The Greatest Power

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Romeo was scared.


He opened his eyes to find himself in an endless plain of white surrounding him. In all directions, nothing was present and try as he might, the young boy couldn’t move an inch. Even his mouth wasn’t under his control anymore and all he could do was fearfully look around.

He prayed that someone from the Guild could help him, or just anyone really! Even if it was a random stranger, Romeo would be grateful.


“Hello Romeo.”


A voice echoed throughout the plain and the young boy would have flinched if he could. The voice had power within its tone and hanging out with some of the most powerful mages in Earthland, Romeo learnt how to recognize such.


“Do not fear me child as I bring you no harm,” The voice continued in a softer tone. “I apologize for frightening you by bringing you here but the realm of dreams would be the safest place to take you from.”


‘Where am I.’ He thought and surprisingly the voice answered.


“You are in my realm for now as I have brought you here to receive a power,” The voice said. “The power of universal acceptance. Anything you say or do will be seen as accepted by all. Your voice will allow you to command anyone as long as it is within reason and anything you do will be seen as normal.”




“You are confused. Imagine if you wanted a toy. All you have to do is take it and anyone watching you will accept it as normal. As for your voice being able to command anyone, it is as plain as day. You could ask someone to jump and they would do so without blinking an eye. The only limit is that it must be possible so telling someone to bring you the ocean itself would be laughed off like a joke.”


‘...Why are you giving me this?’ Romeo wasn’t a fool, this kind of power would basically make the user a god. There had to be some sort of price for this.


‘My reasons are my own but rest assured that there is no cost to using this power. Consider it a gift.”


The world began to crack and splinter apart, the Voice saying one last thing.


“Now wake up.”


“AH!” Romeo shot up in his bed, cold sweat covering his body. He panted and looked around to find himself back in his room.


A quick look out the window showed that it was barely morning, the sun just beginning to enter the sky.


‘W-was that a dream,’ The dark haired boy thought. ‘Yeah it has to be. There’s no way someone would give that kind of power as a gift.’


Romeo tried to go back to sleep but the shock of his dream killed any sleep he had left in his system so he just began to get ready for the day. He made himself some toast, left a note for his parents to tell them that he went out and ran outside to explore the city.


The 13 year old let his mind wander as he ran through the streets, enjoying the calm and quiet of the early morning. However Romeo’s thoughts were still stuck on his weird dream, constantly going back to it over and over. It felt too real but the idea that he has that sort of power was laughable honestly. He was just a kid after all and why would some being grant it to him?


“Oh Romeo hello.” A familiar voice startled him out of his thoughts and he looked up to see Lucy. She wore a tight fitting tube top with a light yellow mini skirt with a small pouch that held her keys.


He smiled. “Hey Lucy, what are you doing up this early?”


“I should ask you the same thing,” She replied. “I’m on my way to the store to buy some food for my apartment and the best prices tend to be early in the morning.”


“Well I just couldn’t sleep so I’m just walking around. Can I join you?”


Lucy patted his head, making Romeo pout a bit. “Sure, I could always use the company.”


The two made their way to the store and chatted about how each other has been. Throughout the walk, Romeo couldn’t help but sneak peaks at Lucy’s body. He simply couldn’t help it since he was just a teen that is beginning to feel the effects of his hormones but the young mage couldn’t help but feel slightly ashamed of it. Lucy’s small top did little to hide her impressive chest, the tiny skirt often gave him hints of white panties underneath while revealing her long flawless legs and just the way her body moved made his hormones go wild.


“Anything you say or do will be accepted.” The voice echoed in Romeo’s head. He shook his head to dispel it but it didn’t work. It kept bouncing around in his head like a ball and grew louder whenever he took a glance at Lucy.


“Here we are!” Romeo jumped a bit when he saw that they had made it to a modest grocery store. Romeo made himself useful and grabbed a cart while Lucy produced a list from her pouch. “Alright we just need to get the basic stuff. Hopefully they’ll within my budget this time around but if not, ugh,” She made a cute angry face that made Romeo laugh a bit, one that Lucy quickly joined in.


The two of them walked through the cold store, getting everything Lucy needed from bread and eggs to milk and juice.


Lucy shivered and rubbed her arms. “I knew I should have waited until my laundry was done, it's so cold in here!” Unknown to her, Romeo noticed that her nipples were stiff and poked through her thin tube top.


Romeo gulped and looked away to focus on pushing the cart. “Uh yeah it is. I was wondering why you were wearing that.”


“Oh Natsu and Happy had the fun idea to play with a paint bomb in my room. Thankfully not a lot of it got on anywhere in my apartment but that is only because they threw it into my waste basket!” She growled at the memory of seeing nearly all of her clothes rude, making Romeo nervously laugh a bit. “But yeah, this was all I had to wear but it's better than nothing.”


