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The plane ride is short only an hour-long flight, but it is as boring as hell. The only good thing about this flight is that on board I'm reunited with my old Striker from my time in the RAF Ultramarine Spitfire Mk IX which still has a picture of the Britannia Shorthair cat that happens to be my familiar. A girl painted it in my last squad who loved to decorate and painted everyone's familiars on their Striker Unit's; boy did she get into trouble for it when the base Commander found out though.

I thought I would have died from fright when I listened to him shouting at her, and I'm sure the girl wet herself. Her punishment ended up being an exhausting task; she had to dig a hole in a nearby field and then fill it back in twice a day for a week. The hole had to be the length of the shovel in depth and width making her punishment last on average twelve hours a day, by the end of her punishment the poor girl's hands were covered in blisters preventing her from painting for nearly a month which was far worse for her than her punishment ever was. I hated our base commander ever since that which lead to several arguments, eventually I took the first transfer I was offered and joined MI5, mainly so I wouldn't kill the bastard.

Also, on-board I find myself face to face with the prototype gun I was given when I first joined MI5 but only fired once outside of target practice. A new variant of the Vickers K machine gun, this new variant has the same rate of fire and range as the old version, but it has better accuracy and is more reliable being less likely to jam up in combat. Also, a nice new feature they improved the weapons stock and lowed its recoil making it easier to fire and more accurate to fire fully automatically. I really like this gun for that reason mainly as my shoulders hurt a lot less when fire it then when I did during my time in the RAF firing my Bren light machine gun.

At least we are coming in to land at the military base now. I think I would go crazy if I had to stay in here for another hour. Sargent Barnett hasn't said a word this entire flight; he's just sat opposite me drawing something which I hope is not me naked while he hums quietly to himself. The only other two people on this plane are the pilots, but they haven't left the cockpit since they got on the plane. Apart from mine and Sargent Barnett's privet and military issued equipment and clothing, my Striker and weapon there is food supplies for the base and ammunition for the 501st.

Outside the plane, the day has been nice and sunny, but unfortunately, it's also a cloudy day meaning I can't see anything but white fluffy clouds out the window only getting a slight glimpse of green in tiny gaps through the clouds. All in all, this has been a very peaceful but an equally boring quiet flight, at least we are finally here, at least I'm about to get off this plane before I die from boredom.

The plane finally touches down on the runway and comes to a halt. Taking a quick peek out of the window of the plane I see that there are several witches clasped on the runway panting for breath and looking in my direction will an eye-patched woman with a katana sheath on her back, and red-haired women are stood side by side ready to great me and Sargent Barnett.

The eye-patched women look like she is from Fuso and the red-haired looks European, they both have the same blank expression on their faces meaning I can't tell much about them apart from their appearance. Seconds after the plane comes to a halt one of the pilots for the first time since they boarded the plane leave the cockpit and open the door at the rear of the plane before turning to us and gesturing for us to leave the plane. I don't think the pilots like Sargent Barnett or me that much and can't wait for us to get off their plane.

"You must be Captain Tracy Phillips our new member," The redhead says as I step out of the plane. "I'm Lieutenant Colonel Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke."

"And I'm Major Sakamoto," The eye-patched women tells me looking me over from head to toe as if I was some prized mutt.

"It's nice to meet you both ma'am's," I reply with a salute after I set my feet down on the runway. "Captain Tracy Phillips reporting for duty."

"You don't have to sault anyone in this squadron Tracy and please just call me Minna," Minna tells me with a warm, bright smile and I immediately lower my hand, her smile fills me with warmth, and I can't help but return her smile.

"You don't have to salute me, but I still expect you to call me Major Sakamoto or just Major," Major Sakamoto says in an authoritative tone if they hadn't of just told me their ranks I would have thought Major Sakamoto was in charge and Minna was her second.

"Now then follow me, and I'll introduce you to the unit," Minna says still warmly smiling. "Major would you see to the unloading of the supplies and our new mechanic please."

"I'll get it done quickly," Major Sakamoto replies looking over to the panting witches on the runway still trying to catch their breaths. Now that I'm off the plan I can see that there are three of them there two Europeans and another Fuso witch who laid face down on a familiar looking girl's chest there's something familiar about that girl. "I’m not done with those three yet."

