Digimon: Hypnomon's Harem

BY : Dragon1234
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Somewhere in the Digital World, Kari and Gatomon were sitting near a river, unaware of a darkness sneaking up on them.

"Can't believe I had to skip class for a false alarm," said Kari, who was now eighteen.

"Well, you can just tell your teacher you got sick and couldn't leave the bathroom," said Gatomon.

"Oh, you're never going back to your world," said a male voice from behind them. When they turned around, they found a humanoid digimon that looked to be about Kari's age standing there in a black shirt and pants. The thing that gave him away about being a digimon is the blood red skin of his

"Who are you?" asked Kari as she quickly stood up.

"My name is Hypnomon, and you two are now under my control," said the guy as he held up both his hands, causing a pulse wave.

"We're never going," said Kari as he and Gatomon's eyes glared over.

"Now then, you two are my slaves, you will do everything I tell you," said Hypnomon with a wicked grin.

"Yes, we are your slaves and will obey," said the two.

"Good, now let's go somewhere more private," said Hypnomon. Later they were in a castle deep in the mountains.

"Don't you just love your new outfits?" asked Hypnomon as Kari and Gatomon stood before him. Kari was wearing a see-through bra and pink panties, and Gatomon was earing nothing more than nipple rings linked together by chains.

"We do master," said the two.

"How about you two get yourselves warmed up by masturbating for me?" asked Hypnomon as he sat on a thrown. Both then started to play with their own pussies.

"Make it more erotic by helping each other out," said Hypnomon, causing the two to switch their hands to each other's slit.

"Oh, master it feels to good," said Kari as she and Gatomon started breathing heavily from the pleasure swelling up in them.

"You two can not cum yet, first you have to help me," said Hypnomon as he unzipped his pants, taking his dick out as he did. Kari and Gatomon then crawled over to Hypnomon and started to lick each side of his member.

"Keep masturbating, but make sure you stop when you are about to cum," said Hypnomon.

"Master, please let us cum," said Kari with a desperate expression.

"If you want to cum, then you must put my dick inside and let me cum first, then you can," said Hypnomon. Kari then positioned herself above him, and once he was inside, Kari let out a scream.

"Oh, looks like I took your virginity," said Hypnomon with an evil laugh.

"That's fine, if, I get your cum, I'm happy," said Kari through the pain.

"Very well then, as for you Gatomon, I have something else you can do," said Hypnomon as he stood up.

"Lick her ass, make sure your tongue goes deep in there," said Hypnomon.

"Yes, master," said Gatomon as her tongue went into Kari's butt, making her moan more.

"Oh, it feels so good," said Kari as Hypnomon thrusted in her.

"Here you go, the first batch of semen," said Hypnomon as he released his cum inside her, allowing Kari to cum.

"Now then, it's your turn, kitty cat," said Hypnomon while looking at Gatomon, who had both semen and pussy juice on her face.

"Please, ravage my virgin pussy master," said Gatomon as she got on all fours and stuck her ass out toward him.

"Good little slut," said Hypnomon as he slammed into her. Even through her screams from loosing her hymen, he did not stop for a second.

"You're even tighter than that human girl," said Hypnomon as he held onto Gatomon's tail.

"And for that, I'll give you a reward, you can drink the cum that is oozing out of your partner," said Hypnomon as he picked her up and put Gatomon down right in front of Kari's pussy.

"Thank you, master," said Gatomon as she slurped the semen out of her friend.

"Oh, lick it more," said Kari as she plaid with her nipples.

"Kari, you can cum when ever you want now," said Hypnomon while shoving Gatomon's face into her pussy.

"Yes, I'm cumming," said Kari, splashing semen and juice into Gatomon's mouth.

"So am I," said Hypnomon as he came in Gatomon, letting her cum as well. Both Gatomon and Kari were now laying on the ground, semen and pussy juices leaking from them.

"This was only the beginning, now you two are going to bring more sluts to me by using the semen in you to control them," said Hypnomon.

"Yes, master, we'll bring you all the sluts you want," said Kari and Gatomon while licking the semen from the floor.

"Before you go, I have something for you," said Hypnomon as he held out underwear with plugs for their pussies and asses.

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