Love and Killings in Monte Carlo

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Once installed at the Room 36 in the Hotel Bellagio of Monte Carlo, Agent Mancini began to read the briefings of the mission he was about to take. One that would have lead him to try to this best to thwart two cold-blooded killers.


The biggest hurdle he had to do overcome was how to build up a credible character to assume the ‘Alberto Ghinzani’ alias that was given to him. He spent the entire night and the next day trying to come up with something to create the character and to be believable to anybody, including his targets.


Fabio bought plenty of magazines and newspapers where there were interviews and profiles of movie producers and directors, but actually none interested him enough to copy. As much as he read them, he noticed he had to do himself his own role, uninterested to be just other guy in the street.


For that, he had to, first, change his appearance. With much sadness in this face, gone were the hats and tailored suits he loved to wear even in the sunniest days of summer, plus anything that wouldn’t fit the character he was to portray. Disheveled hair, black pants and shirts were the clothes of choice to create the persona of ‘Alberto Ghinzani’. Plus occasional shades, something he hated with gusto.


“Well, Fabio Mancini will be retired for a bit from the business. Now, it’s time for Alberto Ghinzani to take over”, said the Interpol agent, seeing his ‘newself ‘ reflected in the mirror, still getting used with it but quite pleased with the result of his whole day job.


With that hurdle cleared, now it was time to know to approach Agent X and the Stewardess. For the first day, he eavesdropped her talks, but still not clear clue of the reasons they were brought to Monte Carlo or the potential targets they were assigned to.


Later in the night, Duguay gave him a phone call at his hotel room. Bellagio was fully set with other Interpol officers to give him backing if he needed. A complete team specialized in such missions was tasked to give a whole aura of believability to Alberto Ghinzani’s mission.


“How you doing, Mr. Ghinzani?”


“Shut up, Daniel… I am still the same Fabio you know, only less ‘Fabio Mancini’”


“I saw it… seeing you without a hat and your expensive suits was a shock!”


“Unfortunately you have to do those things to save the world, don’t you?”


“Anyway… ready to become Alberto Ghinzani?”


“I am born ready, Daniel”


“This is what I thought you would say… Remember: this is a fail-proof mission, we have to stop them to do whatever they are doing, even if unfortunately cost ancillary lives in the way”


“If the job has to be done, it has to be done, sir. You won’t disappoint”


“You need to get into those ladies fast; we need to begin to investigate whatever things those two are up here”


“Tomorrow, I will work my magic on them, don’t worry Daniel”




The next day was a Thursday. As usual, the Principality saw tourists swarm to their streets, stores and casinos as the warm bright sun gave them their ‘hello’. But for Fabio Mancini, I mean, Alberto Ghinzani, it was the D-Day for him to begin his ‘scanning’ of the two worldwide criminals and try to derail their evil plans.


Around 8AM, he observed through his window the two had left the hotel and, as fast as he could, he left the Bellagio to follow the two LeFoncier’s customers. Everything from a safe distance and always trying to get in their step before they could let him loose.


As he took the steps to get on both Stewardess and X’s track, Fabio/Alberto started to think about a way to how to cross his path with them. It shouldn’t be that complicated but he had to be on target, since after getting access to them, he had to manage to keep that access open in order to find their plans. But how? An Interpol agent with his smarts and experience had to come up with a solution.


Fortunately the ladies’ sightseeing (or reconnaissance mission) gave him time enough time for Fabio to come up with a plan for those two Asian ladies to meet Alberto Ghinzani, the movie producer. Fitting to what the situation demanded, it had to be in not so conventional way.


He noticed X and her partner walked into a store with a nearby alley, where he hid. He observed the time they spent there and, when they left, he crossed their path. Actually he bumped into the pair almost if by accident (it wasn’t rehearsed by any means), himself and the Stewardess falling on their asses.







“Don’t you see where you walk, buster? You could have hurt my friend!”


“I am sorry, deeply sorry, it’s that…”


That was the moment where Fabio Mancini ‘took a walk on the park’ and Alberto Ghinzani ‘took the lead’. Without finishing the sentence, he stood up as the brown-haired woman did the same and went to use his acting skills to begin his prospective mission.


