What If...

BY : x-Hitoshirezu-x
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Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: What If...
Author: x-Hitoshirezu-x
Pairing: Hao x Lyserg
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, death and somewhat mind-fuckery.
Pages: 7 3/4

Note: Lyserg is actually the oldest of them all. He was born in 1984, unlike the others (excluding Ren who was born in 1986) who were born in 1985. Just thought that I'd make that clear since most people think that Lyserg is the youngest. Also, I realize that Lyserg's only six, but you also have to keep in mind that Hao has all his previous memories, and that means, even though he's only 5, he's already more mature then Lyserg is, thus doing sexual things to gain the upper-hand isn't completely un-reasonable.


Lyserg finally awoke, his emerald eyes trying to see, however they were still hazy from just waking up. He grunted softly, shifting a bit. Where was he? Finally managing to sit up, he found himself in a comfortable bed, silky deep red sheets covered him while black curtains kept most of the sun out of the room, and out of his face. A small shiver ran up his spine as the sheet fell a bit lower on his body, and it was then that he realized he was naked beneith the sheets. Flushing brightly, he hurridly looked around, searching for his clothes, and then everything came crashing back to him.

The people he'd loved most, his mother and father, were gone, murdered by that Shaman. And then, the fire engulphing him. Then the darkness. So, who had saved him? Where was he now? And why was he naked?!

"I saved you, chibi-ichi. This is my home, and you're naked because the clothes you were wearing were filthy. I wasn't about to put you in my bed like that."

Lyserg shot up once more, his eyes falling on the male that stood against the door, arms crossed over his chest as he smiled in a relaxed way. The six-year old could feel his eyes watering as his lips parted to speak.

"Who are you? What is it that you want with me?!"

The male pushed himself away from the door, sauntering towards the bed, his hips-swaying lightly as he advanced. Upon reaching the foot of the bed, he carefully crawled onto it, moving even closer to the boy on the bed. Once he was close enough to touch, he shoved the boy down, moving his body over the elder boys, a smirk on his lips.

"You can call me "Hao". I'm your new master."

The elder boy leaned away from the gentle touch to his cheek, a shudder running up his spine. Hao didn't look any older then him, but the look in his eyes was that of someone with many years put behind him.

"Very good...So you do realize that unlike my body, I'm more then a normal five-year old."

Hao's head dipped, lips pressing to the emerald-haired males, caressing them lightly before he pulled away completely, leaving the boy on the bed. That relaxed smile was on his face once more, his hand motioning towards a dressure as he spoke.

"Feel free to dress in whatever you want. I want you downstairs in ten minutes, and if you take any longer then that, I'm afraid I'll have to punish you."

With a sweep of his cloak, Hao had left the room, leaving Lyserg there on the bed, the stunned expression still upon his features. Slowly, the boy regained his composure. He didn't like the idea of being punished, and so forced himself up from the bed, slowly making his way to the dressure.

The young-boy carefully pulled open the top drawer, finding socks and underwear inside. He blinked, then slowly pulled out a pair of undies that matched his hair, followed by socks that did the same. After tugging them on, he closed the drawer and went to the next one down. This one held shirts. He blinked a bit, shifting through them til he came across a minty-green colored shirt. He pulled it out, tugging it over his head. Once that was done, he went to the last drawer. Inside were pants. He grabbed the first ones he saw. Baggy black dress pants. He quickly tugged them on, the shirt easily covering the zipper and button, hiding them from view. He glanced around, searching for shoes. Upon finding none, he whimpered, slowly exiting the room.

At the bottom of the stairs Hao stood, his cloak off for once, leaving him in only dark jeans and a pair of sandals. He smirked as he watched the elder boy walking down the stairs, occasionally tripping over his feet. Once the shorter boy had reached the bottom, Hao smiled.

"You made it with three minutes to spare. Very good. Put these on."

Hao handed the emerald-haired boy a pair of sandles, then moved behind the boy. In moments he was brushing the elders hair, caressing the locks gently with the brush, fingers following the bristtles of the brush.

Lyserg had just managed to slip on the sandles before he was purring softly. He'd always enjoyed it when someone was brushing his hair, and found himself leaning into the touch. It was hard to believe that the person who was taking care of him so tenderly had actually commited such a crime as to kill his parents.


