The Esper Breaking

BY : Jackal
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Rick sighed as he walked back to his bedroom, with a nude Pink Hornet on his heel. Her brown eyes looked at him with concern, as she held her B-cups breasts as her toned legs walked near him. Never before had she seen him this worried, perhaps a gangbang with her sisters would cheer him up. As for Rick, he only seemed annoyed at the moment, because despite gaining a lot of power from fucking his beloved cumdumps. He still didn’t have enough physical power to compete with Tatsumaki, and didn’t have the traps to spring in her invetible arrival within the week. It’s been three days since Fubukis capture, and he still finds it it difficult to use her as mouthpiece to her group. Even with his spies trying to keep her status hidden, he still finds it difficult to keep her looking unbroken. The Pink Hornet grabs Rick’s cock from his nude form, and looks at him with a teasing smile. Perhaps, he should ease up a little more, use a woman to calm down as she screams his name.

”Rick-Sama, perhaps you need the comfort of multiple sluts my love. Our bodies should provide adequate entertainment, while you plan.” She gives him a sultry smirk, as she uses both hands to stroke him off. This lead him to put his hand on his chin, this should act as a distraction to his struggles, and give him a little more power. Fucking his group by a whole, should keep his mind off this.

”Alright then. Lead the way my useless cumdump. I’ll use the entire group again, as a plaything as I plan my next move.” The Pink Hornet only smiled, as she remained glad that his cock will still almost three times the size of her husbands. His cock acting as a perfect way to please her inner slut. Now it was time to test her bodies endurance. She led to him to the room, as Swim and Tank Top Girl looked on from the bed.

”Suck it my flirty cumslut” Not needed to be told twice, she sat down like a Japanese wife as she looked up at him with that same teasing smile. Slowly and steadily she bobbed up and down his cock, as she showed her lack of gag reflex. She winked at him as he continued groaning and groped his massive balls at the same time. Wanting more he shoved her almost 10 in, as her eyes nearly went into the back of her head at once. Rapidly he brought her closer and closer to his hilt, as she barely held on to his warm balls by squeezing them with all her effort. He slammed her face until she reached his hairy pubes, and she could sigh happily as she smelled his wonderful pubes as the cum flooded her mouth. Yes her husbands meager dick could never satisfy her like Rick could. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as she was unable to swallow all of the cum. He brought his dick out, as the cum splattered her face in chunks. The cum slid down her face, as the cock moved from her hair to covering her breasts, the amount easily turning her whole figure into one slut oozing of domination.

”Hey don’t leave us behind, my tank top top hasn’t experienced your full busy yet.”

”Yeah I want to please Fubuki-San, by being a better dick sucker.”

Rick only grinned, as the toppless Swim crawled towards him along with the Tank top girl. Swim merely kissed and caressed his cock from the dazed Pink Hornet. While Tank top girl attempted to dominate his mouth, as she leaned into one arm around her. Effortlessly controlling the pace of the lip lock, Swim nearly choked as he thrusted slightly in her mouth. Rick moved his hand from her Tank tops shoulders to her ass, as he thrusted into it with one finger as she moaned. Swim continued to struggle containing the massive dick, as Pink Hornet started to lick his balls and tease him after awakening from her stupor. 

Simultaneously, he swiftly dominated them all as his cock eruption bulged Swims cheeks, as Pink Hornet could barely suck on one of his balls. Tank Top was howling as her ass was molested, and mouth held into submission with his superior tongue. He moved from her mouth to her collar, as she struggled to contain her ecstasy. This continued on for ten minutes, until he shoved Tank Top to the ground as he started stroking off his member. The picture off 3 beautiful ladies on the ground, with their mouths out for their share drove him off the edge. With one massive blast, the cum splattered the three, as their hair and face was radiated with cum. The three sat their for a second to bask in the afterglow, before they moved to the bed.

Rick grinned maliciously, as he moved onto the bed with him. The Pink Hornet layed on the middle, with Tank Top girl to her left and Swim to her right their nude figures on display. Rick crawled to them, as he shoved his member straight into Hornets unfilled pussy, all the while fingering Swim and groping TTG. The three gasped as he rapidly started fucking them with extreme brutality. The three could only gasp as he felt the need to announce his moment arrival.

”I’m cumming” he screamed as he blasted his load into Hornet as her mind nearly went into melt down. As the sheer cum left her tongue sticking out helplessly. The other two weren’t much better as they orgasmed around his caresses. All of them stuck in their own phase of pleasure, as Rick leered at them triumphantly.

”We love you Rick-Sama”.“I know that you slutty bitches, and I’m going to enforce that by getting a new one. As soon as I’m done playing with you three.” He switched Swim over to the middle, as Hornet went to the side and Tank Top the other side. For three more hours he blasted them, as he planned for another one. One that he felt deserved a humiliation.

Fubuki and Lily sucked off the Romans cock, as he looked at the computer. Lin Lin, a decent martial artist who he met long before his monsterification. Her brutal rejection of him, despite all of his advances nearly broke him. She then got a boyfriend who acts exactly like me, despite “not dating nerd-like dweebs” and interesting herself in all things around her inquisitively. He already found out almost everything about her, and knows that her and her “boyfriend” like to look at the stars at 10 p.m. At that time there was is less patrol than usual, and the forbidden spot is E-city’s One park. It would take him five minutes to get over there, and thanks to surveillance there was not a hero in sight. Excellent, she would become another sleeve as her boyfriend looks on broken. He smiles as he cums on Fubuki and Lily’s faces, as they blushed looking eager for more despite being overwhelmed. He allowed them to suck his balls one last time, as he prepared for his ambush. This time with more emphasis on crushing their spirit.