“It’s that I became mesmerized with the beauty of you two, bella! That’s why I bumped into you”


“Arggggh… I’ve seen worst flirting”, the Stewardess tried to rebuff ‘Alberto.’


“Flirting? Who said I was flirting? I am sorry but I am not a guy who flirts. I am a man who knows where to find the beauty and here I am with my eyes giving the best signs of female beauty I ever see”


“Get out of the way! Stop with this bozo act”, X pushed the ‘producer’, but he made sure he wasn’t to be discarded too easy be the ruthless criminals.


“Why? I was the reckless one to bump into you too and you won’t let me apologize for that! So shameful of us”, Fabio/Alberto was really into playing a character.


“Is there anything wrong with you, fella? Move over!”, X ordered with quite harshness


“Actually, there is. It’s the fact that I am looking right now to the two prettiest women I ever met. And this is not a bluff because I never met women so lovely like you two until this exact moment we are living”, the ‘courtship’ was only in the beginning.


“You talk a lot of crap to a guy like you, fella”


“Stop fucking blocking our way!”, both ladies were already getting mad with the intruder.


“Crap? I never talk crap, milady. And I have to make sure I won’t go without making a proper apology to you, ladies. I do not mind to stay here all day long and if you call the police as well… I can stay here all day long”


When they tried to move, there was Alberto stopping them. But instead of angering them to get a more rough choice to throw the Italian away, it seemed his resilience to make an apology began to endear the foreigner to them. Persistence indeed helps the ones who persevere.


“You are really a pain in the ass, fella… I quite began to like you”, X told Fabio/Alberto.


“I don’t like to be a pain in the ass to anybody, especially to ladies like you…”, the agent replied.


“What you can do for you to leave us alone?”, the fake movie producer was questioned now by the Stewardess, who was, as well, uniformed.


“How about I pay you two a coffee? This is the only way I can find to make you forgive me for putting you in distress”


The two women looked to each other, as if they wanted to find a way to escape. But the way Fabio put himself with this character was enough to entice the curiosity of the criminal women.


“Okay, chap! We accept your offer… let’s see if you all this gentlemanly you like to be”




“Tell us… who the fuck are you?”, the brown-haired costumed villainess began to inquiry ‘Alberto’


“Pardon if I didn’t introduce myself yet, I had to not follow such customs… I am Alberto Ghinzani and I am a movie producer”


“Movie producer? You? How come if I never heard of you before?”, asked Agent X


“It’s actually because the kind of movie I do isn’t the one you will see easily in your local theater”, the Italian agent said


“ Ohhh… so you are one of those underground movie guys, right?”


“Well, I won’t say that I am ‘underground’. But I am the kind of one you won’t let your kids go to see my movies… because they are a bit… you know… explicit”, ‘Alberto’ began to create out of his mind the character he was to portray and even him didn’t believe in what he was talking about.


“You mean, you do porn movies!”, the straight-haired Asian brunette said before both women found this mouths shut but the fake movie producer as they were quite astonished with whom they were talking about.


“SHHHHHHHHHH! Don’t talk this word!” Fabio/Alberto played pretty well the role, as he even looked around to see if no one heard them “Sorry, but there aren’t many people who like the kind of movies I do, and you know, people like me has plenty of enemies who want to get rid of my business”


“You don’t look like a porn movie producer”


“And how should one look like?”


“I don’t know…”


“Don’t think we are all sleaze pimps who explore women in our movies. Mine are totally artistic, no exploitation at all. Just making love and pleasure and orgasms…”


“Whatever, buster”


“Well, but I didn’t came here to talk about me. This is because of you. I want to know who you are and from where you are from”, the agent asked.


“If you really interested to know, I am Ling Shao”, the brunette said. “And this is my friend Susan Yenli. We both came from Hong Kong”


“Hong Kong… hmmm… I never been there but I know there is a lovely place… what made two ladies from one of Asian pearls come from there to Monte Carlo”, replied the Italian, pretty much noticing those names could be or their real or aliases.