The name slipped through his lips before he could stop it, feeling the brushing pause before he was spun around, his emerald eyes wide as they looked into the deep black of Hao's.

"Say it again..."

It was a demand, and Lyserg obeyed.


A shocked gasp escaped the six-year old as lips were pressed to his, his whole body going rigid. It was scary, and yet, at the same time, it was a welcomed thing. When the kiss was broken, Hao spoke.

"Today we start your training in Hyoui-Gattai, Oversouling. But not into your body like you've been taught. Instead, into your dowsing crystal."

Lyserg blinked and Hao led the young male by the hand to the back of the mansion. Once there, Hao summoned Spirit of Fire, cooing softly at the fireball.

"Come, Lyserg. Try and hit me."

The elder male blinked then nodded his head, determination clear in his features.

"Morphine! In Crystal!"
8 Years Later
"Morphine! In Crystal!"

The little pixie combined with the dowsing crystal, and in moments, the pair were attack Hao with earnest. Over the last eight years Hao had trained Lyserg rigorusly, using his body in the later years to try and teach Lyserg how to deal with physical pain. The only thing that he had left to teach the boy was to never trust anyone but himself.

"Good, Lyserg. That's all for today. Go change and get ready for dinner."

"Hai, Hao-sama!"

Lyserg bowed before rushing into the manor, a bright smile on his lips. Hao hated that smile, to a point anyway. He wanted to taint that boys smile, make it as cruel as his own. But no matter how much he hurt the boys spirit (as in his soul, not Morphine), it seemed impossible. Thus, as the boy disappeared into the manor, he turned Spirit of Fire.

"Go and feed. I'll summon you later tonight."

The Spirit of Fire nodded, and in moments had disappeared. Hao had sent his other followers out to deal with his otouto hours ago, and knew that they would not be returning anytime soon. Smirking, he made his way into the house, trailing his way up the stairs. He could hear Lyserg talking to Morphine. Slowly he slipped into the room, his disarming smile on his lips.

"Morphine, I've sent Spirit of Fire out to feed. I leave it up to you to guard the premises."

The pixie looked at her masters master, then to her master, a worried expresion on her features.

"Don't worry, Morphine. Go watch over things. I'll call you when Spirit of Fire comes back."

Lyserg shoo'd the pixie away, the bright smile never leaving his face as he bowed to Hao.

"I'm almost done changing, Hao-sama."

Hao chuckled, advancing upon the boy slowly.

"I've changed my mind, Lyserg..."

"Changed your mind?"

Hao whipped his hand out across Lyserg's face, sending the emerald-eyed boy to the ground with a startled cry. In moments, Hao had lifted the boy up by his shirt collar sneering in his face.

"Today we're going to have a new lesson. From now on you will obey me, and only me."

"But I alr----!"

Lyserg's scream filled the room as Hao flung him to the bed. In moments he was over the elder boy, his strength overpowering that of the young dowser. Wide eyes began to fill with tears as the boy struggled.

"Please, Hao-sama....let me go..."

"I think not, Lyserg. You will learn to accept this."

Hao's captured the boys wrist in a single hand, his other moving to cut away the fabric of the boys shirt with a knife he'd pulled from his pocket. Once the boy's chest lay bared beneith him, he coo'd, the knife being placed on the side of the table.

"Beautiful...I've wanted to see you like this since I first adopted you..."


"If you promise not to fight me, I'll release your hands."

"I...I promise, Hao-sama..."

"Good boy."

Hao released Lyserg's hands, the now free hand moving to the back of the boys head, cupping it and pulling it up as he leaned over, pressing his lips to the elder boys. There was no hesitance in Lyserg's responce, having grown used to kissing his master over the years they'd been together. The pleased Hao, and he rewarded the boy by parting his lips, allowing Lyserg to have the first taste.

Flushing beneith the males body, Lyserg's lips parted, his tongue darting forward to touch the youngers, caressing it softly for a few moments before Hao decided to take over, pressing him into submission once more. A moan was torn from his lips as he trembled, fingers raising to tangle into long brunette locks.

Each passing moment made Hao more proud of his charge then he'd been. He slowly pulled his mouth from the boys, pressing soft kisses to his face as a hand trailed down from the other collarbone, moving over his chest before shifting to the side to lightly brush his fingers over a pink nipple, pleased to find that it was already hardening.

