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At the clubroom,Rias turned to issei saying"issei this is an important client.So i modified her fliers so that you can teleport.Dont dissapoint me okay".

"Okay buchou.i will do good job with my client" issei saluted as he dissapeared from the seal he was standing on.

Rias also teleported leaving a confused kiba behind in the club room wondering where she went.



Issei opened his eyes as he saw a very lavish room around him which screamed money.A voice interrupted him saying"well looks like iam in luck.Turn around boy".

Issei turned around as his dick rose just from the sight.Before him was a middle agged woman with a bright beautiful red hair and violet eyes.She was wearing a lavish strapless dress which was hugging her figure nicely.

As for issei,she was the perfect definition of a Milf.His dick wont rise until the siuation demands it.But just by seeing the beauty before him made him horny.

She chuckled saying"What is your name boy?".He gulped saying"Issei Hyodou madam.Nice to meet you".

She smiled saying"My name is Kushina Namikaze.Just call me kushina darling".issei nodded before his mind stopped.He pointed his finger saying"Wait namikaze.You mean the popular company which owns almost everything here".

Kushina smiled saying"Yes thats our company.My husband is the head of it".Actually that was a lie,the company belonged to gremory family as rias created it after coming to human world.

She slowly poked his chest saying"You see my husband was off to a meeting this weekend and iam soo lonely right now.My husband fail to satisfy me everynight but a woman of my caliber have my needs.So i hope you will give me some company for the weekend".

Issei blushed understanding her words.It was a wet dream coming true for him.He was about to kiss her but she stopped him saying"how about a drink.Come on.Laws dont apply since you are a devil".

Kushina sat on sofa as she poured some drink to issei which he drank.He coughed as it was his first time drinking.Kushina mixed a powerful aphrodisiac in the drink so she can enjoy him all night without break.

After drinking a few glasses both were slightly drunk.Kushina made the move as she kissed him on lips.

Issei was cheering inside of him as his first kiss was with a hot milf.Issei slipped his tongue inside her as her savoured her tongue.

The sat there eating eachothers faces as they seperated after 15 mintes due to lack of air.

Kushina smiled saying"that was good boy.Now lets see how you fair in bed".

Kushina stood up as she pushed issei on bed and she slowly stripped her dress.Issei just sat there thinking that he will finally lose his virginity.Issei pants almost started to tear seeing the naked married woman before him.

Before he know kushina removed his clothes as his dick slapped her face.Both kushina and rias in mind awed at the sheer size.It was standing at the height of 13 inch long and 3 inch in diameter.Rias concluded that his dick size is the product of him having the boosted gear.She thanked draig as she began to lick the penis all over.

Issei moaned as she worked her tongue all his length.Aside from mastrubating he never had any toys to play with.So a real womans tongue licking his dick all over made him more and more horny.

Kushina licked some precum as she pounced on and started kissing.Issei got on top of her as his cock rubbed against her pussy.

Kushina stopped him as she removed her wedding ring and placed down their family photo.Issei got more aroused thinking that she removed her wedding ring just to get fucked by him.They started kissing again as kushina rubbed herself against him.She stopped kissing saying"No more foreplay fuck me now.I want that Cock in me now".

Issei smiled as he lined his cock with her saying"Goodbye virginity" as he shoved his cock inside her as both cried in pain.

Issei was in pain because her pussy was soo much tight as it almost cut off his cock due to tightness.

Kushina was in pain as her pussy stretched far more than she expected.His cock grew another 2 inches inside her making her swallowing a total if 15 inch monster dick inside her.It was bigger than her brother and father who was 11 inch and 12 inch as she accidently seen in bath.Even though her husband was dead she mentally said"Sorry minato but his cock is a god compared to you".

They stayed still as her pussy molded into his dick shape as she said"iam okay now issei.Fuck me".

Issei cheered loudly as he jack hammered her pussy.Kushina moaned like a wanton slut as issei pounded her pussy.Cheating on her husband was worth if it means to be fucked like this.

He didnt have any techiniqe since he is a virgin but the primal nature of the fuck made her more aroused.

Kushina kissed him saying"come on issei why are you silent.Talk dirty.Treat me like a slut iam".Issei ginned saying"Sorry i was soo focused on fucking a slutty cheating wife before".

Kushina grinned saying"yess thats right iam a cheating slut.Spreading my legs for a boy when my husband is not around.Please punish this useless whore".