“Susan is stewardess and is in vacation here, while I will do a few shows here. I am a sword dancer”, Ling said.


“Fantastic! That’s the kind of the spectacle I adore! Sword dancing seems so amazing, sensuality and danger in the same place…”


“You really look very elated when you talk, Mr. Ghinzani”, Susan, the ‘Stewardess’, was amazed to see how the seemingly eccentric character Agent Mancini played in front of them. “You really sound like those crazy movie guys”


“I am not crazy, Miss. I am a man who lives with major intensity the world where I am. And so do everybody, like you two. I feel you two live the world with all the intensity it gives to you. I can feel in your eyes that you ones that like the unpredictable and the wild. Just like myself”


The two women looked at each other as ‘Alberto’ talked, thinking if one believed in the ‘mumbo jumbo’ that guy they just met talked to them and wondered why he was so attractive. Something they might have to regret later, or not




Back to LeFoncier Hotel, the two criminal women could not stop thinking about the eccentric fellow they met. Maybe ‘Alberto Ghinzani’ did enough to lure ‘Ling’ and ‘Susan’ (for now on, we are to use the aliases mostly to describe them except on some parts of the tale)…


Late at night, they just wanted to take a rest from their ‘expedition’, as their contractor told them the instructions of the first assignment in Monte Carlo were to be given early morning. And wouldn’t be no other subject than the Italian movie producing pretender.


“Can you believe that guy? What the hell that Italian fucker was thinking about?”, Susan (or the Stewardess) asked while at the bathroom, checking her face and wearing a black see-through gown.


“Gosh… that buster really likes to talk. I can’t believe we just arrived here and there is this guy talking that way with us”, replied ‘Ling’ (or Agent X), reading the newspaper while sitting at the bed and with just a shirt and short skirt.


“Please, it’s not like we ever met crazy people before…”


“But I don’t know about him. This Alberto guy has a vibe I don’t know why, he just caught my attention”


“If you are thinking about him in that way, hold your thoughts. You know we are here on a mission, and we don’t need any distractions”, Susan pointed.


“We are here in Monte Carlo! We are going to spend I don’t know how many days here doing our assignment and we can’t have something to have fun with?”, Ling didn’t like her partner’s rebuttal to a courtship on the Italian agent in disguise. “And you told me plenty of times you needed vacation time, remember?”


“Maybe you are right” the shorthaired bandit left the bathroom and joined the dark-haired Asian on bed.  “Perhaps the guy can be useful for us while we are here. Maybe a boy toy that can easily say goodbye after we are done. You know that men are to be easily disposed of”


“If you say so… but let’s not talk about that now”


Ling put the hand on Susan’s thigh. The two, who knew each other very well, had only to gaze to their partner’s eyes. It was almost if they had telepathy to understand what the other wanted.


“We had a rough day. Let’s not talk about that fool and move on to different stuff”,  the older assassin suggested to her friend.


“You are a fucking slut, don’t you?” Ling winked. “But this is how I love you”


It would be a surprise if those two didn’t kiss, and the surprises aren’t for now. The kiss was the one of two lovers who longed for a warm embrace after a long day of work. It was just the beginning of their mission at the Principality but even cold-blooded criminals love, even if it’s not the romantic love of the common people.


“I think we should celebrate the fact we are here in Monte Carlo, don’t you think?”


“Since we aren’t working, why not?”


Too hard to resist. Soon, the kiss became something deeper and, when they realized, both criminal women were already naked, with ‘X’ on top of the ‘Stewardess’ and using her tongue to please her lover’s pussy.


“Ahh… hmmm… If it wasn’t for you, I didn’t know what I would of my life…”


Susan bit her lips, as well licking them while Ling’s tongue caressed every woman’s best intimate place. Probably they would end up doing each other sooner or later, even if business before pleasure can be a bane to the ones who have as occupation being hired to kill.


The dark haired Asian was the perfect fit for every girl who desired to enjoy some lesbian delight. Despite never turning away men, the ladies were the ones who gave ‘those feelings’ on her and Ling could not stop pleasing the ones who got her fancy, like Susan was for all the years they worked together in the underground business.