‘I don’t know, nothing would look great on you.’ He could help but think. Perhaps following her wasn’t the best idea since she was unknowingly playing hell on him with her body. They made their way to the canned food aisle and the blonde mage stomped her foot in annoyance when she saw that the cheapest was at the top, far out of either of their reach.


“They always do this and no stool or stepladder around for us to use,” Lucy looked around for something suitable to stand and her eyes stopped on their own cart. “Hmm...Romeo, you think you could hold that steady enough for me to grab what I need at the top?”


Romeo nodded. “Sure but just try not to move too much okay?” Lucy agreed and after moving a few of her items aside, she got into the cart and stood up while Romeo held it still.


However Romeo quickly saw that his position left him have a freeview up Lucy’s skirt to reveal her skimpy white panties. It hugged tightly to her sizable rear, highlighting its figure and held Romeo’s gaze. The young boy felt his penis harden and press against his underwear, blushing in embarrassment.


Lucy looked down with her arms filled with cans. “Alright I got them!” Romeo jumped a bit, shaking the cart a bit. “Thanks for your help Romeo, this would have been a bit harder without you.” She placed the items down in the cart before hopping out herself.


“Y-you’re welcome,” He responded and tried to hide his boner from Lucy but try as he might, it stuck out against his pants. Thankfully Lucy didn’t seem to notice and simply continued down the aisle as he followed.


“Anything you say or do will be accepted.” The voice once again echoed in his head. Romeo bit his lip and his eyes wandered to Lucy’s backside as it sway while she walked.


‘God damn it. Okay lets just test it,’ Romeo steeled his nerves and spoke up. “Uh Lucy?”


“Yes Romeo?” She spun around to look at him, her chest bouncing a bit when she did.


“C-could you...d-do some jumping jacks?” He inwardly kicked himself at the dumb request. Now Lucy was going to think he was strange and-


“Sure!” The blonde replied with a happy smile and began to do just that in front of the shocked teen. “Just tell me when to stop.”


Romeo’s jaw dropped; watching Lucy do jumping jacks right in the middle of the store. The action made her large chest bounce up and down while also revealing bits of her panties, splitting his gaze between the two.


‘I-I don’t believe it! It wasn’t a dream,’ He thought with a smile, still watching Lucy do her jumping jacks. ‘Although she could just be humoring me. I better ask for something else,’


“Okay you can stop now,” Lucy did just that and panted a bit at her sudden exercise. “Now I want you to...lick your finger and stick it in your ear.”


She simply nodded and followed his order without even blinking an eye. Romeo licked his lips and realized that his power really was real. He could really say anything and people will follow it.


...Or do anything.


The young mage remembered the Voice’s exact words. Anything he says or do will be seen as normal.


Romeo let go of the cart walked up to Lucy who blinked down at him. Without wasting a second, he reached out, grabbed her tube top and ripped it right off. Laying bare for him to see was Lucy’s wonderful chest, free of anything hold it back. Her nipples was stiff and standing at attention on her nice sizable areola. He groped and grabbed her tits, enjoying the soft yet firm feeling if it underneath his fingers.


“A-ah! I-if you w-want to ahh grope my chest, you c-could have just asked,” Lucy said between gasps and moans as if her tits being fondled by a thirteen year old was something normal. “B-but if you don’t mind Romeo, I-i need to finish shopping.”


Romeo barely paid any attention, too focused on just how good Lucy’s chest felt but he did managed to catch the end of her sentence. “Alright then how about you push the cart while I,” He pinched both of her nipples and got an adorable squeak from the blonde in return. “Enjoy your offer.”


Lucy did what Romeo said, taking up the cart’s handles and pushing it forward as the young boy eagerly enjoyed playing with her tits behind it. It was a bit awkward but a small price to live out his fantasy.


Lucy for her part tried to play it off as normal like what the voice said but moans, squeaks and groans escaped her mouth while her face flushed red. Romeo eventually got more bold and one of his hands danced downwards from her chest to her stomach and soon to her womanhood. The dark haired mage felt that it was extremely wet and soaked his fingers within minutes of him sticking them into her.


“S-say R-romeo would y-you ahhh like something h-here?” Lucy asked the young boy molesting her.


He shook his head. “Nah, I got what I need right here.”


“O-okay then.”


The duo made their way to the cash register where an old kindly woman was waiting there. She paid no mind to the sight of a young adult being fingered and fondled by a boy just out of his teen and simply smiled.


“Hello dears, did you find everything okay?”


Lucy shakily nodded and began to put her items on the counter; Romeo continuing to play with her body. “Y-yeah except the cans are a-at the top of the shelves a-again.”


The old lady frowned. “I’ll have a talk with my stocker then.”


The two continued to chat with Romeo growing more and more bold by the second. He ripped off Lucy’s skirt and panties and toss them to the ground to reveal her naked self to the world. Neither of the two blinked an eye at the sight except with Lucy shivering a bit when the last of her protection from the cold was stripped from her.


Romeo took the time to enjoy Lucy’s bare butt before working down his own pants and underwear. His cock jumped free from its prison, throbbing with lust and need to fuck Lucy like an animal.