Issei grabbed her boobs as he said"You damn slut.What if your husband knows about this.What will you do".

Kushina tongue rolled out in pleasure as she said"i dont care.As long as that cock remains inside me i dont care about that limp dicked husband of mine".

It was half true half false.Minato has a small dick of four inches.But after consulting tsunade and jiraya,both she and mikoto were able to take it to just barely 9 inches.

Iseei gritted his teeth saying"iam close kushina.Where do you want it".It was his first time combined with her tighf pussy made him climax fastly

Kushina wrapped her legs around him saying"Inside.Always cum inside me.Paint my womb full of cum.I dont care if i get pregnant.I want my cheating pussy to be filled cum".

Issei cant control himself as he climaxed inside her.The sheer tightness and pleasure made him to cum more.

Kushina eyes rolled in pleasure as globs of cum attacked her womb.It continued as nearly 50 globs of cum were deposited inside her lonely womb after nearly decades after her death in past life.

Issei drew back with a pop sound as her pussy dripped from cum.Issei sat there marveling the sight of the richest woman in japan cheating on her husband and  fucked silly by a younger school boy like him.She was the perfect definition of a Milf and a Cougar.

Kushins sat up and she bent saying"come on issei.You still have my ass to fuck with".Looking at his cock as it was completly covered by her cum making it as a lube as issei pushed forward.

Kushins cried in pain as her asshole was teared apart by his dick.Issei noticed a little blood but kushina said"dont worry just be gentle".

Issei nodded as he gently fucked her asshole.Kushinas pain turned into pleasure as her asshole was fucked by issei.Not even minato has fucked her in ass once in her life.

Issei moaned as her asshole clamped around his dick making it hard to move but he applied more pressure as he fucked her.Kushina was in heaven as her new lover fucked her asshole.She cried saying"iam cumming issei".

Issei gritted his teeth as he unloaded inside her asshole.Kushina squirted as her asshole was filled with his cum.They both fell on bed panting as kushina kissed him saying"That was good.It was worth cheating on my husband.I will be summoning you regularly if i get bored again".

Issei was elated that she was satisfied as he felt damn good fucking a hot milf like her.Kushina guided his penis inside her pussy saying"Just let it stay there.Iam exhausted.Let us sleep for now".

Issei nooded as he nestle his head on her boobs as he slept with the married woman.Kushina smiled seeing his face as she thought"I wonder how to add mikoto into this".


Kushina woke up feeling full as she looked down to see a sleeping issei.His cock stayed erect all the night even cumming once or twice inside her pussy while they are asleep.She removed his cock as she woke up issei saying"Iam going to shower.I wonder if anyone take advantage of a defenseless woman like me".

As soon as kushina left for shower issei woke up feeling refreshed as he ran inside the shower.Moans and screams started coming from shower as issei hammered kushinas pussy against the shower wall as they enjoyed a long shower.


After shower issei dressed up as kushina was still clad in towel.Kushina turned to him asking"Where are you going issei.My request is not over yet".Kushina showed him a wad of fliers as issei quickly stripped down.

He threw her towel apart as they fell on bed and started fucking again all day.



The weekend was over as they fucked everywhere in room.He even fucked her while she faced the traffic.They enacted several of his fantasies from nurse,maid,teacher and his own favourite naked apron.

He saw a unconsious kushina on bed literally covered by his cum from head to toe.He grabbed his phone from his pocket as he snapped some pictures for future reference.Actually it was her idea.One time she wanted to flim their fucking with isseis phone as jerk off material for him untill their next meet.

He grabbed some cash that was worth a year school bill which kushina left for him as he teleported to club room.


Akeno/mikoto arrived at kushinas place as she saw the scene before her.She licked her lips as she waited for her turn with issei and proceeded to wakeup kushina from her sex induced coma.


Issei went to his house after reporting to rias after school as he slept all night having wet dreams of the slutty milf he fucked.




Hi guys.How is the new chapter.

Mikoto gets fucked chapter.Aside from scenes the canon will be same.

I plan on having two naruto characters in dxd world.I already have a plan for minato but i cant come up with another character.Please tell me who do you wish to see.Please dont say that kyuubi is yasaka.I wont add kurama in his harem.

The story completly revolves around issei/rias/kushina/akeno and mikoto.Along with reincarnated characters.So there will be less scenes with issei harem.

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