Serenity’s Requiem

BY : Rue Ryuuzaki
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title:Serenity’s Requiem
Chapter: 2/?
Author: Rue
Rating: M
Pairings: Eventual LxRaito

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by the creator of Death Note. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, murder, crime, disturbing psychology, and future sexual situations.

Summary: Yaoi.Raito decides to become his own anonymous detective, Kira, when L refuses his attempts to work with him. It isn’t long before rivals Kira and L are equally notorious, and a competition comes to them in the form of a gruesome, mocking murderer named B.


Chapter Two -Friends and Foes



Twinkle, twinkle, littler star, how I wonder what you are...


Raito didn’t have many friends growing up, but he did manage to keep in contact with a two people that he could stand…for short periods of time. Outside of work, he sometimes voluntarily stayed in the same proximity as Amane Misa and Mikami Teru.

He’d met Misa in Aoyama, while he’d been undercover in his first year as an agent for the NPA, and she had grown immediately attached to him. He had not done the same, finding her much like the other girls that had become infatuated with him. She had been persistent, and had not run away crying upon his refusal to date her. In fact, she’d seemed to take this as a challenge, and begun hanging around him even more under the guise of a friend, when she was really just attempting to make him see her romantically.

She wasn’t nearly as stupid as she acted, Raito had reluctantly confessed to himself. He supposed that she acted that way to appeal to the majority of the male society that preferred pretty, stupid women. He had, over the passed two years, learned to tolerate her continued presence, since there was little chance of her ever going away. Raito wasn’t one to deny the inevitable, seeing as it appeared he had little choice in the matter.

Teru Mikami had connected to him on a more personal level; his work. Mikami was a prosecuting lawyer, one of the best of his age. He was incredibly intelligent, although more than slightly obsessive, but he and Raito had met through a case in his second year as an agent. Raito caught the criminal and, more often than not, Teru got them put in jail. Teru didn’t take pleas, almost never settling for less than the death penalty.

Teru was the only person that Raito had ever met that actually understood justice, complete, true justice, even though Raito was fairly sure that it had more to due with Teru’s passion for order and not his sense of morality. It didn’t matter, though, for Teru didn’t pass up the opportunity to become Raito’s friend... of sorts. They met for coffee every couple weeks, as they were both busy, law abiding and enforcing citizens, and caught each other up on their lives and cases.

It was a surprise to both ‘friends’ when, a week after L’s refusal, Raito had called both Misa and Teru over to his apartment.

There were two things invariably wrong with that.

One, Raito had never invited them over to his home. They had, in the entire time they had known Raito, had never been to his apartment. They knew around where he lived, since the two of them had both accompanied him home in a taxi at one point or another, but Raito had never invited them up. There had never been a reason to, and Misa at least would take this as a romantic suggestion. Not to mention that the apartment was his, it was private, almost a secret in it’s secluded nature.

The only people that had been inside besides him were his family members and Matsuda, when he dropped by to ask for help with a case or to pick Raito up on the rare occasions he needed a ride somewhere.

The second reason that Misa and Teru had gone silent on the other end of the line when Raito had invited them both over was a bit more simple. Namely, Teru and Misa did not get along. At all.

Misa and Teru had become quite possessive of him, and when in the same company couldn’t restrain themselves from getting into verbal (mostly) wars about who was the better friend. It started off with normal things like Misa yelling that she’d known him longer, and then Teru replied coolly that he was more intelligent than her and therefore able to better hold a conversation with Raito. Then, further into the fight, when the tension had escalated, it began to turn strange.

At one point, the reasons had turned into ‘I’m prettier’ and ‘I have better hair’. Which, Raito thought, was less than amusing, verging on irritating. They brought out the worst in each other, and so Raito had long ago decided that three was a crowd, and spent time with them separately.

So they knew that this was, as Misa had put it, ‘super duper big’. Raito had said ‘important’ but Misa declared that her way of speaking was cuter, and that Raito had to loosen up.

