Reviews for Scattering Ashes

BY : Gloria B

  • From Lady_Laran on June 11, 2009

    I actually came into the Death Note fandom due to my sweetie. Call me an addict now, lol, although I'm still learning about it. I'm wondering what K's objective is in all this and the true balance of the roles of L and W.

    By the way, using quotes from T.S. Elliot is a really nice touch. I read his works in college, and it fits the story. I really hope Matt understands what's going on. Near needs to find a way to free him from Danny-boy later!

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  • From ANON - Alexis on May 01, 2009

    I really enjoyed this, I have not been much of a yaoi fan but this was very interesting. I look forward to seeing more, it was nice you pulled L in there and the whole Shinigami is a thing I really can see Light/Raito doing. It's good to see L is still being Justice even when he is dead. Please keep me informed on when you update and I still can't figure out how you work this site as I am still a little new.

    With most Death Note fanfiction I have read it is very OC as some have said keeping Near in character is a little hard as well with Matt seeing as there is not much about him apart from the fact we know he's a hacker and a gamer. But I believe you are pulling them off very well. The L reunion really did make me smile.

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  • From inuyashalove04 on April 03, 2009

    I absolutely loved this chapter! Usually I pick out a couple of parts that I liked most...but with this chapter, I don't think I can do that. ^^
    If I would pick one would have to be when Near and Matt have the fight; when Near is trying to bring Matt back. That part, just made me laugh and I can't really figure out why. I think it was when Near backhanded Matt...I didn't see that coming at all! XD
    That would have to be my fave part. I can't wait to see Matts reaction, when he realizes Near is gone though. I can't wait for the next chapter! Great job!

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  • From cu-kid on March 25, 2009

    No!! I don't want Near to leave Matt! :( Ah, well, if it keeps the story going...


    Ohmygod, what to say about this chapter?! I suppose I'll start at the beginning. I love how much Near has progressed and developed emotionally through this story. I think the beginning of this chapter really showcases that with his concern for Matt and the way he's willing to endure freaky hauntings (and I snickered quite loudly at the "It was not, in all honesty, how Near had thought he would be undressing Matt tonight" line). I'm glad Near's finally realized that the promise Mello extracted from him wasn't about the ashes. I think it helps contribute to the end where he has to decide to leave. I also really love how Near becomes the "general," so to speak, how he tells Matt, in no uncertain terms, what he will and will not tolerate. That whole verbal exchange between the two kinda gave me the shivers - who knew Near being aggressively authoritative would be freakin' awesome (and, I think, kinda sexy)?

    As for your mouth-watering citrus...yeah, totally needed a cigarette after that! Whew! I have my windows open and it's still hot in here! I'm not sure what else I can really say about that :) I like the appearance of L in Mello's stead (I loved the "I have made it my eternal obligation to remind him of everything" line about Raito - that actually made me laugh out loud because it's so passively aggressively L).

    Oh! I almost forgot! I absolutely loved the W's have L's distinction - that one line totally put a new light on their relationship for me.

    Oh, hahaha! I never realized that about Jameses in movies - that's hilarious. I must admit it makes me grin hugely when I find another Deftones fan - sometimes it seems like there aren't enough of us out there. Also, I have finished sexy!Matt - he can be viewed at dA ;)

    Another fantastic chapter (even though you ended it on a sad note again. Tch. :))! I'm looking forward to more!!

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  • From inuyashalove04 on March 14, 2009

    I loved the update! The tension before the jump was awesome! I couldn't do it...I couldn't bungee jump off of anything to save my life. So, when I read the tension between Matt and Near, I could only image how high their nerves would be. Then the two laughing like idiots after it was funny. I could just see Matt and Near hanging by the cords...almost boneless, laughing like idiots.
    Then there's the crossing of the river. Firstly, like we both agreed on, Matt is hot in leather...but make it wet and there we go! Total nose-bleed moment. Then there's Near and Matt playing in the water like children. Then the cougar scene caught me by surprise. I didn't expect that kind of problem to show up. I figured they'd have a nice a relaxing trip back to the car. But no...we have a cougar show up with her kits. Then they had to leave the urn behind! What are they going to do now? I just have to wait and see.
    And, Matt having the break down, once he realized Mello was gone, made me sad. Poor Matt...but I'm sure Mello hasn't totally left...he's just leaving Matt alone.

    Can't wait for the next chapter!

