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Rias teleported to the clubroom as she was tackled by a black blur.She looked up to see akeno on top of her panting.

Akeno kissed rias passionatly saying"Please rias i cant hold back.I want you now".Rias smiled as they continued kissing eachother.They moved to a small bedroom backside as they fell on the bed.

Akeno tore apart their dresses as she attacked rias breasts sucking on them.Rias moaned in pleasure as her lesbian friend played with her body.Akeno got up as she lined her pussy with rias.

A jolt of pleasure ran through both if them as they rubbed their vaginas together.Akeno looked at rias saying"Lets change into our past forms rias.please".

Rias nodded as they both bodies glowed.

Rias body changed as her breats got bigger and with wide hips.Her Hair grew longer as she looked like a milf.She was noneother than Kushina uzumaki namikaze,wife of minato namikaze and mother of naruto.

Akeno body also changed as her breats remained same but her body became even more mature.She was alsoa perfect milf like kushina.Her name is Mikoto Uchiha,wife of fugaku uchiha and mother of sasuke and itachi.

Mikoto kissed kushina as she increased her pace scissoring eachother.

Mikoto looked at kushina saying"Looks like you added the pervert into the team right".Kushina smiled saying"Yes looks like koneko was right.He has a dragon based sacred gear".

Mikoto glanced at her saying "Kushina please think of a plan.Rias and akeno may get some cock due to issei as he proclamied to be a harem king in future.But our past bodies need a large meaty cock stuffed in us.Its been decades since we both fucked anyone kushina.I might go crazy,the dildos and this lesbian sex is not satisfying me enough".

Kushina thought for a moment as she said"dont worry i have a plan and it revolves around issei".

Mikoto looked at her in question as she asked"how big was he.You slept naked with him last night right?".

Kushina put her hands together as she showed the length saying"7 inches".

Mikoto sighed sadly saying"Come on kushina that is the size of minato.I fucked his cock my while life even giving birth to itachi.Since we are reincarnated i wanted to try something bigger".

Kushina chuckled saying"Dont worry mikoto.7 inches is his limp size.Imagine how long will it be at full erect".Mikoto smiled as she kissed kushina saying"You are the best kushina.so whats the plan".

Kushina motioned her as she whispered her plan without issei knowing that kushina/mikoto are rias/akeno.

Mikoto after listening to her teased her saying"so you are also going for the cuckold route right.I had my fun cheating on fugaku as we arranged threesomes with minato but now in this new life you will cheat on minato as kushina uzumaki.Iam waiting to see  how you arrange the situation".

Kushina just said"Dont worry i got everything ready.The only thing left is to get my cheating pussy pumped full of dragon meat.Now less talking lets enjoy untill school starts".

Mikoto fell on kushina kissing as they scissored eachother furiously indulging in carnal pleasure.


At home issei got a shiver as he got a premonition that his life will drastically change in few weeks.




Hi guys this is my new story.I got this idea after reading a suggestion on aff community.

Both kushina and rias,akeno and mikoto are both mentally and physically clubbed as a single person.

Next Chapter is kushina based as she seduces issei.

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