Love and Killings in Monte Carlo

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Around 7AM, the happy lesbian couple woke up from their slumber, ready for their first real day of ‘work’. Since they were human after all, the two asked the room service for breakfast and got a nice meal from LeFoncier personnel.


But thing that mattered the most to X and the Stewardess (or Ling and Susan if you want) it wasn’t exactly the food. Under the tray, there was an envelope, probably given by somebody in behalf of their contractor who was undercover at the hotel. Pretty much like it happened across the street with Fabio/Alberto, whoever was behind their ordeal had planted itself with people to keep them under their watchful eyes.


The contents of that envelope were pictures of a man, who was probably the one they were to kill and a paper where it was written ‘Reine Marie Café, 11AM’, place and time where their target were to be.


The Stewardess drank a cup of coffee while reviewing and studying the man’s physiognomy for the mission assigned to her. Meanwhile, X brushed her teeth and looked at her makeup.


“You seem pretty interested about that guy, dear. You’ve been seeing his photos for about an hour, quiet and all”, the darkhaired killer commented.


“You know pretty well I like to know better the ones I have to kill”, her mate replied, showing her ‘bond’ with her victims.

“Sometimes I think you want to get too much into knowing ones we are going to kill the minute after”


“If we don’t know about them, we can’t make a way for getting rid of them, darling”


“If you say so, I won’t disagree”


Working with each other for that long was enough for X to know that her girlfriend’s ways to approaching their job. While the Stewardess liked to input something analytic to know how and when to do the killing, X liked to do with quick and without having much to ask about it. Those two ways to see the murder for hire business were what made them perfect partners in business and at intimate life.


X then finished off with the bathroom and came to the bedroom, where her teammate had her clothes on the bed alongside a small box, where she had everything she needed to do the job she was told to.


“Seems you are getting ready then. Since you know you don’t like people interrupting your rituals, I will take a walk”, X said as she stood in front of the Stewardess/Susan, now waiting for the


“You know me so pretty well…”


The two girls then kissed, just a regular kiss, nothing lustful about it, mostly closed lips against each other. Then, both lovers smiled to each other before the darkhaired assassin gave her good luck charm to her brownhaired lover.


“I’ll be here when you leave. When it’s done, call me and I will relay them”


The killer nodded before her lover left the room as she began to plan the entire scene inside her mind. The Stewardess hated any distraction when she went to her ‘death mode’, where everything she could picture was how to kill the target and do not leave any trace. Being a professional on that, she devised plenty of ideas on how to do it, and time was nigh.




11AM was and the setting was ready for the first assignment the Asian assassin. Discretely wearing a hat, sunglasses and a polka-dot dress, the Stewardess sat on a table at Manon, the café across the street where Reine Marie Café was.


Right in front of her, we could see a slightly overweight man, with receding hairline and black moustache, wearing a brown suit. The man was the same of the pictures she received and reassessed while waiting for the right moment to pursue her job.


She watched the man’s actions, him looking his watch every minute as if he waited for somebody or was afraid he couldn’t have whatever he wanted in time for a commitment the Stewardess wasn’t interested to know. Being an experienced and hard blooded killer, the woman had to use her whole patience to know where to strike without letting anybody come in front of her plans.


On her table, there was just a French newspaper, that she looked once in a while and a pack of cigarettes. Or what resembled one, because that pack was as dangerous as the ones anybody buys at tobacco stores, at least for anybody else.


Inside each cigarette, there was a dart with a poisonous substance that kills in almost a minute. The structure of that weapon was made to be the less attention-calling the best. Once somebody lights it up and puts in the mouth, a quite intricate process activated the dart until it went straight to the target. Wherever it landed, boom there it is… humanity’s technology is done for living and dying you know very well.


The Stewardess waited for a moment where her target could be distracted so as anybody else around, not being pretty good to be spotted by an onlooker murdering somebody. It was a game of patience, a cat-and-mouse thing between her and an unaware victim.


But the moment came, she noticed him checking some papers he picked from the pocket and the cigarette prop got ready to act. The woman from Hong Kong picked a match from the pack and lighted up the weapon. A fraction of a second and the dart went towards the neck of the man, one minute later, without any witness besides the killer, he perished due to the substance rushing inside his body.


She waited a minute to see the venom act and she left the place without giving any suspicion (even if nobody much cared about it by then). Susan/Stewardess went to a payphone two blocks away from the café, once the dialing to the hotel where Ling/X was at the bed reading a magazine while waiting for the call. When the phone rang, the longhaired brunette knew right away.


“It’s done. Relay it to them”


These mere words were codes to be followed and the second half of the lady criminal duo left the room and the hotel as well. Not much far from there, another payphone, this one pointed by their contractors as a manner of communicate with them to not give any chance to anybody unwanted to learn about their conversations.


“The fat pig is roasted. Time to eat”, it was the code used by X to communicate the death of that man to her contractor, who didn’t answer anything better than ‘good job’ and ‘wait for the next orders’ before finishing the call.




As soon as the waitress noticed the dead body, police was called and the street was a complete mess with cops all over the place. Because of the probable circumstances of the death, Interpol was summoned as well.


