Friday Moon

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Friday Moon
Chapter 2:

Shindou Shuichi sighed as he fell into a chair beside his lover, Yuki Eiri. “I get the next week off from work!” He sighed happily. “We just finished the tour and now we get time off!” He cheered.

Eiri glared at the pink haired man. “I don’t. I still have a deadline.”

Shuichi ignored him and continued to talk. “There might be a new band at NG, I really think they have potential-”

“Shuichi go away.”

“They’re called ‘Angels of Death’. Isn’t that a cool name? I think that’s an awesome name for a band! They’re a trio, just like Bad Luck and--”

“Shuichi, GO AWAY!” Eiri growled, trying with all his might not to throw the pink haired nuisance out of his apartment again.

“Ne, Yuki, what are you doing?” The pink haired lead singer of Bad Luck peered over his lover’s broad shoulder.

“Working.” Eiri growled, shooing the young man off as he took a long drag from his cigarette. “Go away.”

“What’s your book about?” Shuichi ignored his request. “Another romance?”

“I’m a romance writer, aren’t I?” Eiri glared. “Go away, baka.”

“There’s not much on the screen.” Shuichi had a way of pointing out the obvious and pissing off Eiri, all at the same time. “Why?”

“Because an obnoxious pop star keeps prodding me with questions so that I can’t work.”

“I’ve been in here five minutes; you’ve been in here since eight this morning that’s…” Shuichi counted his fingers. “Three hours. You’ve barely got half a page!”

Eiri glared even more, if that was even possible.

“Do you have writers block?” Shuichi gasped. “Tell me what your story is about! I’ll help you get over your writers block!”

Eiri rolled his golden eyes. “I don’t want your help. If you had writers block and couldn’t think of another line for one of your crappy songs would you want me to help you…” He trailed off as he looked at Shuichi. “Never mind, don’t answer that.” He took another drag.

“Smoking is bad for you.”

‘Ten…nine…eight…seven…screw it!’ “Get out.”


“NOW!” Eiri pointed at the door to his office. “Get out!”

Shuichi pouted. “Meanie.” He slowly made his way to the door and grasped the bronze handle. “Let’s see how mean you are to me when I cut you off from sex for a week.” He grumbled, closing the door behind him.

Eiri nearly choked on his cigarette. ‘Yeah right, the brat can’t live without sex.’ Said a voice in his head.

‘No,’ Said the other voice in his head, ‘that’s you not him. You can’t live without sex.’

“Shit.” Eiri hung his head in defeat. He’d now have to make it up to his young lover….or break up with him again which followed with make-up sex….

He shook the thought off. K would most likely kill him if he pulled that trick again.

“Shit.” Eiri swore again.


“It is a pleasure to finally met the manager of Angels.” Tohma smiled pleasantly at the man sitting across from him. “I listened to the demo tape and I must say, your boys have great talent.”

“That is a real honor coming from you.” The broad man said while cleaning off his glasses. His eyes never left the president of NG records. “They will be able to do great things here.”

“I feel the same way.” Tohma watched the other with great interest. There was something about him that was slightly unsettling, but not greatly unnerving. The man seemed to have a smart head on his shoulders and appeared to be very good with managing in general.

Tohma considered himself to be a very good judge of character, he had to be to run a record company. The man in front of him appeared to know little about music, but looked as if he knew how to handle money and time. He was professional in every sense of the word. He was clean cut and looked as if he took his job very seriously.

Tohma liked him. Chances were very good he wouldn’t be as trigger happy as K and not as panicky as Sakano.

“Welcome to the NG family Mr-”

“Tatsumi,” The man stood from his chair. “Tatsumi


Tsuzuki cheered as he entered the workers lounge. His gaze immediately found the box of donuts sitting on the opposite side of the room. “Donuts!” Tsuzuki cheered again. “I knew they had sweets in here!”

“Now that is talent.” Watari smiled as he watched his friend. “He’s the only person I know that can find a cupcake in a dark maze, Trust me, I’ve done that to him!”

Hisoka sighed and held his head in shame. Tsuzuki could be the smartest person Hisoka ever met, with a dedication to those he loved that rivaled no one, but damn the guy was idiotic at times.

The green eyed Shinigami followed Watari to a nearby table and sat down. Tsuzuki soon followed with two plates full of brownies, cupcakes and Rice-Crispy Treats.

“Got enough?” Hisoka raised an eyebrow at all the sweets. It was a miracle Tsuzuki wasn’t a fat shinigami.