The door bell rang once, and Raito stood up from where he stood in his living room, letting his socks skid over the hardwood floor as he made his way to the front door. The doorbell rang again, and again, and again, and then several times in quick succession, and Raito came to the conclusion that Misa and Teru had arrived at the same time. He’d tried to prevent that by telling Misa to come at 8:00 exactly and Teru at 8:10, however Misa had screwed that up once she’d decided to be late.

He opened the door rapidly, and there stood the two people he…could accept existence of.

“Raito!” Misa jumped in, throwing her black lace covered arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek. Raito thanked god for smear-proof lipstick, and then peeled her off him.

“Misa,” Raito replied shortly, pulling her to the side, “Let Teru in.”

“Do we have to?” She sighed, sticking out her bottom lip and fluttering her eyelashes in a way that Raito supposed was supposed to be cute, but ended up being a bit nauseating.

“I could say the same thing about you, Amane,” Teru said tartly, stepping into the air conditioned atmosphere of Raito’s room and out of the muggy air of outside.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Misa demanded, brow furrowing as she glared at the man. Raito shut the door, lest one of them stay true to their word and toss the other outside. The woman tugged at Raito’s arm and Raito found himself being pulled over to the couch.

Raito wasn’t fond of being manhandled in such a fashion, but he was asking for favors -big favors, so he allowed it.

He saw Teru’s eyes spark, apparently noting in his mind that Raito seemed more willing to cooperate with Misa’s obvious advances today than usual.

“Let’s sit down, shall we?” Raito asked, even as Misa pulled him to the couch next to her, and he landed on his bottom stiffly. Teru nodded, eyes narrowed and sat down in the chair across from the couch. “I’d offer you a drink, but I find myself otherwise occupied.”

Misa giggled and only tightened her hold, as if saying that Teru could suffer without a drink for all she cared.

“So what brings us here, Raito?” Teru inquired, straightening his tie and focusing his eyes on Raito, deliberately looking away from Misa. “This is quite unusual.”

“Yes,” Raito agreed, tilting his head forward a bit, “But I find myself in need your help. Both of you.”

Misa gasped and Teru blinked.

“Really? Raito never asks Misa Misa for help!” Misa beamed up at Raito, who looked down at her passively, not even raising an eyebrow to her outburst.

“Aren’t you too old for cutesy third person talk?” Teru asked, eyes darting to the female in the room, and Raito’s only thought was ‘my sentiments exactly’ although he was used to her antics by now.

“Are you saying Misa Misa is old?” Misa snapped, blue eyes flashing at the black haired man, “I’m only 25-years-old!”

“That’s not what your birth certificate says,” Teru responded with a nonchalant shrug, and before Misa could answer, blowing up her cheeks in anger, the lawyer turned back to Raito, “So what are these favors you need to ask of us?”

“I want to become my own detective, equivalent to L,” Raito answered quickly, taking the opportunity where it was given to him. They’d probably get on another train of insults if he didn’t, and he’d never get to ask them what he wanted to ask.

“Wha…?” Misa blinked, eyes heavily coated in mascara and eyeliner closing briefly and reopening in his direction, blaring him with unrelenting sky blue.

“I thought,” Teru began slowly, his black eyes narrowing further and one eyebrow raising in question, “You wanted to work with him…not against him.”

“Technically,” Raito returned, meeting the dark stare, “I’m not working against him…that’s criminals. I just intend to be his…competition.”

“What changed your mind?” Teru pried leaning forward a little bit to show his interest.

“Raito doesn’t have to answer that!” Misa called, and Raito nearly flinched, but stopped himself from doing something so undignified and uncontrolled. “Mikami is being a nosy little bas -”

“That sort of language isn’t very lady like language, now is it?” Teru shook his head, “At the very least I would have expected you to act your gender, but I suppose for someone as barbaric and disorderly as you that’s too much to ask for.”

“YOU -!”

“Both of you,” Raito cut the woman off. Somehow he felt like the parent between children. One child of whom was sexually attracted to him and the other that was strangely possessive. Ugh, if he’d wanted children, he would have gotten married and had some, but at least then he could send them to an orphanage or something. “I’m trying to ask for your help, and you both know that’s not easy for me.”

