Samurai Tears

BY : SaiyanKitsuneFoxfire
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Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own RK. I do not make money off of these writings.

Chapter 3

Part of Yahiko couldn't believe that Sano kidnapped Kenshin. Yahiko knew of Sano's crush on the redheaded rurouni, but Yahiko promised Karou that he would get Kenshin back for her.
Yahiko slipped out of the dojo and into the streets of Tokyo, heading towards the outskirts where he knew Sano lived.
(Sano's POV)
I stared at the resting redhead. He looked so peaceful sleeping there on my futon, so beautiful, so innocent, and so childlike. I can't believe that that bitch Karou did what she did to him, my tenshi.
I shook my head and closed the door, leaving Kenshin to sleep. I wandered around my apartment not knowing what to do. As I entered my kitchen to put on some tea, someone knocked on my door. I figured that it was Karou so I ignored the knocking, but it only grew louder and more insistent.
"What???" I snapped as I opened the door to my home. The only answer I got was a wooden sword hilt to my gut. I doubled over and backed away from the door. Yahiko came in, threateningly swinging his sword down again. I caught it in between both hands. "Yahiko, what the hell is wrong with you?"
"Where is he? What did you do to Kenshin?" He yelled at me. I could feel the anger he felt, roll off of him like waves on the beach.
"I didn't do anything to him…"
"Liar…Karou told me that you came to the dojo drunk…."
"Karou…Since when did you believe her?" I cut him off. Yahiko sputtered like a fish out of water.
"You're wrong…She wouldn't hurt him…"
"Yahiko…You know how I feel about him, Do you think in a million years I would hurt him?" I begged, tears coming to my eyes.
"…" He shakes his head. "Well what happened if Karou is lying?"
"You may want to sit down…" I warned. After he sat, I proceeded to tell him what I had seen over the last few weeks leading up to what I walked in on last night. Through out the whole thing I watched his face, watching as anger, understanding and pure horror crossed his face.
"What are we gonna do? Raccoon face sent me over here to get Kenshin back for her, We can't take him back to her ne?"
"Hai, we can't."
"Then what are we gonna do? If we stay here, she'll come here herself."
"I know, Yahiko, I know."
Kitsune: I know this is short but it's continued off to the last chapter. Please bear with me. Writers block is such a pain. I promise the next chapter will be longer, that it will. Please read and review. NO FLAMES. Ja ne peeps.

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