Tsuzuki blinked as he grasped his fork. “I don’t know…Should I get more?”

“You look very Kawaii, Bon.” Watari smiled and winked at the boy.

Hisoka turned a bright shade of red. Wakaba gave him the ‘Rock Star Treatment’ before they had left. To him that meant ‘Dress-Hisoka-up-like-a-Backstreet-Boy.’ “Don’t say that.” He hissed, eyes still fixed on the wooden table.

“I’m being serious! Wakaba-chan did a nice job on you! Fangirls will die for you, Bon!” Watari smiled and playfully smacked the younger Shinigami’s back. “Not to mention some fan boys.” Watari whispered so only Hisoka could here.

Hisoka turned bright red. “Watari!”

“At least you don’t have to wear fingerless gloves.” Tsuzuki held his hands up to show off the pair of gloves Wakaba gave him. “And fishnet. I think she did this to us as a way of revenge.”

“Revenge for what?” Watari raised an eyebrow. “We did nothing to her.” He thought over their mission. “Maybe she did this because Tatsumi told her to.”

“Why would Tatsumi want to see me in fishnet?” Tsuzuki pulled at the revealing material, a dumbfounded look washed over him.

“I could think of a few reasons…” Hisoka mumbled to himself low enough so no one could hear.

Watari continued to chat. “At least this promises to be an easy mission, I mean it’s just some weird phenomenon, ne? All we have to do is stop it.”

Tsuzuki nodded and took another bite. “The only bad part is the investigation. I hate doing that.” He sighed and pouted. “This isn’t even our district.”

Watari nodded. “But who else would they send? They needed some young looking men.”

“I think their exact words were ‘Hot good looking young studs who can sing’.” Hisoka sighed. “We can’t sing…”

“Speak for yourself!” Watari and Tsuzuki yelled in unison, slamming their hands on the table and standing.

“It just so happens I do karaoke.” Tsuzuki snorted and fell back in his chair.

Watari smiled. “Every holiday we have a party and do that. It’s actually pretty fun! If we get Tatsumi drunk enough he’ll do it too.”

“Drunken Karaoke and singing in front of a million people are two different things.” Hisoka shook his head as he rubbed his temples. It just wasn’t fair. He couldn’t win.

All three looked up as the door swung open. A tall man who was barely even twenty walked in. He wore a loose fitting white t-shirt and a pair of worn jeans. The young man blinked in surprise as he saw them. “New band?” he pointed at the three shinigami.

Tsuzuki nodded. “We’re Angels!” He smiled sweetly. “I’m Asato Tsuzuki! This is Watari and Hisoka!”

“Hiro.” He smiled politely. “This your first day?”

Tsuzuki nodded. “I recognize you…” He pointed and stared. “Why do I recognize you..?” He squinted, trying to see if he could recognize the man better.

“I’m the guitarist for Bad Luck.” Hiro smiled and walked over to the vending machine. “What do you do?” He looked over his shoulder at the starry-eyed man.
“Uh….” Hiro took a step away. Fan girls scared him enough. There was something about fan boys that put Hiro on edge.

Hisoka shook his head. “Ignore him. He’s going to be out of it for awhile.”

Hiro shook his head as he watched Tsuzuki. “I get that a lot. Just wait until he sees Shuichi; that should be fun. You the lead singer?” Hiro pointed at Hisoka.

Hisoka nodded. “Tsuzuki there plays the guitar and Watari does the Keyboards.”

“Hiroshi-san!” A green haired young boy about Hisoka’s age burst into the room. “We need to get set on out next album! Where’s Shuichi-san? He needs to start writing new songs.” He put his hands on his hips, trying to make himself look more demanding.

Everyone blinked as they watched the green hair boy stride over to Hiro, Hisoka swore he saw a slight twitch in the young man’s eye.

“I think he’s spending the day with Yuki…” Hiro took a step back. “He told me that’s what he was going to go today…”

“What would he be doing with Yuki that’s more important than Bad Luck?!” The boy screamed. There has to be a huge stick wedged up his--

“Oh…” The boy turned a deep shade of red as realization dawned on him. Hiro just smiled.

“I’m not even going to ask.” Hisoka sighed and picked up a rice crispy off of Tsuzuki’s plate. It seemed this case would be just a bit more….colorful than he first expected.

“Well, if it makes you feel better, Suguru-kun, Shuichi sings better after hot sex.” Hiro smiled as the boy ran out of the screaming something along the lines of ‘I didn’t need to know that.’

