The new Pet of the Digi-Girls

BY : LiquidPhazon
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Several hours after returning from the Tamer's reality, Davis work up with a groan, feeling completely drained and having no idea why.

He did not remember his time with Rika the day before, instead recalling a great match between Veemon and Renamon, believing the two gave it their all and only pushed the other further.

And while Davis believed Veemon had emerged as the victor, he was certain Renamon had given his partner a run for his money, to which Veemon headed back to Odaiba to get some rest and regather his energy, while Davis stayed back with Rika, who wanted to know how she could improve her skills, oblivious to the Nonaka brainwashing him.

Sitting up in his bed, Davis felt a little puzzled, for he had another dream that was like the one from the previous night, however, unlike the night before, Kari and Sora were joined by Rika, with all three girls submissive to him, each happily pleasuring their Master.

But due to the mental commands of the girls, some conflicting with the others, Davis was unable to remember what had happened in his dream, which left the Motomiya highly confused.

However, before Davis could think more about it, he heard Veemon moan a little at the end of his bed, making the leader of the Digidestined look over at his partner, unable to hold back a smile to see Veemon's sleeping face, his body spread out, while he was drooling a little in his sleep.

"Gatomon..." Veemon moaned, only making Davis continue to smile.

'At least you can remember your dreams, pal.' He thought, knowing his partner was having another sex dream about the Digimon of Light and decided to let Veemon continue to sleep and enjoy his fantasy, Davis hoping one day Veemon's dream would come true.

Looking over at the clock on his nightstand, Davis saw it was almost 3PM and decided not to waste the rest of the day in bed, to which the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship got up, picked his clothing off of the floor and redressed, before leaving his room, to the kitchen, to prepare dinner, knowing the smell of food would wake Veemon from the deepest of sleeps, while also knowing that Jun would be home in an hour or two, after she had finished her date with her boyfriend, Matt Ishida.

As Davis prepared dinner, setting a pot filled with water upon the stove, while chopping up vegetables, he thought about how Jun and Matt wound up as a couple, remembering how after Jun had become a Digidestined, even gaining her own partner, Silvermon, Jun had matured, focusing entirely on her new responsibilities, asking the other Digidestined for help on how she could be as good a Digidestined as them.

And while some were reluctant of having Jun on their team, seeing her take her role as a Digidestined seriously, changed the way they perceived her, eventually becoming good friends with her, while Matt, after seeing Jun overcome her fangirl act around him, he saw her as a smart, courageous and beautiful woman, surprising everyone when he asked her on a date.

"I just hope Sora is doing alright." Davis thought aloud, thinking about the Digidestined of Love and how she and Matt broke up, the pair believing they were better as friends than as a couple, while Davis hoped Sora would find someone else in her life to love her, not knowing that she already had.

It was at that moment that Davis' D-Terminal beeped, breaking his thoughts about Sora, he withdrew the device from his jacket and checked the message, surprising him, for it was from someone he had not expected.

The Digidestined of Sincerity, Mimi Takigawa.

Hey Davis, meet me in the Digital World. I have sent this message to the others, there is something I need to discuss with everyone. It's about the Digimon, so no need to bring Veemon. Just bring yourself and prepare for a surprise.

-Your friend, Mimi.

Finished reading the message, finding coordinates now set within his D-3, Davis turned off the stove, set the dinner aside and headed back to his bedroom, where he saw Veemon, still sleeping, to which the Digidestined of Miracles rummaged walked past his partner, to the desk in his room, where he withdrew a pen and a piece of paper, leaving a message for Veemon, to inform him of what had happened and to where he was.

Placing the message beside Veemon's sleeping form, Davis then walked over to his computer, withdrew his D-3 and prepared to traverse to the Digital World.

But before doing so, he looked at Veemon a final time.

'Sorry Vee, but it looks like dinner will have to wait.' The Motomiya thought, before smiling. 'But I'm sure you won't starve. And after watching me cook, I'm sure you picked up some of my skills. Later, pal.'

"Digi-Port open!" Davis then called, opening a link from the Real World to the Digital World, where he believed he would encounter the Digidestined of Sincerity and the others, completely unaware that just like Kari, Sora and Rika, Mimi had plans for him as well.

-Meanwhile, within the Digital World-

In a more secluded section of one of the forested areas, Mimi smiled as she waited for Davis to arrive, looking forward not just to see Davis, but looking forward to see if her plan would work.