“You’re right! I’m so sorry, Raito!”

“My apologies, Raito.”

“Good, now, as I said, I want to be a detective like L,” Raito restarted, crossing one leg over the other, in his usual sitting position. “Anonymous, powerful…But of course, I know that doesn’t come easily, or over night. L basically has control over most of the governments in the world, his influence international…he is even allowed pardon from certain laws just because he is who he is.”

“Uh huh…” Misa nodded, touching her pointer finger to her lip, her smirk lined with pink lip gloss, “I can fund you! You’ll probable need money, right, so I can totally pay for it all!”

“Amane, you fool, although I admit that would help, it isn’t a constant source of income,” Teru sneered slightly at the girl, “People would notice all your money going somewhere -you could probably help, but he can’t be dependant on you.”

“Yes, he -!”

“No, Teru is correct,” Raito interrupted her, and she gave high-pitched yelp, “It’s not money that is most important from you, Misa. What I need from you, from both of you, is exposure.”

Teru nodded, as though this had already crossed his mind.

“Like…PR?” Misa asked, and Raito affirmed it was a swift bob of his head, “Oh! Okay…and Misa Misa is a model and Mikami is a lawyer!”

“Yes,” Raito agreed, “I’d like it if Teru could start dropping the name I’m going to use around -many people don’t approve of L, so you could suggest an alternative.”

“Anything to help, of course, Raito,” Teru grasped the left stem of his glasses and straightened them out of habit.

“For once, I agree with Mikami!” Misa said loudly, hugging Raito’s arm tighter, “Anything to help my Raito!”

And so it was set, and Raito told them all the information they needed for promoting him to the country. Misa would enlist in the help of her friend (and Raito’s former girlfriend from college) Kiyomi Takada, who was now a news anchor. Luckily, although Raito was hardly interesting in her romantically despite what he projected, she had been the one to break it off with him in their senior year. She had wanted to have more time for her studies, and Raito hadn’t been all that disappointed with the conclusion of their relationship.

Takada was always impressed by him, and she was by far the smartest woman he’d ever met (although that really wasn't saying much), so although she may not be as close to him, his secret was safe in her hands. She helped, after he’d completed his first case as Kira, by broadcasting it on television for Japan to see.

Mikami did his part by dropping small hints to his boss, who then in turn -when a case was too difficult -recommended a detective named Kira. Mikami said he could get into contact with him, and thus Raito got his first case, solving it in only two says. It was a simple murder, nothing by his standards, but he had to start off somewhere…and the cases did get more difficult, and multiplied.

Within two months he was somewhat known around the police force, and Raito continued working for the NPA for quite a while. It would look suspicious if, directly after he quit, a genius detective popped up that had never been heard of before. He didn’t get as much sleep as he liked, but that was a low price to pay for what he was try to accomplish.

Raito was willing to sacrifice rest for justice…and revenge.

Earning the extra funding he needed was not as difficult as Raito had anticipated. Yotsuba was happy to fund him when he informed them that he knew of their contact with Eraldo Coil, and wouldn’t it just be horrible for the newspapers and tabloids to get a hold of that little bit of information? Blackmail was not below Raito, not when the outcome made up for the less than moral means.

His main contact within Yotsuba was a man named Namikawa, however others, known as Higuchi and Mido, were known to call him when Namikawa was predisposed. They wired him money, though they only knew him as Kira, and Raito had actually gotten business through them once, five months into his new position as Kira, and he helped a company that they wanted to do business with by figuring out who was embezzling money from them.

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) dominated Japan’s Government, and it took Raito six months and three days to be recognized by them. They also made it possible for him to register as a private detective under his pseudonym.

Kanio Hatiyama, the justice minister, had recently gone through a scandal and needed to regain support, which Amane Misa provided only by mentioning in an interview that she liked him. In exchange for him backing Kira completely and basically allowing Kira free reign over any Japanese cases that that caught his fancy. It had been proved that Kira was adept at his job, solving cases more quickly than even the police force and the NPA could.

It was only then that Raito turned in his two weeks notice.

