The Esper Breaking

BY : Jackal
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Something told Fubuki that this was a bad idea. It wasn’t the fact that she couldn’t handle this beast. It was the fact the fact that it was midnight, and there was no one around. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to bounty hunt in the dark. She grunted as she attached more with her esper powers, wave after wave of rocks exploded onto the Demon rank monster. The monster gave a loud and contemptuous laugh, as it leered at her lustfully. It was ten foot, black hair, red eyes, decent features, muscular monster wearing nothing on but a Roman gladiator suit. It eyed her with nothing short of lust, and made several perverted comments to her before the fight, something that without a doubt it pissed her off to no end.

“So is that all, is that really the best of the number one B-class. Maybe it was something else that got you this position, like that body of yours” He laughed again, and Fubuki just sneered hatefully.

”Shut up.” She slammed nearby rocks into his cranium with the intent of crushing him. He didn’t even have to put effort into moving to withstand it.

”Struck a nerve didn’t I, oh well it’s not like I had any attention to fight you without a reason anyway. Today’s the day I get a new girl.” He said with a disgustingly malicious smile.

Fubuki raised an eyebrow warily, and then decided to think of it later. She quickly changed tactics, and went from striking him with nearby objects to repelling him away. A warehouse with useful utilities she can use to destroy him would be nice. With one motion, she put hurled away with a hard push into the bladed area crashing him hard. Without letting up she summoned nearby swords, katanas, blades all surrounding him to slice open his body. But even after the huge shower of telekinetic barrage and shower of blades, she still felt uneasy in her victory. Maybe she wasn’t ready for this, throughout the whole battle he resisted her attempts to hold him down, surrounding him with objects, and now this? How does an A-class deal with this kind of scope? As she thought deeply in her introspection, she failed to notice the quiet removal of blades and lack of serious injuries in her opponent. She heard a clank of a falling blade, but by the time she shifted her attention back to him he was up.

Quickly she scrambled for distance and prepared another barrage, but the hardly bloodied monster was too fast. He slammed a fist into her solar plexus, and she fell back struggling for air. He stood over her, blades cutting into his tanned chest with varying degrees a stabs, but none of them deep in his hide. He looked at her gasping for air, as he stood up completely nonchalant a lustful gleam in his eyes as he reached for her. “It a shame the fight ended like this, but I’m bored and I’m looking for a new sleeve. You seemed like you'll do, so night night”. And with a punch it all went dark.

She woke up chained to a bed, and with pain in her stomach. Fubuki looked around, feelings of fear and anxiousness rose up in her stomach just like that day. She remembered losing to a monster, but why isn’t she dead yet. It was stupid of her to lower her guard like that, and even more so in the middle of nowhere. But what is more important now is finding out where she is, and how she can get out of this. If she managed to get out of this, she’ll train a dozen times harder and be way more practical in how she does things. Chuckling broke her away from her thoughts, as the abomination revealed himself without his Roman shirt and a look that made her tense.

”I suppose it’s my fault for not introducing myself during a little brawl there, my name is Breaking satyr Rick. And I became a monster over my specific obsession with a classic tale from several millennia -“Why is it you brought me here, money, power, my sister what?” Fubuki said clearly losing patience with windbag here, with his obsession with ancient myths. One thing she could agree with her future Blizzard group member Saitama is that monsters talk way too damn much about themselves.

“I was getting to that, as I said I became obsessed with Romans and ended up becoming one, but there was something else that made me what I’m today.” He said, unlike his fellow monsters becoming a monster never made him lose his mind, ego never came over him until he had the advantage. That separated him from the others in his pursuit to gain the perfect sleeve.

”I’ll indulge you this time, what’s the second one.” Fubuki frankly didn’t care, but at the moment she couldn’t use her powers for the first time, and she needed this loudmouth to keep talking until she could find a way out. Another object came down, as she noticed from her queen size bed the lack of any clothes on the beast. A gigantic red member sprung from his loins, as his smile grew more lusty and less restrained.

”Lust, see as a kid I always wanted all the woman in the world. But then I realized why want all the woman in the world, when I can just have the hottest ones, polygamies don’t exist nowadays, so I looked to the past to see if there was and sure enough there was. I made my inherited millions and turned it into billions only to see what a waste everything is, so I sold my company and looked everywhere for a way to fulfill my dreams.” He held up what looked like a pulsating sludge, he grinned as disgust shown on the mature woman’s face. “And from the harem I’ve made from sweet cheeks like you who dominated my childhood, I’d say I found it.”

