The new Pet of the Digi-Girls

BY : LiquidPhazon
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With the various groups of heroes and heroines that had not only saved their world and their Digital World, but had united as a team to take down the twisted Digimon, Quartzmon, as well as his desire to reshape all in his image, the Digidestined, Tamers, Legendary Warriors, DATS and the Fusion Fighters had been living their lives like normal, hanging out, going to school/work, as well as continuing to stop any Digimon from causing any trouble to their worlds.

And while at first, each of the protectors of each Digital World were worried about the possibilities of time paradoxes and other quantum anomalies, erasing the memories of all but the Fusion Fighters, after Mikey and Shoutmon had a serious conversation with the Old Clock Shop Man and his Clockmon, both were persuaded to speak with Gennai, Azulongmon, Ophanimon and the Royal Knights of the DATS Digital World, where they all agreed to uniting their Digital Worlds as one.

Not only did this ensure that their new Digital World would remain protected, but allowed the various Digimon teams to reunite, befriend each other, hangout and fight once again as a team.

Much changed for the heroes as time went on, but none as much as Davis Motomiya, the leader of the younger Digidestined, and wielder of the crests of Courage, Friendship and Miracles.

Not only was the now eighteen year old boy the captain of the soccer team, bringing his team many victories with both his skills as well as teamwork and leadership, but also, he had improved on his grades, thanks to the help of his friends, and was expected to graduate with top honours.

The change in Davis mentally, as well as physically, had also earned the maroon haired boy a massive fan club, with dozens of girls all wanting a piece of the school's heartthrob, while some of the girls that had become Digidestined themselves, gaining a female Digimon, had fallen for Davis' Veemon, finding him cute, funny and just as brave as his partner.

However, much to their disappointment, Davis found himself not interested in a relationship at the moment, wanting to focus more on his grades and his soccer career for now.

Currently, Davis was with Veemon, both out on the soccer field after classes, with the Digidestined wearing his uniform, and a row of soccer balls aimed at the goal post, which the maroon haired boy practiced with, not just kicking into the goals, but aiming and angling his shots for a game that was happening in a few weeks, while Veemon did his best to block each shot.

And despite Veemon's size, he was still agile, managing to stop the less tricky shots of the Motomiya, while, unbenounced to either, off on the side of the field, a large gathering of about twelve girls were watching the two, including a few member of the school's cheerleading squad, as they sighed and watched Davis with dreamy looks on their faces.

"When did he become such a dreamboat?" One of the cheerleaders asked as she leaned her arms on the railing, while resting her chin on her hand.

"I don't know, but I wish he'd come out of my dreams." Another replied as she unconsciously licked her lips, her mind providing her with images of more intimate ideas she could do with Davis, while her partner, a female Psychemon, felt similar towards Veemon.

After a little bit Davis, tired and sweating, said to Veemon. "Alright buddy, I think that's enough for today."

Exhausted, Davis pulled his shirt over his head and off to cool off, before he and Veemon looked at each other confused as they heard a loud squealing sound, before looking in the direction of the sound to find nothing as they just shrugged it off.

Had they gone over to check, the two would have found the girls all passed out on the floor with slight nose bleeds and dazed smiles at having seen Davis' muscular chest, while what Digimon were around them and tried to help their partners up.

"So we going to head home now?" Veemon asked, before Davis shook his head in reply.

"You can go on home, Kari asked me to come on over. I should be back later." Davis explained in reply as he put his normal shirt back on, followed by his jacket and goggles, not wanting to accidentally scratch or damage them during training.

"Oh? A date with Kari?" Veemon asked with a wink, causing Davis to just shake his head in annoyance.

"You know the two of us are just friends, Kari doesn't see me like that." Davis replied, despite still having feelings for the brunette, Davis wanted Kari to be happy, even if it meant not being with him.

