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The forest is so dark that I can't see the trees until they are inches from my face, my clothes have been ripped to shreds from catching on branches of the trees I narrowly avoid running into. All I can hear is my breathing and footsteps as I run through the forest. Something is chasing me; it's only just behind me, I can hear whatever it loudly slam's its feet into the ground, snapping every branch and crunching every leaf as it relentlessly pursues me. I can hear it breathing sounding more like a beast than a human and feel its hot breath on the top of my head as I feel it travel down my back.

I can't see whatever is chasing me. Every time I look back over my shoulder all I see is a darkness darker than anyone could imagine. I somehow know out of instinct that whatever is chasing me can't be good, that it will hurt me and will most likely kill me if it catches up and that no matter what I mustn't let it catch me. Please god let me escape, don't let whatever it is catch up to me.

I don't know what I am doing here in the wood or how I could have got here in the first place. I live in Swindon by the train tracks and factory's, a world away from the vast forest I'm running through now. I haven't been to the woods since I was a child and my family spent the day at Lydiard Park but even the small woods around Lydiard House aren't as big or thick as the forest I'm running through right now.

I don't know why I'm being chased because I normally behave myself, I do lie and steal as part of my job, but it's all for the greater good, or so I'm told. I work for Her Majesty's Security Service or more commonly known MI5, and my enemy's the Neuroi, the great threat to humanity that is attempting to destroy my homeland and has already conquered most of Europe. The Neuroi don't breath or chase they just slowly float and blast anyone in their path with powerful beams. The Neuroi can't be chasing me. So what is?

As I continue to run through the endless wood I get more and more out of breath and as my tiredness raise so does my fear as I begin to realize I can't run for much longer. My training has made me fit, and I know from experience that I can run for miles and not feel tired but this run through the dark forest is pushing me to the limit.

My pursuer stays in step with me never falling behind and keeping a relentless stream of hot breath blowing down my back and on to the back of my head. Whatever's chasing me doesn't seem tired at all as its breath has stayed steady and consistent throughout the pursuit. The beast pursuing me seems to be taunting me staying just behind me but never letting me see it and just waiting, waiting for me to tire myself out so I won't fight back, won't be able to escape it and be left completely defenseless. As I come to that realization my fear level doubles and terror starts to become all that drives me on, it's given me a sudden burst of energy that I desperately needed. Hopefully, it's all I will need to escape this forest and whatever is chasing me.

I run and run but can't seem to find a way out of the woods or shake my pursuer. The forest is starting to look like they can be endless as I can see no clearing through the trees. All I can see is darkness, darkness, and trees that appear out of nowhere threatening to block my escape without warning.

I can't keep running for much longer, I can barely breathe, sweat floods my eyes making it hard to see, and my legs feel like they weigh a tone. Every step now feels like it will kill me and every root or lump on the ground threatens to trip me. I know if I go down I won't be getting back up, that thought begins to horrify me, falling and finding myself at the mercy of whatever monster is chasing me. In the meantime whatever is chasing me stays close and never seems to fall a single step behind, it's waiting for me to fall, waiting for its time to strike. Why doesn't it just kill me already? It's just following me not doing anything, and the waiting for it to strike, the waiting for it to finish me off is just unbearable.

What's it waiting for? Why can't it just end it? Put me out of my misery and end this. This is just torture, the worst kind of torture as it eats away at my mind and fills me with terror. Every step I take is pure agony as my muscles burn and feel like they weigh as much as my families safe does, I can't breathe as my lungs feel like they are on fire and my legs no longer seem solid, they feel more like jelly then bone and flesh.

I somehow manage to keep going though, I don't know how I found the energy to keep on running, but I do, it could be from the fear, or it could be from unknown strength within me that keeps me moving, but somehow I still can run. But it doesn't last long, my foot gets caught under a tree root invisible to me in the darkness of the forest, and I land face first on the ground getting a mouth full of dirt.

I try to get up, but all the strength I once possessed has left my body, I'm so weak right now I can't even spit the dirt out of my mouth. I can't even lift my arm so getting back up on my feet would take a miracle. As I lay on the ground gasping for air to fill my burning lungs and an iron taste forms in my mouth, I must be bleeding as I can think of no other way that taste could have entered my mouth. I'm so exhausted that I forgot about the beast chasing me, that is until I feel its breath on top of me, but now I can smell it. It smells of blood and rotten flesh. It’s so disgusting that the beast makes me want to puck only I no longer have the energy to do so. I squeeze my eyes shut and wait for death to take me unable to do anything to prevent it at this point.

"Tracy," The beast calls to me only it doesn't sound like a beast at all, it sounds human and familiar.