”Disgusting, and you did this to others heroines, utterly revolting. You are a fool if you think you can keep any heroine down with that attitude.” She tried harder, but no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t muster the strength to break free. What was draining her powers? And where was the other heroines he mentioned?

”You think you are the first? There was plenty more heroines captured, before I made a plan to trap you with some inside help. I invented these inhibitors to restrain your strength without having to put it visibly on your body, as of now you have no strength, no esper powers, and nothing to stop you from sucking on my cock. Now, PREPARE TO BECOME MY WOMAN!” Without holding back any longer, he jumped on the bed and smashed his lips against Fubuki.

She felt his invasive tongue in her throat, warm and caressing, as he easily dominated her mouth with experience as she tried to bite back. He simply smirked at this effort, as he put his hands down on her large tits, his massive 14 lying on her stomach as it dripped with a small bit of pre-cum. After several minutes of easy domination, he got off her and lifted Fubuki off the bed with one hand. Any thoughts of escape left the moment they came, as he ripped off her dark green dress with the other hand (her shoes fell off somewhere along the way but neither noticed). Her exposed nude figure showed him her massive tits, curvaceous hips, and down below slightly wet pussy accompanied by stunning legs. The sight made the freak drool, as he put Fubuki gently on the ground. His red cock pulsed, as he looked hungrily at her, he pointed to his cock as he held her head closer.

”Suck or there will be consequences.” Fubuki gulped, she didn’t want any part of this, but she knew she had to play along or else he gets angry.

She quivered, then a small lick to the top of his cock, as he groaned slightly at her sultry tongue. She took this as encouragement, as she licked, suckled and kissed down the underside of his cock. She alternated between kissing and licking his left nut, as she squeezed his balls as she gently as she could. His groans and moans for more deeply, convinced her that she had to hurry up more as she continued to build up rhythm in her caresses. Eventually after enjoying the little foreplay, he grew tired of the teasing and roughly moved her mouth to his cock.

”Suck it you slut, I want you to take it all soon.” She glared at him heavily, but oddly didn’t feel the need to spite him as much, as much as she wanted to deny it, his balls tasted delicious. She slowly licked the slit first, before wrapping her lips around the head as she eased back and before into it. She grabbed the balls, as she took an inch in before moving back and forth. She sped up as she took in another inch, her treatment to his balls kept him moaning. She gave stronger caresses to his large testicles, as she felt the fervent need to swallow it all (something in her was enjoying this, and she didn’t know why). She took the hilt, as she went deeper and deeper down passing half his size, mentally admiring despite himself the sheer size vastly eclipsing her prior flings. Her red lips trembled a little more, as more pre cum went down her mouth in copious amounts effortlessly filling her to the brim. This dazed her, and stopped her ministrations for a moment before the hand on her head urged her forward.

”Enough of that, I’ll do this myself slut, enjoy the cum you’ll taste soon.” He grabbed her and roughly moved her head forward. Her head sprang forward, as he forcibly shoved her forward ignoring the fact that his 14 inch and 3 inch wide member is difficult to swallow. Shoving his cock so hard, Fubuki held on to the sides of his legs as he sneered down as she looked like she's going to cry. He felt the build up of his cum, as her mouth perfectly moistened the cock. He slammed into her and yelled “Cumming!” as she felt massive shots of cum overwhelm her mouth easily. Despite trying to swallow every drop quickly, small streams of cum went past her mouth down her chin. Too overwhelmed by the amount, she separated as massive blasts smeared her face with thick cum. He moved back as the cum went into her hair, sprayed into her neck, tits, stomach and a small piece hit her very wet pussy. She tried to gain a measure of her composure, but all she had instead was a fucked stupid look, as the sweet taste, texture and size dazzled her. He smirked down at her, as his large cock remained primed and unfazed by the release. Her gorgeous face creamed with cum, her growing lust and wet expression turned him on. He lifted her up, as he slammed her lips around his, drinking in the cum inbetween as he felt her resistance go down. Her inner slut was acting up. He threw her on the bed, as he pinned her down.

He kissed slowly, as she moaned a little before stopping herself. He alternated between sucking on her collarbone and licking it. He grabbed her massive breasts and squeezed them a little as Fubuki moaned. He went down and sucked on her tits, and enjoyed the sweet taste of them. He moved down, as he held her arms down as he started kissing down, as she started moaning something. He got to her pussy, as he lick gave it a small lick which caused her to groan loudly.

”Oh you enjoyed didn’t you slut.”


”Yes I should leave you unfulfilled without my cock and lips in your pussy.”

”No please.”

”No please what?”

”Please put your lips in my pussy.”


”Please put your lips in my Pussy.”



”For that I’m going to punish you.”

