving a view of Kurumu’s breasts and normally this would cause a nose bleed to start coming on and cause a stuttering fit but instead Tsukune is drawn to his friend’s face.  Kurumu’s eyes have a dull quality to them and her skin is pale.

Before she can go Tsukune with a great deal of concern in his own voice asks, “I am sorry, I couldn’t see you but you will get in trouble its after curfew."
The teen visibly debates between leaving and staying, then her face falls down towards the floor, highlighting the fact that Kurumu isn’t wearing her trade mark hair piece.  Then in a voice just above whisper, “Can I come in Tsukune…. We need to talk.”
Even as he answered Tsukune knew there was a problem with his friend, “Ah… Ah… that’s a bad idea if you are found in my room we could get expelled.  Can’t it wait till tomorrow?”
Kurumu looked at him with this dull, sad eyes and all she could say is, “Please.”
Not knowing what else to do Tsukune slowly stands aside and lets Kurumu into his room.
With Tsukune’s silent agreement a bit of life comes back to Kurumu and she moves into the room and the door closes behind the pair.  She walks over to the desk and looks at the picture of the newspaper club; it was from the end of the first year.  In the center of course is Tsukune with the girls all around him and in the back is Gin.  Looking at the picture Kurumu can’t help but notice that there is a slight tilt of Tsukune’s gaze towards HER, towards Moka.  Again her resolve nearly falters but she has come this far and takes a deep breath.  “I need to know if all I am is a friend, Tsukune.”
Not expecting this Tsukune scratches the back of his head and gives a laugh but it trails off as he sees the serious expression on his friends face.  After a few moments tick by he says weakly, “You know that you are important to me Kurumu-chan.”
Hearing that little even more life comes back to Kurumu’s eyes but then just as quickly that life goes out as Tsukune continues talking.

“All of you girls are important to me, I care about you all.”
“I know that but I need to know if there is a chance that I could be the one.”  Kurumu looks right into Tsukune’s eyes but there is fear in hers as she continues, “For you to feel for me what I feel for you.”   
Feeling like he is standing in quick sand Tsukune tries to not panic and doesn’t know what to say so he gives his standard response, “You're my friend…”
Taking a step forward and now almost trembling from the fear Kurumu says three simple words, “I love you.”
Caught like a deer in a hunter’s sight Tsukune freezes and then his cheeks turn crimson and his eyes nearly roll back up into his head.  Simply put the teen boy is shocked senseless.
With no response Kurumu becomes desperate and her words fall over one another as she continues, “Ever since you saved me, I knew you were the one, my mate of fate and I love you.  There is no one else for me.  I can wait as long as there is a chance, if in time I can prove myself and you will return my love.  If not I don’t know what I will do”

“I don’t know what to say, I mean I do care for you but…”
This was too serious.  Part of the young man’s mind was ready to gibber but another observed that one of the other girls should have come crashing before things reached this point.   So with no one to save him Tsukune attempts to back pedal, “This is too serious, we are only in High School.”
The response is not an outright rejection but any hope the response offers is perhaps pure illusion.  “High School or not, I know you are the one and only for me, my Mate of Fate.  So yes here I stand, I ask for an answer but you leave me hanging. “ Kurumu rallies herself, “Well I will just have to double my efforts, to prove to you how much I love you and how good of a wife I can be.”
Now near full panic Tsukune waves his hands, “Please Kurumu that isn’t necessary!”
“So you made up your mind?”

There isn’t hope in the young succubus’ eyes, now its desperation pure and simple.

Looking into those wide purple eyes Tsukune can see them hanging between despair and hope.  There is no escape, the moment as at last arrived he can't put it off, he has to say what is I his heart.  "Kurumu you are my best of friends, I don't want to hurt you but that is all we are... friends."

As he says those words Tsukune knows he has dealt his friend a terrible blow and Kurumu crumbles towards the ground as if inner Moka herself struck the blow.

The vice around her heart tightens and Kurumu finds it difficult to breath.  

As Kurumu falls Tsukune catchers her before she hits the ground.  Now touching neither says anything but the closeness of her Chosen One, feeling his breath upon her allows Kurumu to rally one last time, to make one final effort.  For the briefest of moments she considers using her powers, sure that in time he would return her love if she forced him to be with her but no she gave her word and the succubus needs him to choose her on his own.  There is one thing left to try.  Slowly Kurumu stands and then at last says, "Perhaps you should see what you are giving up."  

Then with a tug the kimono opens up and reveals the nude form of the succubus, her flawless if pale skin, perfect breasts, narrow figure and neatly trimmed mound with its thin blue hair.  She had hoped that after her declaration Tsukune would ravish her and so hadn't worn anything under the robe but perhaps it's not too late and lets the garment fall to the floor.  The succubus despite wanting Tsukune to see her nude like this, her cheeks turn crimson with embarrassment.