"Alright. Well I guess I'll see you later." Veemon then said as the blue Digimon turned and headed towards the Momotiya residence, while Davis turned and headed towards Kari's place, both still unaware of the passed out girls off to the side.

But unbenounced to Davis, members of his fan club were closer to him that he thought, and they were willing to do anything to have him for themselves.

-Sometime later-

After a small walk, Davis had arrived to the Kamiya's apartment, where he knocked on the door, only once before it opened, revealing the Digidestined of Light, Kari Kamiya, surprising Davis at the combination of how fast she reacted to his presence, as well as what she was wearing.

The brunette was wearing a black, strapless dress, which clung tightly to her body, revealing how much she had developed over the years as it showed off her D-cup sized breasts and her fit body, while cuts in the sides allowed Davis to see her smooth and slender legs.

Blushing at the ensemble, Davis was about to question Kari on it, before he then noticed a crystal pendant around her neck, shaped like Crest of Light, that he had bought for her a few years back for her birthday.

"Hey Davis, thanks for coming over." Kari said with a smile.

"No problem..." Davis replied, before he asked. "Did I catch you leaving for a date?"

"I was getting ready for one you could say." Kari answered as she let Davis into the apartment.

"Well I hope you enjoy yourself, whoever he is, he is a lucky guy." Davis said as he sat down on the couch, still slightly exhausted from his practice with Veemon.

'No, I'm lucky to finally have him, and I'm never letting him go.' Kari thought to herself as she walked over to the couch, giggling in her head as she thought about what she was about to do.

At some point after their battle with MaloMyotismon, when she wasn't quite sure, Kari had fallen for the maroon haired boy, and fallen hard.

Her every dream and fantasy now revolved around him, to the point that Kari would, in private, masturbate as she thought about him, his body, his arms wrapping around her, kissing her, and other, more erotic thoughts that entered her mind, while also dreaming of herself walking down the aisle to him at their wedding.

But it was also after the battle that Davis had stopped asking her out, and it was driving Kari up a wall, thinking that he was no longer interested in her, while the brunette would get incredibly jealous when she saw other girls around him, especially his enormous fan club, as she feared she would lose him to one of them someday soon.

'I won't lose him, he's mine, all mine!' Kari thought with an almost insane laugh in her head as she sat down next to Davis, with the maroon haired boy blushed slightly as he tried not to look down at Kari's breasts.

"So... what did you want to see me about?" Davis then asked, trying to be polite and not keep Kari waiting too long for her date.

Kari smirked in her head, hoping that what she learned from that book from the library would work, as she then said. "I have a psych test coming up this week, and I could use your help studying for it."

"Sure, how can I help?" Davis asked as he sat up and looked at Kari, feeling like he needed to pay her back for all the time she had helped him study for his exams, to which Kari responded as she reached behind her neck and unclipped her pendant, before holding it out in front of Davis and gave her reply.

"It's part of an observation exercise, I just need you to keep your eyes on the pendant and listen to what I say." The brunette instructed, earning a nod from Davis.

"Keep your eyes on the pendant and listen to my voice. Find yourself drawn to my voice as everything around you fades. All that matters is my voice, nothing else but my voice." Kari started to say in a soothing voice, remaining focused on the task at hand, while Davis did as Kari had said, both because he wanted to make her happy and found himself unable to do otherwise.

"That's it, Davis. Continue to watch the pendant closely and hear my voice. You trust my voice, you know everything I say is the truth. Just let my voice carry you away as you feel sleepier and sleepier." The brunette continued, noticing Davis close his eyes a little and subconsciously nod his head.

After soothing him even more with her voice, with Davis finding most of his thoughts had left his head, but was still aware of Kari and his surroundings, to which the Digidestined of Light then instructed. "Now, at the count of three, I will snap my fingers, and you will all into a deep, deep trance, obeying anything I tell you. one, two, and three..."