The voice is one I've heard before; I can't put my finger on it but I know I've heard that voice before. The voice is sweet, gentle and makes me feel warm and safe, but I can't my guard down knowing it could only be a ruse by the beast to do the impossible and make me an, even more, easier prey to kill.

"Tracy Phillips," I know that voice, and it sounds more and more familiar by the second, where have I heard this voice before? A hand lightly and gently grips my shoulder before it softly shakes it. The hand, it feels so small, and it's so tender that I start to doubt that the owner of the hand can do me any real harm. "Please look at me Tracy."

The voice begs, and the voice is so sweet and innocent that I can't bring myself to refuse its request. I slowly roll over winching as my muscles complain by sending waves of pain throughout my body, even doing something as simple as rolling over to lay on my back proves to be a real effort. God, I'm so weak and pathetic right now.

I slowly open my eyes to see a little girl who looks to be five at the most wearing only a white nightgown that’s too big for her with the end rolled up at the bottom to stop it dragging on the dirty forest floor. The girls face is expressionless, her mouth is closed not smiling or frowning, her eyes are as dark as the forest around her, but her pale white skin seems to be glowing in the darkness giving of some sort of light.

"Can you help me now?" The girl asks staring down at me.

"…" I open my mouth, but no words come out. Now that I can see the girl and hear her voice asking me that question I remember who she is. "You…You…You…"

"Yes, it's me," The girl says sounding more menacing as her dress starts to turn a dark red, a blood red.

"You… You should be dead," I finally manage to say putting all my remaining energy to force those words out of my throat. As soon as those words leave my mouth I have to cover my nose, the smell of blood and rotten flesh, the smell of death becomes so overwhelmingly strong that I think the odor alone may kill me. "I saw you die."

"Oh I am," The girl replies as her skin turns grey and her veins turn black as if ink has started to flow through them. "And you will join me soon enough!" The girl suddenly screams as she jumps onto my chest opening her mouth to reel a black void inside. "It's what you deserve!"

I suddenly wake up not in the forest but in my bed. Sweat covers my body, and my blanket is tightly knotted around my legs. My heart is pounding my chest so hard that I wouldn't be surprised if I've broken a rib and when I place my hand on top of my chest over where my heart is it feels like someone is punching my hand from within my chest. I slowly calm down after a few deep breaths, my mother would always make me do this when I needed calming down, and so far it hasn't failed to calm me down yet, it was just a nightmare, and I'm safe and sound in my bedroom.

Why did I have that dream now? It's been nearly a year since I last dreamt that dream, I used to dream it every night back then. I slowly look around my room as I continue the breathing exercise to calm myself down, I know it was just a dream, but I have to make sure that the girl isn't here in my room. I need to know that I really am awake in my real room and not still in a nightmare. It has happened before, I wake up and calm down thinking I'm awake and safe only to find the girl in my room, have her charge at me and only then after enduring a second assault do I finally awaken for real just as she tackles my body screaming bloody murder.

Looking around the room I see nothing, the only things in the room apart from myself are a small bed damp with my sweat and a small stack of oak drawers. Out of the window, I see the sun rising, and with its light I scan the rest of my room see no sign of the girl, I let out a sigh of relief. I can't face that girl not after what I've done to her, I've done something horrible and something I am not proud off to her.

There's no point in going back to sleep since the sun is already up so I might as well get up myself, I don't think I'd be able to sleep anyway after that nightmare. I stumble into the bathroom and over to the sink leaning on it for support, I never did have good balance in the morning. I run the cold water letting it run over my hands using its coldness to wake myself up, I then splash the water over my face to wash away the sweat looking up in the mirror once I'm done. My green eyes shine like emeralds, my lightly tanned skin looks perfect except for the dark bags under my eyes and a small burn scar on my forehead that I received as a child is clearly visible. My long brown hair is in a mess and lays in damp tangles over my face, shoulders and down my back.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Hello, Captain Phillips are you awake?" A male voice asks through the door, his voice is deep, and I know exactly who it belongs to, Colonel Lee English my commanding officer. What could he possibly what at this ungodly hour?

"Yes sir," I reply turning off the water tamp so I can hear him better, I hope he doesn't come in I don't want anyone to see what a mess I am right now. "I'm not decent right now do you mind if we speak through the door?"

"Not at all," He answers not sounding like he doesn't mind at all in his voice. "I'm just here to tell you to meet me in my office in half an hour."

"Ok I'll be there," I tell him starting to wonder what would have come up to cause him to come to my room at such an early time of the day but I know not to ask him. I know he would just tell me something like "I'll tell you when you get to my office."

