Blood Bath

BY : Arawn_Bheur
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“Maybe they’ll know something,” Goku suggested as he looked up from the back of the jeep. He pointed at a white stone building in the distance.

Sanzo merely grunted. It was definitely worth a shot.

Hakkai laid curled in the fetal position in the corner of his cells, eyes shut tight and hands clutching his hair tightly. He shook from the pain and cold. He was so weak and so tired, but he was scared of falling asleep, not knowing what would happen if he did. He could hear movements outside of his cell, but thankfully no one entered it.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Riku’s voice sounded from outside the cell, deep with anger.

“W-What do you mean?” one of his crones ventured. Hakkai could hear the cringe in his voice and it made him smile a little.

“You didn’t wash him when you were through!” Riku growled.

Hakkai winced when he heard the lock of the cell click open and the door creak open and footsteps enter the cell. He pressed against the wall as much as he could, eyes opening slightly to see who was coming towards him. Oh no, oh no…he thought frantically as he caught the fragrance of what Riku liked to wear. He jerked when the youkai grabbed him beneath the arm, but he could not break the man’s grip. He moaned when he was pulled to his feet, body stiff from having lain there for so long on the cold stone.

“Get your ass to your feet!” Riku snarled, yanking Hakkai upward and forcing the man to stand.

Hakkai struggled to remain standing, wanting to collapse. They were going to force him to walk to the bath…it would be such a long walk…Tears sprang to his eyes at the thought of just walking…But he had no choice to move with Riku pushed him forward. It took all of his will not to fall as he stumbled. He managed to take a step forward despite the protestation of his muscles. As he walked in front of Riku and between the other youkai, he slowly gained strength. He looked up as he walked, not looking at his feet, and straightened up slowly, feeling the scabs break open.

Riku grinned as he saw Hakkai starting to stand straighter. So the boy did have some fight left in him despite what happened the other day. He watched the blood flow anew down Hakkai’s back greedily as he followed him into the bathroom.

Hakkai looked around at the porcelain lined bathroom and then he saw the large, deep tub that stood in the center of the bathroom. Things could happen in that tub and he stopped in his tracks, heart hammering against his aching chest.

“What’s the matter, my pet?” Riku asked silkily, running his fingers through Hakkai’s hair and down his neck. “Don’t you like?”

“It’s chinsy,” Hakkai said before he could stop himself. He winced when Riku twisted his hair and jerked his head backwards, causing him to fall to his knees which made everything ache even more.

“Didn’t we talk about manners, my pet?” Riku growled, signaling for the others to leave the room. He’d handle this from now on. He pulled Hakkai roughly to his feet again by the hair and wheeled the man towards the already filled bath tub, the steam rising in swirls.

Hakkai tried to dig his feet in, grabbing Riku’s hand, but he slid along the floor as easily as water on glass. He then flung out his hands to keep from being pushed into the steaming water. His dark green eyes were widened with fear and he was panting from exhaustion.

“Are you going to behave, my pet?” Riku whispered, leaning close to Hakkai.

“Go…to…hell…” Hakkai growled through gritted teeth, arms shaking from exertion, but he could feel his strength fast leaking away now that he was faced with something unpleasant. He heard Riku breathe in angrily and then he was forced headlong into the tub. He screamed, bubbles issuing out of his mouth, with pain and shock. His body felt like it was on fire and that the fire was leaking in through his wounds. He struggled to the surface of the water and gulped in welcome air. He saw Riku grinning over him, eyes flashing in the light.

“You are turning my water red,” Riku said softly, running his fingers lightly through the water. “And your clothes are ruined now…”

Hakkai could only glare at the man from his awkward position, breathing heavily. The steam whirled around him, blurring Riku’s edges slightly. The water was slowly becoming bearable, but his pants were weighing him down. He flinched when he saw Riku’s hand come toward him, but the guy merely smiled at him and ran his fingers elsewhere. He knew that the guy was toying with him, but something was telling him to trust the man…He shook himself when he felt himself becoming sleepy.

Riku smiled slightly as he saw the man relaxing and he slid his hand into the water and began to unfasten Hakkai’s pants. The man barely moved as he did this, eyes halfway shut. “Feeling better, my pet?” he whispered gently, slowly slipping Hakkai’s pants off.

