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Valentines day..yet another Holiday concocted from the love-sick hearts of the masses.

How he despised this day, though..there was one thing he liked particularly about it..

That was the giving of sweets, which in his observations..sweets were given with 85% of the populations Valentines day gifts. Though, he had good reason to despise such a holiday..even though the giving of sweet delectables was practiced..the fact was: HE never received any such gifts.

A new day, more working on the Kira case; he was highly Irritated to begin with..not because of valentines day..well, wait yes..for all purposes he WAS angry at this day, for the simple reason that half of his Team had dissapeared for the day..for this one, pointless day. All but Raito-kun, for which he was glad..glad that his, well..only friend; so to speak..had no deserted him on this pointless day. Then, there was Matsuda..but, he was quite useless.

Ryuuzaki found himself seated once more on his swivel chair in front of the copious amounts of computer screens, his legs folded up to his chest and his bare feet clenching and relaxing against the chair's fabric. He idly wrapped his arms around his knees, resting his delicate chin upon them..gazing blankly at the flashing screens. News reports, eccentric drabble. Slowly, he lifted his thumb, lightly plucking at his lower lip as he gazed..unblinkingly at the screens he found before his unflinching gaze. He did not acknowladge, nor speak when Watari had entered the room; pushing a table with an erray of sweats decorating it, he mumbled a simple 'arigatou' as Watari nodded and left the room.

Reaching over, he selected a plate with some sort of fruity smelling cake mounted perfectly upon its porcelain surface; he found himself thinking what he would do without the select talents of Watari, his somewhat..'Father-Figure' you could say. Delicatly picking small portions of cake with a small fork, inserting each piece slowly into his mouth as he watched the screens. Three pieces of cake later, he found himself stirring a good amount of sugar-cubes into his coffee, dropping them in one by one..then stirring, then dropping some more in. It was a calculated and perfectly timed schedule. Cake, coffee..then, by that time..Raito-kun would walk through the door, spouting his usual good-morning and coming over to stand by his right side, exactly one foot and three inches away from him. Raito-kun was punctual, always arriving by 8:30 a.m..not a second late; that is what he liked about Raito-kun..in ways they were so much alike and some ways different; though he supposed there was no helping that..it was highly unlikely for two people to be exactly the same, there was less than a one-percent chance that there ever could be. Flicking his eyes to the clock, for he had dropped in his last sugar-cube; it was 8:34, yet no Raito-kun. This was highly odd, he knew. Immedietly he began assesing the possibilities and disproving the unlikely ones. It was very unlikely for Raito-kun to be late for an unnecessary reason..for he knew Raito-kun, possibly knew him more than Raito-kun knew himself.

At exactly 8:56, Raito-kun arrived, the lateness was noted..and would be discussed later; Ryuuzaki was simply confused now..as Raito had entered not only late, but he brought with him the smell of sweets..He knew Raito-kun did not care for sweets as much as he himself did, but there was the unmistakeable smell of sugar and frosting permeating the vicinity of Raito..and it was not caused by the sweets Ryuuzaki had beside him; for it smelled much different. Aside from his analytical break-down of Raito-kun, he broke his gaze away from the screens to spin himself around to face Raito; his normal posture still present..Feet upon the chair, knees almost level with his chin. What Ryuuzaki seen caused his optics to grow a fraction wider than what they normally were: Raito-kun was carrying a red, heart shaped box tied neatly with a satin-..no silk, ribbon. What on earth would Raito-kun be doing with such a useless Valentines day 'gift'? Ryuuzaki knew for a fact, that Raito-kun would never, buy such a thing for anyone." Raito-kun?" Ryuuzaki blinked, a rare..dumfounded moment sinking into his demeanor as he gazed at his partner.

His eyes watched the small smirk that crept into Raito's lips..the slight movement that caused the 'heart' shaped box to fly through the air toward him; also the swift motion of his own hand, catching the airborn so called..'organ' shaped box. "What is this?" A dumb question, yes..but sometimes questions as dumb as such had to be asked in order to gain further knowledge.

"Gift" Raito spoke, one simple word..'gift' but why? As if on que to his unspoken question..Raito spoke again." I figured you had already considered this holiday to be worthless and a waste of time..except for the giving of sweets aspect of it. Also, that you would in-turn..recieve nothing..for the simple reason no one really knows who you are. So, I took it upon myself to aquire something for you..seeing as I indeed know that 'L' is Ryuuzaki..and Ryuuzaki is you." Raito smiled, inserting his hands in his pockets and tilting his head just a slight degree to the left.
Ryuuzaki was speechless, for once; as he stared at the fake-organ shaped box." For..me?" He spoke rather dumbly..what was his problem? He assumed it was a sort of temporary shock to recieving a gift..


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