Dying Light

BY : Zannie
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


My first Deathnote fic. Song is 'Evil Angel'by Breaking Benjamin. Going to be a three-shot.
Contains a reversed conversation from the anime to highlight how alike they both are.

The sky was grey with heavy drizzle. Light swore he could hear bells in the distance. Perhaps a wedding or a….
“What are you doing in a place like this, Light-kun?” L stood underneath the overhang by the rooftop door, his voice carrying through the air despite the downpour.
Light pretended not to hear him, not even turning round. L would probably have done something similar anyway.

Hold it together.
Birds of a feather,
Nothing but lies and crooked wings.
I have the answer.
Spreading the cancer.

He stared out across the city, looking down on the city. “Rotten,” he thought, not even worthy of a God such as himself. These people didn’t want his salvation, need his salvation. A spilt second in timing had changed everything. Too late now. He could have had it all, but he had had enough. He knew L’s real name courtesy of Rem trying to save them all; Misa, Light and L as well, on his own impulsive request. “Light- kun is my very first friend…” Foolish. Now in a few hours L would know for certain. No back up plan, Light had finally lost. It had backfired spectacularly, now with Rem dead and dusted from breaking the shignami rule of revealing a person’s true name, Light no longer had plans. What would his father think? Of all things, Light knew that this should be the least of his concerns…
“What are you doing in a place like this Light-kun?” Light jumped slightly at hearing the detective so close to his ear. Turning slightly, he was greeted by an impassive stare from L’s dark eyes, partially hidden by the water soaked hair hanging low over his forehead.
“I was listening to the bells, Ryuzaki. The conditions are quite good for sound to travel today.”
“Bells? I can’t hear anything Light-kun.”
“It’s a church or a shrine, probably a…
“Stop talking about pointless things, Light-kun”
“Why? Will it make the probability of me being Kira go up?” Light laughed, although it came out slightly bitter sounding.
“I’m sorry.” “For what?” Light thought silently, “you were right all along.”

You are the faith inside me.
No, Don't, leave me to die here.
Help me survive here, alone.

The urge to mess with L one last time reared its head. Light smiled as he turned from the railings to look into the oddball detective’s face. His heart hurt, of all the people to have fallen in love with…
“No, I’m sorry. I’m distant in my relationships with everyone, I don’t trust anyone either…” Light hung his head, hiding a sad smile with his lowered head and hair.
“That’s true Light-kun.” L sounded more subdued than usual. Light hoped with the small and sharp pain in his chest that L had meant what he had said about them being friends, because…L was his first true friend too.
“…But you are the same as me. You try not to get involved with relationships. If it’s something that shouldn’t be, you shouldn’t get involved in the first place. I know that the best.”
“Yes, that’s how it is Light-kun.”
“Tell me Ryuzaki, have you ever told the truth once since you were born?” Ryuzaki paused, staring out over the railings.

Don't Remember!

It seemed as though the question had caught him off guard. Maybe even now L was thinking back to whatever childhood that was traumatic enough to create the misfit that Light craved to embrace. He wasn’t at all bad looking, if you looked closer to see the pale skin and the eyes bright from too much sugar. Cute almost, in a-I-want-you-to-pin –my-hands-above-my-head-and-fuck-me, kind of way. Light found it odd that he wanted to submit to L, but maybe that was right. He’d won after all.
“What are you saying Light-kun? It’s true I have to tell lies occasionally. I have to in my line of work. However, I don’t think there are any humans who have never told a lie. People can’t be perfect; everyone lies once…even so, I won’t tell lies to the few I love, that’s my answer.”
“That must be why I respect you so much Ryuzaki.” Light smiled, tilting his head to let the rain beat down on his face. He closed his eyes against the cold sprinkle on his face while L turned back towards the rooftop door. A tear escaped Light’s eye, but it mixed in with the rainwater sliding down his cheek. Somehow though, he felt…lighter…for having this conversation. “Maybe its closure” Light thought to himself.
“Let’s head back Light-kun”

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.
Open your wings, Evil Angel.

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