Hakkai made an unintelligible sound, eyes rolling slightly as he looked at Riku. He could feel the pants coming off, but suddenly did not care…it seemed all right…It’s wrong! A voice shouted in his head and jerked away from Riku, staring at him in horror. “W-What…’veyoudone?!” he asked, voice growing weaker towards the end.

Riku grinned wickedly, tossing the pants to the floor. “Nothing more than to make you mine,” he whispered, grabbing a soft wash cloth from the side of the tub and dipping it into the light pink colored water.

Hakkai winced, back arching slightly when Riku ran the cloth gently down his chest and belly. Despite the twinge of pain, it felt so good…How could he have ever thought someone like Riku was so mean? He groaned softly when Riku cupped him through the cloth. His back arched and he grabbed the sides of the tub, hips moving upward. No! Stop him! The voice shouted again and he came to himself a little more. He tried pushing Riku away, not knowing what else to do, but Riku pushed him back against the tub, closer to the water, and continued his stroking.

“God…!” he gasped as Riku rubbed him through the cloth, fingers pushing the right areas. He grabbed onto Riku when the youkai leaned closer and began to stroke harder. He clung tight to the youkai, eyes squeezed shut as he felt himself grow harder and more aroused. Deep down, he could feel himself protesting, but it felt so good…and he wanted more.

“That’s right, my pet…”Riku purred, enjoying the internal debate that he could see that was going on in Hakkai. He slipped the cloth lower and began to rub Hakkai’s firm balls. “What do you want…?”

Hakkai screamed inwardly, but groaned, “Fuck me…now…”

Riku grinned wickedly, slipping out of his pants after pulling Hakkai off of him. He smiled again when he saw Hakkai eyeing him with want and hate as he slipped into the tub.

Hakkai let himself be turned around in the tub so he was holding onto the back of the tub. He wanted to end…and for it to continue…He screamed suddenly when he felt Riku slam into him. There had been no attempt at foreplay or making sure it was a smooth entrance. He shut his eyes tightly, tears streaming out of his face. He held tightly onto the back of the tub, biting his arm to keep from screaming again. He no longer wanted it. The pain had brought him back to his senses, but he could not fight—the youkai was too strong and he had lost so much blood…He winced when he felt Riku start to move faster and deeper, aware that he regained his senses…[i]Oh, god…let it stop…[/i]


“What was that?” Goku whispered as the group walked down the porcelain hall. There had sounded like a scream from one of the rooms, but it was too muffled to really tell.

“Master Riku owns many exotic animals,” one of the hooded and cloaked men said, leading the group into a large throne room.

Goku looked at Sanzo, but Sanzo gave him the smallest of head shakes, warning him not to continue.

“Please wait. We will go get Master Riku.”

“They’re suspicious,” Gojyo said when the two men left. “Why are we here again?”

Sanzo gave the red haired man a glare. “This is our best bet in finding Hakkai.”

Gojyo did not rise to the challenge and just looked around the room. “Why would they know? He vanished miles from here.”


Hakkai lay against the edge of the tub, now thoroughly exhausted. The red water swirled around him as he felt Riku exit the tub, but he had nothing to say or do…His back-end and hips felt as if they were torn to shreds and it took all of his concentration not to pass out from pain.

“Riku, you have visitors,” a voice said from the entrance of the bathroom.

“I will be there in a minute.”


The group of three looked up when they saw a slender man in a long robe come gliding out from a door on the other side of the room. He was holding a delicate silver chain that led to another hooded and cloaked person that was moving as if injured. He sat down in the ornate throne and looked out at the group.

“How may I help?” Riku asked in a soft purr.


Hakkai sank down on one of the stairs that led up to the throne, head lowered as instructed. Like he could have seen anything anyway. The youkai had tied a silk cloth around his eyes and gagged him with another one. He leaned his head on Riku’s leg, also as instructed, letting a hand rest on top of Riku’s boot. He shut his eyes, wanting to go to sleep, but was brought awake when he heard someone familiar answer.

“We are looking for a friend of ours,” the voice said. [i]Sanzo?![/i]

“What does that have to do with me?” Riku answered coolly, lightly running a hand down the back of Hakkai’s head.
Hakkai stirred slightly as he heard Gojyo answer, “Aren’t you the leader of this place? Shouldn’t you know if someone goes missing?”

He wanted to shout at Gojyo that he was there, right in front of them, but something kept from doing much more than shifting to get comfortable. He struggled against the invisible spell that bound him.