The dark haired boy sighed and slid into a chair next to Watari. “Sorry about that. It’s just fun to pick on him every once in a while. I love the kid but he’s like a little brother to me”

“I could tell.” Tsuzuki smiled, still with stars in his eyes. “So you are really in Bad Luck?!”

Hiro nodded a little tentatively. “Yeah, he’s also part of Bad Luck.”

“Really?!” Tsuzuki beamed, jumping out of his seat. “Can I get your autogra-” Hisoka bopped his partner on the head.

“Baka, sit down.” He glared, pulling him back into his seat. “Act like a professional!” He hissed.

Tsuzuki pouted and continued to eat his brownies, though he never stopped glaring at Hisoka. ‘This is so not fair! I want his autograph! How many chances to I get to meet someone famous?!’ he thought.

Hisoka glared back at the older Shinigami. “Tsuzuki, we have work.” He hissed under his breath. “Once this case is over, then you can get his autograph.”

Tsuzuki smiled brightly and glomped his young lover. “Thank you!” He cried out in broken English.

“Get offa me!” Hisoka jumped as Tsuzuki made contact. Unfortunately, the laws of motion kicked in and when a force of greater mass leapt onto an unmoving object of lesser mass, the being of greater mass prevails as the stronger. Because of this, Hisoka’s body connected with the hard tiled floor with Tsuzuki’s body over him.

“Ow...” He hissed in pain and glared at the person laying on top of him. “Get off of me, Tsuzuki...” His head throbbed. Tile hurt when you fell on it…

Tsuzuki smiled and crawled off.

Watari looked down at the two. “You alright, Bon?” He bit his lip to keep from laughing. ‘Those two are so cute at times…’

“Fine.” Hisoka hissed in pain as he sat back in his chair. He blinked as he noticed an empty chair. “Where did—“

“Hiro go?” Watari finished. “He followed the green haired young man, something about scary fanboys.”

“Scary?!” Tsuzuki whimpered, his dog ears went flat on his head.

“Fan boy?!” Hisoka screamed out at the same time.

Watari shook his head and laughed. “He went to practice his guitar, he came in here for a drink.” Watari’s demeanor brightened. “Tatsumi!”

The other two shinigami turned to look at their ‘manager’. “Hey! How’d the meeting go?” Tsuzuki smiled.

Tatsumi adjusted his glasses. “Fine, we’re in here, don’t screw up.” He glared at Tsuzuki. “And keep our budget small.”

Watari smiled. “Ne, Tatsumi, why are we here?”

Tatsumi sat down next to his band. “There have been some accidents lately around NG records. They were just small things, accidents to small time bands, suicides, murders, nothing too outrageous. All these things have been committed by another person so we never got involved. Lately though, these accidents have become more frequent and more dangerous. We fear it might be a spirit out to destroy this company.”

Tsuzuki nodded. “So we’re going to stop this?”

“What else do we know?” Hisoka rolled his eyes at his partner, giving him a ‘well duh’ look.

“That this has been going on for six years. Once this record label started up, their bands have been attacked. It’s been an urban legend about this place, but everyone still wants to be a part of the famous Nittle Grasper, even if it is just as part of the label.”

“So what has brought this to our attention?” Watari rested his head on his hands.

Tatsumi cleaned off his glasses yet again. “ASK, the last band to begin to hit it big here, their lead singer became power hungry and according to our records, he wasn’t like that before. Now that ASK is out of the limelight, he has gone back to being the person he was before.”

“Scary.” Tsuzuki ate his brownie slowly.


Shuichi huffed and fell into a chair next to Hiro. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at nothing in particular, mainly the orange carpet.

“What’s the matter?” Hiro put an arm around his friend’s shoulder as he leaned back in the chair.

“Nothing!” Shuichi snapped. “Go away.”

Hiro sighed. “Ok, Shu-chan, what did the big mean blondie do to you today?”

“He yelled...again.” Shuichi mumbled, sinking lower into his chair. “I wanted to talk to him, but he just yelled at me....” Shuichi trailed off as K entered the room. “I’ll tell you later.”

“Good Morning!” K said in English, he waved and smiled to his ‘favorite band’. He looked over at Shuichi and his smile faded. “What did he do today?” He said calmly, as he began to load his hand held fire arm.

“Nothing!” Shuichi smiled brightly. Yuki would be pissed if he got shot at today. “I had an argument with my sister this morning, that’s all.”

