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Get Out Alive

I have never owned Death note and I never will unless I can somehow seduce the creator with my manly charm. (Winks)

The song this time is ‘Get out alive’ by three days grace. I also have to warn as usual that this is not suitable for homophobes, idiots, and haters of Death note. I mean seriously, if you are any one of the afore-mentioned why would you bother reading this fiction? Anyone who does is a complete moron and is not even worthy of my scorn, and I will delete any flames without bothering to reply or acknowledge your existence.

Okay, one for the money two for the show, three’s for fun and away we go…

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Only a few more days to go till the thirteen-day rule proved false.

No time for goodbye he said
As he faded away
Don't put your life in someone's hands
Their bound to steal it away
Don't hide your mistakes
'Cause they'll find you, burn you
Then he said…

Lawliet. The name had a nice ring to it. It suited the dark eyed enigma currently chewing on a spoon. There was only him and Light left in the building now. Watari was keeping watch over the test subject and everyone else had taken the night off to let off some steam. Light had refused to go with them, maintaining he would like to review a few things first. He regretted his decision now, hating the silence and the count down until the day he was discovered. He wondered if he should run, just disappear out the door and live the rest of his life in hiding.

If you want to get out alive
oh, run for your life
If you want to get out alive
oh, run for your life…

No, L would find him wherever he went.

Misa understood the game was up. Despite her annoying devotion to Light, she’d decided she’d party hard for the remainder of the scant few days left. Unknown to Light, she had seen the way his attention always settled on L. For this reason, she would not kill him herself with the shignami eyes, although she would keep on killing criminals when she felt like it. Killing L would be like killing Light, and Misa would not do that to her savior, her avenger if nothing else. She was still grateful. She would have never made it this far without Kira’s intervention anyway, the dark dampness of depression would have killed her long ago by her own hand.

This is my last time she said
As she faded away
It's hard to imagine
But one day you'll end up like me
Then she said

If you want to get out alive
oh, run for your life
If you want to get out alive
oh, run for your life
If you want to get out alive (If you want to get out alive)
oh, run for your life (Life)
If you want to get out alive (If you want to get out alive)
oh, run for your life…

Light hadn’t realized he’d walked up behind Lawliet’s chair until the glow of the monitor started to hurt his blank, unresponsive eyes. L kept on typing up reports as if he hadn’t watched Light’s approach in the reflective glare of the screen. The regular clicks on the keyboard and the hum of lighting and machinery were the only noises in the gloom of the room, apart from the soft breathing of two young men indirectly staring at each other.
“Is there something Light-kun wanted?” L was the first one to break the long silence.
Light tried to answer smoothly, but to his surprise found himself choked up, no words could make it past his frozen throat. He settled with shaking his head sadly before trying once more.
“Just….feeling a little under the weather, it’s nothing serious but I’m going to bed now. Call me if you need anything, or if anything new happens.” Light turned away with a fake smile that left his eyes glassy like a hazel liquid mirror, shimmering a little with hurt and misery. L continued to watch his face through the screen until Light was turned fully away.
“Light-kun is a bad liar.”
“Maybe you’re just such a good friend that you can tell the difference.”
L paused, his dark eyes widening comically a little in shock somewhat surprised at the unspoken admission. Light saw him as a friend, and also insinuated through tone and body language that he wasn’t used to being seen through so easily. L knew that this should probably boost the probability of Light being Kira, but he couldn’t shake off how he felt he’d seen a more vulnerable Light on the roof of the building a few days ago. A defeated Kira…A lost friend…
“I am pleased that Light-kun acknowledges me as his friend.”
“Goodnight Ryuzaki, try to get some sleep. The day after tomorrow is going to be an exciting day…You don’t want to look like a panda for it.” Light tried to keep his voice light, the tone optimistic and teasing, but it came out a little uncertain, shaky, like his beliefs now. Worse he knew L’s dark eyes followed him boring into him as he walked away to his quarters.