Takada was true to her word, and soon news competitors like Demegawa were trying to get more information on this new Japanese detective, although Takada always came out on top because of her inside resources. It was good for Raito, who got even more publicity due to Demegawa’s lust for fame, and therefore after only a little more than a year, Kira was known as the best detective in Japan.

It was a long ways away from the best in the world…but it was certainly something.


Raito did not have a headquarters, although he did keep his apartment for show, even though he rarely slept there. He instead stayed at a different hotel every two weeks, unless someone told him they were coming over. That was why he was taking a cab over to his apartment at that very moment, around five in the morning, just to meet Matsuda at his door.

He wasn’t sure, exactly, what was wrong with the man this time. If it were help with a case, he would have been content reaching Raito on his cell (the cell phone that he used as Raito -he had three more that he used for his occupation as Kira, now) and only came over to his house when Raito didn’t pick up the phone. However, Matsuda had called him, and said he was coming over and then hung up quite rapidly.

“Raito-kun? Raito, is that you? Oh, good! I’m sorry to call you this early in the morning, but I really need to talk to you! Is -uh -is that cool?”


“Good! I mean, great! I’m on my way over right now -thanks so much!”

That had been all. Raito had sighed, slipped his shoes on and gotten directly into a cab, wondering why people like that always seemed to get attached to him. He supposed he was polite enough, but really, sometimes he really just wished people would stay away. He was not antisocial per se…he was not against social interaction…he just frowned upon it.

The cab pulled in to his apartment complex, and Raito pulled out his keys as he walked up the steps, hoping Matsuda was not already there waiting for him. He was fortunate when he found that yes, Matsuda was running behind as usual, and he entered his apartment for the first time in two weeks and three days. He entered and locked the door behind him, kicked off his shoes, lining them straightly by the door set down his brief case on the desk in his room. He brushed his hair and loosened his tie.

It was then that the doorbell rang, and Raito started back to the door from which he had just passed and opened it for his fellow agent. Matsuda smiled a grateful, shaky smile as he stepped in, and then Raito knew for certain that something was wrong. Usually, Matsuda grinned crookedly and shouted in a gratingly loud voice ‘Hullo, Raito-kun, how’re you!?’.

Raito shut the door behind the man, relocked it and offered Matsuda the couch. Again Raito was offered a small smile, and Matsuda all but collapsed on the piece of furniture, throwing his head back with a groan.

“I got suspended.”

This, despite his thoughts on the older man’s mental capabilities, was actually quite surprising. Matsuda had always had his fair share of screw ups, but he’d never been punished for them so harshly. He mostly received warnings, or was told to go home for the day...What did surprise Raito, however, was why in the world Matsuda would think he would care.

However, Matsuda didn’t have many people that tolerated him, or at least pretended to, so Raito accepted his fate and sat down in the chair across from the couch.

“I see,” Raito steepled his fingers together loosely, “What happened?”

“I…rushed in,” Matsuda frowned, pulling his head up straight, “I…shouldn’t have. We caught them…most of them…but one of the -the leader -he got away. If I hadn’t done it, we probably wouldn’t have caught any of ‘em but…yeah. Just…yeah.”

Raito nodded, and Matsuda ran a hand through his hair, looking around the living room.

“How long?” Raito asked, watching Matsuda’s face closely. He saw the dark brown eyes trailing around his room and stopping at certain places.

“A…month,” Matsuda said flippantly, sitting up straighter an blinking in a way that reminded Raito of his usual upbeat self. “Hey, Raito…you weren’t here, were you?”

Raito was surprised yet again, but didn’t allow it to show, “What do you mean?”

“It’s just…” Matsuda blushed slightly and scratched the back of his head, “Well, there’s dust on the table tops and…well, you’re usually a lot cleaner than that. So that would mean that you’ve either significantly changed since you quit the NPA or…well, you aren’t really living here anymore. But then, that doesn’t make much sense, ‘cause why would you keep an apartment you’re not living in…?”