While Mimi still lived in America, she remained close with her friends, meeting them in the Digital World to catch up and relax, as well as keep the Digital World protected from any Digimon that wanted to cause trouble, for even though MaloMyotismon and Armageddemon were defeated for good, there were still various Digimon out there who just existed for nefariousness and chaos.

As Mimi continued to keep in touch with her friends, seeing them all mature, she was left in awe at how the years had treated Davis, making her think just how hot, handsome and cool he had become.

And just like Sora, after seeing Davis walking around without his shirt, it left Mimi with a small desire to have Davis, which increased, with her having many sleepless nights as she pleasured herself to the thought of him.

And after learning from Palmon about a way to make her sexual fantasies come true, she had set up her plan, smiling as she saw the Motomiya make his way through the woods and approach her.

"Hello there, Davis." Mimi greeted with a smile, walking up to Davis, who just looked around.

Curious, Davis asked. "Hey Mimi. It's good to see you again, but where is everyone else?"

"And why did you want to meet us here?" The Digidestined of Courage and Friendship then questioned.

"Follow me and I will show you." Mimi replied with a kind smile, before she turned and walked off, causing the maroon haired Digidestined to follow her, unable to see Mimi's smile turn sly as she lead him deeper into the woods.

After a small walk, Mimi stopped and turned back to face Davis.

"This is what I wanted to show you." She said, causing Davis to look around, finding the area the pair were in was covered in an array of beautiful coloured flowers, filling the area with a sweet aroma.

Curious, Davis asked. "What is this place?"

"Palmon told me about it." Mimi replied, picking up a handful of blue coloured flowers, preparing her next moves to get Davis.

"She said this is where certain Digimon go when they go into heat. They use these flowers to attract a mate." The Digidestined of Sincerity then explained.

"Ok. But what does that have to do with us?" Davis asked, still oblivious.

"Can I ask you a question before that?" Mimi asked in reply, turning around and walking up to Davis, where she then held the flower up and blew, releasing its petals and pollen upon Davis' face, before adding. "Do you like me?"

"I... yeah... I like you Mimi..." Davis replied, feeling lightheaded and dizzy all of a sudden.

Smiling to see the effect of the plant taking effect, Mimi got closer to Davis, wrapping her arms around his neck and moving her head close to his and then asked. "How much do you like me? Do you like me enough for a kiss?"

"Yeah... I do..." Davis replied in a distant tone, his eyes glazing over as a droopy smile came across his face.

Mimi smirked at seeing Davis slip under the flowers' effect, before she leaned in and said. "Then kiss me, hot stuff."

Feeling himself unable to disobey Mimi's request, Davis moved his head forward, claiming Mimi's lips in a kiss, causing the pink haired girl to moan in Davis' mouth, from the wonderful feelings that were created from his kiss, as well as how passionate it started, not expecting Davis to get into it so quickly.

After a few moments, Mimi pulled back from Davis' lips, panting heavily as her cheeks were bright red, before she licked her lips as she decided to move on with her plans.

"Ok Davis, the truth is nobody else is coming, but that's alright, it means we can spend more time together." Mimi said, smiling seductively at the Digidestined of Miracles as she then traced her fingers up and down his shirt and added. "But I'm sure we can find some other ways to make us both very happy."

"Whatever makes you happy..." Davis merely replied with a distant look on his face, one that cause Mimi to giggle as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, before placing one of the blue flowers in her hair.

"Great, now let's have some fun!" Mimi then said happily, before placing one of the other flowers near Davis' nose, letting him get a deep whiff of it, as she grabbed his hand and led him back towards the TV set he had used to get to the Digital World.

A mischievous smile adorned the pink haired girl's face as she broke from Davis' embrace, took his hand and began to escort him out of the forest, in search of the TV set used to bring them to the Digital World.

'I'm so glad Palmon showed me these flowers. I know she told me they would help in attracting the opposite sex, but I had no idea the effects would make Davis so obedient.' Mimi thought as she continued to make her way out of the forest, while her free hand moving up to caress the flower she had placed in her hair.

After reaching the television set, Mimi turned her focus back upon Davis, smiling at him as she asked in a cute and sweet voice. "Davis, can you please give me your D-3? I was hoping we could go back to the Real World and have some fun."

"Of course, Mimi..." Davis replied with a distant smile as he handed his D-3 to her.