“I can’t believe how good I feel when I am with you, darling…”


“Me too. You are the only one in my life, and nobody can take you away from me”


“Let’s not think about it. We are alone, let’s make love”, Susan whispered between moans.


They could be together doing it and just by themselves, but little they knew there was actually somebody interested on their relationship. That one was across the street and watching with major interest the lesbian action unfolding.


Fabio Mancini aka Alberto Ghinzani watched everything through a small television screen who allowed him the sightings of the micro cameras added inside the ladies’ hotel room. To speak volumes about how his interest was, the Italian police officer had his hand on his dick, jerking off watching the chief fantasy of nearly every red blooded man.


“Oh God, you girls are amazing… keep going ladies, this will be a fantastic movie”, Fabio/Alberto wickedly smiled while Ling gave head to her lover Susan.


Now he knew that the relationship between the two wasn’t just as professional but deep into the personal level. It was another card in the sleeve for the plan of stopping whatever things those two were doing in Monte Carlo.


“Ahhh… Yeahhh… Uhhh… It’s so good… hmmm….”


The brown-haired fake stewardess found herself into major bliss while her business partner didn’t waste a second on pleasing her lover. Susan ‘The Stewardess’ didn’t hold anything inside her to show how much she desired Ling ‘Agent X’’s tongue touching her cunt.


“Ohhh… hmmm… don’t stop, give it all to me, dear. Give all your love for my pussy… uhhh…”


“You know that I must do it, because I love you so much”, the darkhaired criminal smiled to her lover.


It was a great show for Fabio to see it, now retiring for the night his alter ego after planting the first feet at the conspiracy bound woman couple. As every male, he enjoyed ladies getting it and it was very pleasurable for him to see those ladies putting effort for the general delight.


Then, the next step happened while it was Susan’s turn to play with Ling’s pussy. They were the kind that liked to cum together, therefore no time wasted to please one and then waiting all over again to make the other orgasm. Fabio/Alberto could see the action delivered right in front of him.


“Mamma mia! I think I am going to have so much fun with them”, Fabio whispered with a quite sassy smile on his face, admiring the bodies of the two women who, despite not being so ‘young’ anymore, could beat every twenty-something in everywhere of Europe.


Across the street, the two Asian women enjoyed a show they didn’t expect somebody else was seeing nor knowing they were being spied. Without the science of being watched, they didn’t bother with anything else happening outside the hotel room.


“I do want you with me all day long… I want you to cum with me, darling”, Ling begged to her lover


“Me too! That’s an excellent idea”, agreed Susan “And I do know the perfect way for us to end this marvelous night”


“You mean…”




It wouldn’t be with the mouth Susan and Ling would end up that night in blossoming lust. But with their pussies as they began grinding together their genitals, the two lesbians sitting together and in front of each other and matching their slits.


Maybe it was the need to produce a quick orgasm because they had serious businesses to deal with the next day. That might be the reason where both killers quickly rubbed their womanhoods against each other. Moaning like never and pleasing Fabio across the street, interested as ever in the Sapphic action and keeping up the pace of his masturbation to keep going and try to match as well his climax with them.


“Ahhhh! Ohhhhh! My God! Those two know how to make me get it on!”


“Shit! I am getting close! I am getting there, sweetheart”


“I am going there too, my darling… let’s cum together!”


“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhh!”


It happened that way; the two orgasms happened almost like if they made it sure they did it together, even if the lesbians were steps distant to the Interpol officer. But no one could complain that night wasn’t good to any of them.


But the only one who had reasons to be jolly was Fabio Mancini. After watching the two women have sex, he cleaned the sperm on his hand and belly with a slightly victorious smile on his and anticipating how his approach could land him on that same bed. All for saving the world.


“Thank you, girls. You helped me so well tonight… but you two know you are going to get caught. Trust me, I will have fun with you, but in the end it might not be that funnt”, Fabio/Alberto said as he saw X and Stewardess kiss each other after they made sex.


“Thank you for existing dear”


“No, I do thank you, my sweet flower”

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