My Hero Academia Short Stories

BY : thatguywiththeface
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When Izuku first started dating Ochako, it was a dream come true. She was a bubbly, cute girl. But underneath that cute exterior was a very, very horny girl. She loudly slurped on his penis, making the lewdest of noises. Deku found himself cumming, firing his seed into her gullet.

She pushed him back onto the bed. A devilish grin appeared on her face. “Is that all you got? I know someone with your quirk has to have stamina” She promptly sat on his face. Izuku grabbed her thighs, pushing her legs apart. Her puffy lips greeted his tongue. Ochako was in heaven.

After bucking her hips in Izuku’s face, the two lovers switch positions. Ochako was on her back, her legs resting of Izuku’s shoulders as he railed her pussy with his cock. It wasn’t long until Izuku was cumming again.

“Okay, I think I’m spent.” But before Izuku could pull out, Ochako wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Oh no Deku. We’re just getting started!”

Thus began the longest night of Izuku’s life. Ochako wanted it in all positions and Izuku came again and again and again.

He soon found himself pouring oil down his girlfriend’s backside. He tested her butthole with his finger. After he was sure that her hole was lubed out he pulled his finger out. On his knees, he pulled her bottom to his hard rod. Ochako chest bounced with each hard thrust into her ass. Shouts, cusses, and moans echoed in the room. After filling his girlfriend’s bum to the brim with his cum, Izuku found himself on his back with his hungry girlfriend on top of him.

“Come Deku, we still got more positions to try. Than we can use my quirk for some zero gravity sex!”

Izuku thought to himself, “All Might, please, give me strength.”

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