"You are so cute when you're brainwashed." Mimi commented, giving Davis' cheek a kiss, before setting new coordinates in the Digivice and handing it back to Davis.

"Ok. Now let the fun begin." The Digidestined of Sincerity called, to which Davis smiled and nodded in reply, held his D-3 at the TV set and used it to open a portal back to the Real World.

However, instead of Odaiba, Mimi had another location that she desired to spend with the entranced Digidestined, as well as a few ideas as to what she desired out of him.

-Sometime later-

A joyous smile adorned Mimi's face at the situation she found herself in, feeling nothing but happiness, a feeling she didn't want to end.

"Oh, Davis, you are wonderful." She said contently, turning around and smiling as she watched as the maroon haired Digidestined walking behind her, carrying a massive selection of various bags and boxes, all containing clothes that she had recently purchased.

"Anything for you, Mimi..." Davis replied in a distant and dazed sounding tone as he continued to follow Mimi.

While Kari, Sora and Rika, after using their various methods to place Davis under their control, had taken him to their bedrooms and slept with him, though she desired for the Motomiya to make love to her as well, Mimi had returned from the Digital World, back to America and was unable to help herself but go shopping beforehand, purchasing many outfits she believed to be in season or looked good on her.

And with Davis by her side, carrying all the clothing for her, Mimi was able to purchase more outfits, which made her smile, which increased as she noticed all the jealous looks she got from various girls, who were eyeing Davis, obvious they wanted Mimi's slave for themselves.

As they continued to make their way through the mall, Mimi entered another department, where she grabbed a handful of clothes and entered one of the changing rooms, while Davis stood in place, in front of the changing room, where he waited for Mimi to finish her choices in what she would purchase.

"Davis?" Mimi then called, getting his attention.

"Can you please come in here?" The pink haired girl then asked, unlocking the door to the changing room and allowing Davis inside.

As he entered, through his hazy mind, Davis wondered what Mimi wanted from him, before getting his answer as he saw Mimi, the pink haired girl completely naked as she sat on the bench within the changing room, smiling at Davis with a longing look.

Blushing at seeing Mimi naked, Davis asked. "What... what do you want...?"

"You have been such a good boy, so helpful with carrying all my new clothes, but I was hoping to see you model some things I picked out for you." Mimi replied, holding up both hands and revealing she was holding up a pair of dark red boxers and a leather jacket in her left hand, while in her right hand, she held a pair of orange swimming trunks and a pair of white briefs, just a few of the items she thought Davis would look sexy in.

"Anything for you..." Davis said in reply, a distant smile appeared on his face as he took the clothing, causing Mimi to smile as she watched as Davis began to undress, looking forward to the show he would put on for her.

Starting with his upper clothing, Davis remained smiling at Mimi with a dazed expression as he removed his goggles, jacket and then his shirt, arousing Mimi to see the Motomiya's well-developed chest once again.

"Hold up." Mimi suddenly said as Davis reached for a white shirt, causing Davis to move his hand back, curious as to what she desired.

"I want you to strip fully." The Digidestined of Sincerity instructed, smiling slyly as she then added in a tone of longing and lust. "Let me see all of that sexy body of yours'. One piece of clothing at a time."

"Sure thing..." Davis said and complied, moving his hands to his shoes and socks, removing them, before his hands went to the hem of his pants, which which he then slid down, along with his boxers, and stood at attention, surprising Mimi at seeing his eight-inch member.

"Wow. You had something that big hiding away in your pants?" Mimi asked, smirking as she then commented. "If Kari knew what you were packing, I bet she would do anything you said to have the chance to have that inside of her."

"Kari...?" Davis asked upon hearing the Digidestined's name, his tone sounding a little more confused compared to the distant and seemingly dazed love tone he was just expressing.

Noticing Davis' change in voice, Mimi stood up and moved close to Davis, their naked bodies pressing close to each other.

"That's right, Kari Kamiya." Mimi said in reply, before taking the flower from her hair, plucking one of its petals and gently waving it just under Davis' nose, causing his eyes to dull again as he inhaled the mind altering pollen.

"But don't think about Kari right now. All that matters is us." The Digidestined of Sincerity then told Davis as she sat back down, watching as Davis nodded in reply, while a dazed smile appeared on his face.

