Evil Ash Has Risen

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Late in the night, only  12 miles south from lumiose city, where Ash, Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie were camping. 

The supposed to be asleep Ash was packing his sleeping bag. He was out of pokeballs and wasn't able to find any that were less than 100 pokedollar while in lumiose.

 Which was why he was preparing a trip back. 

Done with packing he got out of his tent, trying his best not to disturb his friends as he carefully sneaked past their tent. 

He couldn't bare the thought of meeting a cool pokemon but not being able to catch it. 

Ash tries his best not to mind the dark as he proceed on the trail they’d taken.

“I sure hope I'm not making a mistake here, maybe someone might just cut me some slack and give a discount” he thought. Having traveled with his friends for everyone of his journeys Ash haven't experienced being alone in forever. 

Plus he was in the wilderness, the trail he was taking was covered entirely in forest only leaving a dirt road big enough for a small car to travel through. 

Taking a look at the time on his pokedex he realized that even though he was running it would take him a couple hours to reach the city and by the time he got back to camp Serena and them would already be up. 

“Should I just give up? Maybe I should've told them where I was going…” he muttered starting to doubt his plan. 

He immediately thought back to what professor oak said though, how he was slacking too much and that's why he never wins his championships.

 He was alway waiting to catch his pokemon while most trainer has their team already by their third gym.

 With some more thoughts into it he decided he needed those pokeballs, so he continued towards the city until the roaring of an engine some distance away stopped him in his track. 

From the sound of the engine he knew right away that it was a motorcycle.

When ash heard the engine he immediately got his hope up even if the vehicle wasn't exactly going in the direction he wanted. He considered his options “should I ask them to take me back to camp?

 Or lie that I'm lost so they’ll take me back to the city?”  Then there was the other option that he couldn't believe he considered... Which was stealing. 

He already crossed out the option of going back to camp, he was tired of always losing his championships. 

“Saying I'm lost Isn't that believable, but I'm gonna have to try…” he sighed before calling out to the person approaching.

 “Who's there? I need help!” Trying his best to seem desperate. 

Officer Jenny’s pov
I was yawning my 5th yawn tonight traveling to my usual post, trying my best not to tip my bike, even with everything I've got what was really keeping me awake was the noise from my engine, and the pothole filled road that I was maneuvering my bike through keeping my attention. 

I'd thought I would've gotten used to the change by now, just a week ago I was doing my normal job patrolling the city but ever since those idiots showed up almost every Officer in kalos has been given regular shifts late in the night, and it has to be in the wilderness too. 

The road was bumpy, this morning’s storm had rendered the dirt road slippery, and with potholes littered all over I had no choice but to force myself to drive at 10 miles an hour. 

“Who's there?! I need help!”

Almost an hour into my trip I heard a shout from a boy most likely a trainer and pretty young too, likely to be around 18, I sped up my bike “who's there? This is Officer Jenny!” 

I shouted calling to the person in need. 

When I finally saw him I hurriedly park my bike in front of the person “are you hurt anywhere, whats wrong?” 

I said anxiously “um no I'm just lost can you take me back to the city?” He muttered almost as if ashamed by it. 

Relieved that he wasn't hurt but still having to go to my post I thought for a bit

 “you should be ok if you keep going north, you got here so far you should be able to walk another 10 miles, sorry I can't help you I still have a job to do” I said, before readying myself preparing to setoff for my post once more. 

“Wait!” The young man said before rushing into the forest. Was he getting something? Is one of his pokemon hurt? 

The boy came out from the woods with his hands behind him.

 I could tell he was desperate most likely a fainted pokemon. “Does your pokemon need help?” 

I said anxiously, then tried peeking at what he was hiding behind him by tilting my head a little. 

“Yea-yeah my pokemon is hurt can you take me to the city? Please I need your help!” He answered. 

If it's not life threatening then I can probably just call for someone else to pick him up it should be ok…  

But most Jenny should be at their post by now and those who aren't were probably out patrolling the city I couldn't guarantee there’ll be any Jenny that wasn't busy, team flare has really made us step up our game. 

Still I quickly apologized “hey I'm sorry I can't take you to the city but I'll call for someone to pick you up, they should be here in at least an hours, your pokemon should be ok if you just leave it in a pokeball” trying my best to say that carefully and professionally, as I reach for my bag something struck my head, my temple specifically. What was that?!

 I quickly tried to get away from whatever struck me as if by instinct, but since I was on the motorcycle I fell head first onto the dirt. 

My head was hurting bad what was going on? 

What hit me?!


My head’s hurting so much.

I quickly crawled away from my vehicle, before finally looking back at it. 

The young man who I had thought needed help was walking towards me with a rock in his hand, step by step he was slowly approaching me. 

“It didn't have to be this way you should've just took me to lumiose city, but you just had to make things difficult” he said, he was way too calm, almost as if the person I met earlier was a lie, the anxious boy that I had thought was trying to save his pokemon was now a demon inching closer to me with every steps. 