This was hardly the first time Tsukune had seen the Succubus nude, but it was the first time they were totally alone.  All he can do is just stare at the glorious sight before him.

Looking at her chosen one's groin she sees the bulge spring to life and that strengthens her resolve.  "I can tell you like what you are seeing."

"This is a terrible idea Kurumu... you should get dressed."  Despite the human teen saying those words he can't take his eyes off the nude form of his friend.   

Sensing the weakening resolve of the object of her desire Kurumu licks her lips and continues, “Don’t you understand?  As a succubus, I’m able, and willing, to do anything, I mean ANYTHING, to please you.”  She blushes furiously at the admission.  “I’ll pleasure you with every part of my body.  I’ll fulfill your filthiest fantasies, your dirtiest desires, without complaint.”  She takes a hopeful step forward.  “Anything you wish. I can be your wife, lover, mistress, your slave... whatever you want me to be.”

All Tsukune can do is look at the nude body of his friend, "Why are you doing this Kurumu?"  Not realizing it he takes a step forward and once again the two are nearly touching.

Blushing again Kurumu says, "Isn't it obvious? I am trying to seduce you."

"You said you wouldn't do that."

Giving a brief shake of her head Kurumu explains, "I said that I wouldn't try to charm you with my powers.  Let me show you what I can do, the things I am always thinking about."  Kurumu takes Tsukune left hand and places his middle finger against her lips and then begins to suck on it.

Tsukune's cheeks turn rose red as he lets out a deep breath from feeling Kurumu tongue on his finger.  Then after what felt like an eternity the sucking sensation stops.  Opening his chocolate brown eyes and locks them on to Kurumu's full lips but he doesn't notice that she is guiding his hand downward and the between her legs.  When his moist finger brushes against her most intimate of areas both of the teens suck in their breaths and then Kurumu presses Tsukune's finger up into her.  

"Oh... Yes." The teenage succubus moans as the finger sinks into her.

"It's so hot... You're so hot and wet." Tsukune says in a voice tinged with awe.  All thoughts of anything else, of ANYONE else has vanished from the teenaged boys mind, all that is left is Kurumu.  For once all hesitation falls away and his finger starts to move in and out of her and is reward with another moan from Kurumu.  

"Please..." Is all Kurumu can say as she starts to ride Tsukune's hand as he fingers her wet pussy.

Giving into the moment and needing no more encouragement Tsukune's other hand wraps around the back of his friend and pulls her tight against his body.  The two teens look into each other's eyes, eyes that are reflections of lust and then Tsukune takes the lead and kisses Kurumu.

As the kissing starts the crushing weight lifts from Kurumu's heart.  Then Kurumu takes Tsukune's other hand and guides it to her breast and at once he starts rubbing her erect nipple.  She breaks the kiss just long enough to whisper, "Be gentle..."  

Tsukune nods and then lets out his own moan of pleasure as he feels Kurumu's hand rubbing against his erection.  She slips her hand down Tsukune's shorts and then Kurumu wraps her fingers around Tsukune's now pulsing member.  

Now its Tsukune’s turn to let out a moan of lust as Kurumu works his pulsing cock.  Then looking down at the succubus’ pillow like breasts Tsukune marvels at how large yet firm they are.  “Do you know how many times… how many times I dreamed about seeing you like this, about touching your breasts?”


Hearing the desire in Tsukune’s voice and those words is like an elixir to the succubus and she grins, “They are my best quality…”   Kurumu’s words are cut off as Tsukune takes the erect bud into his mouth and starts to lick it.


Then what Kurumu says dawns on Tsukune and he stops to look at her.  “That’s not true Kurumu; your breasts aren’t your best quality… even if they are awesome.  It’s not your beauty either.”  Tsukune places his hand against Kurume’s chest, “No it’s what’s in here, your heart.  You care so much; you always have.”


Now nearly crying with joy Kurumu whispers, “Oh Tsukune…”  The two return to kissing, then things move forward quickly and soon the two are lying on Tsukune's sleeping mat with each teen’s hands wandering, exploring the other's bodies.  That is all the teens do for several minutes, exploring and kissing.  Soon Tsukune's clothes are gone and Kurumu pauses to admire the athletic form of her lover, there are scars on his body from their battles and of course the bandages around teen’s neck from where Moka has fed on him.  Kurumu looks away and focuses her attention on Tsukune pulsing member; a sixth sense tells her that he is ready to cum.  This insight is no doubt part of her succubus heritage and decides to take him in her month.  As she wraps her lips around his shaft Tsukune lets out an animal like groan and then he starts shooting into her mouth.

After cleaning the last few drops of jizz from her lovers member she smiles down at him and frowns at the expression on Tsukune's face.  Her heart flutters as Kurumu is terrified that he will say he didn't enjoy things or that it was a mistake.