He went down as he gave her a painfully slow lick to the pussy. Followed up by some fingering on both sides. His ministrations led to her beg a little more politely this time, as he slowly gave her a climax with careful precision. Her faced was riled up with pleasure, her composure gone and then he decided to lead her to the more fun part of the fuck. He arched over her, as he put his massive clock right on the edges of her pussy and angled it in a way to torment her. He shoved it a little deeper and prodded it, all the while grabbing her tremendous tits. He kissed her skin, as she began to moan more. It was at the moment he decided to test the waters. He heaved as his massive cock slammed into her pussy with one go, Fubuki gasped as she felt his strong dick go in. He slammed into her multiple times, before he stopped as the pre-cum went into her lips.

”I want you to beg for it, I’ll only fuck you any further if you say “I’m your slutty little cocksleeve, who deserves to punished with your majestic cock. Fuck me like the whore I am””. It was at that this moment Fubuki snapped. No longer did she feel like the proud Blizzard of Hell, the top of the B-class, leader of the Blizzard group. She didn’t feel like the sister of Tatsumaki, or anyone else for that matter. This massive cock, the cum in her mouth, these heavenly ministrations, the significant lack of dick she had in years, and the knowledge of the fact she’d never be anything in comparison to her sister broke her. Leaving behind a slutty cocksleeve in her wake.

”YES, I’M YOUR SLUTTY LITTLE COCKSLEEVE, WHO DESERVES TO BE PUNISHED WITH YOUR MAJESTIC COCK. FUCK ME LIKE THE WHORE I KNOW I AM” she screamed her face twisted with pleasure, as she blushed heavily. How couldn’t deny a walking talking raven haired cumdump, so he grabbed her hips as he smashed her tight pussy hard several times, as she bucked against his cock in pleasure. He grabbed her right tit in his hand and squeezed it, as he continued slamming into her. He flipped her around roughly, as he slammed his cock into her ass as she struggled to keep his size inside her. Several thrusts hit her, as her eyes went into the back of her head and tongue dropped out of her mouth. His cum easily flooded her ass, as she tried to coax him from the back to put more in her. The amount of cum spilled out, as he squirted the seed to her backside and into her hair. The whore moaned as she stretched her flexible feet back and gave him a foot job with excellent precision, he smirked as she looked at him pleadingly with an innocent look.

”Your such a slut, wanting more cum already. How did a cumdump like you be a B-class heroine to begin with?”

“I was always a slut especially as a teenager, if not for my sister I would have sucked off a lot more people than just 55. It just took your stud cock to wake it up.” She said as she smiled sultrily.

”55? Well then Blizzard of my Dick, we have quite a ways to go then slut.” He came as the foot job was completed as his cum sprayed into her mouth, her eyes open and with a slutty smirk. He adjusted his monster form to her height, as she 69’d him with vigor, which he returned with hitting her g-spot with no effort as he cummed in her hot mouth. He stood her up, grabbed her left leg on one arm and stuck his dick into her extremely tight and nice-fitting pussy. She kissed her Adonis, as he fucked her in the pussy hard until the cum in her reached the floor.

They fucked for ten hours in several positions, until she finally got on her knees and started worshipping his cock with utmost devotion. He smiled as she tried to deepthroat his cock once more, she finally reached the edge and smirked as the sticky hot cum filled her mouth, easily blotting out her cheeks. She sucked almost all the cum up with extreme effort, but several splotches went out of her mouth quickly. She looked up with a smile, her lustful body covered with cum, her hair a complete mess, torn off clothes, and obviously tired hands on his cocks ready for more. All this made Rick happy, her eyes showed how broken she is and that’s what he liked and always dreamed of. Granted those other heroines like Lily, Tank top girl, Pink Hornet and Swim were good looking. Yet they didn’t give me the same pleasure she gave him, or broke the same way. Regardless it was good day, lured Blizzard of Hell here, and now with proper planning, turn The Tornado of Terror into a secondary cumdump as well. Dealing with the other tank top brothers are easily just brainwash a different way, killing them would not be beneficial as their brawn will be good fodder for the monsters in the future. He also have to be careful in controlling her mind, Espers were difficult to control by mind control, but easily through loyalty.

”Fubuki my little cockslut how would you like to meet your other sisters, you might need the company.” Fubuki now forever broken by the monsters cock, simply looked at him with ruined eyes her smile enchanted by the cum. She smiled and nodded as she sat on her knees like a good housewife as she lovingly caressed his cock.

”I would love to Rick-Sama” The two went off one limping, while the the other one puts his hands on her ass. The world would change and there would be nothing that could be able stop him.

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