"I'll see you in half an hour then," He says walking off without giving me a chance to say goodbye.

I stumble over to the shower still not awake or balanced enough to call my movement just then walking and switch on the shower. The water here always takes a few moments to warm up, so I use the time to strip naked. I take off my thin blue nightgown that has several flowers on the front and back, I don't wear any underwear when I sleep, so it only takes me second a to relieve myself of my clothes. I just stand here naked waiting for the water to warm up enough to make it bearable to stand under, I hate being naked as I always get self-conscious about my body, my thighs always seem to be too fat and my breasts, my breast I never think are ok. They not small but most of the girls in my school had bigger breast than me especially this one girl Lynnette Bishop or Lynne as she prefers to be called who earned the envy of every girl by having the biggest rack in school.

I haven't seen Lynne since I left to join the military after the Neuroi first appeared. I hope she's alright and not involved in this terrible war as I can remember her as a nice quiet girl who was a bit shy but would always help anyone in need, she doesn't belong in this war. I first met Lynne when I was twelve, and we quickly become good friends. We were inseparable at school constantly spend nights together at each other's homes. I would give anything to relive those time's as I've never been as happy as I was back then.

Finally, the water is warm enough for me to step under and I quickly get in the shower, the water feels so nice as it hits my skin and tinkles down my body warming my naked flesh and in an instant, all my worries about my problems with my body vanish. It would be good if all my problems would vanish when I step under a warm shower but the world doesn't work like that, and I'll have to face each and every one of my problems one day.

Now my mind wonders back to the Colonel and why he wants me to meet him in his office this early in the morning. It can't be to do with the Neuroi because MI6 deals with them when they are on foreign soil, and MI5 only deals with them only when they are in Britannia. It can't be the Neuroi as they haven't attacked us since last Friday or is it them? Could they have launched a surprise attack using stealth units so that we couldn't detect them until it was too late?

I really don't know what the Colonel wants as since joining MI5 just over a year and a half ago I've only done two missions. When I was still in the RAF, we would do two missions a week, and in the eight months, I was with my RAF squadron I've managed to kill sixty-four Neuroi. But since joining MI5 apart from those two missions, I've only done paperwork and run messages from one officer to another officer.

I step out of the shower once all of the sweat has been washed away from my body and dry myself with a hard white towel. Once done I walk into my room picking up my nightgown on the way, and once back in my room I throw my nightgown into a dirty clothes basket by my door and open my drawers to get out my uniform. As soon as I put on my uniform, I quickly put my boots on and look into the bathroom mirror. Standing in my room, I can see my entire body, and I'm satisfied that everything ok.

My green uniform has all its buttons done up, and in the right holes, I was really embarrassed when I got that wrong last month. There's no stains, tears or creases on clothing, my legs are bare as I'm a witch and witches uniforms don't include any trousers or skirts, it used to embarrass me walking around like this, but after a month it just felt natural to do so. I have a cap on my desk next to a picture of my family, but I don't need to put it on until I leave my room, what I really need to do right now is brush my hair as it is still in a mess and then brush my teeth.

Thirty minutes later I'm entering Colonel Lee's office, inside I find four men lined up one side of the desk and the Colonel sat on the other. All of them watch me enter and one of them a shorter younger man compared to the rest at the end of the line gives me a little too much of a stare as I see him eyeing my chest and bare legs. Luckily the older man next to him catches his gaze as well and slaps him on the back of the head before scolding him. I really hope he wasn't undressing me with his eyes just now.

I shut the door behind me and take my place at the end of the line of four men thankfully at the opposite end of the man who got an eye full of me. I take a quick look at the Colonel and see a large folder on his desk, a brown envelope, a large bag of money and two uniforms. I was about to ask what was happening when another man enters the room, he is old and starting to lose his grey hair, his uniform and insignia on his shoulder show he is a Major. The men in line with me instantly salute him, so I do the same, I don't know who his man is but looking at everyone and everything in the room I believe all of us will be going on a mission, and he's most likely going to be in charge.

"At ease," The Major says after he returns the salute.

"Take your place in line Major, and I'll begin," Colonel Lee tells him, and the Major joins us in the line taking his place next to me. "Before I begin I need all of you to read and sign these."

 He pulls out a stack of papers and hands them to the Major who takes one and passes it on to me, and I take one and pass the rest on and so one. I begin to read through the paper and instantly know what it is as I've had to get civilians to sign this very piece of paper before. It's a Non-disclosure agreement so whatever is about to happen is going to be classified, and we are about to be told something that's meant to be kept secret. I get a chill down my spine and feel excited at the same; I don't know if I should be scared or excited about being involved in something like this.

