Blood Bath

BY : Arawn_Bheur
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Gojyo looked out of the raining window, chewing on the end of his cigarette. He could hear Goku whispering to Sanzo about his change of attitude, but he did not care—they were not the ones close to Hakkai.

“We’ll find him,” Goku said, sitting down beside Gojyo. “We won’t let him stay missing.”

Gojyo grunted in reply, not having anything to say.


Hakkai grunted as the fist collided with his stomach. He would have doubled over if it had not been for the two youkai holding him up by the arms. He looked up at the lead youkai through the fall of his dark hair and smirked at the man.

The man caught his hair and yanked his head up, saying, “Keep smirking, my pet, and see what happens.”

“Go to hell,” Hakkai hissed softly, green eyes flashing.

The youkai snarled and backhanded Hakkai, leaving four, thin lines down Hakkai’s cheek. He licked his slender fingers of the blood he had drawn and grinned, bending down to whisper in Hakkai’s ear, “You do not want to fuck with me,” before licking the blood off of Hakkai’s cheek.

Hakkai smirked, not shying away from the youkai’s touch. “No, you don’t want to fuck with me.”

This earned a knee in the stomach and this time the youkai holding him let him fall to his knees. The leader proceeded to strike Hakkai in the face, breaking Hakkai’s nose in the process. He snarled wordlessly as he continued his abuse, bruising Hakkai’s face and neck.

“That filthy youkai you call lover won’t want you now,” the main youkai snarled, pausing in his beating and breathing heavily.

Hakkai spat out blood, wincing slightly as he did and asked, “Is that it?”

“My room. Now,” the youkai snarled.

“Yes, Riku,” the two cronies answered, grabbing Hakkai under the arms and lifting him to his feet. They pulled him more than helped walk out of the dingy cell and into a marble hall.
Hakkai smiled slightly, taking bittersweet pleasure in that he was leaving a trail of dirt and blood on the marble floor. He blinked once as he was “escorted” into a large bedroom and thrown onto the overly big bed.

Riku giggled as he shut the door after he followed all three people inside. “Do you like, my pet?”

Hakkai laughed, groaning slightly at the pain that caused and said, “What did you do? Kill the owners to get such a place?”

Riku snarled again and flicked his fingers once.

Hakkai struggled slightly as the two youkai grabbed him roughly and chained his wrists to the bedposts, but a pain in his chest made him stop. He did not think that Riku would do anything, but he was not willing to take the chance. He felt the lead youkai climb onto the bed and straddle his lower back.

“I warned you,” the youkai hissed in his ear, catching a hand in his hair and jerking his head back.

Hakkai whimpered slightly as his chest muscles tightened to the position he had been forced into, thinking that goading the youkai probably had not been a good idea, but he could not seem to help himself. “Your breath…is horrible…” he gasped through clenched teeth.

Riku growled and slammed Hakkai’s face into the pillows, bloodying them. He raked his long, claw-like nails down Hakkai’s back, tearing through the clothing and grazing along the skin. He jerked open Hakkai’s shirt and traced his fingers down Hakkai’s back.

“You. Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me,” he snarled, accenting each word by slicing a letter into Hakkai’s back until it read:


He then ran his fingers through the blood and smeared all over Hakkai’s back, a wicked smile on his face.

Hakkai bit down on his tongue as this was happening, eyes shut tight. He slowly let out a breath of air, slowly opening his eyes. He seemed out of breath as he lay there, head resting on the pillow. He jerked suddenly, back arching as Riku licked non-too gently over the cuts in his back.

“My gods, you taste wonderful,” Riku whispered, running his tongue down Hakkai’s side.

Hakkai jerked away with a grimace. He struggled to push himself to his hands and knees, but the weight of the youkai on his back prevented him from moving much. He heard Riku laugh softly, followed by the man running his cool fingers under his waistband. Hakkai’s eyes widened at that he renewed his struggles, ignoring the pain slashing through his body.

“Oh, yes…struggle…it’s going to help you so much…” Riku whispered, reaching around and wrapping his hand over Hakkai through the jeans.

Hakkai whimpered slightly as the youkai rubbed him through the pants. This can’t be happening…even as the thought fluttered through his mind, he knew what was to come. The youkai unsnapped the top button and slowly unzipped his pants, letting his fingers run lightly over him. He felt his body begin to respond against his will and he moaned softly.

“My, my, we are big, aren’t we?” Riku whispered, lightly licking Hakkai’s ear as he ran his fingers along Hakkai’s shaft, feeling him begin to harden.

Hakkai shuddered under the touch, but at the same time his hips moved forward reluctantly. He struggled suddenly when Riku lightly kissed his hip. NO!