Finished with the count up, Kari then snapped her fingers, which caused Davis' head to slump into his chest, while his eyes dulled for a moment, just before they closed, while a peaceful look appeared on his face, making Kari smile and fight the urge to cheer at seeing it had worked.

"Davis, can you hear me?" Kari then asked, wanting to see if it had indeed worked, if Davis had just fallen asleep or if he was just playing along.

Davis slowly nodded in reply, before saying in a distant tone. "I hear you, Kari..."

Kari felt herself getting excited at hearing Davis' reply, before she positioned herself so that she was in his lap, facing him, with her pendant still in her hand.

-Upcoming Lemon-

"Now Davis, I want you to open your eyes but remain in this deep sleep as you stare at my pendant." Kari then instructed before Davis moved his head up and opened his eyes, showing them glazed over as the maroon haired boy stared blankly at Kari's pendant, a look that Kari admitted to herself turned her on greatly, as well as finding herself a little turned on at the position of power she was in.

"That's it Davis, just stare at the pendant and listen to my voice. Listening to my voice is all that matters to you, my voice replaces your thoughts and mind, I am your Mistress and you must obey me." Kari then commanded, getting turned on more by her own words.

"Yes Mistress... I will obey..." Davis replied in a distant tone, while Kari shuttered in arousal at hearing the man of her wet dreams call her Mistress.

"Now be a good boy and answer some questions for me, how do you really feel about me?" Kari asked, wanting to know once and for all if Davis still liked her or not.

"I love you, Mistress... I have never stopped loving you, but I wanted you to be happy, even if that meant not being with me..." Davis replied, his tone full of honesty and obvious feelings for the brunette, who smiled and felt her heart melt at Davis' reply and the selflessness within it.

But gaining a smirk, Kari reached her hand out and gently caressed his cheek as she said. "That's good to hear, my pet, because you're all mine and pleasing me is all that matters to you."

"Yes Mistress, I want to please you..." Davis answered as a distant smile appeared on his face, while Kari felt turned more aroused when she felt something poke her lower region, making the brunette look down and smirk at seeing the tent in Davis' pants grow.

"Come with me my pet." Kari then commanded as she got up and took Davis' hand, helping the entranced boy up, before leading him into her bedroom, where, once inside, Kari had Davis stand in the center of the room, before she reached behind her body and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall to the ground to reveal the brunette's naked and sexy figure, including her D-cup sized breasts, tight ass and her wet pussy, which she had shaven as part of her fantasies of Davis claiming her as his own.

"Do you think I'm beautiful, that I'm sexy?" Kari asked as she posed for Davis, turning and making certain he got a good look at her entire body.

"You're perfect..." Davis replied, which made Kari blush at his words, as well as seeing Davis' erection getting bigger, making the brunette think if Davis had any free will or awareness, then his erection would probably be a little painful at the moment.

"Now, strip naked for me like a good boy." Kari said with a more commanding voice as she sat on her bed, as though getting ready to watch the best show of her life.

"As you command, Mistress Kari..." Davis replied as he then obeyed, starting off by taking off his jacket and shirt, causing Kari to lick her lips at seeing the tanned muscular chest that had filled her dreams, before her eyes widened when Davis removed his pants and boxers, allowing her to see his massive eight-inch cock that hung proudly between his legs.

"Yessss…!" Kari hissed with excitement and lust, seeing that Davis was even bigger than she had imagined or dreamed of, to which she then got up and approached him, wrapping one arm around his neck, while using her other hand to caress his cheek, before commanding him. "Now my pet, pleasure me, pleasure me as you have always dreamed and desired to."

"Yes Mistress..." The entranced Digidestined of Miracles replied, before moving his head forward and claiming Kari's lips in a deep, lustful and passionate kiss, causing her to moan loudly as she felt his tongue enter her mouth, while his hands moved up and wrapped around her waist.

'So good...' Kari thought, feeling pleasure and desire from the passion of the kiss, before Davis increased Kari's pleasure and moans when he eventually broke from Kari's lips and began to kiss around her neck and collarbone, causing Kari to moan and sigh from the actions of the Motomiya.