"Give them some time to recover I don't want them passing out any time soon," Minna tells her before walking off towards the trio of exhausted girls.

She doesn't need to tell me to follow her as I already know that's what I'm meant to do. I want to get a better look at one of those girl's anyway because she looks very familiar and I know I've seen her somewhere before, if I can get a better look at her then maybe I can place a name to her face.

Once we approach the trio, they seem to notice us and try to stand, but the best they can manage with their tired and most likely aching bodies is to sit up. A blond-haired girl with glass tries to stand but her arms give out from under her, and she lands face first onto the runway, the other two don't even attempt to stand learning from the blonde’s mistake.

"Girl's I want you to meet someone," Minna cheerful says as we stop near them and she pulls me in front of her. "This is our new member."

"Oh, hi I'm Captain Tracy Phillips from the Britannian Royal Air Force," I say, and just as the words leave my mouth, the girl I thought looked so familiar looks up and I get a good clear look at her face, now I know who she is. She has light brown hair in a braid down her back which has become a mess from whatever these three were doing before my arrival and her blue eyes that look like the sky light up when she sees me as she recognizes me too. "Lynne."

"Tracy," Lynne responds but her tired barely audible voice can barely count as a reply, it's only just a whisper. What happened to those three to make them so tired that they can't even speak?

"Do you two already know each other?" Minna asks looking at Lynne then me then to Lynne again before returning her gaze to me.

"Yes, we went to school together," I answer knowing full well that Lynne wouldn't be able to answer in her current state. "And by the way what happened to these three because looking at you now makes me think this appears to be a daily occurrence?"

"It is the Major training them hard to get them ready for the fight," She replies causing me to gulp knowing that I may be like them tomorrow. "Now back to the introductions the Fuso girl is Sargent Yoshika Miyafuji."

"It's nice," Yoshika says between breaths. "To meet you."

"And the Gallian girl is Lieutenant Perrine H. Clostermann," Minna says pointing to the girl who just moments ago landed face first on the runway and is now sitting up leaning against a wall.

Her nose is bleeding from the impact it took hitting the runway; her blood is dripping down her face and onto her uniform, the tissue she's got is barely stopping the blood pouring out of her nose and is already soaked in blood.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Perrine says wiping gravel and blood off her face with her free hand while the other presses the blood-stained tissue to her nose.

"It's good to see you again Lynne," I reply to the greetings. "It's nice to meet you too as well, and I hope we will all get along."

"Let's leave these girls to rest before the Major resumes her training and introduce you to everyone else," Minna says turning to face me still with a warm smile on her face which still makes me smile back. "Two more of the squad should be in the hanger right now so follow me, and I'll take you there."

Minna leads me into a large hanger that doesn't seem to have a door; the ceiling is so high that I can barely see the lights up there and the room is nice and spacious. Along one wall is a line of paintball guns for several types of machine guns, anti-tank guns, submachine guns and rifles from all over the worlds. Along the other are tools and spare parts for the striker units and along the back wall are a line of Striker Units in there stands with a tall girl working on one while another younger girl watches from a distance laying on top of a blanket looking like she could fall asleep at any minute.

The taller and clearly older girl has long hair the color of honey, and as we approach she turns around to face us reveling a pair blue eyes slightly darker than Lynne's and her boobs, her boobs are larger than I thought humanly possible. The tall girl stands up as we near her putting down her tools and taking off a pair oil stain gloves, I'm guessing she is from Liberion by the look of her uniform.

"Shirley, Lucchini I got someone here I'd like you both to meet," Minna says and the tall Liberion steps forward towards me she must be a foot taller than me at least.

"I'm Captain Tracy Phillips," I say extending my hand to her "From the Britannian RAF."

"Nice to meet you I'm Captain Charlotte E. Yeager and I'm from Liberion, but you can call me Shirley," She replies tightly gripping my hand so tight that it feels like she might crush it. But I don't let the slight crushing pain in my hand to show on my face and squeeze her hand back just as hard.

She starts to laugh for some reason when we let go, it's not a mean laugh and more of a giggle really, but I don't think it is something mean meant to insult me.

"You've got a nice strong handshake there I can't remember the last time someone gave me as good as they got with one of my handshakes," She congratulates me with a slap on the back that nearly causes me to fall over. "I think well get along just fine."