Tsukune is annoyed that he finished before he could please Kurumu.  While having no experience in such matters Tsukune desperately wants to please the woman before him.  This triggers a terrible feeling of frustration and failure.  The girls have to protect him ALL THE TIME.  Now he can't even please one of them in bed!  Then something happens and there is a surge of energy, of STRENGTH within himself.

Kurumu lets out a gasp of shock as she first senses monster energy within Tsukune.  Then watches as his eyes turn crimson and the pupils become slits, there is a faint red glow about him and then his hair turns silver.  That power fills the room as the transformation completes and Kurumu understands what’s happened, Moka's vampire blood.  She had seen this happen before when Tsukune transformed to save Moka from Kuyo's fire blast last year.

"I want to please you..."  Tsukune lets out with a bit of gravel to his voice.

Kurumu smiles, "I would like..."

Before she can finish her sentence Kurumu finds herself rolled on to her back and Tsukune kneeling above her.  Without even thinking the succubus opens her thighs and then lets out a gasp as her once again hard and ready lover sinks himself into her soaked wetness.  He fits perfectly inside of her, he is her Mate of Fate, "Oh yes..."  

Other words are cut off as Tsukune begins ramming himself into Kurumu again and again. All ether teen can manage is grunts and moans.  Neither teen notices the thin trickle of blood from between Kurumu's thighs.  

Having been so excited Kurumu quickly cums herself but Tsukune keeps on going and actually picks up his pace.  With every one of her intimate areas now super sensitive this continued love making is both agony and marvelous.  "Yes... pound me... fuck me..."  Kurumu then manages to shout Tsukune's name once before he smothers her mouth with his own.  Now all Kurumu can do is hold onto for dear life and she wraps her legs around her lover’s waist and her arms around his neck.    

After what seems like a wonderful eternity that sixth sense warns Kurumu that Tsukune is ready to cum again.  Which is confirmed when he gives a horse cry of, "I am going to cum..."

"Do it... I want it!"  Feeling him try to pull out manages, "Inside... you can cum inside me..."

That hoarse voice manages, "Are you sure?"

Now panting all Kurumu can manage is "Yes!"

Tsukune resumes pounding the young woman under him and then empties his load into her.  Feeling the warmth spreading within her from Tsukune’s cum causes Kurumu to orgasm again herself.  

All of the sudden the monster energy vanishes from Tsukune and the spent teenage boy collapses on top of the succubus who is also now exhausted.

Again Kurumu says, "I love you."

Without thinking Tsukune replies, "I love you too Kurumu."  

Hearing those words is too much for Kurumu and she blacks out.  Tsukune exhausted falls asleep on top of her and as his softening member pops out their fluids mix together on the sleeping mat.

Neither teen notices the black patches that almost crawl out from under the bandage around Tsukune's neck.  The inky blackness spreads for a few moments, stops its advance and then the patches fade away. 

As a buzzer drones on the two teens slowly begin to stir from their shared slumber.  Tsukune awakes first and looks at the nude form of Kurumu next to him.  A brief smiles crosses his face and then realization hits him, he fucked Kurumu last night.  Not only that, he had thrown her down, climbed on top of her and pounded her till she screamed and then had to smother her mouth with kisses to prevent her making any more noise than she did.  The memory both excited and horrified the young human.  What had he done?!  What if she was pregnant?  What would Moka do?!


When Kurumu woke up her first thought was that it had been a dream, followed by a terrible thought that she had thrown herself at some other boy, but no she was in Tsukune's room.  Her own face lights up as if the sun, then she pounced like a lioness on top of her lover and smothers his face with her breasts.


With his face covered by Kurumu's pillow like tits and her smell, everything came flooding back.  Then to the surprise of both of them Tsukune starts to kiss her naked chest and this causes Kurumu to moan.  She then pulls away just enough to see his face nestled between her breasts.  This close contact causes the young man to become ready again.


"I thought it was a dream..."


"Me too.."


Feeling the hardness of Tsukune's dick against her Kurume reaches down and grasps it.  "I want this.. I NEED IT..."


Again all thoughts of anything but of the woman in front of him vanish; like the fact that its nearly dawn and she is still in his room.  All Tsukune can do is nod as he lets his lover guide herself down on to his hard member.  


As Tsukune feels himself being enveloped by Kurumu, the warm and moist feeling of being in her drives him crazy.  


"I don't want this night to end..."  Kurumu says and starts riding her lover.  Tsukune for his part grabs her hips to hold her on him.


After a few moments Tsukune notices the glow of pre-dawn starting to creep into his room.  They are running out of time.  In between gasps and grunts, "The... sun... no... time..."


Kurumu moans, "Quick... then..."  Then starts riding Tsukune for all she is worth.  Both too soon and after too long the two teens finish.


"You have to go Kurumu. If you are caught here..."


