Digimon: Hypnomon's Harem

BY : Dragon1234
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Nine months after Tai and Hypnomon fused, Tai was using his slaves who were all pregnant.

"Big brother, you're going to scare our babies," said Kari as Tai's fourteen dicks slammed in and out of her and the others.

"It's alright, they're use to it," said Tai before pulling out and cumming all over them.

"Oh, so much semen," said Sora as she licked some off her face. Her and the others were now laying in a pool of cum.

"Speaking of babies, how many has Master Hypnomon's slaves have yet?" asked Tai.

"Three hundred of the women we have are pregnant with his children, they should be ready to be born soon," said Mimi.

"Oh no," said Kari. When everyone looked over at her, they noticed that her water had broke.

"Looks like one of my kids is coming first," said Tai. Later, after Kari had given birth.

"Big brother, are we going to be able to keep our daughter, or does she go to Master Hypnomon later in her life?" asked Kari as she held a baby wrapped in a tow. Even though you could barely see the little one, it was obvious that it had some digimon traits thanks to Tai being haft digimon now.

"He said that all of your children, and even their children, can stay with us," said Tai as he kissed Kari on the forehead.

"In this world, your children will never have a defect from birth thanks to you being part digimon," said Hypnomon in Tai's head.

"I can't wait to have my child, and if it's a boy, I hope your daughter gets along with him, Kari," said Sora.

"I'm sure she will," said Kari with a happy smile. Suddenly, Gatomon had come running into the room.

"Master, some of Master Hypnomon's slaves are starting to go into labor," said Gatomon.

"About time," said Hypnomon as he took over and left the room to watch the birth of his first children.

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