Serenity’s Requiem

BY : Rue Ryuuzaki
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Title: Serenity’s Requiem
Chapter: 1/?
Author: Rue
Rating: M
Pairings: Eventual LxRaito

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by the creator of Death Note. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, murder, crime, disturbing psychology, and future sexual situations.

Summary: Yaoi.Raito decides to become his own anonymous detective, Kira, when L refuses his attempts to work with him. It isn’t long before rivals Kira and L are equally notorious, and a competition comes to them in the form of a gruesome, mocking murderer named B.

Thank you ChanceXIII for supplying me with this amazing plot bunny. (pets bunny) XD


Chapter One - Inferiority and Superiority



No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt


Raito was not nervous.

He may have been sitting stiffer than a board, he may have been clasping his hands in anticipation, he may have been excited -but not nervous. Never nervous. That was weak, and Raito was not weak in any sense of the word. Not in mind, body, or will. Therefore, sitting where he was sitting, waiting to talk to who he was going to talk to, he was not anxious in any way, shape or form.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t talked to Watari before. A couple times, really. But that was for less than a minute, catching him coming out of meetings at Headquarters. Over the passed three years, Raito had spoken to him twice, because that’s how many cases L had worked on in Japan with the NPA’s assistance.

Watari lugged that laptop around, in his conspicuous cloak and dagger outfit -how could Raito resist the opportunity?

He’d been trying since he’d gotten out of college to work with L, and had tracked down the people in league with him to figure out just how one went about doing that. He’d found a man that went by the alias ‘Aiber’ first, hacking into Yotsuba’s computer system and finding that a man that went by the name ‘Eraldo Coil’ had been there. Raito had figured out in his first year of college that L, Danuve and Eraldo Coil were one and the same, so it seemed a bit strange for L to make a personal appearance for someone.

So when he tracked down the number that had been used, it traced back to a cell phone, where he pinpointed the location of the man and confronted him. With a gun. It could have been an imposter pretending to be L, and so Raito had approached with caution. Aiber had been friendly enough, a con man though -Raito knew easily, because he was rather adept at conning himself -and had informed him yes, he did work for L. Although when Raito had pried for more, Aiber had responded with a simple ‘Sorry, but he pays me’, and that had been that.

Raito shifted in his chair and he looked to the front door, then to the clock. There was still ten minutes until Watari was supposed to arrive. He shifted yet again in his seat, but he was not nervous.

The next person he’d talked to was Naomi Penber. The NPA and the FBI had teamed together for a case in which a bomber in America was trying to make it look like a Japanese culprit in attempt to start another war between the two countries. It was no secret that Raye Penber’s wife had worked with L himself, talking to him personally on the phone no less, and it hadn’t been hard to contact the agent’s wife. Naomi had no information for him, and so Raito was met with another dead end.

It was only a month after that case as solved that Raito met up with Watari. He’d confronted the hooded man, informing him that he wanted to work for L, and that he had no doubt that he would be an asset. L’s assistant had told him that he would convey the message, and it was another year and a half until Raito would see him again after that encounter.

Eight months after talking to Watari, Raito had managed to track down Wedy. Damn, that woman was hard to find, and he’d never actually spoken to her in person. He’d played with the thought of her being a ghost of some sort, or perhaps the wind, for no matter how close he got to her physical person, she always seemed to be one step ahead of him. Finally, after two months of hot pursuit, and one very close call (he heard her footsteps, just barely, and he wasn’t positive if that was just wishful thinking) he’d finally talked to her on the phone.

And he hadn’t even called her. He’d gotten back into his car, ready to go home for the night, and then he’d gotten a phone call. He’d expected it to be Matsuda, who worked nights a frequently forgot that three in the morning was not the usual time to call coworkers to ask them questions about a case. But instead it was a deep, sexy feminine voice, who had demanded, ‘Who are you and what do you want, kid?’.

Raito had told her the reasons behind his following her, and she’d sighed deeply and responded ‘Damn it, you’re cute. I had hoped I had a stalker, that would have been so creepily romantic’. Then she’d told him basically the same thing Aiber had, that L paid her for keeping her mouth shut. Raito had attempted to flirt his way into some information, but she’d chuckled darkly and muttered ‘Sorry, hun, no such luck. But I do hope I’ll see you again. You can keep stalking me, if you like’.


That wasn’t the sound of her hanging up, but the alarm on Raito’s phone going off. He pulled it from his pocket and turned the alarm off. He stopped his foot from tapping, because that would be a tell, a classic sign of nervousness.

