Friday Moon

BY : Crimson Twilight
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Shuichi sat on top of the blonde novelist, smiling wickedly as he watched the older man struggle beneath him. His head spun with feelings of superiority.
He was in charge, not Yuki. He could do what he wished... For once he was the one in charge…Yuki had no power over him….no one did…

“Shuichi!” Eiri screamed louder, tears began to stream down his face. Shuichi bent down and slowly licked the tears away.

“Remember, Yuki, this is my game.” Shuichi purred biting his lover’s ear a bit harder than usual.

“Please....stop...” He whimpered. “Shuichi....”

“What? No longer screaming? But I like it when you scream.” Shuichi bit his ear harder, drawing blood from the small wound.

Eiri cried out from the pain. God! This was not happening! This was a nightmare! Any moment he would wake up and find himself in his large bed with his small lover curled up against him...

“I know what you’re thinking.” Shuichi purred, lapping up the blood. “But this isn’t going to end until I kill you.” He bit Eiri’s neck.

“Shuichi, you don’t want to do this...” Eiri’s voice choked in his throat. “Please…Shuichi…”

“Oh Yuki, but I do. I really want to do this to you.” Shuichi laughed hollowly. “I really really want to hear you scream in pain because of me.”

“Shuichi, this isn’t you!”

“How do you know? How well do you really know me?” Shuichi laughed. “You know me as this sweet little moron, but I was just biding my time. I was just waiting for the moment –the right moment– to take you over.” Shuichi continued to bite at his neck, leaving bright red marks.

‘Not again. Not again. Not again...’

Eiri looked up at his bound hands and pulled. There was no way he could slip his hands out of the rope. Shuichi had him bound to the table tightly. Be could break the end table though…

Eiri had to keep his composure. He couldn’t fall apart, Shuichi wanted that…he wanted to break his will…

He gasped, eyes widening as Shuichi slipped his hand inside of his pants.

“Yuki, you’re not hard.” He pouted and squeezed the soft member.

Eiri yelped in pain. “Shuichi!” He bucked his hips, giving Shuichi the room he needed to slip off his pants completely. Eiri looked down, eyes wide.

Shuichi licked his lips and looked Eiri over. “You look so fuckable when you’re scared.” He sat back and slipped off his own shirt.

Eiri shut his eyes tight. This wasn’t happening, his mind repeated over and over. It was only a bad dream…

He felt cold hands on his thighs, moving upwards. It didn’t feel right…the movements weren’t like Shuichi’s. Shuichi was always soft and timid, this was hard. The hands didn’t even feel like they belonged to the pink haired singer.

That was it, it wasn’t Shuichi…it was someone else…It had to be someone else…

Eiri bit his lower lip to keep from sobbing as he heard the rustle of clothing then the cool skin against his own. His hands clenched as he tried to pull them free. This couldn’t be happening…

Shuichi purred and ran his fingernails down Eiri’s pale chest, leaving bright red claw marks. He leaned down and licked at Eiri’s nipples, purring to himself.

“I know you want this. You love hard sex. If you didn’t you wouldn’t do it to me every damn day.”

Eiri shook his head, trying not to hear the voice. “No. Shuichi…” He gasped and shut his eyes tighter as he felt something between his legs, pressing against his opening.

He screamed out as his body was bent in half. His eyes snapped open as Shuichi rammed himself into Eiri’s body.

“Shuichi!” He pulled at his bindings, moving the table. His body shuttered and writhed under the smaller body. This wasn’t happening!

Shuichi purred and rammed himself over and over into the blonde, stabbing his insides deeper and deeper, moaning as each thrust was getting easier for him to move. He could feel Eiri’s blood slowly soaking his leg.

Eiri’s body tightened. He couldn’t take this anymore! Eiri sobbed and shook his head. “Shuichi! No! Stop!” He forced his eyes to close. If he didn’t see it, it wasn’t his Shuichi…!

His head was spiraling, even though his eyes were closed. It grew hard to breath, his body couldn’t take this… “N….no…” He gasped out as he felt unconsciousness falling over him.

Shuichi growled as the blonde went limp under him. He slapped the author across the face and moved harder in his. “Whore!” He screamed out. This wasn’t how it was suppose to go! Yuki was suppose to submit to him.

He looked up in a panic as he heard the sound of wood cracking from the front entryway. He growled and kept ramming himself into Yuki’s limp body. He gasped and leaned forward. He was getting close to his peak and nothing could stop him.

Shuichi gasped as someone gripped his shoulders and pulled him off, throwing him across the room and into another man.

Shuichi’s head began to spin. “Wha….” His vision blurred as he looked around the room, at the four men. He slumped forward as the darkness pulled him in and his body gave out.


Hisoka yelped and gripped the pink haired singer before he could hit the ground. “What was that?”

“I think we got here a bit late.” Tatsumi bent down and pulled the rope off the blonde’s wrists. “Get some blankets.”

Watari moved into the bedroom and come back with a handful of blankets. “Here.” He moved to Hisoka and wrapped the boy in his arms up. He lifted the boy into his arms. “What was that? He didn’t look….normal.”

“I think that’s why we’re here.” Tsuzuki sighed and wrapped the blonde in sheets. “I don’t think Shindou Shuichi was capable of that…” He lifted the blonde into his arms.

“It’s not like you even know him.” Hisoka moaned and held his head in his hands. He felt….off.

“No, his file.” Tsuzuki rolled his eyes and headed into the back room, laying him on the bed and covering him up.

Tatsumi sighed and stood up. “Shindou is not likely to do anything like that at all.” He shook his head. “From the file, he’s air-headed, childish and a bit of a hopeless romantic.”

“Sounds like Tsuzuki.” Watari smiled as he covered Shuichi. “So…what do we do now?”

“I don’t see any sign of possession anymore.” Tatsumi looked around. “I think we got to Shindou a bit late. We don’t have anything.”

“So we just leave?” Tsuzuki blinked and looked over at Hisoka. The little blonde boy was bouncing as he sat.

“I think it’s the only thing we can do.” He sighed and looked over at Hisoka as well. “Are you feeling alright?”

Hisoka nodded quickly. “Fine.”

The three other Shinigami exchanged glances. “I guess we just….lock the door behind us?” Watari smiled and looked at Shuichi. “And let them figure out their own solution?”

Tatsumi nodded. “It’s all we can do now.” He headed out the front door.

Tsuzuki sighed and shook his head. He could deal with cases like this but…it was hard to at times. He didn’t like the idea of leaving them to figure out what happened. It didn’t seem…ethical.

He looked over at Hisoka. “You coming?”

Hisoka stood up and nodded. “Yep!” He smiled and took Tsuzuki’s hand. “Ready to go back with you.” He wrapped his arms around Tsuzuki’s and held his partner close. “Ready to go. Happy to go. Let’s go!” he punched at the air and pulled the older man out of the apartment, nearly dragging him out.

Tsuzuki yelped and nearly ran to follow the younger boy. “Hisoka!” He looked the boy over. He was…acting differently….Very different… And it was beginning to scare him.

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