Kurumu gives a reluctant nod and then brushes her lips against Tsukune's and is rewarded with him pulling her closer and making it a deep passionate kiss.  


The two quickly clean up and get dressed. 


"Tsukune... Later we need to..."


A bit out of character Tsukune interrupts Kurumu, "TALK... We need to talk."


Kurumu nods agreement and whispers, "I love you."


The response to the declaration is a nod, "I know."


After the nod Kurumu opens the windows and transforms.  Her wings and tails sprout and then she takes flight into the gathering morning to return to the girl’s dorm.


There is a gust of wind which sends the drapes fluttering and that in turn knocks over the newspaper club group photo.  Just before the picture frame hits the floor Tsukune manages to snag it.  Looking at the four faces of the girls Tsukune wonders what he is to do.  What is he going to do?



At the Yokai Academy hospital outside of the room where Tsukune's is recovering from his battle the four girls are gathered.


"What do you mean that you... you... you made love to Tsukune!?!"  Outer Moka was nervously toying with the rosary around her neck. 


The young witch was looking between Moka and Kurumu and it's clear that she is unhappy, "I don't believe it... There is no way he would sleep with you big titted tramp!"


Ignoring Yukari altogether, Kurumu glares at Moka, "How about why did your other self try to murder Tsukune!  What the hell was up with that?"  The succubus folds her arms across her more than ample breasts.


"It's not that simple... She... Ah..."  Outer Moka at a loss for words trails off.  The pink haired vampire is also horrified at what happened and shocked by the implication that Tsukune has chosen Kurumu.  That Kurumu has won the contest for his heart after all.


"Explain what Moka?  That your S Class side went on her own little killing spree and the target was Tsukune."


It's simply too much and Moka flees from the others with tears running down her cheeks.


At one time Kurumu would have jumped for joy at the sight of her rival fleeing so; but it now rings hollow.


At last Mizore speaks up, "Don't you think you were kind of cruel to Moka just now 'Empty Head'?"  Emphasizing her point by pointing her sucker at Kurumu.


Kurumu is annoyed and grumbles in way of reply.


With Moka gone it’s up to Yukari to press Kurumu, "If he did sleep with you it's because you used your Love Charm on him, didn't you!?!"  Yukari taps her magic wand as if debating using it.


"No, I didn't use my powers on Tsukune. I promised that I wouldn't.  We have to focus on protecting Tsukune."  Kurumu doesn't want to talk about this, especially as whatever answer she gives is going to upset the others.


"Speaking of powers, what did you do to Tsukune to get him to stop?" Mizore tries for a change of topic to get Kurumu to open up.


"As a succubus I can enter people's minds. It was very difficult… it was like there was another mind there but it was bestial, all rage and hunger."  Kurumu shivers at the memory and is saved from more questions by Ruby stepping out into the hallway. Tsukune is awake and asking for them.


Everyone does a double take on Ruby as she is wearing a nurse’s outfit but it’s trashy, short skirt and the top open a few buttons to show off her bust.  "It's a long story… the head master assigned me to the hospital..."



Meanwhile Moka is fighting the Doctor and Nurse who are also part of the outcast plot.



When Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari and brought in by Ruby they are met by a sitting up Tsukune who looks totally normal.  He gives them a smile and then looks around for the missing Moka.


The girls look uncomfortable for a moment when Kurumu is about to ask how Tsukune is doing when Yukari rushes the bed, "Desu!  Tsukune! Kurumu has been saying these incredible lies that you two slept together! No way is that true! You love Moka and were going to wait for me to join you two!"


The cheeks on everyone in the room burn bright at the little witch’s statement.


Slowly Tsukune looks at Kurumu and asks, "You told them?!?"


Kurumu is ready to cry and her words spill over one another.  Explaining about the end of the fight and she was afraid Moka was going to kill him.


Tsukune looks down at the floor; his feelings are a hurricane right now.  He loves Moka but he has come to terms that he also loves Kurumu but what of the other girls and how does he deal with Kurumu AND Moka?  Of course everything has blown up since he slept with Kurumu and it’s known. 


While Tsukune is dealing with his turmoil, his confirmation is a crushing blow to Mizore and Yukari.  The Snow Woman had put a great deal of her hopes into the idea of starting a family with Tsukune; losing to Moka would have been one thing because it was clear she had the edge from the start.  But for Kurumu to have swooped and in and to have stolen Tsukune!?  It's a very bitter blow. 


At last into the silence Tsukune asks after Moka.  Yukari is angry at Kurumu and jabs her finger at the succubus, "This big titted cow made Moka run away in tears!"


Before things could get worse Ruby joins the conversation, "They were arguing." Then everyone gives the older witch a strange look as Ruby hadn't been there to have over heard it.


No one cared to refute the claim and in that silence Tsukune was able to jump in, "Can you guys find Moka?  In the meantime Kurumu and I need to talk."