With my back away from him, as he got closer I started backing up, slowly crawling away from him.

Back to Ash
Ash suddenly stopped as if waiting for her to calm down, then he began charging at Jenny, almost jumping at her. 

Officer Jenny was scared she had never met someone so crazy, and it freaked her out she kicked at him in panicked as she subconsciously closes her eyes, also turning her head away. Her kicks found nothing as he had already stopped. 

But with her arms instinctively blocking her head Ash couldn't get in a good hit so he stopped his charge. 

He was waiting for pikachu, he had told his buddy to go behind her before coming out of the forest. 

The little mouse who was now behind Jenny sent a shockwave into Jenny’s body, quickly paralyzing her. 

First thing ash did was look to see if Jenny had any pokeballs, but of course she doesn't she was an Officer not a pokemon trainer. 

He couldn't find any pokeballs but he did find a baton “Well… she's an Officer so I might have to kill her” he reminded himself, but his voice was trembling “let's start with her pokemon” he grabbed the pokeball then called out her growlithe. 

“I chose you growlithe” he called before throwing her pokeball. 

Then growlithe appeared, but before she could even look around ash smashed his baton on to her head sending blood splattering everywhere. 

He continued bashing Growlithe’s head, with her growling the whole time. 

Only until growlithe with her bloodied face was whimpering did Ash stop. 

He couldn't bare hurting her any further so he sent her back into her pokeball. 

Ash couldn't believe he did what he just did, it was as if he had been controlled by a devil. 

He dropped down onto his back and thought about everything that had just happened, bringing his hands in front of his face getting a clear image of his blood stained hands. 

He knew he loved pokemon and his greed for the championship had clouded his mind, he searched through his bag for pikachu’s pokeball, as he looked around for any sign of pikachu returning. 

With pikachu’s pokeball in his hand his erratic breathing calmed and he thought back to why he had done what he did. 

Looking back, It became rather clear why he did what he did, the most noteworthy was the fact that he had already been irritated before Officer Jenny stumbled upon him. 

Just when he had finally given up, the Officer had to stop by.

 After minutes of contemplating he finally snapped back from his thoughts, he knew that he had committed a crime and will be charged with assault and even attempted murder of pokemon if he let Officer Jenny get away. 

So he walked over to her, her body slumped over on the ground, and  her head laid there in an awkward position. 

Tears could be seen rolling down her face as she sent a death glare in his direction.

 Strangely enough any traces of guilt had disappeared the moment he saw her glare, what has replaced it was lust. 

Her tear stained glare had aroused him, it was a face filled with contempt, but it also had a sense of helplessness. 

He had been a good kid his whole life this was the first time someone had glared at him like that, plus the tears in her eyes the fact that he made her feel bad had aroused him so much. 

Ash’s eyes widened without him realizing it, his hands tightened into a fist, he feels a fire burning in his pants. 

“I might as well have some fun, I've already committed a crime what’s wrong with committing another one?”

 He justified his next action and as he stood by her side, he as if by instinct slid his hand around her plump round butt, groping her through her uniform, moving his hand down her thigh then back. 

Still unable to move Officer Jenny could only let out soft whimpers in an attempt to make him stop. 

He savored the sound of her soft gentle whimper, as a larger smile creeped onto his face.  

Ash moved his hands onto her face which causes her to tremble, her eyes now closed, but her tears still flows.

 Her crying and trembling in despair furthering his sadistic appetite and he gently strokes her chapped lips, gently prying her lips open twirling his fingers one after the other inside her mouth, as if cleaning them. 

He loves the disgusts that flashes on to her face everytime he puts a finger into her mouth, he grinned as he spreads her saliva across her chapped lips smoothing it.

He then moved his head closer, wanting to kiss her “Ju-just stop…” she managed to say, curling herself into a ball “looks like the paralysis worn off” Ash said looking at her, with his hand on his chin. 

Now instead of going for the kiss he originally wanted he reached for one of her handcuffs, he grabbed her hands using her own cuffs on her. 

Officer Jenny realizing what was going on tried her best to fight it but ash had already cuffed one of her hands. Her legs were like rocks, her muscles screaming as he pulled her to her feet. 

More tears streamed down her face evidence of the pain that she was in, and most importantly the humiliation of her situation. 

She who was an Officer had been caught off guard and rendered to such a state. 

She would hide herself in a hole if she ever escape, never to be a Officer again.

Ash unwittingly licked his lips as he watched the tears streamed down her face.

 “Just let me go I promise I won’t tell anyone” She begged as he dragged her into the woods.

 Annoyed that she was causing such a racket, he took off her uniform, revealing slender body, along with her smooth skin, she had on a white bra barely keeping her bulging tits in. 

He was having trouble believing that she went to work with her tits bulging in such a delicious looking manner. 

Ash goes on and tears a chunk off her uniform, and stuffed it in her mouth. 