He forced her to bend her knees a bit and prodded Lucy’s pussy for a bit until he roughly shoved the head in.


“AHHHH!” Lucy’s back arched in pleasure, her chest impressively thrust out due to her action.


“Is something wrong dear?” The old woman asked.


“N-no, the young boy behind me j-just ahhhh oohh just rammed h-his cock into me,” Lucy casually said the best she could, sweat beginning to cover her body and tits bouncing with every thrust Romeo did. She gripped the counter tightly to steady herself as Romeo fucked her. “S-so h-how much do I own you?”


Romeo paid no mind to their interaction and just focused his mind on just how good Lucy’s pussy felt. It was slick and warm and unlike anything he ever felt. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her smooth slender back, continuing to pound her womanhood nonstop with his hips almost becoming a blur.


“Ah ah ah ah,” Lucy gasped in pleasure and rested her head against the cool counter. “I-I’m s-sorry but could y-you repeat the amount eekkk!” Lucy squealed the last part when she felt Romeo’s dick beginning to touch against her womb.


“You own me about 1000 Jewels dear.”


“O-okay,” She reached down for her pouch only to remember that it was on her skirt that Romeo ripped off of her. Taking a quick glance around, she saw them not too far away and tried to reach out to grab them. Unfortunately they were out of her reach and so she turned to the boy using her as his fucktoy.


“R-romeo do you think AH you c-could s-stop for a AHH second so I can g-grab the Jewels in my pouch?”


By now, Romeo had grown too used to Lucy’s willingness to use her so he shook his head. “No I want to keep fucking you!” He increased his pace which made Lucy pant faster and harder like a bitch in heat. His dick kept hammering a wall in Lucy’s cunt and he wanted to break through it with all his might.


Lucy simply nodded and just pushed herself off of the counter, landing on her hands and knees on the floor. She crawled to her pouch as Romeo just kept fucking her every inch of the way. When she had it in her hand, Romeo suddenly reach out and grabbed her blond hair to pull her back to go even deeper in her. Finally Lucy’s cervix gave way under assault and her womb swallowed Romeo’s cock, making the girl scream and cum in pleasure.


The urge to climax was tempting but Romeo held on better than his guild member did, forcing her face down onto the ground. Her tits pancaked against the cool surface and Lucy drooled, her mind slowly wearing down under his rough fucking. He fucked her even harder than before, grabbed her arms now to pull her against him.


Finally, after what felt like hours of having sex, Romeo couldn’t hold back anymore and released a surge of white hot cum right into Lucy’s womb. Both he and Lucy let out loud moans of utter pleasure and Romeo fell right ontop of Lucy’s hot and sweaty body.


The two of them panted for breath for a while and Romeo got off of the blonde, grabbed her pouch and slapped the Jewels onto the counter.


“Thank you dear,” The old lady smiled and handed him the bagged items. “Did you enjoy your little fuck with this nice girl?”


Romeo looked at Lucy who barely looked aware of where she was with cum leaking out from between her legs and eyes blank from pleasure.


He smiled and knew that his future was going to be fun. “Yeah I did. Have a good day miss.”


The old lady wished him good bye and Romeo simply picked up Lucy and placed her in the cart like she was a child. The girl didn’t object, mind still numb from pleasure most likely, and he wheeled her out of the store.


He certainly wasn’t done with Lucy just yet and it was still quite a while until everyone in his house was up.



Macao yawned and made his way downstairs for a cup of coffee to start the day. It was then he noticed the sounds of someone moaning loudly and took a turn into the living room.


Laying there on the couch was none other than his fellow guild mate Lucy naked as the day she was born.


What was more interesting was the fact that his son was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. He was thrusting her so hard that her ass bounced against the couch and her tits jiggled so fast that they were almost like a blur.


“Oh hi dad!” Romeo gave him a wave. “Good morning.”


“Good morning Romeo and you too Lucy,” The young girl barely acknowledged him, too distracted with his son’s fucking to do much of anything. Still it was the thought that count.


“I’m going to make breakfast. You two want anything?”


Romeo opened his mouth to say something but it turned into a groan of pleasure that Lucy shared as they came once more.


“I-I’m fine with eggs and bacon. How about you Lucy?”


“Ahsbsa,” Lucy mumbled. Macao shook his head in slight pity for the poor girl. His son still kept his endless energy from when he was still just a kid so they probably have been fucking for hours nonstop. It’ll probably be until late into the day that he’ll finally stop.

He made his way to make breakfast for three, taking no mind at hearing Lucy’s moans, screams and gasps of pleasure as Romeo started to fuck her again.

AN: Please note that while anyone can contribute to this story, please keep in mind that Romeo has to remain the main character. Aside from that, scat, yaoi and gore are not allowed in this story. Other than that, have fun! I'll be putting my own chapters as well but I do encourage others to put their own ideas in.

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