"Do you enjoy my touches, Lyserg...?"

"Y---yes, Hao-sama..."

Smirking, Hao wrapped his thumb and index finger around the pert bud, giving it a none-to-gentle squeeze before soothing it with more gentle pinches, chuckling as Lyserg arched his body upwards with each bit of stimuli.

"Moan for me, beautiful...I want to hear your voice."


It came as a shock to Lyserg to find his pants and boxers pulled away from his body, leaving him exposed for Hao to see. A soft whimper escaped his lips as Hao looked over him hungrily, the spark of an almost dangerous lust in the males eyes.

Brushing his lips soothingly over Lyserg's, Hao stood from the bed, his cloak being dropped to the floor easily. He motioned for Lyserg to join him and the boy obeyed.

"Take of my pants, chibi-ichi..."

Flushing brightly, Lyserg's hands moved uncertianly towards the males pants. He un-buckled the belt, then swiftly un-did the button. He passed his fingers over the zipper for a moment before grabbing it and slowly dragging it down, finding the Hao had gone commando that morning.

Having nothing to keep them up, Hao's pants dropped to the floor, revealing slim hips, toned legs, and nesttled between his legs was his steadily hardening length. Purring, Hao placed a hand on Lyserg's head, giving him a gentle pet of appreciation, before he carefully guided the elder to his knees.

"I want you to show me how much you respect your master...If I think that you truly respect me, I'll give you a reward..."

Lyserg was suddenly face to face with Hao's length. He whimpered softly as the tip touched his lips. Timidly, he opened his mouth, accepting the head as Hao pushed his hips forward. The boy closed his eyes, sucking softly upon the head.

"Lyserg, use your tongue..."

Trembling, Lyserg did as he was told, his moving along the head, caressing it carefully. Timidly, he dipped the tip of his tongue into the salty-slit of Hao's member. He felt rather then heard the acceptance for this motion, and easily did it again, finding that he didn't hate the taste in the least.

"Good boy, Lyserg...Open up more..."

Hao waited til Lyserg had done as he was told before slowly thrusting more of his length into the boys mouth. He hit the back when only 1/2 was inside of the boy, and decided that the next lesson could wait. Instead, he focused on teaching the boy how to bob his head correctly.

The youngers hand's moved to cup Lyserg's cheeks, guiding the boy into a steady bobbing motion, his hips moving slowly in time with the bobs, a soft grunt of approval escaping his lips.

"Suck now, and keep moving your tongue..."

The boy did as he was told, suckling softly at the member as it was thrust into his mouth, his tongue caressing the underside gently, occasionally darting to dip into the slit at the tip. When he was pushed away, he whimpered, fearing that he'd done something wrong.

"Shush, beautiful. You've done well. Get on the bed and spread your legs for me. I'm going to reward your good deed."

Lyserg nodded his head, climbing back onto the bed, and laying spread eagle upon the sheets. He watched as Hao crawled up between his legs, hands slowly tracing up his thighs to rest on his hips.

"This is how you suck cock, Lyserg..."

Hao bent his head down, quickly taking the boys member into his mouth, deep-throating him. He kept a firm hold on Lyserg's hips, already feeling them struggling to arch up to get further into the wet heat. Purring around the length, he began to bob his head, tongue tracing the vein on the underside, rolling over the tip as he pulled away, blowing softly on the crown before taking it into his mouth once more.

The emerald-eyed boy trembled, soft pants slipping from his lips as his hands clung to the sheets beneith him. He'd never felt anything like this. His abdomin was already starting to tense, and it was like it was about to burst.


Sensing the boy reaching his limit, Hao quickly pulled away, smiling at the boy once more.

"Now, now...be patient, chibi-ichi. I want to be inside of you when you reach your peak."

"I---inside me...?"

The words came out in a soft squeak as Hao lifted his legs up and out, exposing his puckered entrance. And almost as suddenly, a slick finger was probbing at the entrance. He gave a sharp cry, trying to pull away from the touch, but a growl from Hao stopped him.

"Relax and this won't hurt too much."