Mizore nodded while Yukari was on the edge of tears.  The two stepped out to find Moka and Ruby followed them leaving Kurumu and Tsukune alone.  Kurumu took her love’s hand and held it between her own, "I was so frightened, you were acting crazy and then Moka tried to KILL you!"  As the young woman says “kill” her eyes go wide. 


"I need to talk to Moka..."


Kurumu frowns but smiles when Tsukune finishes his sentence.


"...but first you and I need to talk."  Looking like he expected one of Yukari's magical pans to fall on him, "I want you to know that I regret nothing about the other night and to say I love you.  I was foolish to not have rea..."




Tsukune is cut off with a shower of kisses by the young woman who all but jumps on to him.  In between the kisses Kurumu says, "You... Will... Not... Regret... This... I will... Be the... Best wife..."


Tsukune is about to go into a gibbering fit at the mention of wife.  The teen calms himself down.  It takes a little bit for Tsukune to get Kurumu to calm down and then he takes another deep breath as he is certain she will not like what he says next.  "You need to know that I also have feelings for Moka... That has been true all along.  I was too afraid to admit that but now that I have realized how I how I feel about you, I need to talk to her."


While not thrilled that Tsukune hasn't proclaimed her his sole love, Kurumu is very happy with his confirmation that he does love her.  The question is what to do about Moka, if anything.  For now, it’s time to find out where Tsukune sees this going.  "Tsukune, I understand things are going fast right now and that you need time.  Can you tell me what you are going to say to Moka?"


Unable to meet Kurumu's eyes, Tsukune looks down a bit.  Wondering what he is going to say to Moka and then Tsukune notices Kurumu's neck, he can almost see the side of her neck pulsing with the beat of her heart and the blooding rushing within the arteries.  Without thinking Tsukune moves forward and starts nuzzling Kurumu's neck.


Liking the attention Kurumu leans into Tsukune and lets out a soft moan, "Oh... Tsukune..."


Tsukune feels so thirsty Tsukune and has to stop, 'I really need something to drink', he thinks.  Moving away from the succubus Tsukune gives a weak smile and the heads over to the sink.  As he walks the new bracelet on his wrist jingles. 


Kurumu pouts a bit since Tsukune stopped and she liked the attention, especially as it had been unexpected.   The affection leads Kurumu’s mind to focus on when they became one the other night and she starts to replay in her mind what happened.


Turning from the sink Tsukune has a cup of water in his hand and upon seeing the expression on Kurumu's face nearly drops it.  Kurumu’s expression is a combination of embarrassment and lust.  Tsukune feels a need to drink some more and quickly turns his back and drinks from the sink.




Sensing Kurumu walking up behind him Tsukune is suddenly afraid she is going to pounce on him.  Spinning in place and waving his hands to fend off the proposition Tsukune is certain is about to happen.


"What are you going to say to Moka?"


Relieved it's a question, even one as complex as THAT one, Tsukune lets out a big exhale in relief.  "Well... I need her to know what my feelings are for you."


The succubus' face lights up.


"That we did sleep together, that I love you and at the same time still care for her, that I love her too." 


Kurumu flinches at the last part.  Having at last won his love, Kurumu is unwilling to risk things so she leaves things as is, for now.  Deciding on a change of topic, "What is deal with the bracelet?"


"I don't know, Ruby said don't remove it and all would be explained shortly."



Meanwhile Yukari and Mizore search for but fail to find Moka; however, the mind controlled Moka has found Tsukune and Kurumu.



The door to the room opens up and standing in the doorway is Moka but her neck is bloody and her eyes have a vacant stare. 


Taking a step forward Tsukune smiles and asks, "Moka, thank goodness! We were worried about you!"


Kurumu folds her arms over her breasts and frowns.  The young succubus is clearly not pleased by the arrival of her rival. 


Then both of them notice that Moka is behaving strangely, carrying a surgical knife in her one hand and Tsukune subconsciously notices the smell of blood from the wounds on Moka's neck and leans forward without thinking.  Kurumu is slightly faster on noticing a problem and asks, "Moka, what are you doing?"



Alerted by Kurumu's question, Tsukune notices the scalpel that Moka is carrying, "Hey be careful! That’s dangerous!"


Kurumu frowns, "You are acting strange, Moka..."


Without warning the mind controlled vampire slashes Tsukune and a spray of blood fills the hallway as the scalpel rips through his shirt and the flesh beneath.  "DIE TSUKUNE!"  The wounded teenager falls back onto the ground shocked by the attack of his other love.


"NOOOO!"  Kurumu cries as she throws herself at Moka and tackles her vampire rival to the ground.   The succubus smacks Moka across her face with an open hand.  "What are you doing?"