If I stay it won't be long
Till I'm burning on the inside
If I go I can only hope
That I make it to the other side
If you want to get out alive
oh, run for your life
If you want to get out alive
oh, run for…

Light tossed and turned in his bed, the scratchy sheets tangling round his legs chafing him the wrong way and cruelly keeping him awake to contemplate his fate. One more day…
He wondered how he would react when L announced…and L would announce that the probability of him being Kira was almost 100% Should he just shrug his shoulders, smile and say ‘yeah, you got me, lock me up and book me in for the next lethal injection going?’ Sure, that’d go down well, if his dad didn’t shoot him first.

If you want to get out alive (If you want to get out alive)
oh, run for your life
If you want to get out alive (If you want to get out alive)
Hold on for:

He could always do the eye deal with Ryuk had pointed out. Then he could kill the nameless prisoner no problem the minute they showed his face. It would buy him some time, Ryuk had said. Light had sent him away. He knew Ryuk only wanted the game to last longer to amuse him. The shignami world must be very boring thought Light.

Knock knock

A soft rapping on the door broke his thoughts away from his contemplation.
“Yes?” Light didn’t bother to move from the bed. L popped his head round the door black gravity defying spikes first followed by his eyes peeking out from underneath his bangs.
“Is Light-kun having problems sleeping?”
“You came here to ask me that at this time, Ryuzaki?” Light answered tiredly, rubbing his temples to try and relieve the tension there. L saw how bloodshot Light’s eyes were, and his heart hurt to see him like this. I had hoped all this time that I was wrong…but you are all but screaming at me that you are Kira…
L’s face remained impassive as he walked over to Light and sat down on the edge of the bed. He pulled Light’s hand away from his temple and used both his hands to rub away the pain with his fingertips. Light leant forward so that his hair hid his face that was almost buried in L scrawny but tough chest. He was wearing what he always wore; blue jeans, white tee no socks or shoes, but he smelled clean, like he’d just got out of the shower. When he showered Light had no idea, he supposed it was when he was asleep for a short while. Light bet himself that L’s hair was still damp, and with his mind still heavy and slow with tiredness, he reached up to check for himself, running his fingers through the damp snags and tangles resting his face more firmly against L’s chest, shifting his body into L’s lap. For a moment L’s fingertips stopped massaging Light’s scalp, but then in typical L style he continued without commenting on the strange development. Light continued to tease out the tangles without explaining himself, and L moved his hands lower to the back his neck, rubbing the stiff muscles there. Light sighed and shifted in his lap so he was curled like a child with one arm around bony shoulders, and one hand sneaking under the tee to feel warm skin on his lower back. Light knew L noticed his straying hand, he wasn’t stupid and any minute now he expected to be pushed off his lap and ignored in L’s typical manner. But L didn’t, he just kept rubbing Light’s back in slow circles soothingly.
“I’m sad.” Barely audible, it didn’t need to be louder, Light was surprised it had escaped his mouth at all.
“Why is Light-kun sad? Does he not Like Ryuzaki anymore?”
“No, it’s not anything like that…I like you more than anyone Ryuzaki…but you’ll understand soon enough.”

If I stay, it won't be long
Till I'm burning on the inside
If I go I can only hope
That I make it to the other side

L’s heart constricted painfully in his chest, either Light was talking about killing him, or Light was talking about killing himself. But Light had said he liked Ryuzaki more than anyone… would he still kill him? Did Light know his real name?
While lost in questions, Light was in a similar turmoil, almost making him physically sick with fear, a metallic taste already coating his tongue in a furry sheen.
L, I want you…stay with me tonight, don’t let me go, I need you.
“L, stay tonight. Please.”
It was the please and the use of his first name that threw him. Light hardly ever called him L. He raised his eyes to meet Light’s and saw the need, the unspoken question in his eyes, his flushed face…the desperation…
“Are you sure Light? This will make our friendship very odd, and I don’t like being on bottom…” An unspoken challenge. If Light was still Kira, playing games with him, Kira would refuse to submit to him, just like in the tennis match L had let him win.
Light only nodded with a grateful expression on his face. Please…