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  • From ANON - lyshitski on March 10, 2009

    Hello again! I'm very sorry to hear about the break up, but I hope you're doing well. Thank you for posting the chapter even with something like that going on. Your loyal fans are grateful!

    I really loved this chapter. Fluff usually has me running, but you managed to mix the right amount of fluff and angst without coming across as over-the-top. Even re-reading it, I still felt surprised at the dramatic change in the tone in just one chapter! The river scene pre-mountain lion was endlessly adorable, and Matt's realization at the end was just heartbreaking. I wonder if he'll find out about the deal that Near and Mello made? Or if he does, how he'd react to it. I'm forseeing much anger/sadness in the future, but maybe (hopefully) I'm wrong.

    And I also have to say that I'm proud of the growth you gave Near throughout the storyline. While I'm wondering how he's going to be able to handle Matt, given the current situation, he went from not understanding the concept of a hug to automatically giving one. Not to mention a few other big things (being affected by the murder of the Kuna girl comes to mind).

    With one place left for them to travel to, I'm assuming the fic won't last much longer -- but feel free to squeeze in as many chapters as you can before you end it! XD This really is one of my favorite Death Note fics, if not my number one.

    So, I hope things go better for you soon, and please take care.

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  • From Duomi on March 06, 2009

    I loved the intro with Matt and Mello...! Your writing for them is so perfect. Especially "equal parts madness and righteousness" and the "make love like war" lines, those got me. Also that Mello's hurt only showed when he "couldn't smother it anymore"-- brilliant, lovely. Also, I liked that Matt said he doesn't think about forever, then thought that Mello is forever, and then Mello haunted him and tried to look for him when he died... awww.

    Also, the fact that on the bridge Near is just hearing Mello snicker, but he's not showing up-- god that amused me. I'm still grinning to myself. *typing this in notepad to stay organized*

    Near thinking that L would jump made me actually get that mental image-- L, curled up in that monkey pose, being sort of kicked off the edge by Light, after having the candy pried from his hand, and then him attempting to stay in the monkey-pose while bouncing at the end of the bungee. And possibly succeeding, because it's L. Light could probably make the jump and have his hair be totally perfect afterward, looking just as composed and shiny. They're both nuts.

    Also love Near's reaction at "you might hit the bridge" and his total freaking out in a genius way after that. *grins* And enjoyed "Near felt like he was at the amused end of a nervous breakdown himself".

    Was totally not expecting the end...! Matt was sort of edging toward a breakdown, so this may be for the best for him, but yeah-- he's going to be sooooooooo pissed when he finds out Mello is sticking around to bother Near. I loved the jump, and the mountain lion bit-- seriously wtf! Explains why the Bridge was so important to this arc, though.

    Loved the chapter, and hope you're doing a little better...!

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  • From Duomi on March 05, 2009

    *still hearts the idea of Near's Rester doll*

    The idea of Near hiking in the woods is still so freakin' adorable. I love it! Very unique.

    Also yaaay, I like the changes to the hike-- it feels more natural now and less like you were trying to rush the description through. Now on to the next chapter!

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  • From cu-kid on March 03, 2009

    Tch. I'm not sure what I'm more upset about with this chapter - the fact that you ended it on such a angsty note, or the fact that you made me cry! Holy crap, the end of this was a heart-wrenching whirlwind of emotions!

    I liked the jump being written from Near's perspective - mostly because I can relate with him. I, being scared...okay, terrified...of heights, wouldn't have even made a deal with Matt. I would have told him to go to hell, thrown some ashes over the side, and got the hell outta there. Obviously, Near should have worked the percentages a little better on whether Matt would have agreed :) But I'm glad he did it, really. And I don't think you have to worry about making Mello's purpose behind it any clearer. I'm terrible at finding metaphors in stories/books, so if I got it, you must be doing it right ;)

    *sighs* Poor Matt! I honestly wasn't expecting him to realize Mello had left him so soon. And, really, I'm not sure what else to say about it because it kinda makes me tear up thinking about it...I continue to enjoy the scenes where Matt acts as Near's W, though. I dunno why, but it's so, awesome, freakin' badass as watch him go immediately from joking around into serious, "I'm gonna kill you if you so much as look at him the wrong way" mode. So, it kinda goes without saying that I loved the beginning of this chapter where it was explained that Matt refused to be Mello's W.