Daniel was there as well, but where was Fabio? Usually, Agent Mancini wasn’t a guy to be late for work, but that day he was. That, of course, was enough to bother Agent Duguay.


“Where is Fabio? It’s not his kind him being that late?”, Daniel muttered while seeing his watch, and his feet stepping quickly waiting for his friend and Interpol colleague;


Right after, he spotted the Italian policeman, dressing a cream-colored suit, trousers and hat; wearing as well sunglasses (the day was quite sunny). Daniel rolled his eyes when seeing him going across the street.


“Did your alarm clock didn’t ring today?”


“You know it’s hard to keep the appearances when you have to be two in one”, Fabio replied reminding about having to switch between himself and ‘Alberto Ghinzani’.


“I really hope you aren’t taking your ‘friend’ too much seriously”, Daniel showed a bit of sarcasm about if Fabio already took too serious his new ‘persona’.


“You know pretty well that I have to do it in order to end a worldwide criminal gang, Danny. And if it’s needed, you know I will do it”, the Italian agent replied before cutting short the exchange as he went to analyze the crime scene. “Okay, who is the guy?”


“Bernard Lenglois, 45 years, from Nice. His papers tell us that he is an accountant of some sorts”, a Monegasque cop told him before handing the dead man’s ID card.


“Accountant, huh? I think I can imagine how he landed as their victim… but how do you think he is one of them?”


“Interpol made us aware about the M.O. the ‘Stewardess’ and ‘X’ use for their assassinations. When we saw it matched the description, we called you”, the local police officer answered Agent Duguay, the one who made the question.


Silent, Fabio went to look around Bernard’s body, his head straddled at the table, himself sitting down and, of course, lifeless. Wearing a pair of gloves he carried from the hotel, he verified the corpse and noticed the place where the deadly dart found its target.


“If it’s not any of them, there is a copycat here. This dart is the same model seen at other killings they made”, Fabio stated. “And, if I shall try to make a bet, the poison will be consistent to other findings of their crimes”


“We are going to send the dart and the poison to the lab”, Daniel Duguay pointed. “Now, we need to see how they did it”


Fabio Mancini began to observe all the buildings located around the café where Bernard was murdered. None of them gave the exact angle that allowed the poisoned weapon to reach unnoticed to its desired target. Then, at street level, the tables outside the ‘Manon’ went to the Interpol agent’s sight.

“It’s impossible for the dart to Bernard coming from upside. So… it has to be there!”, Fabio pointed to the café across the street, to where he went with Daniel on tow. Arriving to Manon, the Italian began to inquiry the waiters there while showing his badge and Interpol ID.


“Excuse me, which table is straight in front of that one where the man died?”


“Er… this one!”, pointed one of the waiters, a short darkhaired 30-something man.


“This one…”, the Italian went to where the ‘Stewardess’ sat down and used his fingers to simulate the shooting. Pretty much it was right on target as he relived the scene as he believed it was.


“Hmmm… The perfect place”, Fabio used his best Sherlockian cliché as he realized the place where the crime happened. Now it was time to determine the one behind the murder across the street.


“Excuse me; do you know who was sitting down here?”


“I don’t recall who was there, I wasn’t around the outside tables when that happened”, said the waiter who talked with Fabio when the exchange began.


“Err… it was a woman”, said another one, a Moroccan brown-haired with a goatee


“Can you describe her?”, Daniel questioned.


“Older, I think past fourties… em.. bobbed hair, brown hair! I could see it when she took the hat off. I could see she wore sunglasses and had polka dot dress”, the man described the Stewardess outfit perfectly.  “I think she stood here for about a hour”


“And she asked something during it, talked or?”


“I went there asking if she wanted something but the first she told me to leave politely and then the second, she went a bit harsher with her answer”


“Well, there it is! It’s her!”, Fabio got the answer he knew it was the right one but was afraid to hear.


After a few raw of questions, both Interpol men left Manon, back to Café Reine Marie. Then, another Monegasque policeman came at their way bringing more information.


“We want know what you want to do with the briefcase. Our boss said he doesn’t want to have it because the case is whole with Interpol and we are just giving aid”


“I am going to send to the Monaco office for analysis. Who knows if Mr. Lenglois might have secrets that he didn’t want anybody, even our ‘lady friends’, to know”, Agent Duguay answered.

“At least now we have the first step we need to take them out”, Fabio commented.


‘Yes, we do. But let’s keep the corpse number lower, Fabio. I know about your philosophy that ‘sometimes, you got to take one for the team’, but won’t be good for us to let them run away with a road full of blood. Or, worse, to get them but with causalities we could avoid”, the Frenchman advised his colleague and friend.


“If this is the goal, it’s why I have to do my best as ‘Alberto Ghinzani’, my friend”, the Italian agreed while putting a friend at Daniel’s shoulder. “But for now, we need to know everything we can about that guy and which are his relations with those two”


“When Interpol gets the briefcase and its contents, we will have a place to begin with. Now, I think you need to bring your friend to work with you”, Agent Duguay pointed.


“Exactly what I was about to say… I really need to make a surprise for these two!”, said Fabio before leaving the place. ‘His’ mission was done by now and, soon, Alberto would need to take over and gather Susan and Ling’s ‘secrets’ right from the source. He had the perfect plan for that…

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