"Whatever you say, Mimi... When you're right, you're right..." Davis replied as he continued to stare at Mimi with a distant smile, before remembering he still had orders to follow, to which the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship then changed, slipping the black leather jacket around his shoulders.

Wanting to see if she liked the outfit, Davis asked. "So Mimi, how do I look...?"

"Very sexy. It gives you a bad boy quality." Mimi commented in reply, enjoying the sight of Davis clad in just the jacket and still under her control.

"Now change." The pink haired girl then ordered, earning a nod from Davis as he took off the jacket, bent down to pick up the orange swimming trunks, which he then pulled up, allowing Mimi to see all his body, but made her pout that his cock was covered.

"Looking good, handsome, like a hunky lifeguard." Mimi commented, before saying with a slyness in her voice. "I wouldn't mind you giving me mouth to mouth."

After enjoying the sight for a little while longer, Mimi had Davis change again, removing the swimming trunks and allowing her to see Davis' penis again, before he slid on a pair of boxers, which Mimi noticed were made of silk, causing her to stand and approach Davis, where she ran her hand across the fabric.

"Feels nice." She said, noticing the bulge that hid behind the boxers, causing her to tease Davis a little as she ran her hand around his covered member and ask. "Doesn't it?"

"Yes... feels good..." Davis replied, letting out a tiny groan at Mimi's fingers feeling around his manhood.

"And things are about to feel a whole lot better." Mimi said with a seductive purr, staring at Davis with longing and desire, before wrapping her arms around Davis' neck, holding him close as she kissed him deeply on the lips, which caused Davis to moan once again, before returning the kiss.

As Davis and Mimi remained in their kiss, lips locked and feeling surges of arousal and desire, Mimi moved her hands, down Davis' body, rubbing her fingers across his chest, enjoying the feel of his muscular body, but not as much as she reached the boxers.

"You've been such a help and did a very sexy job as my personal performer." Mimi said after breaking from the kiss, stared at Davis with a lustful smile and went on to say. "And for that, I think you deserve a reward."

With that said, Mimi then slid the boxers down Davis' legs, causing the pink haired Digidestined to lick her lips at seeing Davis' member again, certain it was bigger than she remembered.

But remaining focused, Mimi got into position as she got down on her knees, took hold of Davis' cock, placed her breasts around it, before sliding them up and down, licking the head each time it came out, filling Davis with pleasure from her actions and causing him to groan loudly.

"Feels… good..." Davis groaned at the sensations he felt, which increased as Mimi moved her head back and forth as she began to give the entranced Motomiya a loving blowjob.

Staring up at him with lust, Mimi mentally smiled, not only enjoying the taste of Davis' pre-cum, but from his expression and his groans, she knew that she was pleasing him, which also aroused her a little, causing Mimi to moan as she felt her pussy getting wet, desiring Davis' cock inside of it.

However, after half an hour, from Mimi's actions, Davis felt his climax coming, which caused him to groan out. "Mimi, I'm... I'm about to cum...!"

From Davis' warning, Mimi just continued to suck on Davis' cock, keeping the maroon haired Digidestined in a state of pleasure until he was unable to hold back, let out a loud groan and came, filling Mimi's mouth with his seed, which the Digidestined of Sincerity managed to swallow.

With his climax over, Mimi then removed her mouth off of his cock, gave it a lick clean, before standing back up and stared at Davis with a look of great desire.

"Now it's my turn for some pleasure." She said as she eyed Davis' muscular form, before she instructed. "Get dressed, then we can head on back to my place for some, fun."

"Whatever pleases you Mimi..." Davis replied with a distant smile as he started putting his clothing back on, while Mimi did the same, giggling as she thought of what fun she was going to have with her brainwashed Digidestined.

-Sometime later-

After changing, paying for the remained of the clothing she had purchased, Mimi escorted Davis through Manhattan, the entranced Motomiya followed Mimi with all the clothes in hand until they had reached her apartment.

And after setting all her clothing aside, deciding she would go through and organize it after she had her time with the maroon haired Digidestined,, inside of Mimi's bedroom, Davis was lying naked on Mimi's bed, a dazed smile remained on his face as he stared blankly at the ceiling, while Mimi, just as naked, slowly crawled onto the bed, smiling as she climbed on top of Davis and stared at his handsome face.

Cupping Davis' cheek, Mimi asked in an enticing tone as she removed the flower in her hair and moved it close to his face. "Are you ready to please me?"