"Shirley where did Lucchini go I could have sworn I saw her when we entered?" Minna asks, and I follow both their stares to the blanket I saw the young girl sat on minutes ago only to find it empty.

"I don't know she was…" Shirley began to answer when I suddenly feel a small pair of arms wrap around me, a small flat chest press against my back and a pair of hand begin to grope me.

"Ahh!" I yell out as quickly grab the hand groping me, and I spin around to find the young girl from the blanket with a grin on her face. The girl has black hair, lime-colored eyes and doesn't look to be older than twelve. "Why did you do that?"

"I was just measuring…" The girl suddenly stops talking and starts to shake as she turns to face Minna, when I look at Minna I see her still smiling, but this time instead of warmth I feel dread behind her smile, I can't believe her warm smile could change so quickly.

"Is that any way to greet someone?" Minna asks, and even her voice now is sounding scarier to hear and makes me shiver. The girl shakes her head, poor kid she is probably too scared to form words in her mouth let alone speak them. "Now introduce yourself propyl to our new member."

"I'm Francesca Lucchini from Romagna," The girl says her voice filled with terror and her body shaking like a leaf. "It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too" I reply before the girl runs off and hides behind Shirley.

"Well we will get going now to find the other I'll see you two at dinner," Minna says before turning once again to face me only this time her warm smile has returned making me smile once again. "Come Tracy lets go introduce you to the others."

"I'm right behind you," I reply before Minna leads on heading for a double door at the back of the hanger.

Once through the double door I'm immediately impressed by what I see, this place looks more like a palace for the Royal Family than a military base. Statues, paints, and vases of flowers line walls and the floor are covered in an expensive looking carpet.

"So how long have you known Lynne for?" Minna asks as we walk down the corridor.

"Several years," I answer. "We both didn't know anyone when we first started school and were left by ourselves at break and lunchtime. We started sitting next to each other and talking eventually becoming friends and helping each other out, Lynne would help me study and tutor me while I made her look good in P.E. I'm surprised to see her here though I never thought she would have joined the military."

"She's a nice girl, and her sniping skills are unrivaled," Minna comments. "But to be honest, I would have thought she would never have joined the military as well if I was in your position; it's the same with Lucchini and Yoshika those three seem too kind and nice to be soldiers. The others have their reasons to fight or are natural born soldiers. Lynne is determined to fight and protect hers and your homeland; I think if the Neuroi weren't at Britannia's doorstep she wouldn't have enlisted."

Minna leads me through the corridors and up the stairs, this whole place is a palace, and I can't believe my mission involves me staying in such a place, I feel like the luckiest person who has ever lived to be assigned to such a place. The upstairs is just as luxurious as the downstairs but the view out of the windows is the perfect most beautiful view I've ever seen of the Channel. This base is so big that I'm surprised only the members of the 501st sleep here as you could probably fit an entire army possible two in here and still have plenty of room free.

But we don't stay on this floor for too long, and Minna leads me up yet another staircase two more floors until we finally come out into a corridor that has oak doors as for as the eye can see along the walls of the corridor. But one door is open, and shouting can be heard from within, whoever is shouting sounds strict and stubborn, but I can't hear whatever is being said in reply, all I can tell is that it's annoying whoever is shouting.

Minna leads me straight to the open door where the shout is coming from and into a pigsty, everywhere you look here is piles of clothes, food wrappers and books littering the floor. Stood amongst the mess is a girl with hair as brown as chocolate in two pigtails and wearing a Karlsland air force uniform, she's stood with her hands on her hips looking annoyed and frustrated as she glares at a pair of legs buried under a blanket in the middle of the mess on the floor.

"Trude, Erica I have someone I'd like you to meet," Minna says after knocking on the oak wood door getting at least the chocolate haired girl's attention, whoever the legs belong to don't seem to acknowledge us in any way.

"Who is it?" The chocolate haired girl asked spinning around to see us.

"I'm Captain Tracy Phillips from the RAF, and I'll be part of 501st Joint Fighter Wing starting as of today," I answer stepping over a pile of clothes extending a hand towards her.

"I'm Captain Gertrude Barkhorn from the Karlsland air force, and that's Erica Hartmann also from Karlsland, but I don't think she will be greeting you herself," The chocolate haired girl says before turning back to the pair of legs. "Hartmann get up and introduce yourself!"