And Raito wasn’t -

Okay, god damn it, he was nervous.

This was the first official meeting between them. This was an actual sit down meeting, and, as always, Raito was confident in his ability to impress. However, this was L, the man that could make or break his career, or even just toss him back into the dull routine that was his daily life. The cases he solved were sometimes interesting, but he was subject to less interesting cases and the torture that was paperwork.

L wasn’t. L could pick and chose his cases at his whim, the most controversial, the most horrific or gruesome, the most difficult…The puzzles. The things Raito needed to keep himself sane.

So yes, he was nervous. He didn’t allow it to show, but it was there, that gnawing at his gut and that cold crawling feeling in his stomach. When the doors opened, and the cloaked figure walked through, he stood and nodded calmly despite what he felt. The man tilted his hat in response and Raito could of sworn he sensed a small smile coming from the man.

“Watari, good evening,” Raito said formally, politely, although inwardly he could care less for the formalities at this stage.

“Wonderful to see you again, young man,” Watari gave a short bow and then stood up straight again, “Now, shall we relocate to the conference room?”

“Of course,” Raito replied instantly, and they made their way down the hall. The room they were headed towards was six doors down on the left, and Watari walked beside him as he led.

Raito couldn’t remember the hallway ever being this long. It even seemed narrower. Unable to accept that this might have been due to his own relative perception (thus implying that he was even more uneasy than he’d thought) Raito instead came to the illogical conclusion that they must have remodeled the building since yesterday. They continued down the hall, and Raito found his footsteps, and even his own heartbeat louder than usual.

He was exaggerating things. This was irrational. He took a shallow breath, as to not alert Watari, and calmed himself. There was nothing to worry about, after all. He was Yagami Raito, a genius, and L would be crazy not to want him as part of his investigative crew. If he could hire criminals, then he could certainly hire prodigal, first class NPA agents.

Opening the door for the older man, he noted for the first time that Watari held no laptop in his arms, and therefore concluded that he would not be talking to L over it. Or perhaps at all.

Again, he squelched the thought like the disgusting insect it was, not allowing it to breed.

They sat down silently across from each other, and Raito mused idly that he’d never seen Watari sitting before. Even at long meetings, he stood quietly beside the laptop unless L addressed him. Yet here he sat, without a laptop even. But then, Raito supposed, this was a very different situation. There was no case, no other agents, it was one on one.

He told himself that it was normal.

“Yagami Raito,” Watari began, and in the well lit room Raito could see his lips move beneath what looked like a white mustache. Raito would have never guess he was an old man; he moved quickly, and with grace that most elderly did not have. “You have been attempting to contact L for…how long now?”

“Three years,” Raito answered automatically.

“Yes, and you have been able to make contact with both Aiber and Wedy and…even Naomi Misora…is that correct?” Watari asked, placing his gloved hands in from of him on the desk. Raito’s arms did not leave his sides…he didn’t want the man to know his fingers were twitching.

“Yes,” Raito said in response, “But you already know this, or you wouldn’t be asking.”

“That’s right,” Watari replied, and Raito saw the corner of the old man’s lips tug into a half-smile under his busy mustache, “I find it interesting, is all, that you were able to track Aiber and Wedy down. They are the best at hiding for the police…the reason L hired them.”

“I’m better,” Raito answered simply, and the lips made another upward motion.

“So it appears,” Watari nodded, “You are very stubborn, do you know this? Most people would have given up after the first or second try, but you continue on.”

“I prefer persistent to stubborn,” Raito told him, “And I…I do not have a choice but to continue on as I did. If I didn’t try my hardest to work with him, then I would never know if there was a chance to get out.”

“Get out?” Watari prompted, lacing his fingers.


“Of where?”

“Here,” Raito finally lifted his arm to gesture to the room, although he it was easy to tell it wasn’t the room he had a grudge against, but the world in general. “I am intelligent, sir, a genius. I boast, but I do not exaggerate. What this place has to offer me is not enough. It’s…”

Raito paused, trying to thing up a more original way to say it, but eventually abandoned the task.

“…boring,” the younger man finished, dropping his hand back to his side. He placed it on the arm of the chair gently, grasping his psyche in a vice grip and telling it calm the hell down. It listened, for once, and the forced sense of peacefulness sent tingles up his spine and through his fingers.

Watari paused, his body completely still, not even his fingers or lips moving, before he responded.