Breathing in the scent of the flower again, Davis sighed, before replying, his tone sounding distant, almost as if he was in love with the Digidestined of Sincerity. "Yes Mimi... whatever you desire..."

The pink haired girl smile at his response, giving him a quick kiss on the lips, before she positioned herself so that her pussy was just over Davis' erection, making her moan a little at the feel of her lower lips just rubbing against the tip of Davis' member.

And Mimi then began to moan louder as she slowly lowered herself, feeling Davis' cock slide deep inside of her.

"Davis, yes... oh, yes...!" Mimi let out, moaning in pure pleasure as she moved her body up and down, finding that being with Davis was far better than merely masturbating to a sexual fantasy.

Hearing Davis' light groans were also turning her on, however, desiring more of Davis and the way he was making her feel, Mimi grabbed his limp hands and placed them on her breasts as she commanded. "Massage them... gently..."

Davis didn't reply, but gave a dopey smile and nodded, before his hands immediately went to work, moving around Mimi's breasts, slowly and sensually.

"Yes... oh, yes...!" Mimi moaned in ecstasy, getting lost in the pleasure as she continued to bounce up and down on Davis' cock.

Though curious, through her moans, Mimi asked. "And how... how is it for you, my sexy stud?"

"Amazing..." Davis groaned, his cheeks flushed and the dazed smile remained on his face as he continued to move his hips up and down, while his hands continued to roam across Mimi's breasts.

"Your pussy feels so good... You are wonderful..." He then commented in a dazed sounding voice, too lost in the combination of the effects of the flower and making love to Mimi.

"So glad... to hear it..." Mimi moaned in reply, before adding lustfully. "Because I plan on us doing this more often..."

Before Mimi had felt the pleasure Davis was giving her, she had only intended to use Davis to assist her with her shopping and for their pleasure to be a one time event, but with each thrust, each minute that passed as Davis continued to pleasure her, Mimi desired more and didn't want the Motomiya to leave her so easily.

After what seemed like an eternity for the pink haired girl, her whole being filled with great surges of pleasure, Mimi soon began to moan even louder, feeling her climax approaching as she moaned. "Davis... I'm... I'm...I'm so close..."

"And...when I cum, you will as well... You will climax, to the point you won't be able to think... Your mind blank, but that's good... it means you get to hear what I say... Anything I say will be the truth..." Mimi managed to say, continuing to moan, but smiled as she saw Davis smile back at her and nod in reply, accepting her instructions.

For several more minutes, Davis and Mimi continued to make love, their bodies reaching their limits as both felt their climaxes.

"Davis, I... I cannot... Oh, Davis, kiss me...!" The Digidestined of Sincerity moaned loudly, moving her head down and pressed her lips against Davis', moaning in his mouth as she felt him kiss her back, before moaning loudly into the kiss as she came, her tight folds clamping down on Davis' cock, causing him to groan in the kiss as too climaxed.

Her energy spent, Mimi collapsed onto Davis' chest, breathing heavily as she gently kissed Davis' chest with a dazed smile on her own, while Davis himself had a blank look on his face as he stared at the ceiling, his mind blank as he awaited to hear whatever Mimi told him.

"That was perfect, but there's no time to waste." Mimi thought aloud, gathering her energy as she removed herself off of Davis' manhood, blushing a little to see it was still hard, but kept her focus.

"Davis, what we just experienced was one of the greatest pleasures you ever felt and it makes you want to do it more often. You will not consciously remember anything we did today, but you will dream about it, filling you with a desire to have me. When I kiss your cheek, you will get up and redress before heading home, where you will go to sleep and wake up, remembering nothing about the message I sent you, or remember anything that happened from when you left. But when you hear me say, 'Bloom like a Blue Rose', you will fall back under my power and obey me." Mimi instructed.

"Do you understand?" She then asked, getting a nod from Davis in reply.

Smiling, Mimi leaned in and gave Davis a quick peck on the cheek, before rolling off of him as Davis mindlessly got up and got redress, with Mimi smiling as she watched his body as he put his clothing on, before he used his D-3 to open a Digiport on her computer and leave.

'See you later.' Mimi thought, before entering the living room and taking her phone from her pants, looking to see it was past nine.

"It's that late already?" Mimi asked herself, before commenting with a sly smile. "I guess time really does go by when you're having fun."

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