    Ha! sexy!Matt is definitely on the agenda. The illus I'm working on now is giving me headaches, but *hopefully* will be up within the week. Oh, and you mentioned music suggestions...this may not help since I'm sort of go all over the place when I'm doing an illus, but my playlist is usually I Wanna (esp. for Near/Matt pics) and Sunshine, by AAR, Situations and Head on Collision by NFG, She Moves in Her Own Way, by the Kooks, A Jingle for the Product, by Dillinger Four, a little Chiodos and a little Deftones when working on them.

    Sorry to hear about the rough patch in your personal life (I dated a James once...they're something else, Jameses are...). I spotted a few typos, but nothing really glaring...that and I may still be crying so I can't see them ;p

    Seriously, though, fabulous chapter! And, as always, I'm excited to see what happens next!


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  • From inuyashalove04 on March 02, 2009

    Hello! *lol* It's fun to type out my penname, huh? I never would have thought of it as being fun...I just know that it's quick. ^^

    Loved the new chapter! Matts dream with Mello literally made me cry! I was crying by the end of that section. What got me, was Matt saying he'd give anything just to have Mello back; including Near. I couldn't help but cry! The sadness and desperation was just amazing. And the date for the two of them to see the cosmos, just made me smile. That would be a wonderful date! Who wouldn't want to meet up with the one they love and see the cosmos, once they died? I would hope onto that ride myself! ^-^;
    Oh, and the safehouse that Matt took Near too...I want that place myself! I could customize that place for myself, and live happily. If nothing else, I'd use it to just ignore the world for a while. And I can't picture Near smiling a little bit, let alone beaming! I'm afraid I would have reacted just like Matt; in utter shock. But, I giggled at the thought of Near smiling like a child...being normal.
    The Bridge to Nowhere was great! I was thinking of a hundred different things, but not once did I think of bungee-jumping. The argument between Matt and Near was good too. I loved Near's line, 'What part of me, precisely, screams 'adept at whilderness'?' That had to be the best line in the entire story. Near and wilderness just doesn't get along together. ^^ And I have to agree with Near and his reaction towards Matt in his hiking clothes...I would have jumped Matt myself! Matt in different clothes is just hott.

    Such a long post from me! XD But great chapter! I can't wait for the next one.

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  • From cu-kid on February 20, 2009

    Enjoyed it? I LOVED it! I think the best part of this whole chapter was the way you connected the beginning to the end. Mello holds a strange fascination for me, I think because I am never sure if he is there to help or just emotionally torture Matt (and Near, in some cases)...or maybe a bit of both... I assume that this will be the last time Matt sees him, considering the deal he made with Near...? I'm interested to read how Matt will react to that, considering he has conflicting emotions on whether he wants Mello to leave him alone or not.

    I loved Near's response to whether he liked the safe-house. "More than suitable." *snickers* It's what I love the most about how you write him - even if he does show some sort of emotion, the things that come out of his mouth always seem so...impassive. I know he doesn't mean it that way, but it's still funny and cute. I also thought the scene with the hiking gear was hilarious. The way he tried the boot on and then immediately chucked it had me in a fit of giggles. And then, when I read that people were laughing and shouting at the bridge, I just knew it was bungee jumpers - and I started laughing all over again. Because Near? Bungee jumping? Hahaha! It's great, I loved it, and I think that Matt had it right - Mello would totally want him to do it, if for no other reason than to scare the crap out of him, maybe...which I think constitutes "living" in some weird, twisted way. I hope the next chapter has them jumping because I'm not only looking forward to Near's reaction, but Matt's, as well. This is just as much of a psychological and emotional "leap" for him.

    You're totally right about this circular inspiration - and this chapter, thick with lovely description, was just more fodder for the muse. I'm definitely going to have to see about doing Matt in that black shirt (sexy! Haha). I wanted to tell you that I was thinking the same thing about Matt being impressed by Near's...ferocity. I definitely think Near will continue to surprise Matt (and probably vice-versa) throughout this story.

    Oh, and the citrus...yeah, that was very hot. With the looks that Matt gives Near, I'm not really sure how the latter doesn't just melt into a puddle of goo on the spot - I know I certainly would. I was a little concerned at the beginning of the chapter when Matt said he'd give up even Near for Mello (kinda irked me a bit, I'll admit). And, while I understand that a part of Matt's heart will always belong to Mello, it's nice to see that Near definitely gets to him.

    Love, love, love it!