Her screaming became muffled and he unknowingly grinned. He continued to pull her but grew irritated at the fact that she was struggling too much, she had even pulled out the uniform in her mouth, with her other uncuffed hand a couple times.

 But he continue to endure her pulling and pushing without laying a finger on her.

 Though he was enjoying her suffering, he only enjoyed torturing her mentally. 

He couldn't even think of himself hurting her physically. This was part of the reason why he had chosen to drag her into the forest he wanted to find a place to hide her and lock her there.

Another 5 minutes passed by before he forced her hands around a tree cuffing her hands around it. 

More tears streamed down her face as she glared in his direction. 

Ash pulled out the cloth in her mouth giving her a kiss, his tongue twirling in her mouth tasting every inch of it. 

Officer Jenny response to the kiss was biting his lips, and then spitting at him. 

Though no trace of anger could be seen on his face, the fact that she had just bit him had aroused him. 

He licked the spit dripping down the side of his left cheek with a grin that he didn't even notice he had on.

 “I didn't know you Jennys can be this cute” he said mockingly, grasping a lock of her hair and sniffing it. 

Officer Jenny winced as he goes on to her neck nipping it. He restuffed the makeshift gag into her mouth as he teared another strap from her uniform, tying her kicking legs together. 

“Pikachu” he ordered placing his palm on the ground as pikachu comes running out from the woods, pikachu climbed his arm onto his shoulder with a worried look on his face, he didn't know why ash was doing this but he must have his reasons, right? 

Ash walked back towards the bike leaving Jenny in her venerable state.

Another ten minute pass and he was on her bike, a twist of the key had the bike rumbling as he set the thing into motion. 

He then twisted the handle riding the bike to lumiose city not giving a damn about the potholes that litter the road. 

He went at 30 miles an hour. 

Only a miles in and he was having trouble, though he didn't care but the potholes still proved too much, he didn't have to worry with these problems when he was walking on foot now he curses the fact that roads were such good place for pokemons to battle on. 

Like Officer Jenny he was also eventually forced to lower the speed after almost tipping the motorcycle at least a couple times, though he only lowered his speed to 20 miles an hour. 

The potholes wouldn't be so much of a problem if it wasn't so dark out.

When he finally arrived in the city the first place he went to was the pokemart, he had a conversation with the store clerk trying his best to get a discount. 

But no matter how much he begged the clerk would only lower it by 20%. After half an hour of asking he got tired and started asking random people. 

Ash sighed at his bad luck, as even though he had committed a crime he wasn't getting anything for his effort. 

But he didn’t regretting robbing Officer Jenny because he saw an awesome sight. 

What was keeping his anger in check were the images of her bulging breasts, the pantyhose that covered her slender legs, and the teared stained glare she had given him, the images kept coming to him again and again.

While Ash was still daydreaming about Jenny’s body he didn't see where he was going. 

He bumped into women, making her drop her stuff “Oh sorry, are you ok?” He asked.

 “No no, it’s ok I should’ve look where I was going” she said bending over to pick her stuff, most noticeable of all was a pokeball that she had also dropped. 

The  pokeball wasn't anything special actually, but ash need pokeball and he was desperate. 

He quickly asked her if he can have it, and he gave her a price of 100 pokedollar. 

To his surprise the woman accepts and it only costed him 50 pokedollar which was a treat. 

Though she quickly explain that it was an old type of pokeball, a type that had been passed down through her husband’s family and she was selling it because she believed he had been too protective of it and they weren't having the time a wife and husband should be having.

Though it was an older version of the pokeball he was still glad that he had gotten a pokeball for as low as 50 pokedollars. 

He walked over to Jenny’s bike riding it out back into the woods.

 The trip was uneventful, and tedious. 

When he got to the spot where he took the bike from Jenny, he parked the bike by the side of the road going back into the forest. 

The silhouette of a female dozing off against a tree came into his view. 

Sighing in relief that she was still there he walked over to Jenny, only to hear the rustling of the bushes to his left. 

Unsurprisingly a pokemon appeared “Skiddo-skiddo” the pokemon poked its head out from the bushes, but also saying its name. 

Ash drooled momentarily upon seeing the pokemon.

 “Go pikachu use volt tackle!” 

Pikachu bounced off ash’s shoulder running straight at Skiddo in an electrical charge.

 The charge caught nothing but air as skiddo had already ran out of the way, ash wasn't bother though as he quickly threw the pokeball in his hand towards the pokemon. 

His plan was to have pikachu attack the moment the pokemon burst out from the pokeball. The plan failed immediately, skiddo reared its hind legs up into the air kicking the pokeball right off into the direction of Officer Jenny.

Ash looked on in shock as an unexpected scene occurred, a flash of light envelopes Jenny forcefully pulling her into the ball. 

By now Skiddo had already bolted leaving pikachu and ash there mouth gaping at the scene.


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