"I'll do it in ten minutes," A voice mumbles through the blanket in reply causing Barkhorn to clench her fists in frustration.

"Ten minutes my ass now get up!" Barkhorn yells pulling the blanket from the legs reviling a short blonde girl wearing nothing but her underwear trying to block out the light by tightly clenching her eyes shut; she must be Erica. "Come on Hartmann look at the first impression you are making right now!"

"Twenty more minutes," Erica mumbles as she rolls over onto her stomach and buries her face under a white shirt laying on the floor. "Maybe thirty."

"No way now get up right now!" Barkhorn demands ripping the shirt from Erica's face.

"Fine forty minutes," Erica replies quickly finding another shirt to replace the one Barkhorn just took.

"I think we will be going now," Minna says backing up to the door, I don't think she likes walking into this room as she keeps tiptoeing around like the mess on the floor will bite her if she touches it. "Tracy and Erica will have to be introduced later."

I follow Minna out of the room and back into the hall where she leads me to the other end of the corridor.

"Is Erica always like that?" I ask as we walk.

"She's lazy and messy, but she's also one of the best witches in this unit destroying more Neuroi than most of the other of our squad members combined" Minna answers as we around the corner at the end of the hall. "I only wish she was not as messy as she is, I don't mind her laziness, but I saw a rat running around in her room once."

I don't say anything feeling creeped out by the images of rats running over my feet while I was in that room. I’m surprised that Barkhorn doesn't seem to mind the threat of rats at all, when I finally was about to speak again and reply to that a pair of girls emerge from one of the rooms.

One of the girls looks young and sweet, but she is half asleep being supported by another slightly older looking girl who looks like she doesn't mind helping the sleepy girl. The sleepy girl has short silver hair that sparkles and green eyes which she can barely keep open; her skin looks so soft and pale that it tells me right away that she is a night witch. The sleepy girl is only in her underwear like Erica, but she has a blanket draped over her shoulders most likely by the other girl. The other girl is taller than the sleepy one with long very light brown hair and purple eyes, she's wearing a light blue uniform and has her arm around the sleepy girl stopping her from falling to the ground. The awake girl notices us and looks me over from head to toe sizing me up for some reason.

"I take it Sanya ended up in your room again," Minna says as we approach the girls.

"Yes, she did," The awake girl replies shifting her stance slightly to better support her sleepy friend who looks like she could fall asleep and fall over any minute now. "Is this the recruit you said would be joining us?"

"Yes, this is Captain Tracy Phillips from the Britannian Royal Air Force," Minna answers gesturing towards me.

"It's nice to meet you too," I say having the awake girl look me over again for some reason.

"I'm Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen it's nice to meet you too," The awake girl finally replies after sizing me up. "And this is Aleksandra Vladimirovna Litvyak or Sanya," Eila says looking at the sleepy girl who just started to rest her sleepy head on Eila's shoulder. "She does night patrols, so you'll hardly see her, but she has a habit of walking into and sleeping in other people’s rooms when she returns from patrol."

"You should get Sanya into her bed and get to know our new member later," Minna suggests, and Eila nods helping Sanya to her room which is only next door to Eila's. "Now that's everyone in the squad so follow me to my office, and I'll get started on the paperwork we need to fill out to make you an official member of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing."

Minna leads me up another flight of stairs climbing another three floors until we step into another long corridor with yet more oak doors lining the walls as far as the eye can see, forget two armies staying here you could probably fit the entire Britannian armed forces in here with room to spare. Minna leads me to the end of the corridor where a large oak door slightly thicker and bigger than the others with a door handle polished to a point where I can see my reflection in it.

When Minna opens the door and lets me in, I see a large desk at the far side of the room in front of a tall, wide window which must give an amazing view of the outside world. Bookshelf's, filing cabinets and maps line the other two walls. On the desk already waiting and ready for us are several forms and an ink and quill as well as a telephone. Minna and I both sit at her desk and go through the forms and once my name, rank, age and nationality are written on the forms it's nearly lunchtime, so we go down to join everyone except Sanya in the dining hall for lunch.

The dining hall is just as posh and luxurious as the rest of the base. The room is large with a wooden table long enough for every one of the squad to sit down at. A large window's give a lovely view of the grounds of the base which look more like a palace garden a military base. When I look into the kitchen, I see it has everything a chef could ever want.

