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Ryuuzaki was speechless, for once; as he stared at the fake-organ shaped box." For..me?" He spoke rather dumbly..what was his problem? He assumed it was a sort of temporary shock to recieving a gift..
Chapter 2

Quickly regaining his composure, Ryuuzaki closed his mouth; which seemed to be dumbly drooping upon the left side." Arigatou.." He stated in his normal, monotonous way; turning back towards the screens without another word." If Raito-kun will join me over here, there is much work to do." Listlessly, he plucked a cherry from the bowl that sat upon the cart full of sweets, eating the small sweet fruit. He wanted nothing more than to actually for once, show a bit more emotion than he normally did; to show Raito-kun how much this small gift actually meant to him, but he was just not that way. Raito, was unfazed by the little reaction he recieved from Ryuuzaki..he was expecting it, seeing as this is how Ryuuzaki always was. Though, simply because he had accepted this fact..did not of course mean, he liked it; quite the contrary..he despised it. When he gave a gift, he expected more of a reaction than that..even though he himself gave similar reactions to gifts..he at least smiled when he said it. Giving up the notion of making Ryuuzaki smile, Raito sat down in the chair that sat beside Ryuuzaki's; turning his soft gaze to the screens that so dominated Ryuuzaki's life. Though, something did happen that he did not expect..Ryuuzaki turned around and faced him..him not the screens.

Ryuuzaki turned, facing Raito; his arms unfolding from around his knees, dangling uselessly for a moment before they reached out and turned Raito-kun's chair toward his own. He, himself did not have much experience with 'normal human interaction' he was not a very social person..he was so used to being alone, no one actually with him except Watari. He hoped, that Raito-kun would not be offended by his upcoming actions..for then the actions following would be then, pointless. Though, he was sure..beyond a reasonable doubt; which happened to be a 20% chance that Raito-kun, did..infact feel offended. But, that of course left a 80% chance that he would not of coruse be offended. The odds were good. Extending his arms, he took hold of one of Raito's legs, pulling it up and closer to him; slightly amused at the spluttering that it had caused to emminate from Raito's mouth..though it was more flustered than angry; which was good. Ryuuzaki fumbled with the shoes and socks, removing them calmly and setting them down; once this task was completed his long, tapered fingers found their way to Raito-kuns feet, gently massaging the tanned flesh of his comrade." I hope, Raito-kun does not find this offensive." Ryuuzaki drawled, a small smile flicking at the corners of his thin lips." I wish to thank Raito-kun for the chocolates..it is much..appreciated.." Ryuuzaki smiled, a genuine smile graced his lips; which in Raito's opinion..softened up his coutenance..taking the dreary look away from his eyes slightly.

Before Raito knew it, he was relaxing..normally he would detest any human contact with his body that in any way..seemed intimate..especially with a guy! But, this was Ryuuzaki..and Ryuuzaki was odd. It felt good, actually..his feet were indeed sore from walking here; but he was somewhat glad Ryuuzaki was showing some, only if slight..emotion..though it was indeed his goal to kill him..what is the harm in having fun?

Ryuuzaki continued to smile lightly whilst he worked his thin fingers over the soft curves and dips of Raito-kuns foot, odd..how a person like Raito-kun would not mind this..Raito-kun, according to his observations was very much against touching; he had watched the way he acted around Misa-misa. Ryuuzaki supposed he should feel honored, he supposed. Ryuuzaki was indeed attracted to Raito-kun, but he was not so sure Raito-kun responded to that attraction. It was simply a plus that Raito-kun was good-looking..Ryuuzaki was attracted to Raito-kun for the fact of him being so like himself..also, living the life he does..one does get quite frustrated. For example, he was a virgin, even though he was much older than Raito-kun; though..he also did not know if Raito-kun was indeed a virgin too. The simple thought, caused a small betraying blush to plague the surface of his cheeks momentarily; which merited a confused look from Raito-kun.

Raito smiled, by this small blush..he could deduce so many things..many, many things to aid him in the eventual extermination of L; then and only then could he continue to rid the world of those he judged unworthy to live in the new world...the world he would rule! He could use this to his advantage, yes..he could manipulate L, finally..a way to bypass witty comments and percentages..a very primal way of bypassing intelligence..It was settled, in the process..Raito would get some fun, and in doing so..win; the most important thing to him.

Chapter 2, done. sorry for the crappy-quality of the chapter!*Prostrates self before readers* I really need to watch Death Note over again, I'm lacking in knowledge..all of it leaked out of my brain. I've forgotten alot of key details and personalities! Gah, well..as always..

Reviews are as much of an addiction to me like apples are for Ryuuk...now..SURRENDER YOUR REVIEWS TO ME! *Cackle* >o

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