The mental fog of the nurse’s mind control lifts and Moka notices the scalpel in her hand.  Seeing Tsukune's wounded arm Moka's eyes go wide in shock, "No way... I did that?!?"


Kurumu grabs Moka's arm holding the scalpel, "This is the second time you tried to kill Tsukune!  I will say this only once: I won't ever forgive you again Moka!"


At that moment the other members of the newspaper club arrive and look on in horror at the scene of the bleeding Tsukune while Kurumu holds Moka down.



There are several minutes of chaos as the girls argue with each other and the fighting is only ended by the arrival of the Head Master of the Academy who orders an examination of Moka. 



Tsukune hangs his head low in shock at what has just transpired. Moka attacked and tried to kill him a second time.  The first time he had no memory of but this latest attack is all too clear in the teenager’s mind. 


Yukari and Kurumu are talking while Mizore hides next to Tsukune's bed and watches. 


"Desu!  No matter how many times Ruby asks Moka just answers ‘I don't know’."


Kurumu stands protectively nearby Tsukune, "It has to be jealousy! Moka couldn't accept what happened and..."


Tsukune stands up suddenly, "No... I believe in Moka... I have to talk to her."  But before Tsukune can leave the room Kurumu blocks the door.


"I won't let you go to where Moka is.  Maybe Inner Moka is controlling her body and still wants to kill you, or maybe she can't accept what happened.  It's too dangerous."


"No way..."


Kurumu starts to shake, "She tried to kill you before... I thought that Moka was thinking that death was a way of saving you the first time when you turned into the Ghoul."  Kurumu throws her arms around the man she loves, "I don't know if I can trust Moka again!"


Before anything else can be said by either Tsukune or Kurumu, Mizore freezes her rival, which causes an argument between the snow woman and succubus over whether Tsukune should head off.  This argument is cut short when Tsukune announces, "I have to go... I will be going out for a bit, but I have to believe in Moka!"



With Tsukune gone from the room Mizore turns to Kurumu, "I have to know... what was it like?  What was it like to be with Tsukune?"


Kurumu is shocked by the blunt question and her cheeks flush at the memory it brings.  Tsukune on top of her, inside of her.  Despite the embarrassment there is a slight smile to the young succubus’s mouth.


Yukari frowns, "I still don't believe it!" 


"Look at her face; it happened,"  Mizore says with absolute certainty


The youngest of the three students wants to stick out her tongue, yell insults or just cry at the statement and the realization that Kurumu had succeeded sinks in at last.  With her purple eyes wide Yukari asks with her voice low and showing her age as the youngest member of the Newspaper Club, "What was it like?"


Caught between her two friends, Kurumu nods agreement and the slight smile blossoms across her face, "It was GLORIOUS!"



Tsukune, while searching for Moka, stumbles across a scene of carnage and death with blood and bodies strewn across a floor of the Academy Hospital. 


"Nice to see you Tsukune..."  A malevolent voice calls out across the room.  "This saves the time of me sending another mind controlled patsy to kill you!"


"YOU FORCED MOKA TO ATTACK ME!"  Tsukune yells in outrage.


The nurse has a sick smile cross her face, "Yes and now it’s time to finish the job!"


Tsukune tries to flee but before he can take a step one of the bloody students on floor grabs him


"Oh I can't let you escape here Tsukune."




"I can control other people’s wills, multiple people."  Laughing now the nurse waves her needle like fingers about, "There is no place to escape!  Here you die!"


The students shambled forward, grabbing onto the trapped Tsukune, clawing and biting.


Tsukune lets out a scream of pain as a student chomps down onto his shoulder and another grabs his arm.  The rosary locket on Tsukune's arm is knocked free by the struggle.



On the first floor of the Hospital Ruby and Moka are talking and then they hear the sound of a battle on one of the floors above them.



Back in Tsukune's hospital room Mizore and Yukari are probing a reluctant Kurumu for details on how the succubus succeeded at getting Tsukune into bed when they too hear the sounds of combat below them.



The female members of the Newspaper Club rush onto the second floor of the Academy Hospital from opposite ends.  They are greeted with a terrible sight, Tsukune is standing among over a dozen broken and bloody bodies.  His hair is silver and Tsukune is holding Nurse Mako Yakumaru off the ground with his face buried in her neck.


Moka holds her hand to her mouth as she looks on in horror, "Is he a ghoul again?"


The other girls all cry out in unison, "No!"  "Tsukune!"


At the girls’ voices Tsukune opens his eyes which have cat’s-eye pupils and are red.  Moving slowly like he is coming out of a trance, Tsukune lowers the nurse and this reveals the rest of his face.  Fangs peek out below bloody lips.  Looking around in surprise at the carnage around him Tsukune notices the bloody wound on the nurse’s neck and without thinking licks his lips.  At last tasting the blood and realizing what has happened, Tsukune cries out in fear and panic.