K nodded, not fully believing the argument but he continued on anyway. “The concert tour was a hit! We will be working on new material when it gets done.” He looked over at Shuichi, telling the pink haired singer to write faster.

Shuichi nodded. “I’m working on it, but I left my notebook at home!” He laughed. In his rush to get out of Yuki’s apartment, he did leave his notebook with all the new lyrics at home, in the living room, on the coffee table...

K nodded, actually believing this. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Shuichi’s head. “Bring it in tomorrow.”

“H....Hai!” Shuichi still wasn’t use to having a gun pointed at his head every other second. “Tomorrow, of course!”

Hiro smiled. “I’ll make sure he does.” He laughed nervously.

K put his gun away. “Good!” He smiled brightly. “I guess we should practice more...”

“Where’s the ‘we’?” Hiro sighed. “Ga!” He swallowed as K’s gun was thrust into his face. “Alright! Alright! We’ll work!” He jumped to his feet and grabbed Shuichi and ran into a practice room.


Tsuzuki sighed as he and Hisoka walked down the street, heading for their hotel. It had been a long day, looking over the case and trying to act like a pop star. Both felt exhausted, they never realized how much effort went into just singing!

“When we get back to the hotel, I’m taking a bath and then, crashing for the night.” Hisoka yawned and rubbed his tired eyes.

“I’m having dinner, taking a shower and sleeping.” Tsuzuki dragged his feet behind him.

“At least we have nice hotel.” Watari smiled

“We didn’t have to pay for me, that’s the only reason it’s nice. Seguchi-san paid for it all.” Hisoka stopped. “Is that it..?”

The three looked up and up. “Tall....” Tsuzuki gawked at the size of the building. This was a damn nice hotel! “Wow.....”

“They must think we have a whole lot of potential!” Watari smiled. “I bet they don’t do this unless they believe we are going to be big!”

“We’re not.” Hisoka opened the big glass door. “After this whole thing is over, we have to go back.”

“It’s fun to play make believe.” Tsuzuki smiled. “Just play along.”

“I am.” Hisoka sighed. “Check us in.” There was no way they could pull this off. They were not pop material.


Watari flopped down on one of the beds. “This is nice!” He smiled.

Tsuzuki smiled and sat on the other bed. “Wakaba-chan sent us other outfits she scrounged up. The bellman is gonna send them up later.” He smiled and fell back on the pillows. “Today was fun though! I got to meet Bad Luck! I have all of their CD’s!”

“All one of them?” Watari smiled. “They are a big band now, but they still only have one CD.”

“I wonder how late we will have to work tomorrow.” Tsuzuki sighed. “Tatsumi said we would be doing actual work tomorrow and that today was just a tour of what is around NG.”

“Shouldn’t worry, I don’t suspect they would keep us much later than we got out today.” Hisoka stretched and looked around the room. “Um....”

“What is it, Bon?” Watari sat up.

“There are only two beds....” He flushed bright red. “You don’t expect me to sleep with him, do you?!”

“It’s not like you’ve never slept with him before.” Watari winked.

Hisoka turned more red as his wide green eyes got wider.

“Besides, would you rather sleep with Tatsumi? He gets grabby in the middle of the night, and I am a covers hog.”

“I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“That wouldn’t be a good idea.” Tatsumi shut the door behind him after he entered. “You need to be fully rested. Besides, we won’t allow Tsuzuki to do anything.”

“I am not perverted enough to do it with you guys in the room!” The violet eyed Shinigami pouted.


Hisoka sighed. “I’m going to take a shower.”

“No.” Tatsumi blocked the door to the bathroom.

“Why not?” Hisoka’s green eyes flashed as glared at the older man.

“We still have work.”


Hiro yawned and arched his back. “Let’s not stay up this late ever again working, k?”

Shuichi nodded.

“Hey, you alright?” Hiro put a hand on Shuichi’s shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!” Shuichi hissed, his eyes flashing with hatred. Hiro could see that his defenses were on high alert.

Hiro back up, and raised his arms into the air. “Hey! Sorry man! Have a good night.” He smiled and turned to walk to his place. “Don’t get into trouble, alright?”

He got no answer. When he turned around Shuichi was gone.


Eiri sighed as he stood up from his desk. He stretched his back and hissed with the slight pain sitting to long can bring. At least he was writing again. It wasn’t his best work but at least the ideas were coming.

He glanced over at the clock. 12:53. Shuichi was probably pissed. Eiri sighed, this was just great. Now he wouldn’t be having sex for two weeks.

