The Greatest Power

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Chapter contributed by : Jazzguy18

Romeo x Cana

You would think a young man like Romeo dragging a cart with two named women in it would attract some attention? But thanks his new found powers, the young man simple strolls through the street of magnolia with his two fuck toys in his cart with people shouting good morning to him as he passes by them. 

'Oh man i can't wait to see what everyone at the guild thinks of my new power.' Romeo thinks to himself with a giggle imagining what sort of sexual situations he could get himself into as well as some funny ones. Meanwhile in his cart all poor Lucy and Vergo could do is moan from their latest sexual encounter with the young man as he carries them all the way to the front of the fairy tail guild front door.

"OK you both stay in the cart and i may be back with more friends to take back home with me." Romeo says to the girl in his cart, who only moan back making him smile as he dashes into the guild to see it surprising empty. 

This is strange to him as he did remember Virgo saying all the males of the guild have gone out on a contract. Yet looking around Romeo could not see a soul, not on the chairs, not on the second floor and not even at the bar is there anyone making Romeo let out a disappointed sigh. He really hoped for all the female of the guild to be here so he could pick some to take with him however they did not seem to be the case with no one here.


“Hey is anyone here?” Romeo calls out hoping for anyone to answer his question. He did not believe anyone would that is until he see her come from behind the bar, Cana


Fairy tail's best women drinker and a women Romeo often had beat too as she and his dad are close friends meaning he saw her more often then anyone in the guild. The long brown haired women rests her large bust on the counter giving Romeo a perfect view of the large orbs of flesh being held back by her blue bikini top before her right hand comes up after holding a bottle of beer already open.


“Romeo, what are you doing here half pint?” The clearly drunk women asks trying to tip some more alcohol from the bottle only to find it empty. The young man could not help but feel sorry for Cana, always found comfort at the bottom of a beer yet her could also not lie about how hot she is with her large bouncing breasts always on show thanks to her wearing such a skimpy bikini top, her large ass and long legs hidden by her brown cloth trousers while her feet show themselves off in her open black sandals.


Many a night did he wish that while she was visiting his dad one day that she fall madly in love with him and allow him to explore her body inside and out. So perhaps that why with a grin on his face he makes his first move on the women of his dreams. Answering her back that he's too young to be on a contract as he walks towards her, Cana slaps her forehead calling herself such an idiot for not remembering this age before shaking the empty bottle again with a sigh.


This give Romeo the chance to go around the back of the bar to get behind Cana who is still leaning over the counter before giving her large trouser protected butt a slap that echoes around the guild hall and makes Cana yelp in surprise.


“Oh Romeo you and your dad are the same always slapping my big butt.” Cana say managing to turn herself around to now she leans with her back on the bar giving Romeo access to her chest area.

“I'd usually slap your dad for doing that to me, but because it you my little half pint I’ll let you off this once.”


Clearly the drink had gotten the better of the brown haired women as she asks Romeo to pass her a beer as she’s to wasted to get it herself. The young man does this favour only once her hands the women a new bottle, his head dives straight between her two melons of breast enjoying the feeling of the bikini and her flesh rub against his face making Cana laugh.


“Hey steady there half pint, you'll make me spill my drink.” She says not annoyed but more worried that she'd spill her happiness as the young man motorboats her. Sadly romeo pays not mind to her as he enjoys himself between the two mounds of flesh he has dreamed about for many nights before he soon makes his next bold move.


While Cana now opening the next beer bottle with her teeth, Romeo take this chance to snake his right hand behind her feeling her toned and warm body as he does before he tries to untie her blue bikini top with one hand.


He seems to get a good start however after nearly five minutes of watching the young man struggle with her bikini, Cana uses her free left hand to reach behind herself and begin to guide her young groper about how to unfasten a female bikini with just a few simple step before finally she strips herself of it telling Romeo he'd needed to practise more.


“You bet Cana but for now..” Romeo says now with a wide grin, he grabs one of her large breasts in each hand before starting to fondle them making Cana start to let out small moans of pleasure in between her swings of drink.


For Romero however he enjoys the firmness of the boobs in hand his hands, each one larger then his hands though smaller then Lucy's, he still could not help but enjoy them as he makes the older women moan from his touch.