"Perhaps I should explain what has happened." A stern voice calls out from down the hallway and everyone turns to see the Head Master. 



The hospital staff tended to the dead and wounded from Tsukune's battle with Mako Yakumaru and her mind controlled minions.  Meanwhile in the headmaster’s office, the all the members of the Newspaper Club but Gin are present.  The headmaster of the academy sits behind his desk with Ruby at his side.  Tsukune and his friends stand across from the desk.  The girls all crowd protectively close to Tsukune.   


"Some of what has happened should be obvious."


The girls look at Tsukune who shuffles uncomfortable under everyone’s gaze.


Moka looks at Tsukune and back to the Head Master, "Please tell us... what has happened."  The cat’s-eye jewel at the center of her rosary glows.


"As I said it should be obvious your blood has transformed Mr. Aono into a Vampire."  The Headmaster informs the gathered students. 


Despite the obviousness of the statement the girls are shocked and the jewel almost flashes at the statement.


"I have acquired a holy rosary to seal Mr. Aono's powers and unlike yours, Miss Akashiya, his can be removed by him.  Now I have confirmed that the deaths…”


Everyone especially Tsukune flinches at mention of people being killed. 


"...were not caused by Mr. Aono's actions..."


Everyone especially Tsukune sighs in relief at the statement.


"...but several people were injured and combined with the incident in the ruined building points to Mr. Aono needing training with his new powers."  The Head Master looks directly at Moka, "Miss Akashiya as you are also a vampire and responsible for Mr. Aono's transformation, I am directing you to train him in the use of his new abilities."


Tsukune smiles at the idea but the girls are all unsure and Kurumu feels a flash of jealousy.


The headmaster places a large leather whip on his desk from one of the drawers.  "This is called Belmont; it neutralizes magical powers such as sealing abilities of your rosaries.  This will allow Miss Akashiya to access her vampire abilities.  Miss Tōjō will provide a suitable location for training. Good day."


Dismissed, the students file out of the headmaster’s office into the hallway beyond.  At once all the girls start asking Tsukune how he is doing.  Tsukune throws up his hands to ward off the questions.  Ruby however saves the day as she suggests that Tsukune and Moka should get started right away.


With any argument cut short, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari reluctantly head off.  As the three young women leave, Mizore notes carefully the direction that Ruby leads Moka and Tsukune off to.



After a walk through the academy buildings and past the grave stones and gargoyle statues, Ruby brings the two vampires to a clearing.  "I think you two have much to talk about, so I will give you some privacy."  With a nod the witch leaves the two teens alone.


Alone at last, Tsukune and Moka look at one another.  Discomfort is written all over both of their faces.


After both wait for the other to start talking and getting silence as the result the two then then both try to speak at once. 


Tsukune gives a laugh, "You go first."


Moka nods, "There is so much to ask you.  How are you doing?  Might be the best to start with."


"Tired."  Tsukune answers honestly; today had been a whirlwind.  Waking up from his battle; Moka running away.  Confessing to Kurumu.  Having ANOTHER battle with Anti-thesis.  Finding out he is a vampire.


Moka twirls with her Rosary, "Well perhaps we should wait so you can get..."


Tsukune waves his hands, "No... like you said we have so much to talk about.  I think there is something else on your mind.  Like what happened...  Like what happened between me and... Kurumu."  At last Tsukune finishes the sentence but his face turns red and he can't make contact with Moka's eyes.


Moka's cheeks also burn cheery red as this subject she very much wants and does not want to talk about.  Her voice almost tiny Moka says yes to Tsukune's statement.


"I don't know where to begin."


Moka nods, "It's kind of personal I don't feel comfortable asking what goes on..."  Then the female vampire stops as she thinks the rest of the sentence through, 'what goes on between a boyfriend and girlfriend, they have to be if they slept together.  Kurumu is a succubus but Tsukune wouldn't just sleep with anyone.'


"It's OK Moka, I have no secrets from you."


Not knowing what else to ask and feeling terror begin to rise up Moka blurts out, "Do you love her?  Are you in love with Kurumu?"


There she did it, Moka asked the question of her deepest fear.  For Tsukune to confirm that the succubus had won his heart.


Taking a deep breath Tsukune says slowly, "Yes. I love her.  I didn't realize that till the other day but it’s true."


Feeling tears starting to rise, Moka can only nod at first but then she forces a smile and says, "I am happy for you two. I am sure she will make you very ha..."


Within the rosary Inner-Moka seethes in rage as proud vampiress emotions whirl like a hurricane.  Anger at Kurumu for stealing Tsukune, for the pain this has caused Outer-Moka and perhaps jealousy.  ‘Is that possible?’ Inner-Moka thinks to herself.  Is she jealous of Kurumu?  ‘Impossible!’ she concludes.


Seeing the pain his statement has caused Tsukune blurts out, "I love you too Moka!"