‘You know,’ Said that annoying voice in his head that was usually right, ‘If you apologize…’

“No.” Eiri argued with himself.

‘Oh come on! It’s not like the worlds going to end if you apologize to him.’

“Will you just shut up.” Eiri shook his head of those thoughts and walked out to the living room.

“Shuichi?” He looked at the empty couch. Shuichi usually slept there, he wouldn’t even sleep in Eiri’s bed without his permission, even though they had been dating for quite a while now. “Shu--” Eiri gasped as a pair of arms wrapped around his middle from behind.

“Ne, Yuki?” Shuichi purred, sliding a hand inside Eiri’s silk black shirt. “What is it?”

Eiri’s breath hitched as Shuichi moved to face him. The pink haired singer rubbed himself against Eiri, “What do you want?”

“Shuichi, what are you doing?” Eiri took a step away from his lover. Somehow, this didn’t feel right. Shuichi didn’t feel right. The way the singer was watching him, his eyes were different…

“Yuki, do you want me?” Shuichi purred, running a hand inside his shirt and up Eiri’s chest. His other hand ran through his blond hair. “Tell me that you want me.”

“Shuichi…” Eiri groaned as his lover grinded against him. “What are you--” Eiri gasped as he was thrown to the floor. “Shuichi!”

Shuichi purred and straddled Eiri’s lean hips. “Shhh…” Shuichi pressed a finger to Eiri’s lips. “You talk to much.”

“You’re one to speak.” Eiri smirked and began to move his hands over Shuichi’s front. “What are you up to?” Shuichi playing dominate? It would have been a major turn on, if it wasn’t for the distance in Shuichi’s eyes. This was getting too uncomfortable for Eiri’s taste. He didn’t like the idea of this kind of Shuichi.

“I’m not telling you.”

Eiri gulped. Shuichi was not using a playful tone. He was seriously not going to tell him what he was planning on doing. “Shuichi…”

Shuichi ignored him and began to play with the buttons to his shirt, slowly undoing them, one by one. “Yuki, aren’t you going to scream?” Shuichi’s voice was cold and distant, like it wasn’t even him.

“I don‘t like this.” Eiri grasped Shuichi’s wrists. “Stop it.”

Shuichi glared as he broke his hands out of Eiri’s grasp. “You will do as I say!”
Shuichi lifted a hand and struck Eiri’s cheek. “Understood?!”

Eiri was in shock. This was Shuichi, his Shuichi. His Shuichi just struck him. Eiri moved a hand to his cheek, feeling the burning flesh. “Shu--”

Shuichi’s hand collided with his other cheek. “Silence!”

Eiri whimpered as Shuichi bound his hands with rope above his head and to the side table’s leg. “Now don’t make me gag you.” Shuichi ran a hand over Eiri’s cheek. “Or scream, I like it when they scream.”

“Shuichi…” Eiri swallowed. “What are you doing…”

“I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago.” Shuichi spat, his eyes narrowing. “Did you think I would be your damn uke forever?!” Shuichi slapped Eiri across the face again. “Did you think I would always be so submissive to you?” He began to laugh as he sat back. “I was using your trust.”

“No…” Eiri shook his head, this wasn’t happening…this couldn’t be happening… He wasn’t hearing such things coming from his sweet little Shuichi. “Stop it...”

Shuichi laughed. “Stop? I thought you liked this kind of thing. All you are is a whore.”

“Shuichi! Stop it!” Eiri bucked his hips, trying to throw the younger man off. “Stop it! Why are you doing this?!”

Shuichi pinned down Eiri’s hips with strength that was not his own. “Stop it! Stop it!” He mocked. “Boohoo, poor me. That’s all it ever is with you isn’t it? Poor little Eiri.”

“Shuichi....please...” Please stop! Please stop!

Shuichi began to work on his belt. “Why should I listen to you? You never listen to me, all you ever do is whine! No wonder you were his sex toy.”

Eiri’s eyes widened and filled with tears. This was...this was...not happening! Not again! No!

“Isn’t that what you are, a whore?” Shuichi looked up from in between Eiri’s legs.

“Shuichi.....stop...” He whimpered.

“Whore!” He spat angrily. “That’s all you’ll ever be!”

“Stop! Shuichi stop! Please!” Tears began to stream down his cheeks as he bucked his hips, trying to get Shuichi off of him. “Stop!”

“I’m not going to stop.” Shuichi’s eyes were dark and lifeless. “This is my game now. You have no control anymore.”


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