Evil Ash Has Risen

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“I choose you” Ash said as he watch the red light in anticipation. 

The red light faded and the figure of an Officer Jenny came back into view. 

She had slept through the ordeal, blissfully unaware of her situation. ash’s face once again manifested his evil grin. 

Pikachu who was still on his shoulder nudged him as if asking what he was gonna do now. 

The evil grin on his face faded as he returns her to her pokeball. 

He answers Pikachu honestly aware that his little buddy might hate him.

 “I’m keeping her” he said walking back towards the bike. 

On the trip back to the bike Ash decided he was gonna tell his buddy his thoughts. 

So when they arrived at the bike he spoke the truth. 

“Pikachu, this might be our last journey…” he pauses letting his words sink in “I will no longer be the same Ash that you know, after this incident with the pokeball I'm starting to doubt my path towards becoming the pokemon master” he pauses before once again continuing “I no longer think I have what it takes to become the best… I like pokemon… but when I look at her it just feels right” solemnly he stares directly into Pikachu beady eyes.

 His words were more formal, he wasn't talking to Pikachu as just a friend but as a comrade that might be apart of his plan. 

He was no longer a kid.

He had come up with a plan and he was going to follow it. 

He was alway one to follow his heart.

“I still want you to follow me, I have a different dream now, only if you're willing” the sentimental tone from before has now become more serious as Ash further explain “I want to start my own crime syndicate, I promise if you follow me, I will make you happy” 

His words caused the tiny body of Pikachu to shake uncontrollably as waves of sadness crash inside the little creature. 

Though Ash could see Pikachu was suffering he continued, knowing it was for the best “the road that I have followed so far had taken me across multiple continents and I've met many people, as well as a multitude of pokemons” Ash said almost sounding like Giovanni.

“I believe I've had enough of becoming a pokemon master, and I'm sorry. Though I had looked for a pokeball because of this dream, I will now take a different path because of this pokeball.” 

He was now pouring his heart and soul out towards his pal Pikachu, trying to persuade the rodent to join him in conquering his new dream. 

He continues with what he had in mind “I won't fear the future if I have you, and I know this is the same for you” though ash’s words were cringy and cliche they fitted perfectly into Pikachu, and he started to waver. 

“Is this really his wish? Why is he throwing everyone’s effort so far away? ” Pikachu had asked himself these questions multiple times over the course of ash’s long and tedious speech.

Though Ash still had more to say he waited patiently for Pikachu’s answer and he said two final things to conclude his speech “my dream may be selfish and it will separate a lot of people from their loved ones” Ash gaze had been fixed on Pikachu for the entirety of his speech.

 “I will ruin the lives of hundreds if not more” he was only speaking and telling Pikachu the entire truth.

The light in Pikachu’s eyes had dimed as he sorted his thoughts. 

After what seemed like an eternity Pikachu jumped from his shoulder. 

He wasn't gonna be in any part of this, Ash had fallen too far too quickly. Pikachu stares back at Ash shaking his head. 

ash knew what he meant, so he took out Pikachu's ball, giving it to Pikachu. He wanted his old pal to have his pokeball.

“It’s ok I already knew your answer when I asked you to join me, of course you wouldn't become like me” he said this with a bittersweet smile plaster on his face.

 He got on the bike, and Pikachu reluctantly climbed onto his shoulder.

The trip back to camp was full of awkwardness and a whole lot of sadness. Ash was the first to get over it, he had already prepared himself for that conversation long before he told Pikachu. 

The little rodent cried the whole way to camp soaking ash’s shoulder in his tears.

Luckily it was still dark out and the gang hadn't woken up. Ash snuck back into his tent and Pikachu into serena’s tent. 

“I choose you Officer Jenny” eagerly Ash whispered and a red light appears bringing her out from her pokeball, Jenny was still asleep. 

He brought out what was left of Jenny’s uniform and fixed it around her head. That took care of her injury. 

Unabashed Ash moved to unhook her white bra. 

The voluptuous breast of the Officer popped themselves out before him. Still slightly Nervous he pressed his lips against the side of her neck slowly kissing and licking towards her ear.

 The sweet flowery scent of her body mixed with the heated surrounding arousing Ash further. 

His hand moved against her stomach moving towards her breast. 

As he inched his hand closer towards her soft breast, soft whimpering could be heard from the Officer. 

Her body was quivering ever so slightly, alerting Ash to the fact that she was awake. 

Perhap she may have been alway the whole time, to afraid to give any indication that she had awoken. 

He broke away from the Officer before giving her a glance. 

Her eyes had widen past what he had thought was possible and her soft delicate fingers were curled into fists. 

He realized that she was also rocking herself back and forth, her arms unbeknownst to him had moved themselves to hug against her bent knees. 

Watching the quivering of the Officer,  Ash frowned for the first time since obtaining her. 

She was his slave now and although he wished to torment her, he had no intention of breaking the Officer. 

“Why did such a weak person join the police force” he complained mentally as he reached his hand out towards her. 

The shaking of the Officer quickens as his hand approaches her but Ash ignores it.

He gently placed his hand on her head. 

The former pokemon trainer sat his hands there listening to her breathing that seemed to bordered hyperventilating. 