Everyone is there already apart from Sanya who must still be asleep, and Erica might as well not be here as she's asleep also with her head on the table laying in a small pool of her own drool. Everyone smiles at me as I take a spare seat at the end of the table next to the blond girl Perrine I think her name was, well not everyone is exactly smiling at me, Major Sakamoto only nods, and Eila still seems only to be staring at me.

Lynne and Yoshika are just exiting the kitchen when I take my seat carrying a tray each with a pile of sandwiches on top. Once they place them on the table, Lynne quickly runs back into the kitchen and returns with another tray with a cup of tea for everyone and a glass of water for me on top which with the help of Yoshika places in front of us. I'm glad Lynne remembered how hyper tea makes me and that I don't drink it. Otherwise, I would have felt it a bit rude to refuse the cup. Once they take their seats, everyone starts to eat taking sandwiches from one of the two trays on the table.

"Don't you want any tea Tracy?" Minna asks as we begin to eat.

"I don't drink tea or coffee," I answer as I grab a sandwich from the tray. "I'll be up all week if I do."

"Do you and Lynne know each other because she had the water already poured for you like she knew you don't drink tea or coffee already?" Shirley asks, and I reply telling her what I told Minna earlier about going to school with Lynne and only getting to know each other by having no other friends. "I see so you've known each other for years."

"Yep," I reply with a nod, and Lucchini suddenly climbs onto Shirley's lap knocking the sandwich from Shirley's hand in the process.

"So, has Lynne always been that big?" Lucchini asks excitedly as points to Lynne's chest, Lynne instantly goes bright red upon hearing this and crosses her arms over her chest trying to hide her two mountains and protect them from the stares everyone is giving them.

"I knew her before puberty, so no," I answer hoping my response doesn't embarrass Lynne too much, one of the many things that haven't seemed to change about Lynne is that she is still easily embarrassed.

"So how did she get them that big?" Lucchini asks leaning closer to me so she won't miss one bit of my reply. I have a feeling she wants breasts like Lynne's and Shirley's one day.

"I don't know," I answer and in an instant her head drops, and she slowly makes her way back to her seat having her hopes dashed by learning there's no great secret to having a large chest.

The rest of the meal passes by in a blur but a pleasant one, everyone seems nice and ask me a lot of questions even though it makes me feel like I'm some new toy. Most of the question isn't about be me though, everyone seems to be very interested in mine and Lynne's past, and Lynne starts to answer some of the questions thankfully giving me a quick respite from the questioning.

We told them about our school life which everyone was interested in comparing our school life to their own and sharing laughs at our mistakes. Sakamoto and Barkhorn, on the other hand, seemed more interested in my military career though and lost interest when the subject switched from sports to academics. I tell them about my sixty-four Neuroi kills and other battles I had with our enemy, I tell them about my old squad and have to make up lies about what I did over the last year and a half because I can' tell them I'm with MI5. Thankfully when I joined MI5, they taught me how to lie, and I convince everyone my made-up story was true.

I tell them I was injured and in the hospital for the last year and a half in a coma making a mental note to ask Major Robinson to forge me some documents later to back up my claim if they get suspicious. After the meal, Minna pulls Lynne and me aside to speak with us, Lynne's acting nervous and if I remember the look in her eyes right then, I am guessing it's because she thinks she's in trouble. Me well I'm not nervous at all knowing I can't be in trouble because I haven't done anything wrong, Lynne really needs to learn how not to get so nervous all the time and how to relax.

"Can I speak to you two?" Minna asks pointing to Lynne and me as everyone starts to leave. Lynne and I both wait for the room to empty and Minna to begin to talk, Lynne is fiddling nervously with her hands while Minna and I are stood as still as statues while we wait. Finally, the room empties, and Minna begins. "Since you two know each other Lynne do you mind giving Tracy a tour around the base?"

"No, I don't mind," Lynne replies with a small smile.

"Also, there's a small problem with your room Tracy," Minna tells me. "A water pipe burst last night, and your room won't be ready for a few days so would you two minds sharing a room till then?"

"No, I don't mind," I answer turning to face Lynne. "Is it ok with you?" 

"I'm ok with it," Lynne replies before I turn back to Minna.

"Good now that's settled I'll leave you two alone tour the base and catch up," Minna says before walking off leaving us two by ourselves.

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