“You remind me a lot of him, you know,” Watari informed him collectively, “L.”

“I’m honored,” Raito said, and it was not a complete lie. But at this point he didn’t care much about anything Watari had to say besides the ‘Yes, L would-be pleased to work with you’. He was tense and eager, but on the outside he was just as composed and icy as he usually was.

Anyone else in his position would be much, much worse.

“Now, as I was saying, I’m undoubtedly impressed by your ability to track down Aiber, and more importantly Wedy -they are both criminals, did you know this?” Watari inquired softly. The tone of his voice was gentle, smooth, but firm at the same time. Raito was sure by his intonations and mannerisms that he was the type of man that did not take no for an answer.

“I figured,” Raito gave a short nod.

“How did you figure, Yagami-san?” Watari asked him politely, and Raito wasn’t at all surprised by the question, and answered easily.

“Aiber is a typical con man type,” Raito began, “He’s handsome, a good liar, and he was posing as ‘Eraldo Coil’ for Yotsuba so I knew he had to be an actor of some sort. Wedy, well…that was just a guess, which you just confirmed. She evaded me much too efficiently to not have a lot of practice running from people…such as the police, perhaps.”

“I see,” Watari muttered, “How observant of you…”

“To be fair, she’s the one that called me, not vice versa,” Raito explained to him, more in his element when he had control of the conversation.

“Hm, modesty?” Watari asked, unlacing his fingers briefly, flexing them, and then crossed them over each other once again. Raito filed this away in his mind, a clue of early arthritis, and tried to gauge the man’s age. He thought sixty, maybe fifty…or perhaps younger, and he just grayed early…

“No,” Raito answered after a moment, “I usually am, I suppose. For social niceties, but things like that mean nothing to me, to be honest.”

“I do not mean to be insulting, Yagami-san, but…” Watari cleared his throat lightly, “You are not typically honest, are you?”

Raito didn’t answer right away. It was the truth. He did generally tell lies, without a second thought, or sometimes even a first one. It all depended on what he wanted to achieve, and if a lie could get him what he wanted, then he had not qualms about doing so. Lying was actually a very common occurrence in Raito’s everyday life, but…he wouldn’t call himself a liar per se.

He just didn’t tell the truth indefinitely.

“The reason I say that is,” Watari elucidated his comment, “As I said, you remind me of L and L is not the most truthful person in the world.”

Raito gave a small smile, “I have a feeling that’s an understatement.”

“Indeed,” Watari chuckled for a few moments and let the deep laughter trail off into nothing, and his grin faded a bit to a relaxed look that was not a frown, but no longer a smile, “Now, we should get to the business at hand, Yagami-san.”

“Definitely,” Raito tilted his head forward to show his complete and utter approval of that plan.

“Now, L has informed me of his answer to your requests, and I have told him your credentials many times over,” Watari took a breath, not wanting to delay the inevitable. “However, L is unwilling to allow you to work for him.”

Raito didn’t not spout ‘What?’ as was his first instinct. He was quiet, his fingers tight around the plastic arms of his chair, the smooth texture almost grating against his fingers. He had heard the gentlemen perfectly clearly, despite what he may have wished. Instead of denying it further, he decided to bargain.

“Well…is there a reason why?” Raito queried calmly, looking at Watari unrelentingly, “Is there some sort of test he wants me to go through, or something I haven’t been…”

Raito Didn’t finish because there was nothing he could say. There was nothing he hadn’t done perfectly, swiftly, efficiently, brilliantly -what the hell was the old man trying to say? No, what was L trying to say?

“No, in my opinion your marks on everything were incredible, shockingly so,” replied Watari slowly, his lips moving carefully, “However L feels that…it is pure book smarts, that your ‘persistence’ proves that you are more enthusiasm than…intellect.”

“That’s -” (so wrong!) Raito started vehemently, his hands tightening further around the chair’s solid arms, as though he were attempting to strangle them.

“I am not of the same opinion,” Watari interrupted quickly, “However, it is his choice, not mine, and he feels that you are…not valuable enough for him to risk exposure.”

“He thinks I would expose him?” Raito’s brow furrowed and Watari nodded twice, shortly.

“It is always a risk for everyone he allows to meet him, of course, and he relayed to me that…” Watari hesitated and then shook his head, “No, it doesn’t matter exactly what he said. His instructions were to inform you of his refusal and to tell you that your applications are superfluous.”