The fire shaman pushed against the pucker gently, teasing it into submission before carefully pressing the digit completly into the boy. He watched Lyserg's face, seeing the discomfort, but not pausing as he slowly began to move the digit in and out of the boys body.

"Good, breathe and relax...I'm going to add another finger..."

Hao could feel the boy tense, then relax, and he pressed the second digit in, scissoring the two digits inside of the boy to prep him. Soon, he curled his fingers, moving them inside of the boy, searching out his prostate. He knew he'd found it when Lyserg's hips bucked, when the boy moaned his name like a wanton whore. Pulling his fingers free of the tight entrance he smirked. The boy probably should have had three fingers, but he couldn't wait anymore, and he did want to see the boy cry.

"Lyserg, I want you to wrap your legs around my waist."

Lyserg blinked, then carefully scooted closer, his legs easily wrapping around the youngers waist, putting his entrance in contact with the males member. He whimpered softly, looking at the male with wide eyes.

"You. Are. Mine. Lyserg."

Hao's hips jerked forward, the head of his member piercing the boy's entrance, tearing a scream from the boys lips. He didn't stop, or even slow his pace, sinking further and further into the boys no-longer virgin entrance. It wasn't until he was fully seated that he stopped, leaning over the boy.

There were tears in the boys eyes, some even spilling over to trickle down his rosy cheeks. Hao easily licked these up, a soft coo slipping through his lips as if to comfort the boy. His hips were already starting to move, pulling out slowly, carefully, then thrusting quickly back inside.

Hao moaned as Lyserg screamed.

The movements continued, his body surging forward as he slammed into the boys body once more, a light sheen of sweat soon clinging to their forms as he sped up. The boy was whimpering, occasionally screaming, and rarely moaning. The tears were still falling, and Hao licked up each one, kissing the boys mouth to eat his noises.

It wasn't until Hao shifted his hips to penetrate deeper, that Lyserg gave a fully pleasured moan. Smirking, Hao kept his angle, thrusting harshly into the boy below his own, striking the boys pleasure spot dead on. The reaction was instant. Lyserg let forth a scream of pleasure, his own hips arching upwards, legs tightening around the males hips, trying to draw him in even farther.


"As you wish, my dear slave..."

Hao struck that spot inside of Lyserg once more, and then gave a few quick, harsh thrusts against it, and soon, Lyserg was a wrething mass of moans, and pleas, clinging to him as tightly as was possible, trying to consume him. Taking pity on the boy, he reached between them, taking hold of the elders member, pumping it in time to his thrusts.

Lyserg went stiff after just three strokes, and suddenly cried out Hao's name, his body spasming as three spurts of cum escaped from his member, his inner muscles squeezing and caressing Hao's own member harder then previously.

Still stroking the boy, Hao's thrust's turned jerky, and he slammed his hips against the boys, quick, hard, and deep til his own body tensed, then jerked, his seed shooting into the body beneith him. His hand eventually stilled, his breathing already becoming steady. Purring, he pulled his flaccid length from the boys body, moving to lay beside him.

"How was that, beautiful?"

Lyserg could only moan, his body trembling, partially from pain/pleasure, and partially from the cold that seemed to settle in the room.

Hao smiled, moving the blankets up and over them, tugging the boy as close as he could against his body.

"Remember what I said, Lyserg...You belong to me. No one is to ever touch you like I have, and you are not to touch anyone but me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Hao-sama."

"Then get some sleep. You still have training in the morning."

Hao didn't have to wait long for the boy to fall asleep, and he gave a gentle caress to the boys hair before climbing from the bed. He didn't bother to cover himself, instead just walking straight to the window. He called softly to Spirit of Fire who appeared instantly. His voice was soft, but filled with venom.

"I want you to capture Morphine and lock her in her cage. Take the cage and hide it in the mountains. When dear Lyserg wakes up to find his spirit has abandoned him, he'll be mine completely."

Spirit of Fire nodded and disappeared to search for Morphine as Hao laughed under his breath, the evil smile back on his face as he narrowed his eyes on the sleeping boy.

"Soon, you will be the perfect bait..."


A/N: So...how was that? I said it'd be longer. And yay! Lemon! I know that Lyserg isn't into Hao at all in either the manga or the anime, but, he'll slip into his personality soon. Yoh and the gang in the next chapter. Review please

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