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  • From inuyashalove04 on February 12, 2009

    Sorry for not reviewing the last chapter. Life just has bad timing. But I loved both chapters, especially this one, just because we got to know more about Matt. And I laughed myself silly when Matt told Near that what they did was called dry humping; that was priceless! I could picture the utter shock on Nears face and I couldn't stop laughing. My boyfriend thought I was crazy, just laughing at supposedly nothing. Oh well! I really liked the ending section too; with Mello and the angel making an agreement. I liked it, basically because you didn't say who the angel was exactly, but I think it was Near. So, it'll be interesting to see where this goes from here.

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  • From cu-kid on February 10, 2009

    Look at me go with missing the update...sheesh :

    I really loved this chapter. You avoided the fluff quite well, I think, but it was still a warm chapter. I'm a fan of chapters where characters get a one on one, get a chance to kind of sort a few things out between them - although, with these two, it feels like pulling teeth sometimes ;) It was kinda funny how excited I was to learn all those things about Matt - favorite color (was I reading too much into that " the moment" comment, or was that a totally sweet thing he said?), what happened to his family (that was intense and wonderfully full of emotion). I loved that Near told Matt that he didn't mind his scars. I kinda chuckled when he pointed out that it wouldn't matter if Matt wore short sleeves because people stared at him regardless. Their clash at the end was hot and tense and left me nearly bursting - you are definitely doing it right. I loved it!

    I have to admit that usually I'm not a huge fan of Mello...or maybe I'm just not a fan of the way most people write him. But the end of this chapter...I think I re-read it two or three times. I loved that it was from Mello's POV. I don't think I've said this before (or I might have...I sort of feel like I become a broken record when I review because mostly all I can think of is, "OMG Ilovedit!"), but I look forward to the conversations with Mello, for a few reasons. One, I think it's fun trying to figure out which one of the two he's talking to (and, since you are such a master at capturing these character's idiosyncrasies, it's never too difficult). Also, I love the insight he brings, whether it be biased or not. I agree with you - each of these characters (even the ones that aren't necessarily main characters, like Danny-boy), have their own agenda, and it's amazing to me to read how each of them tries to go about fulfilling it. The last scene of this chapter was intriguing. I'm curious to find out what Matt will do when/if he realizes Mello isn't coming back to him. I wonder if Near will ever tell Matt that he sees and has spoken to Mello.

    Oh, Carey. Omg, she is, hands down, the best when it comes to intrigue! Or anything, really (although, I must say that I just couldn't get into the Godslayer series...but I might try again...). Love her. And you're welcome again for the fanart (oh, and I know I said somewhere - maybe on dA - that I was going to do Near in the AC/DC shirt...and I did do a rough sketch, but I had mostly been kidding. had to go and put him in that shirt again! :) So, the roughly colored pic is posted at dA...).

    As always, I loved this chapter. I thought it was a nice sort of interlude for the characters (and the readers). And I'm looking forward to reading what happens next!


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  • From ANON - shuu on February 05, 2009

    *happy sigh* Wonderful chapter, yet again. I always keep your story open as a tab on my browser so I can check each morning. *hemhem* The very last section, between Mello and Near was gorgeously written - otherwordly but not "fantasy", something about it was grounded in reality you just know it's more than a silly dream. Lovely Tennessee Williams "glass menagerie", it really fits. Actually now that I think about it everything in this story really parallels well to the central ideas in the glass menagerie; impossibility of 'true' escape, difficulty accepting reality and of course, the unrelenting power of memories. I like that Matt is afraid of breaking Near ; not mentally or anything, just by trying to make someone so different try and be so normal, ie the normalicy of having a relationship with him. It seems that no matter what he does he's going to do something awful, either he breaks him or (as he chose in this chapter) he abandons it, and runs away.

    I can't wait to see the next update, I want to see what Near does with his deal and Mello. I was reading it hoping Near could just walk away from Mello and all his jealousy but of course Near never could really ignore Mello. You can't really ignore a bonfire creeping closer every moment of everyday, and it seems like Mello can't really let either of them go. Goodness I can't wait to see what happens next - the places they go to are thoughtfully described and very personal, always nice to see.

    Lovely work~

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  • From cu-kid on February 02, 2009

    I am that non-review reviewer (arg!)

    *sigh* Sorry! I hadn't intended to do this, but I just couldn't help myself...

    However, this story has done wonders for my artistic muse, so thank you again :)

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