Raito registered this. His impressive vocabulary allowed him to know what these words meant, said in this context, in this way…but it was nearly incomprehensible to him.

“…He wants me to give up.”

L was saying no. Not only was he say no, he was telling him to not bother trying in the future because…because the damn answer would always he no. Raito had never felt the sensation he was feeling inside his stomach before. It was as though the butterflies of before had transformed to spiders and where crawling around inside him, poisoning his soul with their venom…

“Yes, that is correct, Yagami-san,” and that voice was low, and still kind. Still so gentle and grandfatherly even as he tore what little hope Raito had for a relief from his boring routine that was an ordinary man’s life. What the hell was happening? “I will of course keep your number on hand and we could get in touch with you in the future if L changes his mind.”

Raito allowed his hair to fall over his eyes as he sat, his fists clenching around the black plastic arms so tightly he thought his fingers might break. He vaguely understood that this was shock. Because in spite of his anxiousness, his arrogance had allowed him to believe even on a subconscious level that there was no way that L could say no. That L couldn't pass up the chance to work with him.

This was devastating, but most of all mortifying. Humiliation seemed to run through his very veins, running through him and burning him like the acid it was. Burning him from the inside out, and some part of him wished it really was, that he would just melt away, disintegrate, so that he would not have to face Watari, his father, his coworkers, himself…

Damn it. This wasn’t supposed to -How could this happen?

“You have never been denied anything before, have you, Yagami Raito?”

Raito’s head shot up to look at Watari, who he had quite nearly forgotten about during his mental tirade of self pity. He was about to protest, to object to such a rude, presumptuous question -but then he stopped.

He thought about it. He searched his mind for someone, anyone, that had ever said no to him. His mother…she’d always doted on him, allowing him to do anything in exchange for perfect marks. His father was proud of him for following in his footsteps, and he’d always treated Raito as though he were a mini-Soichiro. Sayu…that was ridiculous. His teachers, this classmates, even his superiors in the NPA…no, it was true. It was true.

No one had ever denied him anything before. Not one single person. Except for L.

“As I thought,” Watari said, his tone slightly solemn as he stood. “Yagami-san, if you are as brilliant as you say, and as your credentials suggest, then…perhaps you do not need L to work like he does.”

And with that said, Watari was out the door. The door swung shut lightly, clicking and leaving Raito alone in the small conference room. His hands his loosened on the chair’s arms long enough to leave them, and then curl in on themselves, balling tightly. Raito’s face remained impassive as ever, even as confusion and rage surged through him.


Watari was right. Raito didn’t need L. He was amazed that for a while he’d been fooled by that fallacy, but it didn’t matter now. Because it was true…he didn’t need L, he was just as smart as, if not more so, than the famous detective. His admiration for the man had driven him to work with him, but now…

Now, he didn’t respect L at all. L wasn’t as rational as he’d previously thought. He’d said no to Raito and that was…just not something people did.

There was obviously something wrong with the man.

L had fancied Raito but a falling star, brilliant while it’s in view, and moving rapidly -but falling nonetheless, and would soon would be nothing more than any empty space where the star used to be in the sky of the world. But L was wrong, so fucking wrong. Raito was no such thing, and he would shine, without L.

He’d become better than the detective, he’d be his own ‘L’ …he would make the man regret ever refusing him. A falling star Raito was not, but he would excel farther, shine brighter than L could ever dream of.

That arrogant, foolish bastard. As he sat there, determination over taking the fury that had manifested itself into his marrow, the name that he would take on was all too easy to decide on.

From now on he would be known to the world as Kira, and L would soon be the one falling.


Come, my friends, 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order smite the sounding furrows; for my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset, and the baths of all the western stars, until I die. -Tennyson



(1) The Japanese onomatopoeia 'kira kira' is the sound associated with a twinkling star

So basically, Raito’s going to be another ‘L’ greatest detective in the world, and be known as Kira. If you haven’t read Another Note, that’s fine. There’s barely any spoilers to the actual book, just B’s character. I thought up a completely different case and everything.

The year is 2013 (March) in this chapter, and Raito just turned 26 on February 28th I believe, therefore L is 33 years old. The next chapter will be a year or so in the future…there will be several people from canon that are part of Kira’s group, and just guess who Raito’s Watari is going to be? X3

This story will be updated at least weekly…perhaps, sooner, depending. I am susceptible to bribery. shifty eyes But either way….

Reviews make me a very happy panda.


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