Samurai Tears

BY : SaiyanKitsuneFoxfire
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~~(Scene change)~~

/Kenshin to Battousai/

//Battousai to Kenshin//

Chapter Two

(At the Dojo. Normal POV)

Yahiko gasped as the door to Karou's room opened. He saw that Karou's lip was busted and she had a black eye when she poked her head out.

"What happened to you?" Yahiko asked, concern etched into his words. Karou launched herself at Yahiko and clung to him as if he was going to leave her.

"Oh Yahiko-kun, it was horrible…" Karou sobbed out as she clutched Yahiko closer to her. ~Hmm…Yahiko smells soooo good… Stop it Karou, it's Kenshin you want…Though I wouldn't mind taking Yahiko for a test drive…~

"What happened?"

"I was … *sniffle* talking to Kenshin last night. *sniff* Sano busted in on us…Drunker than I have ever seen him… He was ranting about something… He… He shoved me… He was going for Kenshin… I tried to stop him, Yahiko, I re did did." Yahiko was shocked. "When I woke up after Sano knocked me out, both Sano and Kenshin were gone. I fear for Kenshin's life, Yahiko, we need to do something."

"I'll get Kenshin back for you Karou, Don't worry." Yahiko declared. Karou hugged Yahiko, inwardly smirking on how easy it was to get Yahiko to believe her lie.

~~(Sano's Apartment. Kenshin's POV)~~

I woke up drenched in a cold sweat. ~Where am I? ~ I thought as I looked around the room. The room was smaller than my room at the Dojo and was cluttered with different things in the corners. I reached for my sakabatô that usually was at my side, but my hand came up with air.

"Ah, you're awake. I was beginning to worry." Sano's deep and sexy voice said from the doorway. I looked up at him as he entered with a tray of food.

"Where am i? How'd I get here?"

"My apartment, and I carried you here after I found Jo-chan…hurting you." He said as he knelt next to the futon I was on.

~Shit…did Sanofind out my secret. How can he even stand being in the same room as me?~ I thought as I started to get up. "Thank you Sano, I must be going now…" Sano placed a hand on my shoulder to prevent me from getting up.

"No Kenshin, you aren't going anywhere till you are better. You took quite a beating last night." He gently pushed me back to a laying position.

//He's right you know…// Battousai's cold voice rang out in my head.

/But he knows, How can he even stand being so close to me. I am Tainted, Unclean, Dirty./ I thought back to my darker half that I have somehow locked into my soul.

//I don't know. Maybe because he is your Friend.//

/Friend? What does that mean? Karou-dono was my friend and looked what happened… Can…Will Sano do the same thing?/

//Karou was a sex crazed bitch. Sano saved your life from said bitch. If he didn't happen past your room last night, You wouldn't have survived to see this day.//

I really hate it when the Battousai is right.


Kitsune_Foxfire: Well? How was it?

Yahiko: Karou has the hots for me?

Sano: Why'd you have Jo-Chan play 'damsel in distress?'

Saiyan_Foxfire: Karou? Damsel in distress? Being a bitch is more like it.

Kitsune_Foxfire: Yes well we all knew that. *checks again to see her darker half in the room* Oh look everyone, my darker half has finally made an appearance. *Faints from shock.

Saiyan_Foxfire: *revives Kitsune* I prefer evil twin.

Kitsune_Foxfire: Whatever, just tell them to review.

Saiyan_Foxfire: *raises an eyebrow* Didn't you just tell them?

Kitsune_Foxfire: *hits Saiyan in the head with a complete leather bound volume of Shakespeare* Stupid darker halves. Please review while I find the caffeine that Saiyan hid from me. She'll be out for a while. Ja ne.

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