For over a year Moka had been waiting to hear those words from Tsukune, for him to say he loves her.   A smile expands across Moka's face and her cheeks turn pink.  The young vampiress is about to respond to Tsukune's declaration when the full meaning of what he has said sinks in, 'I love you TOO Moka...'  What does this mean? "I... I... don't know what to say."


From within the rosary Inner Moka isn't pleased by what she has heard.  Over the past year, inner Moka has come to respect Tsukune's bravery, not that she would say such to a mere human.  Also Inner Moka knows that her outer personality has strong feelings for Tsukune.  When her blood transformed Tsukune into a ghoul, deciding to put him down was a painful choice.  Still despite her own feelings for Tsukune which the prideful vampiress isn't sure of herself, the boy has to know that his statement would hurt Outer Moka and that’s not acceptable. 


The Rosary glows in anger.


Tsukune has no clue what is going through the mind of Inner Moka but the turmoil of Outer Moka's emotions is obvious and he flinches at his friend’s discomfort.  "I think you know that I have always cared for you Moka but I was too afraid to say more.  That and whenever I might one of the other girls would get in the way."


Outer Moka says slowly, "Like Kurumu."


"Yes, like Kurumu, or Mizore, or Yukari. Whenever I felt like we might say how we felt for each other one of them would show up and interfere.  When they were not around I was too afraid, but I am not afraid now to say how I feel now and I care for BOTH you and Kurumu.  More than just care for you both, I love you both."  As Tsukune spoke more and more conviction entered his voice and he stood straighter.



Before Outer Moka can respond, Inner Moka communicates with her.  The mental link through the rosary allows the two privacy and it’s at the speed of thought so Tsukune doesn't notice the conversation as it’s over during the blink of an eye for him.


'You shouldn't accept this,'  Inner Moka says to her counterpart.


Despite it being a mental conversation Outer Moka wants to fidget with the Rosary, 'I have been waiting for him to say he loves me!'


The inner personality is as always cold, 'Yes he did say that, you AND the Succubus.  Are you going to be happy with where this is leading?  How happy was our family?  How many women was father with?' 


Outer Moka understands, Kokoa and her other sisters were always pawns in their mothers’ battles.  'What am I to do then?'


'You can do better and shouldn't accept getting the scraps of his attention.'  Inner Moka leaves unsaid her anger at the idea that Kurumu claimed Tsukune's virginity.  For some reason this bothers the proud vampiress. 


'But Tsukune is the best!  He is brave and selfless and...' Outer Moka is attempting to convince her inner self but is instead cut off. 


Inner Moka, always cold and aloof, ignores the emotional argument, 'Yes, yes, he may be all those things but he is also a Vampire now.  Has it occurred to you how much this behavior is like father and the other Vampires we have meet?  Again are you going to be happy sharing his attention?'


'Well no… but I am sure I can convince him to only be with us!"


Again the argument is dismissed, 'How?  Like Kurumu did?  Now that he has tasted the charms of the Succubus, do you think you can appeal to him any other way than to match her by offering Tsukune your body?'


The thrown down gauntlet of having to sleep with Tsukune as a gambit to seek his attention rather than as an act of love taints what has been one of outer Moka’s more personal desires, the subject of several fantasies.  Stalling for time Outer Moka says, ‘We don't know what happened.'


'Then perhaps you should find out.'



With tears welling up around her eyes the pink haired outer form of Moka asks slowly, "Do you expect me… I mean us to... do this and that… with you also?" As she asks the question her cheeks flush in embarrassment and Moka is torn between hoping Tsukune will say yes or no.



Tsukune fights off his own embarrassment at the question and then takes a deep breath before he continues, "Expect you to?"  Taking another deep breath before he finishes he looks directly into Moka's expectant eyes, "NO."  Then his resolve falters and the ground is very interesting to gaze upon and in a voice just above a whisper, "I want to be with you... very much so."  Again he looks up, "I LOVE YOU MOKA."



From behind a nearby bush Mizore has to cover her mouth to hide the gasp at hearing Tsukune's confession to Moka.


Taking a step forward now and with his hands shaking in fear he tries to grab Moka and pull her into a kiss.  This is interrupted by Moka herself as she puts her hand on his chest.  Feeling Tsukune's heart beat is almost too much as SO MANY times she had wanted just this to happen.  "Wait, I have to know, what happened between you and Kurumu?"


After a brief nod slowly and with mounting embarrassment, the newly turned vampire gives the story of his seduction by Kurumu.



Once Tsukune finishes almost in unison Moka and Mizore start to sniffle and then cry.  Moka turns and flees as does Mizore.  


Alerted to Mizore's presence by her headlong and tear-filled flight through the woods, Tsukune stands rooted in place.  To a now empty clearing Tsukune mutters, "Well… that went badly."





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