I quickly read through the paper feeling a nervous chill go down my spine as I read the part about being executed for treason if I breach this agreement. But my excitement of being part of this overpowers my fear and when it's time we take turns leaning on the desk to sign it I do it without hesitation. Once done we retake our positions in the line and wait for the Colonel to check our signatures are on the paper.

"Ok now, what I'm about to say must be spoken to anyone apart from those of us in this room. If you tell any on what is about to be said then as you just read you will be court marshaled executed for treason," The Colonel again tells us again sending a chill down my spine, I don't know why something like this gets me excited, but it does. "At two o'clock yesterday afternoon a communication was intercepted, we couldn't trace it or figure out who sent it and to whom it was sent to, but we could decrypt it." The Colonel pauses a moment picking up a piece of paper which most likely has the message on it. "It reads "501st Joint Fighter Wings base seems to be the best location to make our move," This message was not sent over any military or civilian channels, and we check with command and asked other nations but they are just as clueless about this as we are. We believe that it has something to with a letter delivered to H.Q last week which says. "A rouge group is growing in strength and will soon make a move." Again we don't know who sent the letter but both these messages combined is a threat we can't ignore."

"I take it that's where we come in," The man who stared at me says getting another slap in the head by the same man as before.

"Yes, it is where you come in," The Colonel replies picking up the brown envelope and opening it. "Our orders are to survey the 501st Joint Fight Wings base and be on the lookout for any sign of trouble, Captain Phillips, Sargent Barnett step forward." I step forward along with the young man who stared at me still rubbing his head from his recent blow. "You two will infiltrate the base, Captain Phillips you will be a new member joining the 501st and Sargent Barnett you will be a mechanic. Also, you two will be posing as cousins who have been separated by this war and have not seen each other in years, the 501st commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke forbids contact on the base between the mechanics and witches so this story will make your interactions with each other less suspicion."

"What will the rest of us be doing sir," The Major asks.

"I'm getting to that," The Colonel replies picking up and passing one of the uniforms on his desk to me and then passing the other to Sargent Barnett. "You two will be keeping an eye on the witches and base personnel. Sargent Barnett since it would be hard for Captain Phillips to leave the base you will act as a messenger between the two of you and the others now take your new uniforms and get back in line."

"Yes sir," Both Sargent Barnett and I say in unison as we pick up our new uniforms before retaking our places in the line.

"Sargent Osborne and Lieutenant Lawrence you will be keeping the base under surveillance from a distance" The Colonel continues his briefing. "Major Robinson will be in charge of the mission."

"Sir is there any more information about what we should look out for," The Major asks taking a step forward. "We could easily miss something if we don't know to look out for it."

"Unfortunately no," The Colonel answers picking up the two messages and handing them to the Major. "We don't know who we are up against, their numbers and how they will do what they are doing. All we know is that they are going to make their first move at the 501st Joint Fighter Wings base so you will have to be extra vigilant and look out for anything suspicious."

"Understood sir," The Major replies stepping back in line with the two messages still in his hands.

"A truck will be waiting to take Major Robinson, Sargent Osborne and Lieutenant Lawrence to a safe house in a town near the 501st base and Captain Phillips, Sargent Barnett I suggest you two get changed quickly as a plane will be ready to take to the base in ten minutes." Colonel English says to bring the briefing to an end. "Major Robinson, Sargent Barnett," The Colonel says handing them a thin brown envelope each which he takes out of his desk. "Inside is the address for the safe house, memorize it now as those envelopes won't be leaving my office."

"Yes sir," Both men reply opening the envelope and looking at its contents with such intensity I swear they could burn a hole through the envelope. Once done they hand the envelopes back to the Colonel.

"One more thing, don’t under any circumstance do not let anyone on the base or in the town know about this we don't know who we can trust and risk causing a panic," The Colonel says as he lights the envelopes containing the address of the safe house on fire. "Dismissed and good luck."

With that we all leave the office, me and Sargent Barnett holding our new uniforms and Major Robinson carrying the two messages, the big folder and the large bag of money. Sargent Barnett and I head for our rooms to change and the other three head straight for the truck awaiting them. I can barely contain my excitement as I walk to my room barely stopping myself from running, this my first mission my first real mission since joining MI5. The other missions I've been on I was only the support, but this time I'm playing a key role in the mission. I hope my excitement wasn't too obvious to the others as I don't want them to think as me as some little kid, I'm already several years younger than the other being only sixteen years old myself well Sargent Barnett being the next youngest looks like he's in his early twenties. I have to show them I'm not some little kid and I can get the job done as it's the only way I can get to be part of more missions like this.

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