If I stay, it won't be long
Till I'm burning on the inside
If I go, if I go…

The pajama shorts went first, then the tee, leaving Light embarrassed and naked under L’s intense dark eyed scrutiny. Light’s body was still that of a teenager, a little gangly in places, but already his thicker build was starting to show through. His cock was not much bigger than L’s own, lying erect on his stomach with a small smear of precum on the head, almost begging L to lick it.
“Beautiful.” It was said in L’s typical dismissive way, but his voice was huskier, catching a little at the end. Light watched as L left the bed for a moment to strip off his jeans and tee, shrugging out of them and completely disregarding them on the floor. Although skinny and a little hunched, there were faint muscle definition lines on L’s abdomen and his skin was pale all over, except his cock, that was flushed dark with blood. Light met his dark eyes, and seeing none of the calculating expression that seemed to permanently be stuck on, relaxed a little. Tonight would stay between them.
Crawling over to Light, L looked into his eyes, wordlessly asking permission to continue. Light pulled him down for their first kiss, hot, wet and more than a little messy, teeth occasionally scraping in their attempt to satisfy their hungers…

Burning on the inside

L broke the kiss first, straddling Lights hips so that their erections brushed against each others, eliciting a hiss of an intake from him and a low moan from Light as the tight friction made him buck upwards for more. Holding him down, L slid his cock out of reach, brushing against his thigh maddeningly as he proceeded to lick and bite, taking care to leave them in places that would not be seen tomorrow. Avoiding Light’s nipples, L’s tongue traveled down his torso, pausing a little at his navel to flick a curious tongue across his belly button to hear Light pant and begin to beg.
“Please…L…” Light wasn’t even sure what exactly he was begging for, only that he needed it to relieve the tightness in his groin.
L ignored his plea, trailing his tongue down the junctures that separated legs from torso; one hand cupping his ass cheek, the other holding down Light’s bucking hips. He tastes savory, but I don’t mind…after all…he just tastes like I imagined he would…
“Please L!”
Pretending he hadn’t heard him, L dipped his head and took Light’s cock into his mouth, sucking slightly and moving his mouth up and down in torturously long strokes followed by his hand pumping the base. By now Light was trying to muffle himself with his own hand clenched tight in a fist in his own mouth, leaving tooth marks on his own knuckles to keep in the moans.
“Light-kun shouldn’t stifle himself. I like hearing him moan.”
He took the fist out of Light’s mouth and resumed teasing his cock with his tongue.
Much to Light’s frustration, L stopped at once, but before he could complain, he found the hand that had been pumping him prompting him silently to suck the fingers with his own scent of arousal on them. Taking them in his mouth he sucked and teased his tongue through the three offered fingers, making sure to slather as much saliva as possible.
L then pulled them out of his mouth and trailed his index finger all the way down Light’s body, leaving little spasms of electricity running up and down his nerve endings. Once he reached Light’s entrance he slid two fingers inside of him, scissoring, and stretching him, preparing him for something larger. All through this, Light bucked and moaned as L used his free hand to stroke him slowly. Finally adding a third finger, Light hissed as fingers hit a bundle of nerve endings inside him, making his cock twitch and his breathing shallow. The bed shifted and suddenly Light found himself with his legs being lifted by L as the lithe detective pushed slowly inside of him.

Burning on the inside

Light panted hard and fast as without waiting for him to adjust L started to move in steady thrusts, picking up the pace until Light could only feel, only react with incoherent screams demanding more, anything to burn away that feeling of the world outside getting closer. Finally, Light wrapped his arms tight round L as the detective wove his hand in-between their sweating bodies to bring Light to climax before he followed with a strangled moan, clasping Light close before they collapsed in the rumpled sheets together.

Burning on the inside

Neither spoke. There was no need. They both knew it was the beginning of the end.

Burning on the inside.

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