Goku watched the person at the feet of Riku. There was something strange about him; as if he did not want to be there…and he was familiar…He blinked when he saw the man’s hand fall and then he knew who the man was. He lightly grabbed Sanzo’s arm and pulled gently.

“Sanzo…”he whispered, barely audible. Sanzo moved his arm slightly, showing that he was listening. “That’s Hakkai…”

“Are you sure you haven’t seen a dark haired man with green eyes?” Sanzo asked, not showing he had heard Goku, but he was thinking very quickly.

“Yes,” Riku answered, eyes narrowed slightly in an unreadable expression.

“Thank you.”

Riku nodded and stood, bringing Hakkai up with him.


Hakkai stumbled slightly as he was forced to his feet, the meeting having ended suddenly. He stumbled again as he went down the stairs, groaning as he felt his body stretch in an unexpected way. He had lost his chance…he was going to be stuck here until he died…Then he fell, having missed the last step of the tier. Tears sprang to his eyes as he hit the porcelain floor on his side, hitting the stair. His hood fell back slightly as he hit the ground and he prayed that it was enough as he was pulled roughly to his feet.


“Riku,” Sanzo said, voice cold. “That is our friend you just pulled to his feet.”

Riku did not pause and fled, pulling Hakkai with him. He was forced to duck as a bullet whizzed past him, pushing Hakkai roughly into the wall.

“No, you don’t!” Riku shouted as he felt Hakkai jerk backwards, trying to break free. He grabbed the chain and yanked roughly.

Hakkai did the only thing he could: he collapsed and grabbed the chain, using all of his weight to slow Riku down. He didn’t relent, even when a boot collided with his chin. Stars flashed in front of his eyes, but he managed to hold on. He could hear footsteps running towards him and Riku.

“Damn it! Get up!”

He was pleased to hear a note of panic in the man’s voice, but then the man snarled and let go of the chain. He heard the sound of a gunshot followed a spray of something warm on his face. He screamed against the gag when someone grabbed him to turn him over—pain ran through his body.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” a voice whispered.

Gojyo…he began to cry with relief and he collapsed with the feeling. Light flooded his eyes as the blindfold was removed and he Gojyo and Goku swam into view. “Gojyo…” he whispered once the gag was removed, looking up into the redhaired man’s crimson eyes before passing out from exhaustion, knowing he was safe.


“That sadistic bastard!” Gojyo growled as he lightly ran a washcloth over Hakkai’s bruised and torn back, trying to clean it without causing Hakkai anymore pain. The letters Y-O-U-K-A-I stood out in vivid red against the bruises and bits of white skin that could be visible—there was almost no white showing. The bruises led down to his hips, which were scratched and torn, down his buttocks and thighs. He could tell that the bruises spread to Hakkai’s chest and belly—it looked as if he was wearing a skin tight leather outfit.

“I can’t believe he’s not dead,” Goku said grimly, watching Gojyo and Sanzo clean Hakkai up. He had a towel in hand to dry Hakkai off so that bandages could be applied.

Hakkai stirred suddenly, dark green eyes opening slightly. “Nnn…don’t…”he muttered as Gojyo began the task of cleaning Hakkai’s lower areas. “…st-st…op...”

“Hakkai…it’s all right…it’s just us…”Gojyo whispered, pausing in his movements, but he had to continue to keep infection from setting in.

“Stop!”Hakkai suddenly jerked and rolled off the bed because of how violent the movement was. He pulled the sheets with him and held them to his chin. He had huddled into the corner and he was shaking slightly, eyes shut tightly.

“Hakkai, it’s Gojyo,” Gojyo whispered, kneeling in front of Hakkai slowly. He slowly reached out to touch Hakkai, but the man flinched from his touch.

Hakkai shook his head. It was all fake…a hallucination…he was still back with-with-with Riku…He began to cry in earnest, pulling his knees up to his chest. He felt Gojyo touch him and then he the familiar scent of cigarettes engulfed him and collapsed into Gojyo’s arms…no one could fake that smell…but he could still feel everything that had been done to him: the disgusting feeling Riku’s hand on his member, the thrust of Riku, the taste of blood and semen…He clung to Gojyo, asking, muttering, “I-I-Is he…d-d-ead?”

Gojyo held Hakkai to him, feeling the other man tremble. “Yes, he is,” he whispered, lightly running his hand through Hakkai’s hair. “He’s gone.”

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