“——And then I said, baldy which baldy? The fake one puncher or the one looking staring at me?” Linlin laughed at her boyfriends joke as she leaned on his side more. She smiled as he stroked her cheek, as he went for another kiss. She wouldn’t admit it to many, but her boyfriends sense of humor made her feel better. Ever since monsters killed her mom she became a little reclusive in training, and more afraid of these abominations more than ever. Thankfully Riley saw her through this every day. 

“We should be going, it’s nighttime and we don’t want to face curfew, just for having some fun.” Riley said as he helped her stand.

”Yeah this day was perfect, no monsters in sight, fun at ever corner. If it wasn’t for the hour I would have-“.“Sucked him off, obeyed his any order what else would you have done to him. For what you can’t do to me? Lin Lin-chan.” Lin Lin eyes widened as a massive 10 feet monster appeared wearing strange clothing, as it called her name only one man called before.

”Rick i-is that y-you wh-what do yo-you w-want with m-me. I t-told I wasn’t in-interested. Just leave” She stammered clearly unable to move as his presence filled her fear and a small bit of lust at those abs.

”W-who a-are y-you?” Riley replied twice as frightened as he looked nervous at this beast.

”I am the one who strive for Mrs. Lin Lin-Chan’s heart. But I don’t want that anymore now I want to take what you have between you two, which you could’ve had from me.” He smiled maniacally as he got into position.

”I sa-said no and n-now you a-are going to p-pay the c-consequences. N-now prepare y-yourself.” She took up a unsteady stance as prepared for his attack.

He wasted no more time, as Rick swiftly rushed at her with a charge. She tried to flip back, but he caught her and slammed in the ground with one blow. Her boyfriend started running back scared for his life, as Rick snorted and knocked him out with a finger. Now it was time to humiliate Lin Lin for her rejection.

“Wh-what is going one?” Lin-Lin woke up and found herself naked and suspended from the air. Her arms were being held by someone and with a look her boyfriend lay there tied up and gagged to a bedpost.

”Now I am going to making you felt the same pain I felt. But not just broken, you’ll be another cocksleeve, and your useless boyfriend will see the difference in size between man and monster.” 

“W-wait we can t-talk this ov-over with, DO-“ Bit it was too late, Lin-Lin ass was ripped through by Ricks massive tool. She buckled as her naked form with impaled over and over, after an an hour of this torment he finally came. Her boyfriends muffled screams filled the air, as she looked to him tearfully eyes filled with shame and lust.

”I’m s-so-rry you h-had t-to s-see t-this a-after e-everything y-you g-gave m-me. I s-stil lo-Hummp” Her talk with boyfriend was interrupted as Rick maneuvered her around and shoved his tool straight into her mouth. Her tears nearly doubled, as she swallowed it sorrowfully, dully aware of what he would do if she didn’t. He brutally slammed into her several times, as she spent most of her time trying to hold it in and breathe through her nose. The gates released as the cum filled her mouth, barely holding in the  thick liquid as she swallowed every drop of it. For an hour the martial arts sucked without her bells, as she tried to maintain her sanity.

”I’m s-sorry h-he ta-tastes too g-good I’m l-losing th-this b-battle he’s t-too good.” The Roman slammed into her pussy, as she depressed over the fact her boyfriends wasn’t anywhere close to this size. The cum was slowly shattering her as she found her slowly moving to the rhythm. Eventually a combination, of the tasty cum, it’s sheer amount, his size, godly fingering, and immense endurance eventually broke her. Her slutiness exposing itself, as her tongue stuck out and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

”OH IT’S TOO GOOD, I WAS FOOL FOR NOT GOING FOR THIS COCK BEFOREHAND. FUCK YOUR LITTLE SLUT RICK-SAMA!” Her mind shattered as her boyfriend cried many tears, at seeing his girlfriend dissolving into that in one night.

”Oh and why should I do that, when you refused your advances before. Why choose me over your boyfriend.” He grinned as he saw her boyfriends broken eyes stared at him with passive aggressive anger. He merely snorted at that. 

“MY BOYFRIEND’S COCK IS NOTHING COMPARED TO YOURS. I’LL BE YOUR COCKSLEEVE FOREVER, IF IT MEANS SUCKING YOUR TOOL STUD.” She all but moaned, her entire mind thinking of nothing but the giant slab of meat in her pussy. She continued riding down his cock like there was no tommorow.

”Oh alright then. Welcome to the club bitch” Her boyfriend’s mind was shattered in a different way, as he found his one true love loving another man. He found himself withering, after three years of love destroyed by one man, his heart couldn’t take it anymore. He then had a heart attack at 29. And they fucked for another hour before his corpse was removed. Lin Lin continued screaming his name, as his cum filled her holes to the brim and further.

Now with another slave by his side, he was one step closer to Tatsumaki, and a win that was just around the next full moon.

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