Well…that was quite…observant. Raito was somewhat impressed, which was an emotion that was hard for him to have when he had such high expectations. Matsuda had caught on, and in fact…well, Raito needed a contact with the different agencies. As it was, he just got Misa or Teru to relay the messages to him, and they couldn’t do that for long, especially when he became even more well known and people tried to find out who he was.

Another NPA agent was an ideal person to have seeing as he'd be well versed in protection and handling a gun, and Matsuda was easy enough to manipulate, and already did practically anything Raito asked. With his month off, Matsuda could easy be Raito’s assistant…But did Raito even want to risk telling yet another person of his occupation as Kira? Teru and Takada were intelligent enough to be able to keep their mouths shut, and Misa was devoted enough to him to know that he’d be horribly angry with her if she slipped up…

However, Matsuda considered Raito his friend, and he hadn’t gotten as far as he was in the NPA by opening his mouth about mysteries…sacrifices had to be made if he wanted to further himself. If he wanted to drive L’s career into an early grave…

“Matsuda,” Raito asked, leaning forward and smiling sweetly, “Can you keep a secret?”

It turned out that yes, Matsuda could keep a secret, and the man seemed rather thrilled (and perhaps more excited about Raito’s occupation as Kira than Raito himself was) to be Kira’s contact. His alias was Tetsu, from the word tetsudau meaning ‘to assist’. He wore a tuxedo that Raito picked out and bought for him, as well as a black hat and a plain, black mask that covered the upper half of his face, save his eyes -it was better to keep it simple. The outfit Matsuda had tried to pick out first hand was Zorro-esque outfit that mad him look like an idiot.

Raito also purchase a voice scrambler for Matsuda, for there would be times when he needed to go to the NPA, and it was too much of a risk to take a chance on someone recognizing his voice. It looked very much like a microphone and hooked around his ear and a tiny bulb jutted out directly next to his mouth, giving him a voice much deeper and computer-like than his true one.

Raito also bought a very small laptop, only about five inches or so, with a retractable keyboard so that Matsuda could easily fit it into a small bag and therefore there was a lower probability of him dropping it at some point. His instructions were clear. Go in, introduce yourself and tell the agents what you’re there for, connect the computer, open the laptop, and stay nearby and only speak if ‘Kira’ addresses you.

The first one went on with only a slight glitch, Matsuda fumbling with volume button, but it was barely noticeable. The second time, and the third, it went without a hitch, much to Raito’s pleasure and, admittedly, shock. Since the meetings were so rare (there were very few times when Raito needed to talk to them via computer) Matsuda actually stayed with him two months after his return to work.

It just so happened that Matsuda was a better assistant than Raito had thought; he had been a detective for a reason…and he made excellent coffee.

It never did end up being temporary, and Matsuda resigned from the NPA in June of 2014, saying it was because he was ashamed of his blunder and although he’d tried to go back to work, it just wasn’t the same. Only Mogi, Aizawa and Soichiro were truly sad to see him go, and Raito now purchased two rooms at each hotel, and paid for Matsuda’s rent to make it look like he still resided at his home.

On July 28th, nine people were murdered in the same way all over the world, at the exact same time.


Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky, twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…


Hello again, my beautiful readers! More details on the murders in the next chapter. Just so everyone gets my thought process, let me tell you my reasoning for L not thinking Raito is Kira;

He completely dismissed Raito’s applications, because he really didn‘t care enough to check him out for himself. That in itself would mean he took it seriously. He didn't even think Raito was good enough to work with/for him, and suddenly there's this guy that is not only his equal, but may even be his better (which will come about later). It's two totally different people to him, his opinion of Raito is different perhaps even antonymous to the one he has of Kira, based on his own arrogant assumptions. I’ll have L’s POV in the next chapter, too, for a better representation of this.

And…I wonder if you liked the Misa/Teru interaction? Was it…dare I ask…funny? O O Congrats if you guessed Matsuda, by the way. ;) Just keep in mind he’s probably in his late 30’s now…he’s probably more mature than he used to be, but don’t worry, he’ll still be the air headed, sweet, loud guy you remember…just more responsible, I think.

Reviews! XD Thank you sooooo much! Please comment, good or bad!


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