He knees Cana's breast for a good ten minutes before suddenly he lowers his lips onto her right nipple and starts to suck on it making Cana gasp in pleasure telling Romeo that her jugs were not taps so don't expect anything from them.


The young did not instead he just enjoying the feeling of her now hard nipple in his mouth as it pokes around making his manhood rise and his lust for Cana go from silly crush to full blown wanting to hear this drunk women scream his name as he fucked her.


As such once he had now coated Cana's breasts in his saliva, the young man unbuckles Cana's pink belt before slipping off her sandals and trousers to leave him with Cana now against the counter nude on top and only a small blue thong covering her womanhood.


“Well, well someone’s an eager beaver huh.” Cana jokes pointing at the large erection coming from romeo's shorts. She however did not mind being almost naked before him making Romeo now with a bit of caution begin to slip his hand down the front of her thong.


Cana however paid no mind still drinking from the bottle Romeo got her, the young man feels around for a bit before finding his target. He start first rubbing the entrance to Cana's womanhood making Cana start to rub her thick thighs together trapping his hand there while she lets out moans of pleasure between her swigs.


Seeing this Romeo then inserts his right index finger into Cana's hole making her laugh asking Romeo if he could at least warn her before he starts finger her as she nearly dropped her bottle again thanks to the sudden surprise.


“Sorry Cana, but you should know I am going to put another finger in there now.” Romeo says sweetly before he rams another finger into Cana's hole making her nearly spit the beer in her mouth over him.


“Yeah great just don't mess around to much down there OK.” Cana tells him her face now red from embarrassment as a few thrust of his fingers the women covers the young man finger in her love juices making Romeo grin form ear to ear. He love these new power and as such without a care in the world he carefully turns Cana onto her front again before moving her thong aside to see her leaking womanhood.


Such a sight send him over the edge as stripping himself of his clothes, his monster of a manhood spring out and tap Cana's left butt cheek making her comment.


“Ha ha you happy to see me back there or do you have another bottle down there for me.?


Romeo gave his answer to his fantasy question by slowly inserting his dick into her making Cana let out louder moans then from her lower bodies invader. Romeo however found it all to easy to slip his whole man meat into her womanhood, he know this meant his fantasy was not virgin yet that did not stop him from enjoying the warmth from inside her.


The young man lucky tall enough start to quicken his pace of pulling in and out of Cana who still drinking through this tell him to be more careful as she just spilt some booze on the floor. Romeo in his lust answers back to her that she'll be spilling a lot more then booze when he's done as now he start putting more strength behind his thrusts using her legs as a balance.


Poor cana can only moan lost in the pleasure as feeling the young man meat now hit her womb, her eyes begin to drift and she drops the bottle of beer from her hand as the whole bar rocks from how hard the young man is thrusting into her.


“Yeah now scream my name.” Romeo shouts to Cana as he now hold her arms behind her to really deeply penetrate her now tightening womanhood as it tries to milk his manhood for all it worth.


“Oh god, yes, yes I love….. Romeo!”


Her scream of pleasure is soon followed by her orgasming covering his man meat in her juice while some leaks out of her. This makes Romeo follow a few minutes later exploding inside Cana with streams of his baby batter filling her womb to the point even Cana admits she can feel the warm fluid inside her.


After this Romeo falls onto Cana glistening naked back covered in sweat. Both panting from their love making, the young man is first to move pulling his manhood out of Cana before giving her a slap on her right butt check making Cana yelp.


“Wow that was great Cana, do you know where the other girls are?” Romeo asks now dressing himself. Cana howeve unable to move from her fucking tells Romeo though her panting that Erza and the other girls who live in fairy hill went there to relax and training while as for Mirajane and her sister, she heard they went to the training area behind the guild to train.

Hearing this Romeo could not help but smile, knowing where the other girls are would make it a lot easier for him to have his way with them, plus he might even get two girls in on the action if he can.

Still with this new Romeo somehow manges to carry the fucked Cana out of the guild over his shoulder and back to the cart where she now joins the still naked Lucy and Vergo in the back. The three women can do nothing as leaving Romeo races off towards his next destination wondering who else he would be taking home with him? 

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