“ I won't hurt you anymore” he repeated softly and strongly several times to calm her down. 

Technically he was telling the truth, physically at least. 

He wasn't gonna hurt her physically in anyway, not after hitting her once already.


“Ah… she tired herself asleep” he sighed before plopping down onto the ground “I won't hurt you anymore” he had repeated those five words till morning and he himself was tired. 

“Have a good rest” he pointed her pokeball towards her bringing her back within. 

“Let's go with the plan I'd created” he ignores the fatigue exiting the tent.

His eyes involuntarily kept closing themselves but he somehow manages to force them open as he walks over to serena’s tent.

“Its morning! Wakey wakey!” He called out playfully as he peeked his head inside the tent. 

The figure of Serena could be seen cuddling next to Pikachu, whose peaceful face showed nothing of what had happened last night. 

“Haaaa” Ash signed to himself before calling out the to them once again.

After calling out to them multiple times, Serena began to stir. Most days he would have gone in and woke her up himself but for some reason he refrained himself from doing so today.

 Not to mention he woke her up earlier than usual.

Serena’s pov

“Oh hey Ash a little early isn't it? Whats up?” 

“I just wanted to go a little early today… sorry” he apologized before awkwardly stating “I'm off to wake Clemont, just hang in there, this will be the last time…” 

Serena gave Ash a light nod only to realize that he had already ran off towards Clemont’s tent. “that was weird” she muttered to herself staring at his fading back through the gap in the tent’s door. 

A small movement brought her attention to the little rodent at her feet. His peaceful body laid there comfortably, even though he would occasionally moved himself in his sleep getting himself into a better position.

“What’s Pikachu doing here?” She looked back in the direction Ash headed tilting her head sideways in confusion. “Weird…”


I watched Ash carefully through my peripherals slowly tracking his every movement. To be honest I feel something isn't right. 

Why wasn't Pikachu with Ash? Even now he sat by my side, slowly nibbling at the pokepuffs I had baked the other day. 

“Hey Clemont can you do me a favor?” I turned towards the conversation curious at what it was.

 “Yeah sure, anything you want” The enthusiastic and stupid voice of Clemont sounded about confidently as he placed both hands on his hip. 

Wow talk about fast, but i'm kind interested in what Ash wanted. 


He seem to waver for several minutes occasionally looking towards Pikachu.

This was really weird why was Ash acting like this? 

Everytime he swept his gaze towards something I would follow his gaze only to find out it was Pikachu.

 Clemont stood there in silence slowly wallowing in awkwardness. That's it! someone needs to say something! 

“Ash what’s wrong?” I asked him, I just hope I don't seem too nosy. At my words I see him stumbled back “I-i-i” he stuttered also widening eyes as he stares back in my direction. 

He quickly looked down as if feeling bad about something he’d done. 

Was the request that bad? 

A multitude of reasons raced inside me, as I search to justify his strange behavior.

“Ashhhh we’re friends you don't have to worry, if there’s anything I can do to help you, i'll do it no matter what!” Clemont said raising his fist towards the sky.

 I smile at the scene I dont know whats wrong but the least we can do is help him.

 I follow Ash gaze towards Pikachu once again, Pikachu himself was smiling now, but I can see traces of tears forming within his eyes. 

What was going on??!

I moved my gaze back towards Ash, the awkwardness that radiate from him seemed to have faded.

 He returns Pikachu’s smile before once again facing Clemont confidently “i want you to make me some pokeballs”

That was it? 

While I was fully unaware my mouth had involuntarily opened itself as I look at Ash handing over a pokeball.

 “Can you make copies of this” he said as he handed the pokeball over “oh and I would appreciate it if you don't check the content” he said playfully. 

“Easy” Clemont responded with a grin. 

“Hey, Ash I dont think thats a good idea he’s known to cause explosions” Bonnie intervene jokingly.

“Humph it’s not gonna happen this time, i'm gonna put in a hundred and twenty percent of my efforts” Clemont declared loudly, once again throwing a fist towards the sky. 

I move my hands to cover my laugh when I see Bonnie sighing in Clemont's direction.

 I'm glad that we got rid of the tense atmosphere, now everyone's cheerful.

(Ash pov)

Ash knew Clemont well, Clemont wouldn't call out Officer Jenny without his permission.

 Though he can be curious at times, he’s not to the point of snooping around. 

Ash’s biggest concern were the explosions his invention alway seem carried with them. 

It would be bad if his pokeball exploded when someone’s inside. “This will be easy, because the future is now thanks to science” Clemont declared proudly. 

He runs off towards his tent, leaving the gang in the dust.

 Bonnie sighed while shaking her head “I hope you know what you're asking Ash” she muttered to herself solemnly before trailing off towards their tent.

He just smirked. He had wavered in his decision, right before asking Clemont. 

“Damit Ash, you chose this path… you can't turn back now!” he told himself as he looked back towards his tent. 

“Lets go get some sleep” he nonchalantly walked off towards his tent.

There will no longer be Ash and Pikachu… just ash.

“I’m going to need a pokemon professor” he said to himself beneath his breath.

Of course he remembered to call back the pokemons.

As well as prepare a meal for the Officer.

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