"Oh, Davis..." Kari moaned, enjoying the sensations of pleasure she felt, which increased as her new pet moved his head down and began to kiss and suck on her breasts, causing the brunette to throw her head back and let out a joyous cry of pleasure.

After making sure to give each of her breasts the attention he believed they deserved, with Kari moaning loudly from the pleasure, Davis moved down, gently kissing her tone stomach, before he got on his knees and stared blankly at her wet pussy.

"Davis, what are...?" Kari began to ask, before she was cut off as the brunette moaned loudly when Davis put his hands on her sides, moved his head down, in between her legs and began to lick her pussy, slow and sensually, making certain to give his new Mistress as much pleasure as she desired.

"Yes! Oh, Davis, yes...! You are so good...!" Kari moaned loudly, loving the feel of the Digidestined's tongue moving in and out of her womanhood as she moved her hands behind his head, running her fingers through his hair.

"More Davis! Give me more!" Kari then let out, both as a pleasure filled cry and as an order, keeping the Digidestined of Miracle's head close to her pussy, her hands firmly grasping his head, just before Kari eyes then snapped open when, following her command, the maroon haired boy reached his hands around, with the left giving her ass cheek a squeeze, while his right went beneath his head and inserted his index and middle fingers, slowly into her tight passage.

At first, Kari was taken by surprise by the action, before she realized that she actually liked the sensation and let her pet continue as she moaned and cried in pleasure.

"Oh, Davis, you are wonderful... you are amazing... you are making me feel incredible, so don't... don't stop...!" Kari let out, moving her hands off of Davis' head and to the sides of her bed, where she grasped the bed sheets tightly as the entranced Motomiya continued to lick and finger his Mistress' pussy and ass.

It didn't matter how much time had passed to the brunette, for the actions of Davis filled her with great amounts of pleasure.

But eventually, Kari soon felt her climax approaching and managed to say in a panting voice. "Davis, I... I'm... I'm so close... I..."

However, unable to hold back, the brunette then stopped speaking and let out a loud cry of pleasure, her orgasm hitting her as she came, while Davis licked her clean, before sitting back on his knees as he stared blankly ahead, awaiting his next command.

Catching her breath from what she could only think of as the best orgasm of her life, Kari looked down at Davis, feeling her arousal return at seeing him on his knees, as well as his still hard member, the Digidestined of Light then laid down on her back, spreading her legs in the process.

"Take me, my pet and make love to me!" Kari exclaimed in excitement.

"Yes, Mistress Kari..." Davis replied as he stood up and approached the bed, placing his hands on her legs as he positioned his erection right in front of her tight folds, before slowly pushing it inside of her, causing Kari to cry out in pleasure.

"Oh, Davis...!" Kari moaned, before groaning as she felt Davis' manhood push past and break her hymen, causing the entranced Digidestined to stop as he saw his Mistress' discomfort face.

"It's alright... just give me a second..." Kari managed to say, smiling at Davis, finding comfort in seeing that despite being under her control, he was still showing feelings of care and consideration for her.

And after waiting a little bit, feeling the pain fading away, Kari, ready to continue to make love with the maroon haired boy, then nodded her head, which caused Davis to resume, inserting his cock deeper into Kari's waiting pussy and causing her to moan and cry in pleasure as he began to move in and out of her.

"Davis... Davis, you are so deep... it's so good... I never imagined our first time would be so perfect...!" Kari moaned as she gripped the bed sheets again, getting lost on a haze of pleasure as Davis continued to thrust in and out of her womanhood, adding to her pleasure as he moved his head down and took the brunette's left breast into his mouth, licking and sucking Kari's breast and her nipple.

"Yes... Oh, yes...!" Kari cried out, her mind unable to really form any real thoughts, while a small part of her wondered what it would have been like if the roles had been reversed, if she could be Davis' pet and have him as her Master.

