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BY : thatguywiththeface
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Izuku had no idea how he found himself in these situations. Ochako and Tsuyu were undressing him. He hoped that they wouldn’t notice his blushing. They did.

“Wow Deku, you look like a tomato,” Tsuyu observed.

A loud squeak emitted from his lips as he covered his face from embarrassment.

“It’s o-okay, Deku. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I-I think you look sexy.” Ochako was blushing herself, looking away from Deku’s naked body.

Undressing herself, Tsuyu looked back and forth between the two. “Wow, I have no idea how I talked you two into a threesome.”

This caused more embarrassed shouting and face covering.


“Why would you even say that!”

Tsuyu hopped over to Ochako. “You’re both so adorable.” She stripped the poor girl naked and pushed toward Deku. “I’m so lucky to bag little cuties like you.”

Her big hand wrapped around Deku’s cock while her tongue traveled to Ochako’s crotch and pushed into her snatch. Like a well oil machine, Tsuyu brought sexual pleasure to her friends. Both flustered and red. She felt Ochako’s walls clench around her tongue while ropes of milky white cum exploded out of Deku’s dick, ropes landed across her chest and face.

Face still covered in cum, her tongue wrapped around Deku’s still hard cock. She grabbed Ochako’s head and pushed her face directly into her pussy. Obedently the floaty girl stuck her own tongue into Tsuyu’s wanting sex, lettting the frog’s girl juices roll down her tongue.

Tsuyu was sucking off Deku, the taste of his last orgasm still on his dick. He didn’t last long as before, already cumming. Tsuyu let him pop out, a warm splash of cum hitting her face. She turned her attention to Ochako, who was working her tongue. Tsuyu’s hand firmly held in place was she orally pleasured her. The tickling of the folds did its job as Tsuyu was brought to climax. Vaginial juice sprayed Ochako’s face as Tsuyu came. These two dorks didn’t know how to look Tsuyu in the eye ever again.

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