“Your body wants this so much…”Riku murmured, tightening his grip around Hakkai and moving his cool hand along it, pumping him. He smiled, enjoying the inner torment of his victim. He pressed his hips down so that Hakkai could feel how hard he was. “…but I want it even more…”

Hakkai’s eyes widened and jerked forward, clawing at the pillows and blankets. He whimpered when he felt Riku return to stroking him, he whimpered against the moan that threatened to pour out of him. His back arched as he felt Riku move to rubbing his balls, rolling them between his fingers.

Riku grinned as he felt the man struggle beneath him, as he felt the man’s body react to his touches. He leaned down, spreading Hakkai’s legs and forcing them to bend so that the man was doing a sort of kneel before them. He pushed Hakkai’s jeans all the way down so that the man was fully unclothed except for the tatters of shirt that hung at his wrists.

Riku trailed his other hand down Hakkai’s back, caressing the wounds to flow once more. He slipped a finger over Hakkai’s ass cheeks, tracing blood over the paleness of his skin. He ran a finger down Hakkai’s crack and slipped them into Hakkai, giggling as the man jerked with a cry.

Hakkai cried out softly, body tensing when he felt the invasion. He still could feel his body surging forward to a climax as Riku continued to rub him and pump him, handing tightening and loosening in a steady rhythm. He bit down on the pillow as he felt himself explode, spoiling the silk comforter.

Riku laughed and stared at the pearly white substance on his hand before licking it off. “My goodness, I had no idea I was that good,” he giggled softly.

Hakkai shuddered at the giggle, wanting to curl up, but Riku kept him in the same position. He shut his eyes tight, tears leaking out when he heard the unsnapping of a button followed by the slithery sound of a zipper. He whimpered when he felt Riku run a hand down his back and slip two fingers inside him, slick with blood.

“My turn for fun,” Riku whispered, grabbing Hakkai’s hips and settling the tip of himself against Hakkai.

Hakkai sobbed softly as he felt Riku slide between his cheeks, not entering, just moving up and down. He prayed that was all, but his prayer went unanswered when he felt Riku thrust inside him. He screamed in pain at what would have been pleasurable with Gojyo, but was unbearable with Riku. His eyes were as tight as possible and he held onto the pillows and blankets as if they would save him. His body moved forward with each thrust, each movement of Riku’s.

Riku tangled a hand in Hakkai’s hair and pulled his head back sharply as he grabbed one Hakkai’s hips as he thrust in and out of the man. The man was tight and so sweet and there was enough blood to make is so much more than pleasurable. He began to force himself in deeper into Hakkai, making the black haired man scream with pain.

“Yes…scream for me, my pet, scream for me!” Riku snarled, letting Hakkai’s hair and grabbing Hakkai’s hips. He dug his nails in to draw more blood and to force himself in deeper. He screamed with pleasure with each thrust as he felt himself come close to a climax. Before he could come, he removed himself and giggled once more as me moved so that he was kneeling in front of Hakkai, signaling for one of the other youkai to climb up onto the bed.

Hakkai kept himself down, back end still up. He could feel Riku in front of him and another youkai behind him. He was now crying freely, wanting it all to end. He was forced onto his hands and knees by Riku and he looked up at the blood drenched member of the youkai.

“Open up, my pet,” Riku hissed softly. When Hakkai did not obey, he jerked Hakkai’s head, making his mouth open. Taking his chance, Riku thrust into Hakkai’s warm mouth at the same time the other youkai thrust into Hakkai’s back end.

Hakkai felt the almost choking weight of Riku in his mouth and he could not think of anything and he dared not bite down. He shuddered as he was violated from both ends. Tears leaked out from his shut eyes.

Riku moaned thrusting in and out of Hakkai’s mouth, loving the wetness and warmth. He kept Hakkai’s hair in his hands as he thrust, forcing Hakkai to take it in as far as it could go. With one deep thrust, his body exploded inside Hakkai’s throat.

Hakkai choked and gagged as he felt a rush of salty, sticky liquid ran down his throat. He was forced to swallow the substance because Riku was still pumping in and out of him, riding out the orgasm. He felt the other youkai come inside of him and continue to move as Riku was. Finally, the two youkai pulled out and he collapsed onto the bed, coughing up blood and semen. He could not move, even when he heard the other youkai climb up.

“You two have fun with him,” Riku said with a giggle. “Then put him back in the cell.”

Sanzo sat in the front of the jeep, taking Hakkai's spot. He held the steering wheel loosely as he thought of what to do, something he normally could not have done, but Gojyo and Goku were silent in the back seat. He knew he had to find the human youkai for the group to get back into shape, but he did not know where to begin to look.

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