After a while, however, the brunette Digidestined snapped out of her haze when she felt her climax hit, causing the Digidestined of Light to cry out Davis' name in pure ecstasy as she had her climax, cumming all over Davis' manhood.

However, as the feeling of bliss subsided, Kari moaned again upon feeling Davis' cock still inside of her, pounding away at her pussy, which was when the brunette realized that Davis had yet to cum.

'Oh my... his... his stamina...!' Kari thought lustfully as she let her handsome pet continue to fuck her, moaning loudly as she wrapped her arms around his neck, while Davis continued to thrust in and out of her womanhood.

Kari was once again lost in pleasure as time seemed to disappear as Davis continued to make love to her.

But after another hour of lovemaking, his member sliding in and out of her, going deep and hitting all the right spots, Kari eventually felt another orgasm approach, while she also heard Davis groan as he picked up his pace, telling the brunette Davis was going to come as well.

"Cum with me my pet, cum for your Mistress!" Kari cried out, before the maroon haired Digidestined groaned loudly, cumming inside of Kari and causing the brunette to cry out in ecstasy, her climax hitting her as her pussy clamped around Davis' cock, milking his seed in the process.

With their climaxes passes, Davis collapsed on top of Kari, while the brunette lovingly stroking his hair like he was an affectionate pet.

"You're all mine… You are not just my pet, but my love..." She said dreamily as she then kissed his forehead, before resting on his chest, rubbing it softly, while enjoying the moment she shared with the mind controlled Digidestined of Courage and Friendship.

-A little later: End Lemon-

Davis was once again dressed, staring blankly at Kari's pendant, while the brunette had changed into her normal attire.

"Now in a moment I'm going to snap my fingers, and when I do, you will wake up from your trance feeling refreshed, while having no memory of what had happened here, only believing that you helped me study for a test." Kari started to say.

"However, you will have decided that you don't want to wait for a relationship anymore and you will ask me out on a date this weekend, while spending the week dreaming about me." She then added with a smirk.

"Finally, whenever you hear me, and only me say, Miracles shine in the Light, you will fall back into this trance and obey my commands. Do you understand?" Kari asked as she finished.

"Yes, Mistress Kari... I understand..." Davis replied with a blank smile, causing Kari to smirk, before she snapped her fingers and put her pendant back around her neck, watching as a moment later, Davis blinked his eyes as they returned to normal, before the Digidestined of Miracles smiled at her.

"That's for helping me study for my test, Davis." Kari then said with a smile of her own.

"No problem, you know I'm always ready to help you." Davis replied, not noticing her change in outfit at all, before he scratched the back of his head and asked nervously. "Um... I was just wondering, are you free this weekend? I was thinking we could catch a movie or something."

"That sounds nice. I'd love to!" Kari replied happily, which caused Davis to smile.

"Great, I'll let you know later on the times. Have a good night." Davis said as he made his way to the door, but stopped when Kari took his hand, causing him to turn as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"You too." Kari replied with a loving smile, causing Davis to blink, a little puzzled, but shook it off and headed out.

'I definitely will, and I'm sure you will as well.' Kari thought with a giggle as she walked back into her bedroom, happy beyond anything that she finally had the man of her dreams with her as she laid down on the bed, certain she would have another sex dream of Davis,while certain his subconscious would play their time as a dream to Davis' head.

But before going to sleep, feeling a little turned on by the thoughts of Davis and their pleasure, the brunette then looked at her camera, which sat on her night stand and took it.

Looking at all the new photos she had taken, Kari felt aroused, for the pictures were of her love's naked body, causing Kari to relieve the built up pleasure she began to feel as her free hand moved down the front of her panties and started to finger her pussy.

While Kari was happy at finally having Davis to herself, she was unaware of her other female friends' intentions for the Digidestined of Miracles, and nothing was going to get in their way either.

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