Well, Hello There Stranger

BY : Amo-Chan
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Ok, yeah, I totally should be updating and finishing the other story, but...the idea popped into my head. I had a lot of fun with this one and after I finish TaBa, I'll be adding more. That's right...another not a oneshot story from me. Who knew O.o? Also, not beta'd so forgive any mistakes I may have overlooked.


Being reincarnated officially sucked.

It hadn’t been so bad at first. He was still gloriously beautiful and ridiculously intelligent. On top of that, his family was massively wealthy this time around and he had no annoying siblings to deal with. Even his parents were new! Well, either that or they, unlike him, hadn’t retained the memories of their previous lives. Light was pretty sure they were new. Soichiro reborn would have beaten him mercilessly for being Kira and then lying about it.

All in all, Light’s new life was good. He was happy, care free, and Misa-less. If he could have complained about anything, it would have been his ever present boredom, but he could live with that. A punishment free second chance. How lucky could he get? At least, he’d thought he’d been lucky.

The day had started out like any other day. Alarm went off, a shower taken, clothes put on, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, backpack slung over shoulder, apartment door locked. Normal day. He was in his third year at To-Oh University, (he wouldn’t have settled for anything less), pre law.

Light had been in between classes, having an internal debate with himself about the pros and cons of skipping his last class and going to a cafe’ instead, when his picture perfect second life became his own personal Hell on earth.


Light had stopped and turned to look at the owner of that oddly familiar voice. His jaw dropped.

“You!” Light said back.

“You son of a bitch!” The ‘stranger’ shouted to him. “You killed me!” He threw his own books to the ground and launched himself at Light.

“FUCK!” Light dropped his bag and attempted to flee the scene. But, it was to no avail. He felt thin, strong fingers embed themselves into his shoulder and spin him around. He saw the pale fist bare microseconds before he felt it hit his jaw. Then, he was on the ground and his assailant continued pummeling him.

This is it, he thought. He’s going to beat me to death. Oh well, not like I don’t really have it coming. Hey, wait, I can’t die here! Not like this, on the ground!”

The blows continued raining down, sometimes striking his face, sometimes his chest. He felt blood on his face. He tried to raise his arms to soften the blows. Suddenly, he noticed what had once been a barrage of violence, now seemed weak and half-hearted. The punches weren’t stopping, but they weren’t hurting either. The unintelligible shouts and growls above him now were whispers.

“You killed me, you killed me. The stupid Shinigami. You killed me. I . . . I lo . . . I trusted. . .”

Light slowly raised himself up onto his elbow and placed his other, now scratched and bloody hand, upon the other man's cheek.

“L. I’m sorry. So sorry.”

L pushed the offending hand away.

“Sorry? You’re sorry? You don’t know the meaning of the word.” L lifted himself off the now battered pretty boy. “You will though. I’ll see to it.”

L turned away.

“Wait!” Light shouted at him.

L paused and slowly turned around. Bruises were already blooming around Light’s eye and jaw line, blood oozing from his split lip. L felt a momentary pang of remorse, but pushed it aside in favor of an annoyed narrowing of his eyes.


“You can’t just walk away. You can’t just leave me like this.”

“Can’t I?” L raised a brow.

“You never did before,” Light said softly.

L sighed. How did he do it? How did Light put on such a convincing act, use such a convincing tone? He sounded actually sorry when he said it. Sounded realistically hurt, heartbroken. L scowled as he rummaged through his pockets, eventually pulling a dark handkerchief out. He reached his hand toward the bruised former murderer and Light tentatively grasped it, anchoring himself before pulling upright. L drew the soft cloth over Light’s features, Light wincing occasionally.

“Don’t be such a baby,” L scolded. “It’s your own fault. There,” he said, putting the handkerchief in the trash bin. “That’s the best I can do without water.”

“Thank you.” Light looked down at his feet. L looked at their still entwined fingers. Why hadn’t he let go? L loosened his grip, but that only caused Light to tighten his hold.

The chain was still there. It may not have been visible, but L could feel its presence. It was an almost tangible feeling. Was there truly no escaping this boy?

His life had been good up till this point. He had a mother, a father, even a sister. He had a very comfortable and satisfactory existence, thank you very much. The last thing he wanted was to welcome a train wreck into his life with arms wide open.

Yeah, reincarnation officially sucked.

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